Out of my Brain on the Five…Fifteen

It was another typical busy week around here. Luke stayed busy with three sports again this week, playing a couple baseball games, having five football practices, three basketball practices and a pair of basketball games. But it was special for another reason, as he completed another trip around the sun this week. Abby passed another milestone herself, competing in her final dance competition of her high school career. Matt continued to enjoy his summer vacation by working, spending time with Ms. Taylor and prepping to start his summer class next week. Ann received treatment for her knees and got her dance mom thang on one last time. I fell off my diet wagon this week again and really need to double-down this coming week. I fell short of my workout goal again with about 13 miles this week. We kept the house closed up again all week as we said goodbye to spring and hello to summer when the temps soared into the upper 90s, bringing with it that blessed Indiana humidity, making our outdoor activities a little more challenging. Hello again and welcome to the latest entry of the Scheu Family Blog.

I was up early on Monday morning to run Luke out to football practice at the Fieldhouse. After football, Luke walked over to the high school gym where he had basketball practice. Abs cleaned out her car (gasp!) before she went in to work. It was a fast day for Ann & I then I walked about 3 miles in the hottest weather of the year so far (100° at the start). It had only dropped to 98 by the time I finished. Matt stayed up in Indy at his apartment with Taylor then they went to Deer Creek for a concert on a perfect summer night. Meanwhile, Luke & I met up with Bryan & Drew at the complex to play the Batesville Indians baseball team. Luke played 1st base the whole game and batted 2nd in the lineup. He really struggled from the plate against their pitchers, who were throwing only about 40 mph. He went 0-3 with a strikeout and a pair of infield pop-ups. He was awesome in the field, recording 4 assisted putouts and making 3 unassisted putouts. The game was close through 3 innings when we busted it open and held on to win 10-6 and extend our win streak to 4 games! Afterward, he got cleaned up and grabbed dinner before I ran him out to stay the night with Skylar. Bu stayed the night at Trevin’s house. That gave Ann & I a quiet night alone and fell asleep early that night, sleeping better than we had in a long time. We’ll have pictures from the game next week. Here are pictures of Luke’s ball game vs. Milan last week.

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