Go ahead, Jump!

We had another fast week speed past us already. Luke continued to be a three-sport athlete. Abby spent her time split between dancing, friends and work. After attending school at U Indy all week, Matt came home this weekend to work. Ann’s knees were up to their old tricks but she never let it slow her down as she spent much of her free time prepping for After Prom. As we spent more and more time running around, it became increasingly difficult to find time to exercise unfortunately. We had great weather this week, which made it easier to deal with the seasonal allergies and the runny noses and sore throats that come with them. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.
It was grudgingly back to work and school on Monday morning. Abby grumbled as she returned the Crossfire and picked up Tonya. Luke had track practice after school. Abby had technique class at Dixon. I walked 1.5 miles before leaving to come home and join Bryan at the Babe Ruth league draft at the complex. We both feel we drafted a really good team and are hopeful that the learning curve won’t be too steep this season. I contacted all the parents that evening to let them know they were stuck with Bryan & I this year… As promised, we have plethora of pictures to share from last weekend’s Owens family photo shoot.

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Abs was in early on Tuesday for Student Council before school then worked at BWR until late and had Trevin over till even later. I managed to walk only a mile and a half again before we had to leave early again. This time it was for Luke’s track meet vs. Sunman-Dearborn. Even though we left really early, we were almost too late to watch the high jump competition. His heel was hurting pretty badly and it showed as he placed 3rd in both events that night. He was still the highest placing 7th grader and that was what we wanted him to take away from it and not get disappointed in his performance. That evening we got our pictures and videos replaced from the last dance competition. We’ll have those pictures next week. The video, however, is shared below…

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Wednesday was amazing as temps soared to about 90 degrees! I got in 2 miles before we had to leave early again. Bu had jazz class at DDS that evening. Luke had track pictures and then practice after school. When Gma brought him home, it was already time to pack up the truck and head out to baseball practice. Afterwards we ran out to Hibbett’s for new pair of baseball cleats & pants. Ann passed her challenge test at the allergist (great news!) then hosted one of the final few After Prom meetings as Prom draws ever closer. Afterwards, she headed out to do her dance mom thing at the dance studio. I got to drive old Betty White for the first time this year and she did just fine. Luke was thrilled that I brought home several skids for him to use at his base, which we unloaded and took back in the woods for him just before dark after baseball practice. I wanted to give a shout-out to Abby, who was voted Best Choreographer & Best Technique awards by her Pirateers teammates. Way to go, Bu! Also from last weekend, we have pictures from Easter over at Mom & Sandy’s house.

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Thursday was under threat of thunderstorms all day. Although it did rain pretty hard in Columbus, it somehow dodged Decatur County and so we again left early from work. This time we headed over to North Decatur for Luke’s next track meet. Although it was extremely windy and overcast, the rain held off long enough to get the meet in. However, they started even earlier and we ended up missing most of the high jump competition. Luke’s heel was even worse that night and he didn’t even place nor clear the opening height. However, once we moved over to shot put, it was a completely different story. In fact, he was in 1st place right to the very end but ended up in 3rd place when others came over to finish their throws due to running events. To us, it was an unfair advantage, but whatever. Also weird was the fact that they threw four rounds instead of only three, which is what we’ve seen at all other schools. Interesting side note: had there been only 3 rounds, Luke would’ve earned 2nd place that evening. He did not have basketball practice this week, so he was able to stay for the entire meet for once. Abby & Ann went out for dinner at Stories with Megan then went on to tap class at Dixon Dance.

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I was off on Friday again, due to the census issues at work. Luke had track practice after school and Abby had technique class at Dixon that afternoon. Ann also had the day off. She met up with Amy and went to Ft. Wayne for a huge Vera Bradley sale and to celebrate Amy’s birthday. I enjoyed sleeping in before slowly getting up and getting outside to do yard work. After the big storms blew through last night, it really cooled things off. I had to wait until almost noon before I was able to get outside and mow in my sweatshirt without freezing my butt off. The grass was incredibly long and a still a little wet, causing me to stop three times to clean out the bottom of our new mower. Once I finished in the yard, I noticed that Black Betty had a tire so low that I could barely limp it down to Five Points for a repair. Once they took it off, we found out that both back tires were badly worn and had to be replaced. Next I got the oil changed and washed her – she was like a new car! I even gassed her up and cleaned her out. I ran Luke over to get his hair cut shortly before he had a movie date with his new friend, Laryssa. She seems very nice. Meanwhile Abby, Mary & I went out to ElRep for dinner & a couple drinks (they had virgin daiquiris but my margaritas were fully loaded!). Here are several miscellaneous pictures from our recent adventures.

sis17.04.131 sis17.04.132 sis17.04.133 smp17.04.233 sis17.04.135 sis17.04.136 sis17.04.137 sis17.04.138 sis17.04.139 sis17.04.140 sis17.04.141 sis17.04.142 sis17.04.143 sis17.04.144 sis17.04.145 sis17.04.146 sis17.04.147 sis17.04.148 sis17.04.149 sis17.04.150 sis17.04.151 sis17.04.152 sis17.04.153 sis17.04.154 sis17.04.155 sis17.04.156 sis17.04.157 sis17.04.158 sis17.04.159 sis17.04.160 sis17.04.161 sis17.04.162 sis17.04.163 sis17.04.164 sis17.04.165 sis17.04.166 sis17.04.167 sis17.04.168 sis17.04.169 sis17.04.170 sis17.04.171 sis17.04.172 sis17.04.173 sis17.04.174 sis17.04.175 sis17.04.176 sis17.04.177 sis17.04.178 sis17.04.179 sis17.04.180 sis17.04.181 sis17.04.182 sis17.04.183 sis17.04.184 sis17.04.185 sis17.04.186 sis17.04.187 sis17.04.188 sis17.04.189 sis17.04.190 sis17.04.191

We were up early for baseball practice on Saturday morning. It was pretty cold out there that morning but we had a good turnout and the boys had a lot of fun. I pitched for about an hour and my back and ankle were pretty sore, causing Bryan to call in Coach Shawn to relieve me! Luke & I joined Bryan & Drew for an early lunch afterwards at Jimmy Johns. We picked up a heel / ankle compression sleeve for Lukey at Hibbett’s, in hopes that it will begin some relief for him. Meanwhile, Ann & Bu went to Columbus for After Prom shopping. Abby ended up taking the truck to work at BWR while I was out servicing Tonya (oil change, gas up, major cleaned out and a much-needed wash). Luke ended up going out to the movies with Laryssa again then tried to go to the Y to hang out. Unfortunately it was closed, so I took them to the bowling alley and they ended up hanging out at the park for a while. Matt had a teaching class that morning then worked at Aspen Place before coming home. Ann worked on After Prom stuff with her friends but had to cut it short and came home early. We ended up meeting up with Abs at Wings & Rings just as she was getting off work and we all had a nice dinner together as the family was whole again and all was right in the world. It was pretty cool that Matt and I got to have a couple of cold brews with our dinner…in fact, I could get used to that! It was there that we learned that Erin Moran (Joanie from Happy Days) had passed away.
On Sunday, Luke got up early and ended up playing out in the woods for much of the gorgeous day. Matt & Abby both had to work today. Ann made biscuits & gravy for breakfast. I eventually got motivated and got to our weekly household chores. After a good nap, Ann met up with her friends to do some After Prom painting and other preparations. When she got back, she made dinner. Abby came home from work with Trevin, who stayed for dinner. Matt ended up staying the night and did homework as we watched TV. It was a relaxing way to end another frantic week. We have several social media pictures to share this week.

smp17.04.208 smp17.04.209 smp17.04.210 smp17.04.211 smp17.04.212 smp17.04.213 smp17.04.214 smp17.04.215 smp17.04.216 smp17.04.217 smp17.04.218 smp17.04.219 smp17.04.220 smp17.04.221 smp17.04.222 smp17.04.223 smp17.04.224 smp17.04.225 smp17.04.226 smp17.04.227 smp17.04.228 smp17.04.229 smp17.04.230 smp17.04.231 smp17.04.232 smp17.04.234 smp17.04.235 smp17.04.236 smp17.04.237 smp17.04.238 smp17.04.239 smp17.04.240 smp17.04.241 smp17.04.242 smp17.04.243 smp17.04.244 smp17.04.245 smp17.04.246 smp17.04.247 smp17.04.248

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to include pictures of our young family at the turn of the century in the Main St home. We lead off this time with a big Morgan family reunion at a small church on the outskirts of Lafayette in August 1999; then Abby’s birth in Columbus in September 1999; followed by Ann & Natalie’s work party in April 2000; next is fun during Week 19 at the Sand Pebble in May 2000; then a father / son canoe trip on Lake Monroe in August 2000; next we head down to Holiday World in August 2000; then Mike, Laura & Pace come to visit in December 2000; next we head up to Dad & Barb’s cabin on Buck Creek in December 2000; then we head back to the Main St home for Matt’s birthday party in March 2001; and finally we have Matt & Abby playing on the swing set on Main St and a trip to the zoo (not sure if it is Indy or Cincy) – both about the same time in April 2001.

Waybac.1999.08.mfr28 Waybac.1999.08.mfr29 Waybac.1999.08.mfr30 Waybac.1999.08.mfr31 Waybac.1999.09.ash06 Waybac.1999.09.ash07 Waybac.1999.09.ash08 Waybac.1999.09.ash09a Waybac.2000.04.awp05a Waybac.2000.04.awp06 Waybac.2000.04.awp07 Waybac.2000.04.awp08 Waybac.2000.05.spp45 Waybac.2000.05.spp46 Waybac.2000.05.spp47 Waybac.2000.05.spp48 Waybac.2000.08.fsct33 Waybac.2000.08.fsct34 Waybac.2000.08.fsct35 Waybac.2000.08.hwv15 Waybac.2000.08.hwv16 Waybac.2000.08.hwv17 Waybac.2000.08.hwv18 Waybac.2000.12.mlcoms08 Waybac.2000.12.mlcoms09 Waybac.2000.12.mlcoms10 Waybac.2000.12.mlcoms11 Waybac.2000.12.sfcc14 Waybac.2000.12.sfcc15 Waybac.2000.12.sfcc16 Waybac.2000.12.sfcc17 Waybac.2001.03.mbdpoms31 Waybac.2001.03.mbdpoms32 Waybac.2001.03.mbdpoms33 Waybac.2001.03.mbdpoms34 Waybac.2001.04.mapossoms05 Waybac.2001.04.mlz06 Waybac.2001.04.mlz07 Waybac.2001.04.mlz08

Next up is our video section which includes one new family movie this week as well as several others from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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