This is our Last Dance…This is Ourselves…

We had a great week, here in the ‘Burg. Luke was again a three-sport athlete and right on cue, his heel began acting up. Abby wrapped up another dance season. It’s weird to think that next season will be the swan song of her high school career and possibly her last ever. Matt continued to enjoy his summer, getting a good balance of work and play before summer school starts up. I continued with my workouts, getting in nearly 16 miles this week. Ann & I both had busy, fast weeks at work but really enjoyed this much-needed, three-day weekend. It’s crazy how early the sun is breaking through our windows these days. Now, we are starting to notice it staying light later and later each week as well. The weather was all over the place this week – rain, sun, cool, warm – typical Indiana weather. This is always a special week for us as school is ending and the summer is starting. The pools are opening and simpler days are just ahead. Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.
We enjoyed a cooler start to the week and opened up the house on Monday morning. It was slow going that morning as we slowly got up and headed back to work & school. Matt worked at Aspen and after school, Abby worked at Wings. I walked three miles after work with Justin. Luke had another baseball game that night…and yes it was again vs. the Cubs – for 3rd time! In fact, they are the only team we’ve actually played this year. Luke started at 1st base and later moved to left-center (we only had 8 boys that night due to the annual 8th grade Washington DC trip). It was a closer game but we won 9-6 and our record stands at 2-0-1. Luke was 2-3 from the plate with a pair of singes and a strikeout. He added four stolen bases and scored two runs. After the game, we ran Black Betty to Acra’s for the A/C to be repaired again. Thanks again to Gma & Gigi for letting us borrow Abe Lincoln, as poor Betty would again be out of service all week, waiting on parts.

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Ann & I ran the Duke to school on Tuesday morning so Bu could attend Student Council before class. He stayed late for football practice after school. I walked another three miles after work with Justin. Matt worked and then went out to the bar with friends before coming home to play Xbox with online friends until late. Ann cooked chops on the grill, but it was acting up again. Not sure what’s up with that damn thing. It’s only a year old and for it to be a Weber and for as much as it cost, it should be good to go for many years. I finally got the bathroom fan motor replaced that night after like two months. And sadly, Roger Moore (my James Bond) passed away earlier today. I remember my first 007 movie – the Spy Who Loved Me, which Jerry Campbell and I rode the bus to the mall in Lafayette to watch.
It rained most of the day on Wednesday. Abby’s jazz class was cancelled so she & Mary worked on some dance routines in the family room. Matt was off work to go to a concert, up at White River to see Travis Scott. I can honestly say I have never heard any of his music. Justin & I walked 3 miles after work in the rain and got soaked. Due to the rain, Luke’s baseball game was again cancelled. He ended up going out to the YMCA to practice basketball with a couple buddies.
Ann had a good dentist appointment on Thursday morning and then went out for dinner with her BFF Amy after work. Later, she went to her final tap class at Dixon. Well, I guess she’ll probably have some sort of tap class next year, but it will be with different dance moms – not the ones she’s been with for a decade. Abby did some Pirateers stuff then went to the dance studio for the final tap class of the year. Luke had football practice after school. I was back out walking after work with Justin and we got in our goal of 3 miles, despite getting a late start. Matt was off that day to recover from getting home late from the show last night. Luke went out to dinner at ElRep for tacos and a drink that evening after a very long day at work…I got the big one that night (about the size of Luke’s head!), which really hit the spot. And later that night I got my 50th anniversary Deluxe Edition of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band, which was released today. Here are Abby’s jazz class pictures and Luke’s track team pictures, awards and ribbons from the conference meet.

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Friday was much warmer. Justin & I really worked up a sweat during our three-mile walk after work. Matt headed back to Aspen Place, working 2nd shift. Abby had Pirateers then went out with those girls until late. Luke stayed the night at his friend Oakley’s house, out in the country. So it was a nice, quiet night for Ann & I. We decided to get our favorite takeout / comfort food from Koch’s and fell asleep watching TV.
Abby & Ann were up early and out the door on Saturday morning for dress rehearsals for most of the day. When they did finally get back home, they began prepping and preening, doing hair & makeup. In fact, several girls came over to do the same. Even Ann’s got treated to a fancy hairdo. Meanwhile, Luke & I mowed the lawn then grabbed lunch at BK. It was a perfect day for him to join his friends at the city pool on opening day for a few hours of warm sunshine. Matt worked first shift but got home in time to take a quick nap and later we all headed over to the high school for the annual Dixon Dance Revue that evening. Gma & Gigi joined us for the big year-end show. Abby was again in four dances this year – Tap Star Steppers, her two competition dances and the finale – the Jazz Star Steppers. Afterwards, she was awarded Honorable Mention Ms Personality! Although I am biased and felt she should’ve won, we were thrilled to see her good friend Mary won it! Congrats, Ms. Mary! It was the final performance of the tap group that has been together for over a decade. Ann made some really cool keepsakes for the girls which had photos of the girls from their first year and from this year with a cool saying. There were lots of tears and it was a bittersweet evening. We kept with tradition by going out to eat with the family (and Trevin) to Pizza King after the show. Unfortunately Mom & Sandy couldn’t make it. I swear they have the coldest beer in town! We had a good time and relaxed after a long day back at home, watching an older movie – The Devil’s Rejects (Rob Zombie movie). And finally, we were saddened to hear of the passing of a southern rock pioneer – Gregg Allman – front man of the Allman Brothers Band, who died of liver cancer. Here are some random pictures from this week.

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We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning (Memorial Day Eve). Matt & Abby both had to work but Ann & I enjoyed the day eating, napping and of course racing. It is the single greatest day of racing and I enjoyed every moment of it. We began the day in bed, watching the local coverage of the Indy 500 event (Breakfast at the Brickyard). We watched that until the start of the Monaco F1 race in Monte Carlo. Ferrari dominated so although the view is amazing (love those yachts!), it was a fairly dull race except for a weird wreck that put a car on its side against a wall. By the time that ended, it was time for the 500. Of course it was again blacked out – about the only thing I dislike about the race – so I had to listen to it on the radio until I could find a pirated video on the web. The pre-race ceremony always takes me back to my childhood. Although Jim Neighbors wasn’t there, the guy who sang Back Home Again in Indiana did a really nice job. The race itself was very exciting and included a horrific wreck that the pole sitter (Dixon) was somehow able to walk away from. Helio nearly pulled out the coveted victory #4, leading at the end until about three laps remaining. And although that would’ve been a sentimental win (almost as much as local boy Ed Carpenter winning would’ve been – he started on the front but ended 11th), the 101st running of the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” instead was won by another nice guy – Takuma Sato. I was good with him winning because it was a win for his owner (and one of my faves), Michael Andretti – his 2nd in a row. The biggest surprise of the event was probably rookie Ed Jones, who finished 3rd. Next it was time for pre-race for the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte. The big NASCAR race is the longest of the season and was made longer due to weather. Even Ann said that after this year, all our favorites will be no longer racing. After making biscuits & gravy for breakfast, Ann grilled out burgers, brats, dogs and corn on the cob just before it started raining… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

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Next up is our Waybac segment, which continues to feature our young family from the turn of the century during our time in the big, old Main St home. We lead off this time with us welcoming Abby in to our home in September 1999; then a few hours earlier, back at CRH where friends & family came out to meet our little Bu in September 1999; Abby’s first bath, Matt helping Ann make cookies and Mom in all her glory with her favorite granddaughter, all in October 1999; next we move on to one of our Florida vacations – this one shows us in Treasure Island then in Orlando at Downtown Disney and finally back at the Sand Pebble – all in May 2000; next we head to Rossville for the Brown family reunion / Christmas party at Brett & Tammie’s house, as well as the kids doing Halloween stuff around the house in October 2000; after that we have some fun pictures at the Drew Christmas party down in Brown County as well as up to Lafayette for the annual Scheu family reunion / Christmas party at John & June’s old Lingle home – all in December 2000; Matt’s birthday party on Main St in March 2001 and finally Easter morning, waiting for Mom to get ready for church in April 2001.

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Next up is our video section which includes three new family movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss you, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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