Like a Mouse Inside a (Corn) Maze…Wandering ‘Round for Days…

We’ve had yet another busy week speed past us again since we last touched base. The kids were all busy, doing their young adulting things, including working and spending down time with their significant others. Matt continued to split time working from home in Carmel and working in the office in Indy as well as school in Zionsville while spending his evenings with Taylor. I didn’t talk to him this week, unfortunately but I am hopeful that we might see him next weekend in Franklin. The same could be said for Abs, though we did text back and forth a few times this week. She kept busy with work in Greenwood and play in Franklin. Unofficially, she is living in Franklin right now with Will… Luke worked with his firefighter friend, Chad, doing the trimming for several yards. He also did mowing & trimming for his own yards as well. When not hanging out with Samantha, he was working on his new truck. Ann had a long week of work, going into the office all five days again this week. She worked on getting a new dog this weekend. She a 6-month-old Sheepadoodle. Delilah would love that, wouldn’t she?? My work week was stupid-busy again as we had yet more surprise inspections, worked on different projects and did the monthly EOC rounds. The guys gave me shit about being in the office for three straight Fridays now. To be fair, it is the first three in a row since Covid started. My diet and exercise was off again due to life. I only did the first day of my weekly fast and didn’t get out to exercise much, logging only a little under six miles of walking while playing five rounds of disc golf – the last one cost me my katana, which became my ninth disc in the bottom of that darned pond. The result of those two factors was a net gain of four pounds from last week…dammit. We did enjoy ourselves this week with the first fire of the season, a couple of porch time sessions as well as attending our first Corn Maze Beer Fest! Matt & Abby would’ve loved it…maybe they can join us next year?? The weather felt very much like autumn with temps in the 50s and 60s. I love this time of year – the leaves on our maples are bright red and beginning to fall to the ground. The days are getting shorter every week. I even had to start warming up the car this week. It won’t be long before we’ll have to winterize the house and the truck… Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work on Monday morning for Ann & I. It was a chilly morning right at 50 degrees. I couldn’t find the dogs that morning and come to find out, I must’ve left them outside when I woke up on the couch at some point last night. I felt awful, but they didn’t seem any worse for the wear, acting like it was no big deal. I worked on reports and a couple projects, prepping for a busy week. Ann had a busy day that went by quickly. Luke went to Sam’s house to help babysit for most of the day. He still found time to come home and work on his truck for a little while. Matt & Abby returned to work that morning. Matt was happy to get his new TV that day – just in time for the big Cowboys game on MNF that evening. I got out of work and had time to play a round of disc golf on a cool, blustery day. It was a challenge to throw that day, which I enjoyed…but only managed to throw a par (27). Ann & I went to Best Buy after work to get a lens protector on my watch & by the Geek Squad coverage. We ran several errands once we got back to town, including picking up a package at Walgreens (Fed Ex) that held two bottles of Def Leppard gin that we plan to take to with us to homecoming at FC next weekend. It was a good night for mail as I also received my new Desert of Talking Shadows LP. They even signed it for me, which is pretty cool. Luke & Sam ordered pizzas while Ann was going to make chili for me to break my 24-hour fast on. However, it got to be a little late and we decided to wait till tomorrow and just ate more leftovers. We watched a couple DVR’d shows then put on the Dallas / NY game. I had to go to bed at the start of the 4th quarter (probably should’ve done it earlier) because I have to be up way before the dawn tomorrow… Here are pictures of the Tree City Fall Festival parade from a couple weekends ago.

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Tuesday morning came way too soon. After staying up to watch the Cowboys knock off the Giants last night, I was right back up about three hours later to head into work for my annual 12-hour generator load test. Our parent company has us to exercise the unit annually to ensure that it is up to the challenge of a real emergency. Although it was chilly, it was still bearable. Still, I had to let the car warm up again as temps were only in the lower 40s. I was surprised how many people were on the road already that morning and found a cop hiding out in the midst of the construction zone on the bypass as I headed out of town. I knocked out not only that annual requirement but a few others such at the 90-minute burndown of all the emergency batteries in the gym and a couple other things. I finally got around to dehydrating the batch of Carolina Reaper peppers. Unfortunately, I had to throw away a half dozen due to waiting too long and having them mold. ☹ I was still able to cut up about two dozen or so and parts of the bad ones as well, so it filled one of the trays. I actually shut the machine down by the time I left because they were already dried. I’ll have to break them up tomorrow and add it to my shaker can (which is really just a used parmesan cheese container). I was able to sneak out for a quick lunch with Vic just a block up the road at the Hangar 5 restaurant. I did NOT spill my drink on my dining partner this time! 😊 I got out late, after spending 13 hours at work, I was more than happy to hear that damn thing shut down. While it was in cool-down mode, I went across the street and played a quick game of disc golf. It was another windy day, but the good part about playing on at the Columbus Airpark is that there’s no water and no tall grass to lose your disc! It was a good thing, too, since I was chasing after the disc all evening. I bogied both 3 and 4 but managed to birdie 6 & 7 to again walk away happy with a par (27). Ann pushed back making her chili again that evening because we got home a little too late. Instead, we had a find-your-own evening and watched a couple shows and then I fell asleep way early, worn out from my day. I was in bed before Luke got home from his Fire 1 class, up in Indy. I did manage to get the trash out when we got home and picked up some of the downed branches. I broke them up and added them to the Solo as kindling. We’re hoping to fire it up this weekend, now that the temps are more appropriate… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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I had a little trouble getting up on Wednesday morning. I was feeling awfully snuggly under the covers on a chilly morning. It managed to just barely stay out of the 30s with Black Betty reading 41 whole degrees as we pulled out of the drive to make our daily commute across the countryside. It isn’t exactly dark when we leave but we are leaving before the sun rises. We still made it in on time somehow and hit the ground running. Victor was already working with a contractor, there to replace a broken door. It took nearly 7 months to get it! I worked on a couple projects, started my EOC rounds and got everything done in the front half of the building. It was another very fast day. After we ran a 2nd shift fire drill that afternoon, I got out too late to play any disc golf before we left Columbus. When we got back to town, I dropped off Annie so she could make a big pot of chili while I ran out to the park to play 18 holes of golf. It was the first time I’d played that course in over a week – since I hit my first hole-in-one, in fact. I should’ve stopped after playing the front 9, on which I scored a 7-under (20)! In reality, I came very close to a new PB of 18 and really should’ve had it, as I missed two very makeable putts. I started off the back 9 in an ominous way, as my drive on 10 landed in the street and a passerby clipped the edge of my Katana disc. I did just OK the next 4 holes and walked off the bridge for hole 15 with a score of two under par. I got my Katana back out for the tee shot over the pond. I knew as soon as I released it, that it was trouble. For an instant, I thought it might correct itself but then the deceptive breeze kept pushing it further and further right. By the time hyzer flip came, it was far too late and it plopped down in the middle of the damn water. There was nothing I could do, other than order a new one at that point. Even if a fisherman had been on the water, they couldn’t have gotten to it in time as it sank instantly. I was so disappointed. I had just gotten it broken in and was hitting 300’ shots with it. In fact, I hit 350’ for the first time with it just last week. ☹ I took a penalty stroke and wound up with a bogie but went on to finish the round at 24 to go home with a decent 44 – all things considered. The sun was setting as I pulled back into the drive that evening and the house smelled wonderful. As promised, she had big, delicious pot of chili on the stove with lots of add-ons and a yummy thing of cornbread to go with it. I couldn’t help but take a little with butter and then crumble up the rest into my chili – mmm… The second bowl put me over the top and really hit the spot that night. We watched the FBI trilogy series and coverage of Hurricane Ian slamming into Florida. We saw where they evacuated the Sand Pebble. I hope there’s not too much damage. I told Ann that would be our luck – we became owners a few months back and now it gets destroyed and we lose it before ever staying in our own room! Luke was gone by the time we got off work, out with Samantha – who was getting her senior pictures that evening. He got home shortly before we fell asleep on the couch. I let the dogs out late but remembered to actually let them back in that night! I body really struggled today as I adjust to my new (old) diabetic meds. I had been on a great med for the last year, but my discount ran out this week and I had to revert back to Metformin. Talk about a shock to the system! We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp22.10.01 smp22.10.02 smp22.10.03 smp22.10.04 smp22.10.05 smp22.10.06 smp22.10.07 smp22.10.08 smp22.10.09 smp22.10.10 smp22.10.11 smp22.10.12 smp22.10.13 smp22.10.14 smp22.10.15 smp22.10.16 smp22.10.17 smp22.10.18 smp22.10.19 smp22.10.20 smp22.10.21 smp22.10.22 smp22.10.23 smp22.10.24 smp22.10.25 smp22.10.26 smp22.10.27 smp22.10.28 smp22.10.29 smp22.10.30 smp22.10.31 smp22.10.32 smp22.10.33 smp22.10.34 smp22.10.35 smp22.10.36 smp22.10.37 smp22.10.38 smp22.10.39 smp22.10.40 smp22.10.41 smp22.10.42 smp22.10.43 smp22.10.44 smp22.10.45 smp22.10.46 smp22.10.47 smp22.10.48 smp22.10.49 smp22.10.50 smp22.10.51 smp22.10.52 smp22.10.53 smp22.10.54 smp22.10.56 smp22.10.55 smp22.10.57 smp22.10.58 smp22.10.59 smp22.10.60 smp22.10.61 smp22.10.62 smp22.10.65 smp22.10.63 smp22.10.64

We started our Thursday much like we started the rest of the week – chilly and near the 30s. It is darker each morning we head out and the sounds of the cicadas are starting to fade. I only hear one every once in a while, nowadays. It was yet another fast-paced day at work for me as I continued my month-end EOC rounds, getting back onto the units. Since I had just toured yesterday with the local Fire Mashal (the 3rd inspection this year!), I had a pretty good idea of what issues we had – which were thankfully minimal since we just had JCAHO & the surprise State Licensing inspections just last week. I got 2/3 of it done before the guys and I went to lunch at China Buffet. It tasted great going down but later that afternoon, I paid the price for it…damn Glucophage… We held our Monthly Marathon Meeting that afternoon, where we go back-to-back with PI, Pt. Safety Council & my EOC Safety Committee. I got out in plenty of time to play a round of disc golf across the street at the AirPark. There was a random helicopter that took off from the fairway of 6. I wasn’t down there when it was out there, so not real sure what that was all about. I had a 25 despite not having my Katana on that long-ass course. I did get a new one ordered, which should be in tomorrow afternoon hopefully… We stopped at Needlers on our way back into town to pick up a few things for Poker Night. Ann let me take her leftover chili and it was a smash hit. There was so much food, including 3 different sandwiches and lots of other stuff. It was awesome. We met up at the Woltering Hole to watch football, play cards and enjoy catching up with each other’s weeks while enjoying plenty of spirits. I had another good night, bringing home $15 – not bad for dime poker! Most of it was won on my best hand of the night (and best of anyone) – the rare Royal Flush! 😊 The game was good as well but the Dolphins starting QB got knocked out (my starting fantasy QB), Tua. That’s my 2nd QB to go down already this year…

We were up early again on Friday and headed back over to Columbus. Ann needed to work in her office that day and I needed to finish my EOC rounds as well as work on a 911 project. I got everything done just as Ann texted to say that she was done with office and ready to head home. Luke helped me drop off the Barneymobile back at Jerry’s garage again to get the brakes and window worked on again. We raided the fridge and watched a couple shows. Ann napped while I wrote out all the bills and filed all the paperwork that had built up on my desk over the past couple weeks. Once she woke up, we went to the store and ran a couple errands. Meanwhile, Luke slowly got up and did some yardwork, including mowing our lawn and planting Ann’s mums around the light pole. He did a couple other mowing jobs around town that afternoon before getting cleaned up and heading over to Batesville, where Greensburg was facing the Bulldogs that night on their new turf field. Ann & I had talked about going but after the last couple weeks, we decided to just stay home and take it easy. After unloading and putting away all the groceries, Ann baked a pizza we picked up at the Walmart deli while I fired up the Solo fire pit. After dinner, we moved out to the back porch and enjoyed a couple glasses of our new anniversary tequila – extra anejo Adictivo. Yum! I texted with Paul for a bit that night. I was hoping to spend time with him at the game, so we’ll have to catch up with him & Dayla soon. We enjoyed some porch time, talking and laughing and enjoyed a lovely night. It was quiet (except for the classic country music playing on the speaker) and cool, but the fire kept us toasty…along with the sippers – LOL. Luke came home from the ballgame with Ms. Samantha. They joined us out back for a while before going to get pizza for dinner. They came back to eat and watch a movie in Luke’s TV. I sent Paul some old college pictures from my yearbook and then Ann & I watched this week’s Law & Order trilogy. However, it was Ann this time that fell asleep early on. Instead, I put on the new Simpsons, Family Guy and Rick & Morty episodes and wrote out the html code for this week’s blog entry. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.10.01 hwc22.10.02 hwc22.10.03 hwc22.10.04 hwc22.10.05 hwc22.10.06 hwc22.10.07 hwc22.10.08 hwc22.10.09 hwc22.10.10 hwc22.10.11 hwc22.10.12 hwc22.10.13 hwc22.10.14 hwc22.10.15

We enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday morning. We didn’t do much of anything that morning, just watched a few DVR’d shows on the big screen and got in a little nap. Around noon, we slowly got cleaned-up and dressed to be out in the middle of a cornfield all day. Pat & Shawna picked us up and drove us over to Columbus to 450N, where they were holding their annual Corn Maze Beer Fest. I believe this was the first one since Covid, so it was very well attended. There were easily 5k people out there that day. They had 60 vendors from all around the country sampling their wares and most of the booths had at least 2 or 3 choices (some had more). They gave us a complimentary sampler glass that was completely nasty by the time we were done – despite rising it out at about every other booth. They had 6 areas (noted by different color flags) with about 10 vendors in each. Also with us that day were Jason & Stacy Keppel as well as Pat & Shawna’s friends Melissa & Pat and Darrin & Shayna. We had such a good time with that group. Also joining us was one of Pat’s friends (Lucas) that was working the event early then came drinking with us. We got there a little early, but there was still a couple thousand people in line ahead of us already. We grabbed a beer from the beer garden and got in line. Actually, we hung out at about the middle of the line and just blended in when the line started moving. I don’t think I made it quite to all 60 vendors, but I would say it was close to 50. I was feeling no pain by the time we came out of the corn and went to the food court to grab some grub. They had 12 food trucks serving up goodies. Apparently, we were going to go eat pizza in their restaurant but there was a two-hour wait. Instead, Ann & I went to the street corn vendor. I’m not real sure what all I had, but I do remember getting some cheese curds and a chili dog, I think. Ann said the street corn was really good. Pat ended up giving Lucas a ride home that evening then they came in when dropped us off at home. We went out back and enjoyed some porch time with a nightcap sipper of our anniversary tequila. We had a good talk and really enjoy being around those two. After they left, we got cleaned-up and I had a bowl of chili and promptly fell asleep. I woke up and just went on to bed…even though it was only like 8 or 830…

Having gone to bed way early last night, I was up at like 2 or 230 on Sunday morning. I tried to fall back asleep for about an hour but eventually gave it up and just came out to the living room. What’s more is that Ann had the same issue. Apparently, she fell asleep in her chair after I went to bed and joined me in bed only a couple hours later. She, too, tossed & turned but couldn’t drift back off. So, she joined me for a couple hours. After napping in her chair, she tried going to bed again…with the same outcome. About an hour later, she came back out – wide awake again. So, she joined me once again and we just went on with our days, watching DVR’d shows, eating and napping. I did the weekly household chores and later Ann made lunch, baking a ham as well as some mac & cheese and corn that really hit the spot. I must admit, I was a wee bit hung over that morning – the first time in a very, very long time for me…probably because I normally don’t drink a lot of beer and wine. We watched football all day, flipping between the Colts game and RedZone during the early games. I didn’t realize there was a game this morning in England; obviously I would’ve been up to watch it! There were several close games during the “witching hour” on RedZone, which was cool. The Colts had a chance but couldn’t pull it out but the Cowboys got a big win vs. the rival Redskins. Meanwhile, Luke got up early and out the door to spend the day with Samantha and her folks at her softball tournament in Indy and was gone most of the day with them. Ann has been trying to get a new dog from a local rescue. She was told yesterday that we were not selected, unfortunately. She is a white Sheepadoodle with blue eyes and about 6 months old. Delilah would love a little sister to play with! So, Ann emailed her back and said that if anything happened with the family that was selected, that we were still interested. As it turned out, she received an email back that morning. Apparently, something happened with that family and they weren’t able to take the dog. She said that she would review our application and let Ann know…so who knows, we might be buying a new pin this next week! That evening, Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner and I watched the Talladega cup race, fast-forwarding through some of the laps that they just followed each other, which is the problem with restrictor-plate racing. Afterward, we watched the Brady vs. Mahomes shootout on SNF. Man, with my QB (Tua) and TE (Andrews) both laying eggs this week (5 total points – thanks guys), I was pretty much assured another loss in the Blue Suede Scheus fantasy football league. It faced Brent this week, with bragging rights in the Penthouse and a lunch on the line. I just hope Dak is back next week…though I have to admit that I prefer to have my Cowboys winning rather than me winning fantasy football! Either way, I was just happy to watch good football. I wound up going to bed at the half to watch the rest in bed, worn out from being up so many hours today. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and a great way to wrap up yet another week, here at the Scheu abode.

Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature pictures from Deanna’s digital camera back in 2006-2007. We lead off this week with more pictures of Gigi and her dogs in the Main St home in December 2006. From there, we move onto 2007: March has Matt’s drum performance at the high school auditorium, playing a cover of Steve Earle’s “Copperhead Road” as well as Sandy on the mayoral campaign trail; there’s a good picture of Matt & I at the Red’s game in April, as the snow is falling; in May we see us in the pool on Memorial Day weekend as well as me driving the Gigster Group camper during the midterm elections; little Lukey playing in Abby’s room during his birthday in June; in July we have a ton of Independence Day weekend pictures, Grace’s birthday, and Sandy’s birthday; the Van Halen concert in October; Maryann’s birthday in November and the Christmas Eve fun at Gma & Gigi’s house.

Waybac.2006.12.gad42 Waybac.2006.12.gad43 Waybac.2007.03.mdp04 Waybac.2007.03.sfm32 Waybac.2007.03.sfm33 Waybac.2007.04.rg10 Waybac.2007.05.mdw30 Waybac.2007.05.spv09 Waybac.2007.05.spv10 Waybac.2007.06.lbd09 Waybac.2007.07.foj129 Waybac.2007.07.foj130 Waybac.2007.07.foj131 Waybac.2007.07.foj132 Waybac.2007.07.foj133 Waybac.2007.07.foj134 Waybac.2007.07.foj135 Waybac.2007.07.gbd41 Waybac.2007.07.gbd42 Waybac.2007.07.gbd43 Waybac.2007.07.sbd20 Waybac.2007.10.vhc33 Waybac.2007.10.vhc34 Waybac.2007.11.mab14 Waybac.2007.12.ce25 Waybac.2007.12.ce26

Next up is our video segment, which includes one short home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s addition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Momma.
Later, Scheu