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We had lots of fun on our vacation this year.  We drove down to sunny Panama City Beach in Florida and stayed right on the Gulf.  Click HERE to see a live web cam of the beach!!  Here are some photos that outline what all we did…



Whew!  4 AM comes mighty early!  Grandpa Bryan would be proud, as we got all five of us and all of our gear packed inside the Pacifica and didn’t need to use one of those “Big Mac” containers on top of the car!




We saw lots of interesting things on our trip…Dinosaur World in Cave City, KY, National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY and a Saturn rocket just inside the Alabama border.




Obviously, we played a lot in the Gulf of Mexico.  This was Luke’s first time in the Gulf.  It was very clear the first few days, then a big storm blew in a lot of debris, including bunches of sea weed.  We still played on the beach, but after that we swam mostly in the pool.





















But let’s be honest, we really came here for all the great food! J  We had several wonderful experiences at the restaurants in the area…and few that were duds!  Lukey loved the propeller fans at the  Calypso.  We had alligator at Hammerhead Fred’s.  We had a blast at the Pirate Ship.  We went to the Boondocks and…well; it was true to its name! But the atmosphere was great!   We saw lots of cool museum items at Capt. Anderson’s. 

















Even though it was Florida, it wasn’t all about the surf.  There were lots of other cool things to do as well.  We enjoyed riding lots of go karts.  Abby and Lukey got to jump on a trampoline that took them 30 feet in the air!  We tried to parasail, but the boat’s engine broke down.  We saw lots of sights “cruising the drag” down the beach.  We even had fun in the Sterling Beach condo, enjoying the jacuzzi in the bathroom and the beautiful sunsets over the Gulf.  What a view!









Of course, we saved the best for last.  On our last full day, we rented a boat and motored out to Shell Island a couple times, stopping along the way to enjoy the scenery.  Matt even took a turn at driving!  We had a couple of free loaders when we went full throttle!  Crabby Abby lived up to her moniker later in the day, but caught a good nap on the way back in to the pier.  Matt enjoyed snorkeling and found the biggest shell of the day!   Abby thought it was cool to swim with the fish in the lagoon.  Lukey had no fear, tagging along with whatever the big kids were up to…












A wise man once wrote that all good things must come to an end.  Such was the case with our vacation and although Ann wasn’t real happy about it; it’s always nice to come home.  The unfortunate part was that it took about 4 ½ hours to go about a mile at one point in Alabama, due to a real nasty wreck on I-65.  Other than that, we were blessed with a very nice vacation.  We hope you enjoyed looking at our pictures half as much as we enjoyed making them!  Thanks for taking the time to share in our memories and adventures…and thanks especially to Dan & George…