When it’s Cold and The Grass is Gold…

It’s been another chilly week as we said goodbye to November and welcomed December. Where has the year gone? Luke and Abby’s senior years are just flying by us. Matt had another busy day. Now that he has passed his NMLS test, he settled into his job as a loan officer in Carmel as well as continuing pre-season workouts as the wrestling coach in Zionsville. Abby continued to study for big tests and the upcoming finals, which will mark the end of the first semester at FC. She made the daily commute from Franklin to Greenwood for her internship – who has already offered her a job when she graduates. Luke continued to sit out the wrestling season and instead is focused on weightlifting, working out two and three times each day. He worked at Hibbett’s on the weekend and focused on school during the week. Ann had a good week at work, went to an appointment ahead of her coming surgery and is doing what she needs to do to stay healthy. She enjoyed spending time with friends a few times this week and knocked out some Christmas shopping. I came up a little shy of my exercise goal, logging nearly twelve miles but did better with my diet. My BG scores gradually came down this week after a great Thanksgiving weekend (for my brain, anyhow…not so much for my body!). I enjoyed spending time with friends this week, pretty much finished my Christmas shopping and even managed to sneak in a few rounds of frisbee golf when the weather briefly broke this week. We put up a few more decorations this week and it truly feels like Christmastime. The only thing missing now is for all our kids to come home and for us to get a little snow on the ground… Hello again, my friends & fam, and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school on Cyber Monday morning. Even though we let the Barneymobile warm up that morning, I still had to scrape the frost off the windshield before we took for Columbus. We had fast days at work. Ann interviewed a new doc that went well and enjoyed some sushi with the docs. I caught up on all my paperwork in the morning then began my monthly EOC rounds after lunch. I got out a shade late and wound up only logging about 2 ½ miles of walking. By the time we got home, it was dark and therefore too late to go play frisbee golf. We met Luke at home, who had lifted weights earlier that day already. We cleaned out the fridge for dinner that night and then Luke went out to the Y for a couple hours to lift for a 2nd time that day. I culled pictures and videos for this week’s blog entry and backed-up all the new stuff on the external drives. We got Luke signed up for Selective Service and registered him to vote that evening. Ann & I enjoyed a chilly evening with the dogs and blankets. We watched Yellowstone & a couple of other DVR’d shows before flipping over to watch the MNF game. Ann lost to Justin and I squashed Luke this week in fantasy football. But my #1 overall pick (McCaffery) was put on IR for the rest of the season, so although I have the most overall points in the league, I just lost my top guy for the rest of the season. ☹ I play Abby this week, who is currently leading the Scheu division of the league. I napped on and off that evening and eventually gave it up and went on to bed early… Here are pictures from Luke’s fall photo shoot with Farren.

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It was a little warmer on Giving Tuesday as we commuted back to Columbus. My day absolutely flew by. I worked on end of the month finance stuff and caught up my paperwork before beginning the second day of my EOC rounds. I worked outside for a couple hours, including the monthly generator test. Then Victor surprised me with lunch from Taco Bell (thanks again, buddy!). So, I took a break to eat and catch up my paperwork before hitting it again that afternoon. I focused the second half of my day out on the units, concluding with a second shift fire drill that afternoon. We tried to do it yesterday, but we had some security and safety issues we had to work through with our staff and residents. Thankfully, things went smoothly and afterward I got out and walked three miles around the airport property. It was pretty outside – warmer than it’s been in a while (in the mid-fifties) – so I took off my sweatshirt and walked in just my shorts and short sleeves. It was great! By the time I got done and headed over to pickup Annie, I had over 14K steps! Luke was home by the time we got back. He had worked out at school twice that day and was only home for about an hour before he headed over to the YMCA to lift weights again. Abby had a big test that day that she studied all day yesterday for. When we asked how it went, she didn’t feel very good about the outcome, so we’ll have to see later this week. After work in Carmel that day, Matt had wrestling practice in Zionsville. Congratulations go out to Coach Painter, who was announced as the latest inductee into the State of Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. Here are pictures of Ann and Amy, early on Black Friday as they headed out on their annual adventure.

aabf21.01 aabf21.02 aabf21.03 aabf21.04

Delilah was barking in what was (to me) still the middle of the night, which eventually caused me to get up about an hour early on Humpday. She and Lola were awfully barky outside, so I don’t know if there was a little varmint or a cat prowling or what their deal was… It did allow me to have plenty of time after I finished my morning routine to sit in the aura of the Christmas tree lights and edit a bunch of pictures for this week’s blog. The Christmas tree photos Abby & Will turned out pretty good – LOL. 😊 My day at work went pretty fast again but wasn’t nearly as busy. I only finished the day with about 12K steps after it was all said and done. I worked on closing up month-end stuff like purchase orders for the accountant, credit card logs for the Controller and Work Orders for Maintenance, Housekeeping and Nursing. I treated the boys to lunch at Great Wall, which was really good (of course, I don’t know that I’ve ever met a Chinese restaurant that I didn’t like…) and we talked about going back there again soon. Ann said she had a fast day as she filled in for a couple gals at the front desk. I got out a shade early and had plenty of time to walk a 5K on a humid but cool day. It had rained on and off that day and was still really damp as I dodged puddles around the airport property that afternoon. By the time I picked up Ann in Bernard Q Rustbucket and got back to town, we had about a half hour before Ann had a dinner date, so we swung into CVS for Rxs and Secret Santa gifts. I dropped her off at Wings & Rings afterward to meet up with Shawna and the scrapping gals for ladies’ night out. I got gas (which finally went down a little) and headed home. Luke was asleep in his room with all the lights off in the house and the dogs outside in the muddy backyard. Thankfully, they weren’t too grubby. He got up at some point and went to the YMCA to lift. After school, he had worked out with his teacher buddy but had also gone to the wrestling room to fart around with Alex and the guys. He said he did fine for about 10 minutes and then was completely gassed. I reminded him that wrestling shape is different than football shape! He should be co-captain with Al this year if he hadn’t decided to sit-out due to an ongoing feud with the coach. He admitted that he enjoyed it and Coach jokingly said that he’d see him tomorrow. We talked about that prospect a little bit and he was, of course, hesitant. I urged him to have a serious man-to-man talk with him about his needs and expectations. Luke would still want to lift weights every day after school and there would need to be some ground rules, regarding their interaction – items that I’m not sure will fly…but it’s worth a shot… I had a quiet night with the dogs on the couch, catching up in my DVR’d shows that Ann doesn’t like. I finished editing pictures as I napped on and off with the pooches. I stayed up a little while once Ann & Luke got home to catch up before calling it an early night. Matt is finally able to settle into his new role and now has a new email signature that he sent Ann & I. 😊 Congrats, buddy…enjoy the fruits of your labor! He had wrestling practice that night at Zionsville high school, where both middle school teams are working out with the high school coach one night a week. I don’t think I even talked to Abby that day. I know she’s busy wrapping up were penultimate semester at Franklin and gearing up for Finals Week real soon, so I’m trying to not to bug her too much so she can stay focused. Here are Luke’s football pictures.

lfp21.01 lfp21.02 lfp21.03 lfp21.04

OMG: Lola was at it again on Thursday morning. Well, let’s be honest, it was still Wednesday night when she started at 130 in the morning. Ann eventually got up with her not once but twice and finally just slept in the living room. Personally, I’d have put her butt outside and let her sleep out there and see if she appreciates the indoors a little more. She has been awful this week – ever since Abby went back to school. I think she’s gonna have to take her back to campus after Christmas Break! It was significantly warmer that day. We decided to give Barney a rest and rearranged cars in the driveway to take Black Betty to work that day. I was finally able to focus on December stuff, planning projects and year-end stuff. I did all the monthly purchasing for the facility and began my monthly reports, enjoying a slower, office day. Ann said she had a good day as well. Matt worked in Carmel that day then had wrestling practice in Z-West that evening. Ann & I had another quick day at work. The boys and I went to Jimmy Johns for lunch, which broke up the day nicely. Ann & I left work early that afternoon. I dropped her off over by CRH to meet up with Angie for their annual Boobies and Beer Day. Originally, I thought I was going to have to stand in for Ang, but she wound up making it. So, I came on home and played a couple rounds of frisbee golf. The ”front” nine were from the back tees where I threw a 26 on a nice but breezy day. The “back” nine I threw from the front tees and scored a 22. I had a really nice tee shot on 3, probably hitting the goal. I can’t tell because the tee is down a hill and behind a row of trees, so the throw is a blind throw. It was easily the best throw of the night. I did have near hole-in-ones on 4 and 6 as well, but that’s nothing new. I gassed up Betty and came on home, as we couldn’t find enough guys for cards that night, so we decided to cancel. I came home and put the dogs outside, made a quick sandwich for dinner and sat down to watch the Colts Hard Knocks show. Afterward, I looked for my phone and found it in the bedroom with like 15 missed messages from the guys – we were back on! It was too late to make anything, even as Ann came home shortly afterward. Luke, who had been asleep, woke up when Ann came home and then I got dressed and headed to Poker Night. Luke is keeping a feverish pace with his workouts. He not only worked out with Coach Jackson at Advanced PE in the morning but hit the weight room again after school. That evening, he worked out for a third time when he went out to the YMCA again. I stopped at Needlers to get a few munchies before heading over to the Bewley Bar. Bryan made a guest appearance to drop off some bacon wrapped dill pickles (sound gross but damn were they good!) and get back over to the Sunken Boat Bar to finish setting up for his employee Xmas party being held there the next night. Rick, Mark & Bob joined me for a quiet night of football, cards and spirits. I had a big night, walking out with $16, thanks to a never-ending game of In-Between (in Bryan’s honor). To my defense, I urged Coach Nobbe to end the game and split the pot between the four of us, but he refused. I was only happy to oblige! 😊 The Cowboys looked good (defensively anyhow) against the Saints and came away with a good victory. I sure love watching the defense right now… I got home and woke up Ann but she never came to bed that night… Here are pictures of us putting up the Christmas tree last weekend.

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We had one more day of work on Friday. It was an early morning for us so I could get to my dental appointment. They had bumped me up in the day due to a cancellation, which was fine by me. Ann was still asleep in her recliner when I got out of the shower and woke her up again. At least Lola slept all night! I ran Annie to work then after my checkup (no cavities!) I picked up some Dunkin and brought it to her before I went back to the house to work from home that day. I did all the monthly purchasing as well as a few final finance things before calling it a day. Sandy picked up Ann from work and they did a little Christmas shopping that afternoon. Luke came home and before long, Brayden joined him as well. They made up a couple shirts for the game tonight. I have no idea what the theme is in the cheer block but their shirts were pretty funny. They read, “We don’t master Batesville.” I thought it was pretty cleaver…if not a little ornery. 😊 That night, Ann held a fundraiser at the basketball game. Since we were hosting our rival Bulldogs, Paul made the trip over to not only watch the varsity game, but to support Connor, who was playing in the JV game as a freshman. We went a little early so I could do the same and sat with him on the Batesville side of the court. Paul, Dayla and Cayden watched Conner play. Paul was frustrated over not only the coaching but also the playing time for Conner. I told him that I could relate – that’s what drove Luke away from the game at the same age, unfortunately. It was a good game. Batesville had the lead through three quarters but the Pirates pulled it out in the end, thanks in part to a technical foul on their coach, winning by three. Ann, Kristie and Missy had a great turnout and raised a lot of money for After Prom. We watched the lead-up to the varsity game and the first quarter before taking off. I’m glad we did – it was a bloodbath with the Pirates dominating and blowing out the Bulldogs. Luke got in a little trouble for his shirt when the principle saw it…oops… He had to put his sweatshirt on, but when I left, I saw that he had it off again during the game – LOL. He was supposed to have his new little friend come down for the night from Rushville. He cleaned his room and everything! That smell that was emanating from his room? That was a pair of shoes that are no longer in the house now – thank you, Lucas. Anyhow, he wound up canceling those plans with her and instead went out to Oakley’s house and spent the night out there. Ann & I came home and took it easy. I wasn’t feeling particularly well – something that I attributed to me eating a couple pieces of Deanna’s Thanksgiving fudge. It was so delicious but it also made me feel wanky from all that sugar. My body did not appreciate it at all. By the time I got home and got something to eat, I was feeling much better. We took it easy that night and watched some DVR’d shows, including the season (and maybe series?) finale of The Sinner – among others. We enjoyed the quiet night with the dogs and kept falling asleep. When we tried watching the end of Magnum PI for the 3rd time and failed again, we gave it up and went on to bed. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis21.12.01 sis21.12.02 sis21.12.03 sis21.12.04 sis21.12.05 sis21.12.06 sis21.12.07 sis21.12.08 sis21.12.09 sis21.12.10 sis21.12.11 sis21.12.12 sis21.12.13 sis21.12.14 sis21.12.15 sis21.12.16 sis21.12.17 sis21.12.18 sis21.12.19 sis21.12.20 sis21.12.21 sis21.12.22 sis21.12.23 sis21.12.24 sis21.12.25 sis21.12.26 sis21.12.27 sis21.12.28 sis21.12.29 sis21.12.30 sis21.12.31 sis21.12.32 sis21.12.33 sis21.12.34 sis21.12.35 sis21.12.36 sis21.12.37 sis21.12.38 sis21.12.39 sis21.12.40 sis21.12.41 sis21.12.42 sis21.12.43 sis21.12.44 sis21.12.45 sis21.12.46 sis21.12.47 sis21.12.48 sis21.12.49 sis21.12.50 sis21.12.51 sis21.12.52 sis21.12.53 sis21.12.54 sis21.12.55 sis21.12.56 sis21.12.57 sis21.12.58 sis21.12.59 sis21.12.60 sis21.12.61 sis21.12.62 sis21.12.63 sis21.12.64 sis21.12.65 sis21.12.66

Lola was up, barking in the middle of the living room before the sunrise on Saturday morning. I put on the #2 Purdue game, who hosted Iowa last night at Mackey. It was the Big Ten opener for both teams. The Hawkeyes were short-handed but still came to play. For whatever reason (maybe all the fouls called in the first half?), the recording cut off with 7 minutes left in the game, so I don’t know how the game went, but I looked on Twitter and saw they had won. With Duke losing, I don’t see how they won’t be ranked #1 next week! 😊 I lounged around the house that morning as Ann left with Amy to go off on another adventure. They did some Christmas shopping and then went on a Christmas House Tour. I remember Dad & Barb used to be on the one in Lafayette, but they stopped years ago. I got all my Christmas shopping done for Annie and even found a birthday present I think she’ll really like. I did a few things around the house that needed done before the winter hit. I then went over to see Mom & Sandy. I helped remove some dead mice and lay down a few traps to see if there are any left. After doing a couple chores around their house, I ran home to grab the camera bag then went to the park for a quick round of frisbee golf. It was a little chillier than I thought it would be. I threw from the front tees and struggled a bit against the strong breeze and cooler temps, ending up with a 24. Poor Gigi was panicked, as she couldn’t find the Crossfire key. They wound up having to walk instead. Luke worked at Hibbett’s that morning then went over to Mom & Sandy’s house to change into the Hippo costume and ride in the Christmas parade called the Tree City Downtown Holiday Walk. They had about a dozen entries this year. Sandy & Brayden (dressed as a Christmas tree) walked with a WTRE sign ahead of Deanna driving Luke in the Ford. There was a good little turnout for the evening as the shops remained open on the square. I’d say there were 3-400 people downtown. I left the park and drove downtown to find a place to park and setup for the parade. Jamie & Mom came just a few minutes later. Mom stayed in the car while Jamie & I walked up to Broadway to take pictures. It didn’t last much longer than about five minutes. I came on home and got my comfy clothes on and turned on the second and third installments of the new Beatle’s documentary on Disney + which features much of the Get Back sessions. The quality is just amazing…I was enthralled with it… Luke came home briefly then went to the Y to lift. He picked up burgers for us at BK afterward as I wrote out all the html code for this week’s blog. Luke went out to Oakley’s house to spend the night shortly before Ann got home. She put away her treasures and told me about her day. She sat in her chair for about 15 minutes and promptly fell asleep. She said she was tired, but I didn’t realize just how much she had pushed herself! I finished the Get Back documentary and flipped over to Netflix to watch a couple episodes of the new season of You and the next episode of the new season of Star Trek on Paramount + before forcing myself to go to bed. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp21.12.01 smp21.12.02 smp21.12.03 smp21.12.04 smp21.12.05 smp21.12.06 smp21.12.07 smp21.12.08 smp21.12.09 smp21.12.10 smp21.12.11 smp21.12.12 smp21.12.13 smp21.12.14 smp21.12.15 smp21.12.16 smp21.12.17 smp21.12.18 smp21.12.19 smp21.12.20 smp21.12.21 smp21.12.22 smp21.12.23 smp21.12.24 smp21.12.25 smp21.12.26 smp21.12.27 smp21.12.28 smp21.12.29 smp21.12.30 smp21.12.31 smp21.12.32 smp21.12.33 smp21.12.34 smp21.12.35 smp21.12.36 smp21.12.37 smp21.12.38 smp21.12.39 smp21.12.40 smp21.12.41 smp21.12.42 smp21.12.43 smp21.12.44 smp21.12.45 smp21.12.46 smp21.12.47 smp21.12.48 smp21.12.49 smp21.12.50 smp21.12.51 smp21.12.52 smp21.12.53 smp21.12.54 smp21.12.55 smp21.12.56 smp21.12.57 smp21.12.58 smp21.12.59 smp21.12.60 smp21.12.61 smp21.12.62 smp21.12.63 smp21.12.64 smp21.12.65 smp21.12.66 smp21.12.67 smp21.12.68 smp21.12.69 smp21.12.70 smp21.12.71 smp21.12.72 smp21.12.73 smp21.12.74 smp21.12.75 smp21.12.76 smp21.12.77 smp21.12.78 smp21.12.79 smp21.12.80 smp21.12.81 smp21.12.82 smp21.12.83 smp21.12.84 smp21.12.85 smp21.12.86 smp21.12.87 smp21.12.88 smp21.12.89

Lola had us up early on Sunday morning. I tried to ignore her, but eventually gave it up and just got up for the day. I did a few things around the house and watched a few DVR’d shows. Once Annie got up, we did our weekly household chores and then watched some NFL pre-game to finish setting up our fantasy football teams. Luke came home from Oakley’s house that morning after running to the store for us. Before the games started, Ann & I put up decorations on the front porch. It isn’t much, but it was just the perfect touch that it needed – subtle but classy. Luke showered then went into work at Hibbett’s. Afterward, he went to Edinburgh to enjoy and afternoon of airsoft with his buddies. Ann took a long nap while I watched RedZone that afternoon. The rain moved into the area and it cooled down again. I hear that we might get a little bit of that white stuff, early next week. 😊 The Colts got a shutout, so both my teams won, the Boilers football team is going to a bowl and the Purdue bball team should be ranked #1 in the country tomorrow. Things are looking up for my sports teams! That night, we turned off football, Ann made us spicy, cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we flipped on Paramount + to get caught up on SEAL Team. As the rain blew in that night, it warmed to 60 degrees! However, that is the last time we’re forecasted to see anything close to that for a while. A cold front is bringing us 20s and 30s for the coming week…it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! 😊 It was a great way to wind down the weekend and put the kibosh on yet another week in 2021… Here are picture of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.12.01 hwc21.12.02 hwc21.12.03 hwc21.12.04 hwc21.12.05 hwc21.12.06 hwc21.12.07 hwc21.12.08 hwc21.12.09 hwc21.12.10 hwc21.12.11 hwc21.12.12

Next up is our Waybac segment, which continues to feature Dee’s pix from her digital camera in 2006. We lead off this week in March with the girls in Chicago for the weekend; in May, we see the kids at our Memorial Day weekend party; in July we have pictures of the Decatur County fair and Grace’s birthday; August has another picture of Larry with that hog; Abby’s birthday party is in the September pix; Gigi and a kitten in October; there’s Thanxmas pix in November; and finally, December shows us at the Owens Christmas Eve and Santa in Abby’s school.

Waybac.2006.03.ct23 Waybac.2006.03.ct24 Waybac.2006.05.md28 Waybac.2006.05.md29 Waybac.2006.07.dcf25 Waybac.2006.07.dcf26 Waybac.2006.07.dcf27 Waybac.2006.07.dcf28 Waybac.2006.07.gbd17 Waybac.2006.08.gfdos01 Waybac.2006.08.lwh03 Waybac.2006.09.abd16 Waybac.2006.09.abd17 Waybac.2006.10.swk01 Waybac.2006.11.td25 Waybac.2006.11.td26 Waybac.2006.11.td27 Waybac.2006.11.td28 Waybac.2006.11.td29 Waybac.2006.12.ce28 Waybac.2006.12.ce29 Waybac.2006.12.sd40 Waybac.2006.12.sis06 Waybac.2006.12.sis07 Waybac.2006.12.sis08 Waybac.2006.12.sis09 lp21.12.01

Next up is our video segment which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu