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  1. Please use quality media.  I use Japanese manufactured media and would appreciate the same in return.  Wal-Mart has inexpensive Japanese media.
  2. If you are concerned with menus being from a PC vs. a Stand Alone, you should ask, as I don’t have them all documented below yet.
  3. I have both a stand alone and a PC based burner.  All trades are done via the PC burner.  I am in the process of transferring my old VHS tapes to DVD via my stand alone .

      4.   I use DVD Decryptor to rip and Nero Express – with “data verification” checked – to burn.  Please use similar software and don’t burn, “on the fly.”




1977/10/27 London ’77 (1 DVD-R); Hippodrome, London, England (50 min)

2003/07/30 SARSstock (Toronto Rocks!) (2 DVD-R); Downsview Park, Toronto (see VA below, part of compilation) (DVDR-Live vine)

Var.  Dates  TV Appearances (1 DVD-R); Detroit, MI 1984 & Washington D.C. 1982 (SA; no chapters)

Var.  Dates  TV Comp (1 DVD-R); (inc: Sight & Sound 10/29/77 (40 min); Sin City ’78 Special; Rock Goes To College 10/28/78; Holland Countdown 1979)




Ace Frehley

1993/03/13 AceVision, Vol. 1 (1 DVD-R); Orlando, FL (SA, indexed (pauses at “indexes”? weird indexing) / PS/SBD) (interview segments between songs) (Focker Productions)

1994/12/00 Raleigh ’94 (1 DVD-R); Raleigh, NC (SA / camera right up on stage with band; great sound)

1995/07/29 Space Cam (1 DVD+R); Coach House, San Diego, CA (KISSVISION Remaster Edition) (EZT BT D/L) Artwork





1980/01/25 Largo 1980 (1 DVD+R); Capital Center, Largo, MD (SA/random/PS/SBD)

1990/08/20 The Marquee Rehearsals (1 DVD-R); Marquee Club, London, England (w/ Jimmy Page!!)  (PC / only 1 entry point / PS / SBD)

1994/08/13 Woodstock 94 (1 DVD+R); North Stage, Woodstock 94 Festival, Saugerties, NY (PC author, full menus, NTSC)

1994/12/06 Chicago 94 (1 DVD-R); United Center, Chicago, IL (Pro Shot; 134 min) (DVDR-Live vine)         

2002/06/27 Just Push Play – Live in Japan (1 DVD+R); Tokyo, Japan (Japanese TV special) (Watch This Way Productions)

2004/07/24 The Rock Odyssey (1 DVD-R); Yokohama, Japan (PC Author; Full menus and chapters; NTSC; Pro shot / sbd) (AstroMan)




Alanis Morrisette

2004/07/31 Soundstage (1 DVD-R); WTTW – PBS, Grainger Studios, Chicago, IL (Digital Cable > Panasonic DMR-E85H > DVD-R) (Pro/SA/2 indexes)




Alice Cooper

1970/06/13 See Various Artists

1971 /– 1973 Detroit Tube Works / Good To See You Again (1 DVD-R) (SA author)

1972/00/00 Dead Babies Film & French TV ’72 (1 DVD+R); (Dime) DBF (6:00) / FTV (36:00); (VHS > DVD) (NTSC, SA, random chapters/ no menus) (Dime)





Alice In Chains

1989/07/15 Live at Natachas (1 DVD+R); Natachas, Bremerton, WA (PC, manus, chapters, audience)

1989/08/07 Live at Mural (1 DVD+R); Mural Amphitheater, Seattle, WA (PC, menus, chapters, audience)

1989/09/22 Live at Central Tavern (1 DVD+R); Central Tavern, Seattle, WA (PC, manus, chapters, audience)




Allman Brothers Band

1970/09/23 1970 Fillmore DVD (1 DVD-R); Fillmore East, NYC, NY (DVDR-Trader vine)





2003/05/29 HOB 2003 (1 DVD-R); House of Blues, Hollywood, CA (master aud>DVD) (DVDR-Live vine)





Bachman Turner Overdrive

1973/00/00 ROQ (1 DVD-R single); 1 track only from Canadian TV show ROQ (PC / PS / SBD / 1 index) (Dime)




Bad Company

1974/00/00 Don Kershner’s Rock Concert Series (& Midnight Special @ Wembly Stadium 1979) (PC author w/ full menus & indexed chapters; NTSC)




1989/00/00 Live in Cali ’89 (1 DVD-R); CA (VHS > SA) (EZT)

1991/11/89 Chicago ’91 (1 DVD+R); Chicago, IL (SA Author; no chapters; NTSC)




1962-1969 Live in England (1 DVD+R); Various Sources; (SA w/ indexes); NTSC, Pro Shot / SBD) (Silent Sea Productions 009)

1964/08/23 At The Hollywood Bowl (1 DVD+R); Hollywood Bowl, LA, CA (+ many bonuses) (Pro/SBD/PC/Menus/Chapters/NTSC)

1965/08/15 At Shea (1 DVD+R); Shea Stadium, NYC, NY (Seltaeb Fan Club, Ltd.) (35mm ABC-TV Film Print orig. aired 1/10/67) (68min) (PC/menusPro/SBD)     

1969/01/30 Apple Studios Rooftop Concert (1 DVD-R); No 3 Saville Row, Apple Corps HQ, London

1993/00/00 Anthology – Director’s Cut (10); Picture Perfect label (DVDR-Live tree)

                                                                Disc 1:    7/40 – 3/63

                                                                Disc 2:    3/63 – 1/64

                                                                Disc 3:    2/64 – 7/64

                                                                Disc 4:    8/64 – 8/65

                                                                Disc 5:    8/65 – 7/66

                                                                Disc 6:    7/66 – 6/67

                                                                Disc 7:    6/67 – 7/68

                                                                Disc 8:    7/68 – 1/69

                                                                Disc 9:    Special features 1995

                                                                Disc 10: Special features 1996

Var. Dates     Chronology ( 2 DVD-R); 60 promotional videos that span their entire career!!!  (DVDR-Live vine)

Var. Dates     Video Collection (1 DVD-R); various videos  and promos through the years (pretty low quality) (DVDR-Live vine)




Black Crowes

1992/11/17 Rock –N- Koln (1 DVD-R); The E-Werks, Koln, Germany (PS/ SBD, PC, Menus / Chapters) (Bonus: 5/31/93 Pink Pop & 3/18/93 MTV Spring Break) (M>EZT)

2005/03/14 Mr. Crowes Garden (1 DVD+R); The Staircase, Pittston, PA (SA author w/ SA menu; random menus; NTSC; nice 2 cam show)




Black Label Society

2005/04/08 Electric Factory (1 DVD+R); Philadelphia, PA (NTSC, PC, Full menus / chapters) (Dime)




Black Sabbath

1970/12/20 Rock Of The Seventies (1 DVD+R); Paris, France (STG BT D/L)

1975/09/04 Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert (1 DVD-R); Civic Center, Santa Monica,CA(French TV's Canal Jimmy>??>DVDr>TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress>Edit>Adobe Encore 1.5(EZT)

1978/06/18 Hammersmith ’78 (1 DVDr); Hammersmith Odeon, London, England (Pro / SA / random indexing)

1986/04/01 Ray’s Third Show (1 DVD-R); Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (SA/random/Aud-single cam) (My man, Ray Gillan’s 3rd show!) (bonus: 6/28/98 MTV Ultraline & 12/05/83 CBS Nightwatch)

1993/11/13 Dio’s Last Show (1 DVD-R); Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA (PC/chapters/single cam aud) (Music From The Middle of Nowhere Productions)

1997/06/29 Ozzfest ’97 (1 DVD-R); Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion, Devore, CA (single cam aud, SA menu, indexed chapters, lots of static and tape warble) (VHS>DVD(2)>Dime)

Var.  Dates     On Tour (1 DVD-R); Pro Shot Compilation DVD:  1970, 1974, 1975, 1978, 1989, 1992, 1998, 1999) (PS / SBD, PC, Menus, Chapters) (some compression?) (EZT)




Blind Melon

1994/01/08 Saturday Night Live (1 DVD-R single); NYC, NY (only 2nd track here, as 1st track was on official SNL release) (PS / SBD / PC / 1 index; TV broadcast source) (Dime)

1995/09/12 MuchMusic’s Intimate & Interactive (1 DVD-R); Toronto, Ontario, Canada (CATV>VCR>VHS(1)>PC>DVD(1)>Dime) (packed with tons of bonues!)    ** THIS IS JUST INCREDIBLE!!!**



Blue Oyster Cult

1981/10/09 Live in Hollywood 1981 (1 DVD-R); Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, CA (PS/SBD, PC / full menus/indexing)  (Ken V. Productions)

1998/06/28 Godzilla Comes Out in Mountainside (1 DVD-R); Mountainside, NJ (2 camera aud rec – amazing!) (86 min) (Dig Rep ~ incredible menus!) (DVDR-Live vine)

Various Dates Media Collection, Vol. 1 – Take Two (1 DVD-R);  Ken V’s wonderful project.  Vol. 1 incl. live performances, interviews and promos.  Must have for any BOC fan.  Nicely done, Ken!

Various Dates Media Collection, Vol. 2 (1 DVD-R); Ken V’s continuing project.  Vol. 2 continues with live performances and promos.  Very nicely done Ken!

Various Dates Media Collection, Vol. 3 (1 DVD-R); Ken V’s continuing project.  Vol. 3 continues the live performances.  Outstanding stuff.  Nice menus, full indexing/chapters, PC menu PS/SBD)




 Bob Seeger

1980/00/00 Live in Largo (1 DVD-R); Capital Center, Largo, MD (VHS>SA>PC>DVD) (Menus and indexes, NTSC, Pro Shot, Soundboard) 




Bobby Vee & The Vees w/ The Crickets

2005/09/18 Tree City Fall Festival (2 DVD-R); Courthouse Lawn, Greensburg, IN (Sony DCR-TRV460 Handycam > Digital 8 Cassette in XP mode > Panasonic DMR-E85H > DVDr) SA/no chapters/aud) (60 min)

                                                                         (2nd disc MUCH lesser quality: Sony DSC-P100 > MPEG MovieVX mode > Panasonic DMR-E85H > DVDr) SA/no chapters/aud) (only 4:45 min)



Bryan Adams

2005/07/02 Live 8 (1 DVD+R); Barrie, Toronto, Canada (NTSC, PS / SBD, PC, full menus / chapters) (Traders Den)





1984-1985 Live 1984 – 1985 (1 DVDr); Unknown location; SA w/ menus; Pro Shot / SBD; NTSC (58 min) (DVDR-Live vine)




Coverdale Page

1993/12/20 First night in Osaka (1 DVD-R); Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan (11th Ann. Ed. (Jameskg Presentation…done very nicely) (EZT BT D/L)





2005/10/24 Return To The Garden (1 DVD-R); MSG, NYC, NY (PC / menu / chapters indexed / 8? Cam aud!) NTSC; Johanna label (Dime)




Creedence Clearwater Revival

1970/04/14 RAH + Extras! (1 DVD+R); Royal Albert Hall, London, UK (compression? video is pretty poor; sound is very good) (DVDR-Live vine)




Cheap Trick

1981/08/05 Live at Chicagofest (1 DVD-R); Navy Pier, Chicago, IL (TV broadcast) (DVDR-Live vine)




Chris Duarte Group

2004/03/12 Eureka Springs ’04 (2 DVD-R); Crescent Hotel, Erueka Springs, AR (DVDR-Live vine)

2005/02/26 Live at Chans (2 DVD-R); Chan’s, Woonsocket, RI (aud tripod cam; sbd feed; PC / menus) (DVDR-Live vine)




Deep Purple

1970/00/00 South Bank Summer (1 DVD+R); (PAL, PS / Sbd, SA, no menu, no chapters)(short; 1 song, only 10+ min. Mandrake Root) (Dime)

1972/03/01 Machine Head Live 1972 (1 DVD-R); Kiobenhavns Boldklub (KB) Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark

1975/12/00 Rises Over Japan (1 DVD-R); Japan  (short-lived, OOP Warner video > DVD) (SA / no menus / random chapters / PS / SBD)

1985/07/09 Live In Paris (1 DVD-R); Palais Omnisports, Paris, France (103 min) (PC/chapters/menus/PS/SBD)

2005/07/02 Live 8 (1 DVD+R);Barrie, Toronto, Canada (NTSC, PS / SBD, SA, no menu, no chapters) (Traders Den)

Var.  Dates  Early Years (1 DVD-R); Inc: Pop 2 – Paris 11/14/70; Doing Their Thing – Grenada TV 7/14/70 or 8/21/70; Beat Club – German TV 8/69 & 9/71 + In Concert & more (Pro/PC/Menus)




Delaney & Bonnie and Friends

Var.  Dates Video Compilation (1 DVD-R); The Beat Club, Bremen, Germany 1969 and Copenhagen, Denmark 1969 (+ bonus D&TD on Johnny Cash! 1970) (PC; 1 menu; no index)




1983/12/04 Live in Holland 1983 (1 DVD+R); Vredenburg, Ultrect, Holland (Pro shot / sbd; SA author, random chapters, SA menu only) (Hi Gen)





1987/11/10 Lightnin’ Strike in Philly (1 DVD-R); Philadelphia, PA (NTSC, PS/SBD) (VHS 2nd gen>Hitachi Hi-Fi Stereo 6 Head vcr>Canopus ADVC50>U Lead Video Studio 8>AVI>TMPGEnc>m2v+wav) (m2v>DVDLab Pro>Menu, Chapter points and some cool menu graphics / wav>Cool Edit Pro (BBE Sonic Maximizer)>DVDLab Pro>transcode audio>Dolby Digital 2.0 (ac3) / wav>Cool Edit Pro (BBE Sonic Maximizer) > Sony Vegas 6.0>5.1 Surround Mix) (Metal Zone Productions) (Dime)





Var.  Dates  Miscellaneous Live Clips (1 DVD+R); many different dates / venues!!!  (SA Author; several entry points from main menu; otherwise, no indexing; NTSC)





1995/09/21 & 2002/08/03 Lysergik Live (1 DVD+R); (Dime)

                                                                                08/03/2002-> Columbus, OH, 42 min, aud (720x480 mpeg2 ntsc; vhs > intervideo windvr > tmpgenc > tmpgenc dvd author > dvd)

                                                                                09/21/1995-> Dallas, TX, 71 min, aud (720x480 mpeg2 ntsc; vhs > intervideo windvr > tmpgenc > tmpgenc dvd author > dvd)





1986/05/02 Detroit ’86 DVD (1 DVD-R); Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI (WRUS vine)





Flotsam & Jetsam

1988/07/14 Boston ’88 (2 DVD-R); The Channel Club, Boston, MA (PS from back of club/sbd?/PC/menu/indexed chapters) (mpg>pc>dvd>dime)





1973/05/05 Live at The Rainbow (1 DVD-R); Rainbow Theatre, London, UK (Proshot, Sbd, PC, NTSC, Menu & song selections)





1972- 1974   Genesis DVD Collection 1972 – 1974 (1 DVDr); (6 different dates and venues) (GMDVD03 weed)

1973- 1975   Live 1973 & 1975 Collection (1 DVDr); 1 x 65 min 1973 source and 5 various sources of 75 material) (GMDVD08 weed source) 

1974/00/00 Genesis Collection 1974 (1 DVDR); (5 different dates and venues!) (GMDVD05 weed)

1976- 1977   Genesis In Concert:  DVD Collection 1976-1977 (1 dvdr) (5 different dates and venues) (GMDVD02 weed)




George Thorogood & The Delaware Destroyers

2003/06/19 Live at Vandenberg AFB (1 DVD+R); Lompoc, CA (transfer from master tape source!) (incl. selection of aud, sbd or matrix sound!!) (PC / menus / NTSC / single cam)





1979/12/00 Live at The Whiskey (1 DVD+R); The Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA (Remastered & Authored by Boddah) (PC Author, only 1 Menu, Chapters (not indexed) (Pro/SBD)




Grand Funk

1970/06/13 See Various Artists

1974/01/06 Forum ’74 (1 DVD+R); The Forum, Los Angeles, CA (PC author, menus, NTSC)




Grateful Dead 

1972/04/17 Copenhagen ’72 (1 DVD-R); Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark (French TV broadcast) (PC /menus / PS / SBD)



Guess Who

1983/06/29 Together Again (1 DVD-R); CNE Bandshell, Toronto, CAN (86:50) + 1974/03/29 Midnight Special (16:57) + Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert 1975 (8:46) (VHS>DVD)                                                                                         Pro Shot, NTSC, PC Author, Full menus and chapters, VG quality (DVDR-Live vine)




Guns N’ Roses

1988/02/02 Legends Never Die (1 DVD-R); The Ritz, NYC, NY (w/ Hyppodrome De Vincennes, Paris, France 6/6/92) (PC/chapters/PS/SBD)

1988/12/15 Melbourne 1988 (1 DVD-R); Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, Australia (PC author w/ Menus and Chapters, NTSC, Color, Pro Shot / SBD)

1991/05/29 Indiana 1991 (2 DVD-R); Deer Creek Music Theater, Noblesville, IN (NTSC, Pro Shot, Sbd, Menus & Chapters, Color, PC author)

1992/06/06 (see 2/2/88)





1976/00/00 Second Ending (1 DVD+R); KWSU TV 10 Studios (PBS), Pullman, WA (Wash. St. Univ.) (inc. bonus:  Midnight Special from 77 & 78 +Beat Club from 76 & 77) (PC/chapters/PS/SBD)

2005/07/28 Soundstage (2 DVD-R); Chicago, IL ? (WFYI (PBS) Hi Def Broadcast > Sony FD Trinitron Wega KV-36HS510 (Hi Def) > Panasonic DMR-E85H (XP) > DVD) (SA) **Not Tradeable – Available commercially**





1984/11/14&15 Live Through The Fire (1 DVD-R); San Jose, CA (SA/PS/SBD) (better quality, in my opinion)

1984/11/14&15 Live Through The Fire (1 DVD+R); San Jose, CA (PC/chapters/PS/SBD/Converted from PAL, which degraded the quality a little) (Traders Den)         




Ian Gillan Band

1981 – 1982 Live in the UK 81-82 (1 DVD+R); incl: “Scottish TV” (Gateway Theatre, Edinburg, Scotland on 2/5/81), “Rock Goes To College” (BBC, Oxford Polytechnic,

                                                UK on 2/18/81); & “Off The Record” (TVS Theatre, Gillingham, UK on 2/17/82) (PC/chapters/PS/SBD) (Silver Stallion Productions) (Dime)




Iron Maiden

1981/10/31 Killers Live in Milan (1 DVD-R); Milan, Italy (NTSC, PS/SBD, menus/chapters) (bonus Rome TV 1993) (Dime)

1985/03/14 – 17 Live After Death (1 DVD+R); Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA (Brazilian Import)

1993/08/28 Raising Hell (1 DVD-R); Pinewood Studios, London, England; Bruce’s last show before the reunion in 99/00 (113 min)  **NOT TRADABLE: OFFICIAL RELEASE**

2005/07/09 YLE TV Broadcast (1 DVD+R); Ullevi Stadium, Gothnburg, Sweden (PAL, PS / SBD, SA, no menu, proper indexing / chapters) (Dime)




Janes Addiction

2002/07/27 Korea ’02 (1 DVD-R); Seoul, South Korea (DVDR-Trader vine vol. 1 of 2)

2003/09/27 Ontario ’03 (1DVD-R); Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (DVDR-Trader vine vol. 2 of 2)

2003/09/30 MTV-2’s 5th Birthday Party (1 DVD-R); Brixton Academy, London, UK (DVDR-Live vine)





2004/06/05 Rockpalast! (1 DVD+R); Rock AM Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany (The Fake Sky Production) (PC Author, PAL, Pro Shot / SBD, Stereo, Color)

2005/07/02 Live 8 (1 DVD+R); Barrie, Toronto, Canada (NTSC, PS / SBD, PC menu and indexing chapters) (Traders Den)





Jethro Tull

1976/07/00 Too Old To Rock ‘N’ Roll…Too Young To Die (1 DVD-R); Unreleased studio “performance” / videos (?) for the entire album!!  (DVDR-Live vine)




Jimi Hendrix

1969/01/09 Sweden 1969 (1 DVD+R) Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden (+ 3 bonus tracks: Band of Gypsys on 1/1/70 @ the Fillmore East, NYC, NY) (gmDVD)

1969/02/24 Room Full of Hendrix (1 DVD-R); 8 PM, Monday, Royal Albert Hall, London, England (4 Reel Production) (Menus/Chapters, PS/SBD, NTSC, color) (+bonus)

1969/12/31 & 1970/01/01 Band of Gypsies (1 DVD-R); Fillmore East, NYC, NY (PC / menus / PC / SBD) (Lots of cool shit!  Concert (b/w), documentary (color), stills, and more!)

1970/07/04 At Atlanta Pop Festival (1 DVD-R); Atlanta International Pop Fest, Middle Georgia Raceway, Byron, GA (Japaneses Import) (PC/chapters/PS/SBD)

1970/07/30 Haleakala Crater (1 DVD+R); Rainbow Bridge Vibratory Colour-Sound Experiment, Haleakala Crater, Rainbow Bridge, Seabury Hall, Maui, HI (Dime)

Various Dates AstroMan DVD Complilation (1 DVD+R); incl. Newport 6/22/69 (VCD qual/PS/SBD); Singer Bowl 8/28/68 (aud 8 mm); Beat Club! And Beat! Beat! Beat! (Stadhalle Germ. TV/PS/SBD) (PC/chapters) AM vine




Jimmy Page

1988/00/00 Dallas, TX (used as bonus to Robert Plant 7/17/85 Celebration, Vol. 3)

1988/09/17 Raving Arizona (1 DVD-R); Mesa Amphitheater, Phoenix, AZ (from MTV) (inc. interviews and sound check as bonus features) (DVDR-Live vine)

1988/10/28 Nassau ’88 (1 DVD-R); Nassau, NY (aud) 

2004/02/02 VH1’s Headline Act (1 DVDr); Interview of Jimmy Page with Zep videos (VH1 Classic>DVDR)




Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes

1999/10/19 Live at The Greek (1 DVD+R); Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA (Third Eye Productions)

1999/10/19 Live at The Greek (low Gen) (1 DVD-R); Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA




Joe Walsh

1983/05/30; US FEST ’83 (1 DVD-R); US Festival, Devore, CA (DVDR-Live vine)

1993/08/28 1993 Marlboro Music Military Tour (1 DVD-R); Camp LeJeune, Jacksonville, NC (55 min + Xtra :James Gang & Barnstorm videos)(DVDR-Live vine)

Var.  Dates    DVD Compilation 1 (1 DVD-R); inc: Australian TV 1976; The Radio Song (Promo Video w/ Wolfman Jack intro) & Big Orange Bash (TV appearance - New Years’ Eve                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         @ Wolfman Jack’s Rock & Roll Palace)




John Entwistle Band

2001/06/09 A Bass Odessey (2 DVD+R); BB King Blues Club, New York, NY (Mad Raving Stark DVD Production)




John Mellencamp

2004/11/11 A&E’s ‘Live By Request’ (1 DVD-R); Bloomington, IN (Digital Cable>Panasonic DMR-E85H>DVD-R) (SA, no menus, NTSC, PS / SBD) (cut at end of show)




John Paul Jones

2001/11/15 Live in LA (1 DVD+R); Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA(Third Eye Productions) (DVD-Traders Vine)  (created on a stand alone burner)

2001/11/15 LA Redo (1 DVD-R); Universal Amphitheater, LA, CA (Third Eye Prod> Reworked to include a PC menu / chapters) (1 cam aud) (little lower quality due to the PC reauthor) (Dime)




Johnny Winter

1979/00/00 Rockpalast (1 DVD-R); Pro shot, 2 hours with random menus (DVDR-Live)




Jonny Lang

2003-2004  Live DVD Compilation (1 DVD+R); Mixed shows: First is Aud capture from St. Louis, then TV appearances on Austin City Limits, Tonight Show, etc.




Judas Priest

1983/00/00 Screaming For Vengeance Tour (1 DVD-R); TN ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE; OFFICIALLY RELEASED!!***

1983/05/29 (see Var. Artists for DVD!)

2005/06/01 VH-1 Classic Studio (1 DVD+R); St. Paul, MN (NTSC, PS / SBD, SA menu, chapters)





Kenny Wayne Sheppard

1996/00/00 Germany ’96 (1 DVD-R); Pro shot broadcast (58 min) + Gap Jeans Commercial (plus Austin City Limits (25  min)).  (DVDR-Live vine)




King’s X

1994/04/04 Rockpalast! (inclused as bonus material on 9/14/94 disc (lower quality)

1994/04/09 Roseland (included as bonus material on 9/14/94 disc (lower quality)

1994/08/12 Live:  Woodstock ’94 (1 DVD+R); Saugerties, NY (PC author > only 1 entry point / no indexing / PS/SBD)

1994/09/14 Ontario ’94 (1 DVD-R); Ontario, Canada (+ bonuses: 2 videos; plus: 4/9/94 Roseland & 4/4/94 Rockpalast!) PC (DVDR-Live vine)

1996/08/26 Minnesota ’96 (1 DVD-R); The Mirage Club, Minnesota (audience, full menus and chapters w/ song selections, PC author) (DVDR-Live vine)




1972/01/21 BBC’s, “In Concert” (1 DVD-R); Rainbow Theater, Finsbury Park, London, UK (DVDR-Live vine)





1974/02/17 Long Beach Live (1 DVD-R) Long Beach Civic Arena, Long Beach, CA + lots of extra goodies! (KISS Vision)

1974 – 1976  Media Compilation (1 DVD-R); (Early TV appearances) (KISS Vision)

1975/01/31 Winterland or Hell (1 DVD-R); Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA (KISS Vision)

1976/01/25 Alive!  In Cobo - The First Night (1 DVD-R); Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI (KISS Vision)

1976/01/26 Dressed For Cobo – The Second Night (1 DVD-R); Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI (KISS Vision)

1976/08/20 Destroys Anaheim (1 DVD-R); Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, CA (Casaboontha / DV Entertainment)

1976/07/10 Black And White Collection (1 DVDr); KissVision Remaster! Roosevelt Stadium, New Jersey (+ Ace’s Loft Tape!!!  Plus Destroyer Dress Rehearsal!!!!)

1977/02/18 MSG ’77 (1 DVD-R); Madison Square Gardens, NYC, NY (Kissvision Remaster) (NTSC, PS / SBD, PC, Menus / Chapters / Indexes) (EZT BT D/L)

1977/04/02 Young Music Show (1 DVD-R); Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan

1977/04/02 HBO Upgrade (1 DVD-R); Tokyo, Japan (Pro / PC / menus / chapters) (DVDR-Live vine)

1977/09/01 1st  Summit (1 DVD-R); The Summit, Houston, TX (KISS Vision)

1977/09/02 2nd Summit (1 DVD-R); The Summit, Houston, TX (Kissvision > Focker Production > El Jefe Presentation) (SA Author, No menus/No indexes, NTSC, PS/SBD)

1977/09/02 Houston 1977-2nd Night (1 DVD-R); Summit, Houston, TX (PC/chapters/PS/SBD)

1979/00/00 1979 Media Compilation (1 DVDr) (KissVision Remaster)

1979/07/08 Return of KISS (1 DVD-R); The Capital Center, Largo, MD (PMI Rock Collection) (stand alone)

1979/07/08 The Return of KISS Upgrade (1 DVD+R); Captial Centre, Largo, MD (PC/chapters/PS/SBD) (Dime)

1980/00/00 1980 Media Compilation (1 DVDr) (KissVision Remaster)

1980/11/22 Live:  Sydney Australia 1980 (1 DVD-R); Sydney Showgrounds, Sydney, Australia (PS / SBD, NTSC, Full menus / chapters / indexes) (KISS VISION) (EZT BT D/L)

1981 – 1982  The Elder Media Compilation (1 DVDr) (KissVision Remaster)

1983/06/18 Rio ’83 (1 DVD+R); Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (PAL, SA, PS / SBD, no chapters / random menus) (Dime)

1995/08/04 Late Night with Conan O’Brien (1 DVD+R); NBC Studios, NYC, NY (SA/no indexes/PS/SBD) (Dime)

1998/12/31 Halloween Media Compilation (1 DVD-R); ( Kiss Vision Production); inc. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA concert; plus several other features!! (Dime)

2004/05/18 In Your Face (1 DVDr); Enmore Theater, Sydney, Australia (S2H > ClubZackley’s Production)




Lee Aaron

1983/08/27 Reading Festival ’83 (1 DVD+R); Reading Fest, Reading, England (SA/no indexing/PS/SBD) (36 min) (Dime)




Led Zeppelin

1969/00/00 1969 DVD Compilation (1 DVD-R); (Cosmic Energy)

1969/04/27 Devil’s Blues (1 DVD-A); Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA (great sbd source set to slide show…very cool) (Genuine Masters) (Dime)

1969/08/31 Texas Pop (1 DVD-A); Texas Int’l Pop Festival, Dallas, TX (slide show set to 2 sources, 1 a sbd feed, the other a video soundtrack…very cool) (Genuine Masters) (Dime)

1970/09/04 Live on Blueberry Hill (1 DVDA-R); LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA (Genuine Masters) (DVDR-Live vine)

1970 – 1972 1970 – 1972 Compilation (1 DVD-R); (Cosmic Energy)                                                   

1972/02/25 Kiwi Express (1 DVD-A-R); Western Springs Stadium, Aukland, New Zealand (Genuine Masters – GM-DVD-A-06) (+ bonus:  Alt Sydney 2/27/72 & Perth Radio                                                                                                                                                                                                   Interview 2/16/72) (DVD audio set to slide show) (DVDR-Live vine)

1972/02/27 The Rovers Return (1 DVD-R); The Showgrounds, Sydney, NSW, Australia (DVD-audio set to archival photos) (GM) (DVDR-Trader vine)

1972/02/29 Brisbane Boogie (1 DVD-A-R); Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia (Genuine Masters) (DVD Audio from analogue master tapes (1st time released!)) (DVDR-Live vine)

1973/00/00 1973 Compilation (1 DVD-R); (Cosmic Energy)

1975/00/00 Visual Graffiti (2 DVD-R); various sources, dated and venues (Cosmic Energy)

1975/03/14 Mystic San Diego (1 DVD-A); San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA (PC/chapters/SBD/slideshow) (Genuine Masters) (DVDR-Live vine)

1975/05/24 Physical Rocket (2 DVD+R); Earl’s Court, UK (Best Edition Available) (Cosmic Energy & Friends) (gmDVD)

1975/05/25 London Calling (1 DVD+R); Earl’s Court (+ EC 5/24/75 (STH); RAH 1/9/70 (WGG/ICQYB); Knebworth 8/11/79 (ITE/CB) (Sugar Mama label

1977/00/00 Over America ’77 (2 DVD-R); various dates, sources, and venues (Cosmic Energy)

1977/07/17 Seattle ’77 (2 DVDR); Kingdome, Seattle, WA (Cosmic Energy) (GMDVD vine)

1979/00/00 See Through The Out Films (1 DVDR); Various dates and venues (CE source>DVD-Concert-Traders weed) (note: only ’79 material)

1979/08/04 Secrets Revealed (2 DVD-R); Knebworth Festival, Stenage, England (PC/chapters/PS/SBD) (FBO Tree)

1979/08/11 Knebworth Festival (3 DVD-R); Stevenage, UK: unknown label (NTSC, No menu / but songs are indexed) (Latest upgrade version 12/04) (DVDR-Live vine)

1997/00/00 VH1 Legends (DVD-R); Obscured Collection (+ bonus stuff)

2004/12/00 A&E’s Biography (1 DVD-R); (Cable > Panasonic DMR-E85H > CDR) (PS / SBD, NTSC, SA, No indexing)

Var.  Dates After The Crash (1 DVD-R); inc: Live Aid (7/13/85), Atlantic Records 40th Ann (5/14/88) & Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (6/17/95) (DVDR-Live vine)

Var.  Dates Cosmic Clips #1 (1 DVDR); various venues and sources (1969 – 1975) (Cosmic Energy sources) (GM weed source)

Var.  Dates Cosmic Clips #2 (1 DVDR), various venues and sources (1975 – 1980) (Cosmic Energy sources) (GM weed source)

Var.  Dates For The Love of FBO (12 DVD-R); 12 disc retrospective put together by folks on the FBO list using the lowest known sources (artwork has lineages):

D01: The Fellowship of The Ring (Reunions – Live Aid, Atlantic 40th and Hall of Fame)

D02: The Greatest Story Ever Told (Various Zep)

D03: I Hear The Voices Thunder (Robert Plant Music Videos)

D04: Angels Singing All Around My Door (Robert Plant Compilation #1)

D05: In The Lobby of The Hotel Paradise (Robert Plant Compilation #2)

D06: The Autumn Moon Lights My Way (Robert Plant Compilation #3)

D07: White Summer (Jimmy Page Compilation #1)

D08: Hammer of The Gods (Jimmy Page Compilation #2)

D09: Razing Arizona (Jimmy Page Compilation #3)

D10: Been Ten Years or Maybe More (Page & Plant Compilation #1)

D11: The Two Towers (Page & Plant Compilation #2)

D12:  Think I See My Brother Coming (Koln, German 8/23/98 Bizarre Fest)

 Var.  Dates  Hats Off John Bonham (1 DVD-R); various clips highlighting John’s career; very nice retrospective




Lita Ford

1988/09/27 Live in Glenn Falls (1 DVD-R); Glenn Falls, NY (Silver Stallion Productions) (PC author, full menus / chapters, NTSC)


Lynyrd Skynyrd

1975/11/11 Old Grey Whistle Test (1 DVD-R); Shepherd’s Bush Studio, London; (+ Rockpalast, Musickhalle, Hamburg on 12/05/74 & Bill Graham’s A Day on The Green 7/4/77)




Mahogany Rush 

Var.  Dates  Live 1975-83 (1 DVD-R); includes Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert 1975; Japan 1977; Montreal 1979; Birthday Concert 1983 (PC / full menus / chapters indexed / PS / SBD)




Mars Volta

2003/08/29 2003 Lowlands Fest (1); Lowland Festival, Six Flags, Biddinghuizen, Netherlands (DVDR-Live vine)




Max Webster

1979/00/00 Million Vacactions (1 DVD+R); Toronto College, Toronto, Canada (NTSC, PS / SBD, SA menu, random menus) (Dime)

1980/05/10 The New Music (1 DVD+R); Barrie, Toronto, Ontario (NTSC, PS / SBD, SA, 2 entry points, random menus)(+ bonus: 1990 “Reunion” @ Toronto Music Awards) (Dime)






1984/04/15 Berkeley 1984 (1 DVD-+R); Berkeley, CA (SA/no indexing/ PS ?/ SBD ?); pretty washed out source, but it’s early Megadeth, so who cares? (Dime)

2004/11/12 Philly 2004 (1 DVD+R); Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA (1 cam M? Aud/SA/no chapters) (FettsDVD vine)





1987/08/20 Master of Puppets Live (1); 100 Club, London, England (Aud / PC / Menus) (+ SKoM Promos)

1989/07/14 Middletown Mosh (1); Orange County Fairgrounds, Middletown, NY (Silver Stallion DVD Productions) (Aud / PC / menus) (DVDR-Live vine)

1992/12/07 Den Bosch ’92 (2 DVD-R); Brabanthall, Den Bosch, Holland  (SA author)

1993/06/20 Basel 1993 (1 DVD-R); St. Jakob Stadium, Basel, Switzerland (PC author, NTSC, Pro Shot, SBD, full meus, etc…very nicely done!) (Langley Label Presentation)

1994/07/02 Pit Stop In Indy (1 DVD-R); Deer Creek Pavilion, Noblesville, IN (master aud vid>PC>DVD) (PC author / full chapters & indexing / single cam (me) aud shot) (Simple Man Productions 026)

                              Shot this one myself!!!                  Click here to go to the main trade page for more info &  artwork

1994/08/13 Woodstock 94 (1 DVD-R); North Stage, Woodstock 94 Festival, Saugerties, NY (SA Author, NTSC, No menus / no song indexing; Pro Shot, SBD)

1997/02/09 Third Night at The Rosemont / First Fuel (1 DVD-R);  Rosemont Horizon Arena, Chicago, IL (audience – 2 ½ hours!!!) (stand alone author)

1997/08/24 Live in UK (1 DVD-R); 1997 Reading Festival, Reading, England (88:53) Pandora’s Video (PC author w/ full menus; NTSC, Pro Shot / SBD)

1999/07/24 Woodstock 99 (1 DVD-R); East Stage, Woodstock Festival, Rome, NY (standalone author)

2003/05/31 Overdrive (1 DVD+R); Riverside Studios, London, England (PC, menus, chapters; PS/SBD…very, very nice!  TV?) (EZT)

2003/06/08 Metallica TV Live (1 DVD-R); Rock AM Ring, Nurburgring, Germany (Pro Shot (TV), stand alone author)

2003/07/20 Summer Sanitarium 2003 (1 DVD-R); Parc jean Drapeau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (nice PC author) (Bad Place Bootleg Video)

2004/06/04 Blitzkrieg in Rio (1 DVD-R); Rock in Rio Festival, Lisbon, Portugal (ProShot, PC author) (DVDR-Live vine)

2004/07/00 Some Kind of Monster THE MOVIE (1 DVD-R); (PC authoring, Full Menus / Chapters, NTSC) (bootleg version; someone taped the movie @ the theater) ++Untradeable – it’s now an official release – go buy it!**

Var.  Dates  Cliff ‘Em All (1 DVD-R) (various dates and venues with Cliff on bass!!!); (PC author) ** NO LONGER TRADEABLE, IT’S AVAILABLE AT THE BAND’S SITE – GO BUY IT!**




Michael Schenker Group

1981/01/24 Rockpalast! (1 DVD+R); Markethalle, Hamburg, Germany (PC author w/ full menus and chapters; NTSC)




Var.  Dates  TV Compliation (1 DVD-R); (inc. DKRC ’75; Midnight Special ’75; + more) (40 min)




Moody Blues

1968/09/07  See Various Artists



Motley Crue

1985/10/19 Motley in Montreal (1 DVD+R); Montreal, Quebec (SA author; only single entry menu; random chapters; aud; NTSC)

1997/11/05 Kansas Swine (2 DVD+R); Wichita, KS (1st get tape transfer) (Obscured Collection # 01)

2005/07/02 Live 8 (1 DVD+R); Barrie, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (NTSC, PS / SBD, PC menus & indexed chapters…very nicely done) (Traders Den)






1970/06/13 See Various Artists




Neil Young

2004/12/00 A&E’s Biography (1 DVD-R); (Cable > Panasonic DMR-E85H > CDR) (PS / SBD, NTSC, SA, No indexing)





1992/01/10 MTV Unseen (1 DVD+R); MTV Studios, NYC, NY (SA author, but songs are indexed correctly; NTSC, Pro Shot / SBD)

1992/08/30 Reading Fest ’92 (1 DVD+R); Reading Festival, Reading, UK (SA w/ random chapters) (inc. time stamp)

1993/11/18 Complete Unplugged (1 DVD-R); Sony Music Studios, Manhattan, NY (PC, NTSC, menus) (DVDR-L:ive vine)





1982/07/00 Bring It Back Alive One More Time (1 DVD-R); Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA (MTV special) (Pro / PC / Menus) (DVDR-Live)





1992/03/03 New Haven ’93 (2 DVD-R); Toad’s Place, New Haven, CT (NTSC, PS/SBD, chapters, single entry point) (Damage Inc. Master Series Production) (Dime)




Ozzy Osbourne

1981/04/28 After Hours (1 DVD-R) Rochester, NY (+ bonus tracks: The Palladium ’81; Chicago ’82, TV spots PLUS Randy w/ Quiet Riot, circa ’78 & ’79!)  Killer!

1983/05/29 (see Var. Artists for DVD!)

1984/03/19 Live 1984 (1 DVD-R); Salt Lake City, UT (Focker Productions)

1989/06/04 Philly ’89 (1 DVD-R); Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA (Pro/PC/menus) (Ginski / Echobat Productions) (original cable PPV TV Special Master VHS) (AM vine)




Page & Plant

1995/00/00 Eternal Burning (3 DVD-R); (Empress Valley Supreme Disc (includes: 1995/05/01 Bradley Arena, Milwaukee, WI; 1995/10/03 Irvine Meadows Amphitheater,                                                                                                                                                               Irvine, CA; + 1995/04/01 The Palace, Detroit, Michigan) (DVDR-Live vine)

1995/03/01 Together Again (2 DVD-R); The Omni, Atlanta, GA (1st Gen VHS) (SMP-DVD-004) (DVDR-Live vine)

1995/06/16 Brussels ’95 (1 DVD-R); Forest – National, Brussels, Belgium (Sony Hi8 M>VHS>SA>DVD-R>PC Remaster w/ Menus>DVD-R) (DVDR-Live vine)  PC

1996/02/13 Tokyo 2/13/96 (3 DVDr); Budakon Hall, Tokyo, Japan (SA, no chapters, PS?/SBD?) (Third Eye Productions source>SA)

1998/03/01 MTV’s Live From The 10 Spot (1 DVD-R); Sala Polivalenta, Bucharest, Romania (incomplete / our of sequence pro shot video from TV broadcast) (DVD-Live vine)

1998/03/25 Live at Shepherd’s Bush (2 DVD-R); Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, UK (DVD-Live vine)

1998/08/23 Bizarre Fest ’98 (1 DVD-R); Bizarre Festival, Koln (Cosmic Energy) (DVDR-Live vine)

2001/07/07 It’s Only Rock & Roll (1 DVD-R); Montreux Jazz Festival (4th Dimension Supreme DVD 003) (+ 1/12/95 R&R HoF bonus) (Pro/PC/Menus) (DVDR-Live vine)





1997/11/17 Live in Sacramento (1 DVD-R); Sacramento, CA (PC Author; only title menu; random chapters; NTSC; 3 cam audience mix) (Dime)



Pat Travers Band

1976/11/04 Rockpalast (1 DVD-R); Germany (DVDR-Live vine)




Paul McCartney

2005/07/02 Live8 (1 DVD+R); Hyde Park, London, UK (PAL) (PC/chapters/PS/SBD) (Traders Den)




Paul Rodgers

1993/05/19 Paul Rodgers And Company (1 DVD+R); San Francisco, CA (OOP VHS>DVDR) (DVDR-Live vine) (performed as, “Paul Rodgers And Company”)




Pearl Jam

1992/03/16 Complete Unplugged (1 DVD+R); Kaufman Astoria, NYC, NY (PC author with Menus and Chapters; NTSC) (51 min)   

1992/06/08 Pinkpop ’92 (1 DVD-R); 1992 Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands (Pro Shot / SBD, PC Author, Full Menus, NTSC)




Peter Criss Band

Live in Toronto (1 DVD-R); Toronto, Canada (56 min) (PC/chapters/1 cam aud) (Dime)




Pink Floyd

1968/09/07 (See Various Artists)

1968/09/07 (See 7/8/87)

1970/04/29 KQED (1 DVD+R) Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA (Harvested label) (gmDVD weed) (60 min)

1971/10/00 Live at Pompeii, Director’s Cut (1 DVD-R); Pompeii, Italy (PC / cool menus / PS / SBD) (PAL - import)

1977/02/01 Animals European Tour (1 DVD-R); Stadhalle, Vienna, Austria (PC, chapters)

1980/02/27 The Wall (2 DVD-R); Nassau Coliseum, Nassau, NY

1980/08/09 The Wall Live (1 DVD-R); Earl’s Court, London, UK (Highest Hopes) (DVDR-Live vine)

1987/08/07 Hangar Rehearsals (1 DVD-R); Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (56 min) (SA author w/proper indexing/PS/SBD) (w/ Tous En Scene, ORTF TV, Paris, France – 7:30)

2005/07/02 Live 8 (1 DVD+R); Hyde Park, London, UK (PAL, PS / SBD, PC menus and indexed chapters) (comp. show w/o interruption! I want my old MTV back) (Doug’s ver.)

Var.  Dates    A DVD Full of Secrets (1 DVD-R); various TV promos and stuff from 94 – present) (DVDR-Live vine)

Var.  Dates    Anthology 1966 – 1983 (3 DVD+R); An incredibly large amount of material!!  Far too much to even begin listing here, so take a look at the artwork for more info.  (Harvested005)

Var.  Dates    Blurry Visions (misc. stuff, inc. promos, commercial promos, documentary, etc)





1980/01/11 Rockpalast! (1 DVD-R); Markethalle, Hamburg, Germany (66 min) (DVDR-Live vine)





Priory of Brion

2000/07/09 The Celebration, Vol. 2 (1 DVD-R); Shrewsbury World Music Day, Shrewsbury Castle, UK (SA/random indexing/ single cam aud) (Robert Plany Tree)





1974/01/09 Live at The Rainbow (1 DVD-R); The Rainbow, West Hollywood, CA (The Obscured Collection) (DVDR-Live vine)

2005/03/19 46664 (1 DVD+R); Fancourt, George, South Africa (PC Author, Full menus, NTSC)






1987/02/13 Rage For L’Amours (1 DVD-R); L’Amours, Queens, NY (Aud; NTSC; SA; no menus; random indexes) (EZT BT D/L)




Quiet Riot

1979/09/22 Whiskey 1979 (1 DVD-R); The Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA (w/ Randy Rhoades) (Aud/PC/menu/indexes)

1983/05/29 (see Var. Artists for US Festival DVD!)





1977/10/20 Rockpalast! (1 DVD-R); Olympiahalle, Munchen (DVDR-Live vine)





1978/09/13 Gabba Gabba Hey (1 DVD-R); Rockpalast!, Musikladen, Bremen, Germany + 1992 MTV, Milan, Italy + Top of The Pops 2, 9/78 (DVDR-Live vine)




Randy Rhoads

Var.  Dates    Six-String God (1 DVD-R); Good cross-section, incl:  Ozzy – After Hours, MTV Special & The Palladium all from 1981 and Quiet Riot – 1979 plus a nice Stills Gallery slide show! (PC/chapters)





1973/09/00  Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert (see Steve Miller Band)




R.E.O. Speedwagon

1971/00/00 PBS’s, “The Session” (1 DVD+R); (live in the studio) (NTSC, PS / SBD, SA, no menus or indexing, random chapters) (Dime)




Robert Plant

1983/09/08 The Celebration, Vol. 2 (1 DVD-R); The Fourm, Montreal, Canada(SA/random indexing/1 cam aud) (RPlany Tree)

1985/07/17 The Celebration, Vol. 3 (1 DVDr); CNE, Toronto, ON, Canada (+ Jimmy Page Dallas 1988) (SA menu, random indexing, single cam aud)(RPlany Tree)

1988/07/29 The Celebration, Vol. 3 (1 DVDr); New York, NY (SA menu, random indexing, single cam aud) (RPlany Tree)

1988/10/03 Return of The Tall Cool One (1 DVD-R); Texas Rehearsals + Interview (SA author and menu; random indexing; NTSC, pro shot) (Robert Plant Yahoo! Group weed)

1990/10/21 The Celebration, Vol. 1 (1 DVD+R); Orlando, FL (SA author; SA menu; random indexing; NTSC; aud) (+ bonus Letterman 1993) (Robert Plant Yahoo! Group Tree)

1993/00/00 Acoustically ’93 (1 DVD-R); various radio and TV acoustic spots (Cosmic Energy) (DVDR-Live vine)

1993/11/11 The Celebration, Vol. 4 (1 DVD-R); Palumbo Center, Pittsburg, PA (SA/random indexing/ single aud cam) (Robert Plany Tree)

2001/05/28 The Celebration, Vol. 2 (1 DVD-R); DAR Constitution Hall, Washington DC  (SA/random indexing/1 cam aud) (RPlany Tree)

2001/05/31 Robin Hood Benefit 2001 (1 DVDr); Robin Hood Foundation Benefit Charity Gig, Jacob Javitz Center, NYC, NY  

2002/07/27 Dressing Room Discussions w/ Roger Daltry (1 DVD+R); Teenage Cancer Trust, Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ (Bluidmerl Productions) (SA author; no menus, NTSC)

2002/11/09 Austin City Limits (1 DVD-R); KLRU-TV, Austin, TX on 9/15/02 (DVDR-Live vine)

2003/03/20 Live Floor Show (1 DVD-R); included as bonus on OXFAM Revisited Bluidmerl Production) (BBC Scotland 1, Scotland, UK) (Date and venue in dispute) ((Digital  Sat.>DVD-R>PC>DVD-R)

2003/08/14 The Celebration, Vol. 1 (1 DVD+R); Kiev, Ukraine (SA author; no menus or chapters; NTSC; audience) (Robert Plant Yahoo! Group tree)

2005/02/19 OxFam Tsunami Relief Benefit (1 DVD-R); Bristol Academy, UK (PC author; Menus & Chapters; NTSC; Pro Shot / sbd) (Dime)

2005/02/19 OXFAM Revisited (1 DVD-R); Webcast; Bristol Academy, UK (Bluidmerl Productions PC author / PS / SBD / full chapters) (RPlant Yahoo Vine/Weed) (many bonuses!!) (Digital  Sat.>DVD-R>PC>DVD-R)

2005/04/20 (see 6/11/05) Interview with Carina Berg on Godnatt Sverige – TV4, Sweden

2005/05/09 Late Night w/ David Letterman (1 DVD-R); Ed Sullivan Theater, NYC, NY (SA Author & menu; no chapters; NTSC); (Hi Def cable>Panasonic DMR-E85H > DVD-R)

2005/05/11 Charlie Rose (1 DVD+R); Interview on PBS TV in NYC, NY (SA Author; no chapter / indexes; NTSC)

2005/05/11 Charlie Rose (1 DVD-R); included as bonus on OXFAM Revisited) (Bluidmerl) (see 2/19/05) (Digital  Sat.>DVD-R>PC>DVD-R)

2005/05/13 The Late Show w/ Conan O’Brien (1 DVD-R); (SA author / menu; no chapters); NTSC) (HDTV Cable >Panasonic DMR-E85H > DVD-R)

2005/05/13 & 20 TV Circuit (1 DVD-R); Live on Conan O’Brien show and Later with Jools Holland (PC author; full menus / chapters; PAL; Pro Shot / SBD) (Dime)

2005/06/11 46664 (1 DVD+R); Tromso, Norway (PAL, PC, Full chapters, nice menu) (Dime)

2005/06/11 46664 Benefit (1 DVD+R); Tromso, Norway (NTSC/chapters/PS/SBD) (+ bonuses: 4/20/05 Godnatt, Sverige & web clips!) (Bluidmerl Productions) (RPlant vine)

2005/06/26 Live at The Beacon (1 DVD-R); Beacon Theater, NYC, NY (Bluidmerl Productions) (+ bonus: The Tonight Show 7/22/05 Inc. TV broadcast, Web stream and Fan cams!!)

2005/07/22 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno(1 DVD-R); NBC Studios, Burbank, CA (NBCHD > HD, digital cable > Sony FD Trinitron Wega KV-36HS510 HDTV > Panasonic DMR-E85H >                                                                                                                                                              DVD (NTSC, PS / SBD, SA menu / chapters)

2005/10/01 The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson (1 DVD-R); CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA (Only TPA)

                                                                (Digital, Hi-Definition Cable > Hi-Def NBC Channel > Sony Wega Trinitron KV-36HS510 > Panasonic DMR-E85H > DVDr) (SA/no chapters/PS/SBD)

2005/10/01 The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson (1 DVD-R);  CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA; included as bonus on OXFAM Revisited (Bluidmerl) (complete w/ both TPA & GTC) (Digital  Sat.>DVD-R>PC>DVD-R)

Var.  Dates  Black (1 DVD-A); inc: 6/24/85, Dallas, TX (remastered sbd); 2/3/88, London, England (remastered sbd); 11/1/90, Los Angeles, CA (remastered sbd);

                                                                And 6/30/90, Knebworth Festival (remastered soundboard) (transfers out to 7 audio discs).  PC authored DVD menu.  Very nice! (RP tree)

Var.  Dates  TV 2005 (1 DVD+R); Includes latest TV appearances:  5/3 5/4 5/9 5/14 & 5/20 also inc. cool slide show! Bluidmerl Productions!  (PC author, full menus, NTSC)





Rod Stewart & Faces

1971/10/26 & 1976/12/24  BBC Theatres & Olympia (1 DVD-R); BBC Theatre, London, UK (44 min) + Olympia Theatre, London, UK (57 min) (proshot from Japanese TV broadcast (DVDR-Live vine)




Rolling Stones

1971/03/26 At The Marquee 1971 (DVDr); The Marquee Club, London (inc. raw footage + broadcast footage!!) (gmDVD weed)

1972/06/24 & 25 Ladies And Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones (1 DVDR);   Ft. Worth (24th ) and Houston (25th), TX

1976/06/06 Rehearsals (1 DVD-R); Les Abattoirs, Paris, France (+ arrivals and backstage clips) (DVDR-Live vine)

2003/07/30 SARSstock (Toronto Rocks!) (2 DVD-R); Downsview Park, Toronto (see Various Artists below, part of compilation) (DVDR-Live vine)




Rollins Band

1997/08/16 & 2000/08/20 Rockpalast! (1 DVDr); Bizarre Festivals, Koln, Germany (Pro; SA Author w/ 2 entry points)




Rory Gallagher

1979/07/18 Old Grey Whistle Test (1 DVD+R); Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland (PAL, PS / SBD, PC menus and full indexed chapters)

                                                                                                               (bonus: Montreux Jass Fest Encores (not included on OGWT & ‘Alright Now’ 1980) (Dime)






1976/12/10 Out of Hiding (1 DVD-R); Capital Theater, Passaic, NJ (PS / SBD, B&W, SA, No chapters / song indexes…but who cares??!!!!) (Time stamp stuff on it) (EZT BT D/L)

1976/12/10 Caught In The Act (1 DVDr); Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ ( + bonus! 8 mm Rochester, NY 1976)

1981/03/27 Exit Stage Leftovers (1 DVD+R); The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada(gmDVD)(+ lots of extra goodies! …though some won’t play properly…)

1981/03/27 Exit Stage Leftovers (1 DVD-R); The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Many great bonuses…and all play!!! :  )  (DVDR–Live vine)

1983/04/09 Visual Chemistry (1 DVD-R); The Forum, Montreal, Canada (PC Author; Full menus / chapters; NTSC; audience) (Dime)

1984/07/14 The Night Is Black (1 DVD-R); The Forum, Montreal, PQ (Aud w/ tripod, PC, menus, chapters)

1984/11/21 Neil Behind (1 DVD-R); Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan (62:20) (w/ Jap TV Interview – 2:52) (PC/chapters/menus/1 cam audience)

1988/02/13 All Fired Up (2 DVD+R); The Sportatorium, Hollywood, FL (Voodoo Records) (Audience; PC author, menu w/ song selection, NTSC) (DVDR-Live vine)

1988/03/01 The Big Money (2 DVD-R); St. Louis, MO (audience, PC author, menus and chapters)

1988/03/07 On Fire (2 DVD-R); Toronto, Ontario (PC, menus, chapters) (Simple Man Productions)

1988/04/21-24 A Show of Hands (1 DVD-R);  Birmingham, UK (Brazilian Import) (99 min.) (gmDVD weed)

1988/04/21-24 A Show of Hands (1 DVD+R); Birmingham, UK (alt. transfer of Brazilian Import)

1990/03/08 Available Light ( DVD-R) Detroit, MI (PC w/ chapters) (Joker)

1991/10/21-24 Dress Rehearsals (2 DVD-R); Hamilton, Ontario (+ Bonus Video - 5/17/90 Rehearsal) (DVDR-Live vine)      

1992/01/29 Oakland 92 (2 DVD-R); Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA (Music From The Middle of Nowhere) (SA, no chapters / random indexing)

1992/03/12 Binghampton ’92 (1 DVD-R); Binghampton, NY (SA, no chapters)

1994/01/26 Texas Two Step, Part One (2 DVD-R); Houston, TX (PC / Menus / Chapters) (Simple Man Productions)

1994/01/28 Texas Two Step, Part Two (2 DVD-R); Dallas, TX (PC / Menus / Chapters) (Simple Man Productions)

1994/02/12 A Nice, New Building (2 DVD-R); San Jose, CA (PC / Menus / Chapters)

1994/02/28 Sounding Great in Fresno (2 DVD-R); Fresno, CA (PC / Menus / Chapters) (Simple Man Productions)

1994/03/08 Big Apple Box (2 DVD-R); NYC, NY

1994/03/09 NY – 2nd Night 94 (2 DVD-R); NYC, NY

1994/03/22 A View From The Palace (2 DVD-R); The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills , MI (Apple Jack Studios Remaster) (DVDR-Live vine)

1994/04/04 In The lake of Sky (2 DVD-R); St. Louis, MO (Closer To The Heart Production) (Nice audience shot, PC author, very nice menus and chapter indexes)

1994/05/07 A Farewell To The Gardens (2 DVD-R); Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada (AppleJack Studios) (DVDR-Live vine)

1996/11/10 Missing Pieces (2 DVD-R); Hartford, CT

1996/11/26 Stage Test…The Movie (2 DVD-R); Los Angeles, CA (Voodoo Records) (nice audience shot, PC author, menus & chaptors)

1996/12/12 Hangin’ In Limbo (2 DVD-R); Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC (1st Gen Vid) (Voodoo Records) (DVDR-Live vine)

1997/07/03 A Barchetta in Quebec (2 DVD-R); Quebec City, Quebec

2002/08/19 JR:  The Live Video (1 DVD-R); Dallas, TX (Simple Man Productions) (aud; PC; full menus…very nice!)

2002/09/23 Attack of the Meat Bees (2 DVD-R); Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA (Aud / PC / Menus) (AppleJack Studio) (DVDR-Live vine)

2002/10/13 Vaporizing Atlanta in 5.1 Surround Sound (1 DVD-r); Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA (Aud / PC / Menus) (DR) (DVDR-Live vine)

2002/10/25 Live at Giant Center (1 DVD-R); Giant Center, Hershey, PA (DVDR-Live vine)

2003/07/30 SARSstock (Toronto Rocks!) (2 DVD-R); Downsview Park, Toronto (see Various Artists below, part of compilation) (DVDR-Live vine)

2004/05/26 R30 DVD Project (2 DVD-R); Starwood Amphitheater, Antioch, TN (DRE Tree)

2004/07/06 A Bowl Full of Rush (2 DVD-R); Los Angeles, CA (Audience shot, Master MD, PC Authored w/ menus) (Simple Man Productions SMP-DVD-005) (DVDR-Live vine)

2004/08/18 Project R30: NY 01 (3 DVD-R); Radio City Music Hall, NYC, NY (3 Aud Cam mix! / PC / Menus) (AppleJack Studios)

2004/08/19 RCMH – 2nd Night (2 DVD-R); Radio City Music Hall, NYC, NY (Aud; SA; menus) (DVDR-Live vine)

Var. Dates   Video Anthology, Vol. 1 (1 DVD-R); various promo videos; earlier years (DVDR-Live vine)    

Var. Dates   Video Anthology, Vol. 2 (1 DVD-R); various promo videos; latter years (DVDR-Live vine)     




Sammy Hagar

1983/03/14 St. Louis & The Red Rocker (1 DVD-R); St. Louis, MO (MTV concert source)





1990/05/27 Philly ’90 (2 DVD-R); Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA (The Metal Dragon)





1983/05/29 (see Var. Artists for US Festival DVD!)

1984/08/11-12 Super Rock ’84 (1 DVD-R); Seibu Stadium, Japan (+ lots of extras! Japan TV 78; German TV 78; Taken By Force Promos Reel (w/ Uli); Japan 80) 105 min/SA  

1984/08/11-12 Super Rock ’84 In Japan (1 DVD+R); Seibu Stadium, Japan (PC Author, Full chapter indexing, NTSC)




Sheryl Crow

2002/02/14 Olympic Fever (1 DVD-R); Olympic Village, Salt Lake City, UT; Valentine’s Day, outdoors - very cold!(Pro Shot / SBD; PC) (Uncensored Canadian TV) (Obscured)

2004/06/24 Soundstage (1 DVD-R); WTTW – PBS, Grainger Studios, Chicago, IL (Digital, Hi-Def Cable>Panasonic DMR-E85H>DVD-R) (SA/2 indexes)




Slash’s Snakepit

2000/09/05 Ain’t Life Grand (1 DVD-R); Kiel Center, St. Louis, MO (Single cam Aud / PC / indexed) (Dime)




Sly & The Family Stone

1973/10/26 Midnight Special (1 DVD-R); NBC TV; Hosted by Wolfman Jack (SA / no menus / random chapters / PS / SBD)





1995/09/01 Stockholm ’95 (1 DVD-R); Stockholm, Sweden (audience recording; PC, menus, chapters)




Steve Miller Band

1973/09/00 Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert (1 DVD-R); Includes SMB & The Raspberries; The Palace Theater, NYC, NY (SA / no menus / random chapters / PS / SBD) (68 min) (Dime)




Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double  Trouble

1984/03/19 Live in Hawaii ( DVD-R); CBS Record Convention, Honolulu, HI (SA / random chapters / PS / SBD)

1985/01/24 Live in Japan (1 DVD); Tokyo, Japan + bonus 1989 David Sanborn “Night Music” & 1983  (unknown location) (gmDVD weed source)

1985/07/11 Pori Jazz Festival (1 DVD+R); Pori, Finland (PC author; full menu / chapter indexing; NTSC; Pro Shot / Sbd)

1989/10/10 One Night In Texas (1 DVD-R); Austin City Limits TV Show Outtakes, Austin, TX   ***NO LONGER TRADABLE; RELEASED COMMERCIALLY***





1970/06/13 See Various Artists




Suicidal Tendencies

1998/12/05 Suicidal/Infectious Grooves (1 DVD+R); The ButtonSouth, Hallendale, FL (+ lots of bonus material!!) (PC author, menus, NTSC)




Ted Nugent

1976/09/08 German TV (1 DVDr); WDR Studio-L, Koln, Germany (58 min) (Sat. Feed>HD>software encoding>DVDR) (gmDVD weed)

2004/12/30 Ft. Wayne 2004 (1 DVD-R); Piere’s, Ft. Wayne, IN (118 min) (PC / Aud / menus / indexes) (Silver stallion film Productions) (DVDR-Live vine)




Thin Lizzy

1975/00/00 On Stage at The Stadium (1 DVD-R); National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland (VHS > SA; no chapters) (EZT)

1978/03/29 Live And Dangerous (1 DVD-R); Rainbow Theater, London, UK; PC author; menus  / chapters; NTSC

1983/01/26 Rock Mastgers (1 DVD-R); Regal Theater, Hitchin (PC author; no menus; random indexing; NTSC)

Var.  Dates  Rare TV Appearances (various dates, etc); SA Author?  No chapters / random indexing; NTSC



.38 Special

1984/07/00 Wild Eyed And Live (1 DVD+R); Nassau Coliseum, NY (OOPVHS>DVDR) (DVDR-Live vine)





2002/11/23 Live in Reno (1 DVD+R); Reno, NV (DVDR-Live vine)





1970/06/13 See Various Artists

1972/02/01 Live at Santa Monica (1 DVD-R); Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA (DVDR-Live vine)





1983/05/29 (see Var. Artists for US Festival DVD!)

1987/01/16 A Night of Triumph Live (1 DVD+R); Metro Centre Arena, Halifax, Nova Scotia (82 min) (SA/random indexes/PS/SBD) 





Var.  Dates  Tubes on The Tube (1 DVD-R); 4/24/81 ZDF Beat Club, Bremen, Germany & 5/14/83 Westfallenhalle, Dortmund, Germany (sbd / PS, PC, menus, chapters)




Twisted Sister

1982- 1984 Old School SMF (1 DVD+R); Auckland 1984 (Auckland, NZ) (+ Flow & Eddie 1983; The Tube, London 1982 (not to be missed!); & MTV 1984) (Silver Stallion ) (Dime)

2003/05/05 Live in Korea (1 DVD-R); Camp Casey, South Korea (86 min; audience recording) (DVDR-Live vine) 





2005/07/02 Live 8 (1 DVD+R); Hyde Park, London, UK (PAL, PS / SBD, PC menus and indexed chapters) (Traders Den)





1980/00/00 Live in Dortmund (1); Dortmund, Germany (PC Author, Full menus, NTSC)




Van Halen

1982/10/12 Largo 1982 (2 DVD-R); Capital Center, Largo, MD (Pandora Video?)

1983./05/29 US Festival ’83 (2 DVD-R); Glen Helen Park, Devore, CA (PC, Full menus / chapters, Pro Shot / SBD) (BTB Productions) (DVDR-Live vine)

1984/04/19 Scorin’ At The Forum (2 DVD-R); The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (PC / chapters / single cam aud)

1995/01/30 Milan 95 Tree (1 DVD-R); Milan, Italy (VHBoots Tree)

1995/08/18 & 19 Molson Center Toronto 1995 (1 DVD-R); Molson Ampitheater; Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Obscured Collection 010) (DVDR-Live vine)

2004/06/11 World Tour Kick Off (1); Greensboro, Coliseum, Greensboro, NC (VHBoots Tree)




Various Artists

1968/09/07 1968 French Pop Fest (1 DVD-R); Tous En Scene, ORTF TV, Paris, France (includes Moody Blues, Pink Floyd & Yes) (DVD-R Live vine)

1968 – 1970 Playboy After Dark (1 DVD-R); Musical Highlights (PC; Menus/ Chapters; NTSC) (inc. Purple; Steppenwolf; Iron Butterfly; Dead;  Byrds; Fleetwood Mac, etc)

1968 -1970 The Upbeat Show Compilation (1 DVD+R); various, in-studio performances by Guess Who, Grassroots, Animals, Steppenwolf, 3 Dog Night, Stevie Wonder, Temptations,

                                                                                                                                Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye and many, many others!!) (NTSC, PS / SBD, SA menu, good indexing) (Dime)

1970/06/13 1970 Cincy Pop Fest (1 DVD-R); Crosley Field, Cincinnati, OH (Grand Funk, Mountain, Stooges, Alice Cooper & Traffic) (PS/SBD, No menus, random chapters) (EZT)

1978/03/08 Cal Jam II (1 DVD+R); Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA (PC Author; full menus / chapter indexes; NTSC; Pro shot / sbd) (inc. Aerosmith, Heart, Nugent, etx)

1983/05/29 Heavy Metal Day (1); US Festival 83, Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, CA (SA author, PS / SBD) (inc: Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Priest, Triumph, Scorps, & VH!)

1983/12/09 Ronnie Lane’s Appeal for A.R.M.S. Benefit (1 DVD+R); Madison Square Garden, NYC (SA Author; one entry point/SA menu; indexed; NTSC) (Page, Clapton & Beck!)

2001/00/00 Tribute To Sun Records (2 DVD-R); (WFYI (PBS) Hi Def Broadcast > Sony FD Trinitron Wega KV-36HS510 (Hi Def) > Panasonic DMR-E85H (XP) > DVD) (Page/Plant, Macca, etc) (SA/no indexing)

2002/10/02 The Jammy’s Award Show (1 DVD-R); Roseland Ballroom, NYC, NY (inc. ABB, BBoA, Moe w/ BOC, Warren, Bob Weir, more); PC / PS/SBD (DVDR-Live vine)

2002/11/29 Concert For George (1 DVD+R); Royal Albert Hall, London (PBS Digital (CPTV)’s Great Performances TV show) **NOT TRADABLE ~ AVAILABLE COMMERCIALLY**

2003/07/30 SARSstock (Toronto Rocks!) (2 DVD-R); Downsview Park, Toronto (includes complete sets from AC/DC, Rush & Rolling Stones) (DVDR-Live vine)

2005/01-02 Music on The Air (1 DVD-R); Various clips from New Years’ Eve shows (Motley Crue on Tonight Show, Burbank, CA on 12/31/04 (+ bonus);  Super Bowl Hafltime

                      Show with Paul McCartney on 2/6/05, Alltel Stadium, Jacksonville, FL and the 47th Annual Grammy Awards (inc. Zep, Skynyrd & Velvet Revolver All Stars) on 2/3/05

                      @ Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA (Hi Definition Cable > Panasonic DMR-E85H > CDR) (PS / SBD, NTSC, SA menu, no chapters)  

2005/09/10 Hurricane Katrina Benefit (2 DVD-R); VH1 React Now broadcast; many, many artists – some live, some taped.  Amazing lineup! (SA/random indexing/PS/SBD)

NONE          Block’s DVD Project (1 DVD+R); Over 8,000 DVD cover scans!!!  



Velvet Revolver

2004/00/00 BBC Kids (1 DVD-R); single song: Slither live; unknown date, location or venue (EZT BT D/L)

2004/05/14 KC2K4 (1 DVD-R); Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS (77 min) (Master Audience w/ PC Menus & Chapters) (DVDR-Live vine)

2005/07/02 Live 8 (1 DVD+R); Hyde Park, London, UK (PAL, PS / SBD, PC menu and indexed chapters) (Traders Den)






1966-1973  Beat Club Plus (1 DVD+R); 25 Tracks!! (Supposed to have menus and chapters, but I couldn’t get them to work; works like a SA disc) (WhoNutsKibum) (NTSC, PS/SBD)

1969/08/16 Woodstock Complete (1 DVD-R); Woodstock Festival, Woodstock, NY (PS, time stamp, PC, full menus / chapters)

1975/11/20 The Summit 1975 (1 DVD-R); The Summit, Houston, TX (PC author; full chapters/menus; NTSC) (+ Lots of bonus features:

                                Pontiac Stadium 1975; Old Grey Whistle Test 1973; France 1972; Keith Moon Interview 1975; Roadies Doc. 1973)

1981/03/28 Rockpalast! (2 DVD-R); Grugahalle, Essen, Germany (PC, menus, Pro Shot / SBD (DVDR-Live vine)

1989/08/24 Tommy & The Singles (2 DVD-RW); Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA (with several special guests during Tommy!)

2005/07/02 Live 8 (1 DVD+R); Hyde Park, London, UK (PAL, PS / SBD, PC menus and indexed chapters) (Traders Den)

Var.  Dates  John Entwistle Video Compilation (Stark Raving Mad Productions)

Var.  Dates  Keith Moon Video Compilation (Stark Raving Mad productions)




Whole Lotta Rosies

2005/11/22 Live in Korea (1 DVD-R); Main Post Club, Yongsan Garrison, Seoul, Korea (Single Cam Aud / PC / indexed) (Dime)




Y & T

1986/00/00 Kansas City ’86 (1 DVD+R); Kasas City, MO (NTSC, PS / SBD, PC author w/ menu, but only one entry point w/ random chapters) (Dime)





1967/03/00 German TV (1 DVD+R); Beat Beat Beat Show, Cologne, Germany (Lords of Justice Production) (Complete broadcast; B/W; Mono; PS/SBD; PC w/ Menu; no chapters)

Var.  Dates     Video Compilation (1 DVD-R); Various (SA Author / Menu; indexed; NTSC)





1968/09/07  See Various Artitsts

2004/07/08 Lugano ’04 (1 DVD+R); Lugano, Switzerland (Pro Shot, Soundboard, SA Author & Menu, No indexing)





Var.  Dates  Video Compilation (1 DVD-R); various stuff (PC Author / menu; indexed; NTSC)



ZZ Top

1980/04/00 Rockpalast! (1 DVD-R); Essen, Germany (PS / SBD, PC, menus, chapters)







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