Can’t Stand it for Another Day

How much more can we take of this?? It was yet another week of single digit temps, sub-zero wind chills and roads full of pot holes – that has become our life, here in 2014. In the news, talk was about the Olympics over in Russia and how poor their infrastructure is; the Indiana Senate tried and failed to amend the state constitution in order to ban gay marriage (thankfully…I mean, who are we to judge others??); and their were celebrity deaths as well. Mom used to say they always go in threes – and so it was that we said good-bye to actors Philip Seymour Hoffman, Shirley Temple & Sid Caesar.
It was frigid on Monday, but somehow the kids managed to make it through a full day of school. Matt had two wrestling practices – 1 with Luke. Abby had dance and Ann worked late. Me, I was back on the treadmill (I managed to do it each day this work week). We made a late night run for the border for some Taco Bell and we trickled the hot water in our faucets to prevent our pipes from freezing (something that has been more common in the last few weeks).
It was bitter cold again on Tuesday. We again ran our water overnight due to the below-zero temps with wind chills even worse. Matt had varsity wrestling. Luke had art class. Then the boys had elementary wrestling. Abby worked the jr high basketball game, raising funds for Student Council through “Shoot for Loot.” Matt grabbed pizzas for us as poor Annie had to work even later that evening. Luke brought home his science fair project, where he earned 2nd place!

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Matt had wrestling on Wednesday. Abby had softball practice. Luke went with Memaw & Gigi to the “The Lego Movie.” Ann & Shawna held their next After Prom meeting (they actually had 8 people show up this time (compared to 1 the first time). The boys grabbed Subway since we were pretty sure the fridge was empty. There was a huge sink hole that developed under the National Corvette Museum that swallowed six cars, including a ’62 beauty. And old #2 announced his retirement from the Yankees after the 2014 season. Derek Jeter will retire after 20 years in the pinstripes.
Matt and Luke returned to wrestling on Thursday. Abby had dance and it was girls night out for Ann and her crew.
Friday was Valentine’s Day. Matt got early dismissal from school so he could travel down to Evansville to semi-state where seven young men still held on to their dreams of making it to the state finals. The weather was nasty – a fast-moving snow storm came through the area and dropped about 4” of snow on us. I stayed late and kept work cleared before finding my way home through the frozen tundra. Luke’s wrestling practice was cancelled due to the snow. Even Ann’s late-night scrapbooking event was cancelled due to the weather. It snowed for about 16 hours. We have several social media pictures from this week, including Abby & Emma; Michelle & Steph’s newborn; the Hopkins’ VD card; Shirley Temple as we all remember her, Sid Caesar in my favorite role of his (Grease), and PSH (what a great actor); the newest super group in classic rock; Jeter; the Corvette museum; Metallica’s new single; Abby & friend at school; the Beatles celebration; Bryan & I on the beach last year; and Chris with his two youngest boys.

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It was still snowing on Saturday when we woke up. Luke’s baseball practice was cancelled. Ann went scrapbooking. Bu, Luke & I did some household chores, watched the Purdue / IU game (a Boiler blow-out victory, 82-64!), and Luke & I went Hot Wheels hunting. We watched movies and had popcorn once Ann came home that night. Although we sent seven to the semi-state tourney, none of our grapplers were able to make it through to the state finals tourney. Although very disappointing, we are sure proud of our wrestlers and were sad to see their magical season come to an end. Great job this year, boys…you made us all very proud.
We slept in on Sunday as Matt and the boys stayed one more night in Evansville. Matt got back home minutes after we left the house for volleyball. Abby’s softball practice was cancelled so that she could attend her volleyball games at St. Mary’s. Today, she faced the lime green and purple teams, one of which was the St. Catherine’s team. The purple team was especially a tough one. The girls had a clean sweep of the lime green team, winning all 3 sets. The purple team won the first set and then our girls won the final two – all of which were good games. Abby was a little tentative at first, but once she got her confidence and was more aggressive, she had great success, scoring on the front line, serving numerous points and even digging out a ball defensively. We came home and took naps while flopping on the couch. We watched the Olympic games and then the end of the NBA All-Star game late at night. It was one heck of a game, going right down to the end and setting all kinds of scoring records! In the end, the East came from behind to win pulling away in the final minute, 163-155! Wow!! Kyrie Irving (from the Cavaliers) won the MVP award.

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Next up is our Waybac section. We start off with a great photo of Grandpaw Brown in the mid-fifties; Ann’s Grandma Owens, also from the ‘50s; and another slide of Dean’s that he took of the flooding in Southern Indiana in the 1950s; then a few of Mom with her dog Rusty in March of 1955; Grandpaw Brown in about 1956 (this was used in a newspaper article, I believe); then March & May of 1957 of Grandpaw and Mom…and is that Peg & Deb with her??; Grandpaw in the newspaper in September of 1970; several of Aunt Sharon & Uncle Dan with Nathan in 1977; me at Rob & I’s birthday party in October of 1981; then Christmas Eve & Christmas Day in December in 1981, including great images of Grandpaw, Dad, Rob and my old buddy Zeke; Uncle Timmy’s retirement in February of 1988; Mom & Dad B in Easter in April in 1988; Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown’s 40th anniversary party in August 1988; Matt & Abby riding horses in the WTRE parking lot, after the Fair Parade with Rob Ewing in approximately July of 2003; then a couple of pictures from the Bryan family Christmas in 2003 with Rob and the kids and then a great one of Mom; and finally Dad B visiting Rob & Sharon in the TN mountains in September of 2003.

Waybac.1950s.dos22 Waybac.1950s.gcp1 Waybac.1950s.sif22 Waybac.1955.03.mfp1 Waybac.1955.03.mfp2 Waybac.1955.03.mfp3 Waybac.1955.03.mfp4 Waybac.1956.gin1 Waybac.1956.gin2 Waybac.1957.03.mfp1 Waybac.1957.03.mfp2 Waybac.1957.05.mfp1 Waybac.1957.05.mfp2 Waybac.1970.09.07.gin1 Waybac.1970.09.07.gin2 Waybac.1970.09.07.gin3 Waybac.1977.nas251 Waybac.1977.nas261 Waybac.1977.nas271 Waybac.1977.nas28 Waybac.1981.10.25.tarbd22 Waybac.1981.12.24.ceilp10 Waybac.1981.12.24.ceilp11 Waybac.1981.12.24.ceilp12 Waybac.1981.12.25.cdilp20 Waybac.1981.12.25.cdilp21 Waybac.1981.12.25.cdilp22 Waybac.1981.12.25.cdilp23 Waybac.1981.12.25.cdilp24 Waybac.1988.02.21.utrp10 Waybac.1988.04.03.eilp22 Waybac.1988.08.bacfa23 Waybac.2003.07.gfp.marh3 Waybac.2003.12.bfc55 Waybac.2003.12.bfc56 Waybac.2007.09.08.madarash25

Next up is our video section, which includes one new family video and several from around the internet – including a few from the Beatles 50th Anniversary special…and talk about a house band: Don Was – bass, Kenny Aronoff – drums, Peter Frampton – guitar and Steve Lukather – guitar…just to name a few!

And so that wraps up another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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