Sooner than Wait for a Break in the Weather…

The Scheu family would like to wish your family a happy and prosperous new year. As for the actual holiday, it was kind of sucky that it fell in the middle of the week. With the start of the New Year, we anticipate that things will pick up around here very soon as Matt will be nearing the end of his long journey back, Abby will add softball and volleyball to her dance practices and Luke will end basketball and go in to wrestling. That being said, it was another lazy week, here at the Scheu abode. The kids enjoyed their second week of winter break. Ann & I both took a few days off this week. And the kids didn’t do much, sports-wise due to the weather.
On Monday, Ann had a very long day at work while I took it off. Matt had wrestling practice. Abby & I picked up Luke from the Messers in the early AM and grabbed McDonald’s for breakfast – something we don’t do very often. We were pretty lazy around the house. We contemplated getting out either the train set and setting up the huge track or getting out the Hot Wheels track and putting together something special. Instead, we watched a couple movies, took cat naps and watched bowl games. Luke had basketball practice and then a dentist appointment. We found out he needs two teeth extracted to allow for all the teeth to fit in his mouth. He has an extra tooth for whatever reason that has to go…poor kid… On an another note, we have many new social media pictures to share from our friends and family this week, including Abby with a friend; Katie, Jake and the kids; Emily and daughter; Cathy & Cookie; a Futurama picture with every character ever on the show through the years; Rob & Sharon’s dog; Barney & Kimmy at baseball games earlier in 2013; some lovely photos of Lindsay & Jack’s honeymoon in Bora Bora; another of Abby and friends; Aunt Sharon; another of Emily; more of Tom & Cathy; another Barney; Chris’ son Conner; my good buddy Mark from LaPorte; Calvin & Hobbes enjoying the season; a walking Dead/Grateful Dead mash-up; a cool steal your face logo with optical illusion; more of Jack & Lindsay; more of Katie, Jake & kids; Aunt Sue; Daniel & Kels; and the Original 16 – how many of these did you have in your house in the 60s/70s?

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Tuesday was New Years Eve, but it sure didn’t feel very special. Matt had physical therapy. Ann went scrapbooking and the kids and I decided to be lazy once again. We found ourselves watching more movies, taking more cat naps and watching even more bowl games. Mom & Gigi backed out of our New Years plans, so Ann & I found ourselves on the couch, bored that night. So we ordered Pizza King pizzas, got some ice cream and – yep, you guessed it – watched movies, took cat naps and watched bowl games. :0) It was very likely the first time in nearly 30 years where we saw a new year come in without even a drop of alcohol – a sure sign we are getting much too old. How lame is that? At least Matt went out on the town to ring in the New Year with his buddies and spent the night with Andy.

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On New Years Day, we watched a lot of football and ate like kings. Ann did us up with Polish Mistakes, her Shallow’s dip and lots of other nibbles. We had Rebel Dogs (old Bryan family recipe) and slaw (both contain cabbage) for good luck. We didn’t do much of anything else because, like I said, it fell right in the middle of the week, so we were both going in to work the next day. The football was good, though, as many of the bowl games have been this year. We did work on Luke’s iPod, which was full. So I pulled off a bunch of pictures from it. He got his iPod last year, so these are all from 2013. We made a slideshow and a silly video as well. The slideshow is below in the video section while the silly video is here:

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Ann & I were both back to work on Thursday. Matt had wrestling practice but it became optional due to all the snow. Overnight, we got about 4 inches of snow. I got it cleared off the vehicles and some of the driveway, leaving the rest for Luke. Ann & I drove in together. It was a slow commute due to the other drivers. With the new tires on her all-wheel drive vehicle, we didn’t have any trouble making it in to work. Philip and I cleared snow all morning as it continued snowing until about noon. We received a two or three hour reprieve before it started snowing again. All told, we got about 6” of snow. Although we had a green Christmas, at least we got a white New Year, right? When we got home, we found that Luke had not done a real hot job of clearing the driveway. Yes, the parts that he shoveled looked great…he just didn’t do the whole thing – including the entrance. I had stop, backup and get a running start to get through the 3’ mound he had built up! Matt finally came home after being gone a couple days and we had a long talk. Luke’s basketball practice was cancelled due to the weather. Abby also did not have dance, but that was more about not having school.

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I drove the truck in to work on Friday while Ann had a doctor appointment that still raised more questions than it answered. Matt had an appointment with Dr. Guse in Columbus, so I let him have the van since the Crossfire isn’t the best idea in the snow and ice. He received mixed reviews. The good news is that he was released to start running again! The very bad news is that he will not be released for contact in time for him to make it back to wrestling for this, his senior year. We are very disappointed for him since he has worked his butt off to get back as quickly as he could. Due to the impending storm, we asked that he be back early if he was staying the night somewhere, but he said he was too tired and so he stayed home and went to be early. What a great Orange and Cotton Bowl games we had that night…
Luke had basketball practice on Saturday morning. They ended up scrimmaging with the 5th graders for a couple hours at the junior high school gym. I went with him and taped it for us to watch back. Abby went with Ann to continue setting up her new satellite office in downtown Greensburg – just a stone’s throw away from Maryann & Sandy’s house. Luke & I went out for lunch afterwards to Taco Bell and went shopping for the girls at Wal-Mart. We quickly found out why they didn’t want to return there after shopping earlier in the day. It was a zoo out there!! It was not only very busy but people were a little rude as well. We got back home in plenty of time to watch the Colts playoff game against a very good Chiefs team. It looked like KC would run away with it when they went up by three scores in the first half. However, Indy never gave up and the play of Luck and Brown got the momentum back and you could just feel it in the air – they were going to not only come back, but they actually had a chance to win the game! When Brown fumbled the ball on the 3 yard line and Luck picked it up and flew in to the endzone like Superman, it erased all the doubts and the entire team began to believe. The defense stiffened and the receivers stepped up. It was an amazing victory – one of the most exciting games I’ve ever seen! The Colts came from behind for an amazing 45-44 victory. Now they get to travel to New England next weekend. Abby went to the movies to see the Hunger Games again. We prepped for the big impending winter storm by getting food, drinks and gas. The second playoff game was equally good and Purdue alum Drew Brees is also heading to the 2nd round of the playoffs next week.

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We awoke on Sunday to what we assumed would be a winter wonderland…but found instead that the temps went up and although we got a minor dusting, it was quickly erased and then we lost even more of our snow as temps rose to near 40 and we got a ton of rain. While Indy and Lafayette got hammered with about a foot of snow (…the amount WE were supposed to get!!), we were left to just watch it on the TV. I guess my back was happy, but we still had the opportunity to get 3-8” as it started to snow as we prepped for bed. Luke and Ann did his Science Fair experiment. He made parachutes with different materials and hard-boiled eggs. It was pretty cool. Ann made Chex mix. The kids and I did our weekly household chores. The younger kids played Xbox and watched football with Ann & I while Matt went to Andy’s house. Luke’s basketball games and Abby’s volleyball games and softball practice were all cancelled due to the threat of the storm…but honestly we could’ve easily had all three without issue. On top of that, they’ve already cancelled school for Monday as well! They kept reporting on TV that the storm was coming our way, but we waited all day and never saw it. However, we wondered what we would wake up to on Monday morning…

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Next up is our Waybac section. We lead off this week with what could be Aunt Marilou, but I don’t think so. It is from the 40s – WWII era, but other than that, I don’t know. Next we have Grandpaw Brown with his Army training unit (this is only a very small portion of this huge picture – but I had no way to photograph the whole thing. It is about 10 times larger than the big one listed below with a few thousand young men in Aberdeen, MD in November of ’42; then Grandpaw after the war, in ’46 with his cars; then another crop of Aunt Karen & Aunt Brenda in September ’56; my lovely Grandmaw Brown (Connie), proudly in her kitchen in March of ’57; then Grandpaw having a cookout in the backyard of that same house on Elmwood Ave in Lafayette a couple weeks later with his mother, Mary in June of ’57; then the “three amigos” – Mom, Karen & Brenda at their Grandparent (Morgan)’s farm in June of ’57 – one of our favorite photos of this era; then Grandpaw in the newspaper again – first a photo in February ’59; then in print in December ’59; then Dad Owens’ slide of the Greensburg Centennial Parade in ’59; then back to Lafayette for the Elmwood home in March of ’60 – love the photos of Market Square from this era; then at the cabin(?) in April of ’60; Mom & Aunt Karen in 1960; Dad Owens’ slide form Las Vegas in the ‘60s; Ann in kindergarten yearbook in ’76; the Morgan family – Grandpa, Connie, Norma & Keith – along with others at Christmas in 1980 at Keith’s house; then a couple days later we came to visit the Elmwood home in Lafayette with our young family in December of 1980; Grandpaw at Easter in April of ’82; Dad B asleep at Matt’s birthday party in Greensburg in March of ’03; our annual July 4th party in our backyard in July of 2003 with Danny holding baby Lucas, Rosie and her parents up on the porch; Abby & I asleep on Christmas Eve at Mom & Sandy’s house in 2006 and finally Matt on Christmas morning in 2006.

Waybac.1940s.ufwam1 Waybac.1942.11.gia1 Waybac.1942.11.gia2 Waybac.1942.11.gia3 Waybac.1942.11.gia4 Waybac.1942.11.gia5 Waybac.1946.gpc1 Waybac.1946.gpc2 Waybac.1946.gpc3 Waybac.1946.gpc4 Waybac.1946.gpc5 Waybac.1946.gpc6 Waybac.1956.09.kbmpp Waybac.1957.03.gik4 Waybac.1957.03.gil5 Waybac.1957.06.coil1 Waybac.1957.06.coil2 Waybac.1957.06.coil3 Waybac.1957.06.coil4 Waybac.1957.06.coil5 Waybac.1957.06.coil6 Waybac.1959.02.11.gin3 Waybac.1959.02.11.gin2 Waybac.1959.12.09.gin5 Waybac.1959.12.09.gin6 Waybac.1959.12.09.gin7 Waybac.1959.12.09.gin4 Waybac.1959.gcc2 Waybac.1960.03.eshiw1 Waybac.1960.03.eshiw2 Waybac.1960.03.eshiw3 Waybac.1960.03.eshiw4 Waybac.1960.03.eshiw5 Waybac.1960.04.eil1 Waybac.1960.04.eil2 Waybac.1960.mwk Waybac.1960s.dosolvh Waybac.1976.aybp1 Waybac.1980.12.21.cak5 Waybac.1980.12.21.cak6 Waybac.1980.12.21.cak7 Waybac.1980.12.28.cil9 Waybac.1980.12.28.cil10 Waybac.1982.04.eil9 Waybac.2003.03.25.msbdp11 Waybac.2003.07.fojig9 Waybac.2006.12.24.geig29 Waybac.2006.12.25.cdig29

For our Shit that Luke Says, we have two entries this week. The word of the week has been suspicious. If he has used it once, he has used it a dozen times with me. He has a very clever mind and the look he has in his eye when he says suspicious is so cute as you can see the gears in his head turning. Later while we were watching an old Bugs Bunny cartoon on You Tube, he really liked the quote that Bugs ended the cartoon short with, “Never take life too seriously…You’ll never get out of it alive.”

Next up is our video section, which features three family videos. The first two are old ones – a collection of shorts from a decade ago and then a slideshow for my little Bu. The third family video is new from this week. We also have several from around the internet this week.

And that wraps up yet another edition of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, we would like to thank you for keeping up with our family this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom…really miss you…
Later, Scheu

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