Do You Remember…First Time You Heard that Thunder Call

The kids all seemed so grown up this week. With his student teaching in high gear, Matt moved on to the next phase towards his teaching degree by co-teaching in the classroom this week while staying with Katie & Jake in Zionsville. Abby’s last day at work was this week and she will now focus full time on prepping for her college move-in day next week. Luke played in his first JV and varsity football games this week and spent time with his teammates out on the town and even had a date. Meanwhile, Ann & I had a long weeks at work but enjoyed the fruits of our labor as we enter into the next stage of parenting and our family life. I lost another couple pounds on my keto diet and managed to chalk up another 18+ miles of walking – despite the wet week. I’m hopeful that with all this rain and the storms, temperatures will finally start to cool down because I’m done with summer and ready for autumn…but at least it’s football season! Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

Monday saw a hot start to the week. Matt co-taught at his school for the first time in Zionsville. He was evaluated in the classroom and the assessor loved his lesson and plans. Abby took Tonya for her alignment but it got cancelled so she enjoyed the morning off then went in to work until late at Wings & Rings as she began her final week of work. Luke went to school with Mary. Memaw brought him his traditional Jimmy Johns sandwich afterwards as he prepped for his first JV football game. It’s a shame they don’t have a freshman team this year, but hopefully all the time with the older boys will really pay off for him in a couple years. Ann enjoyed a hard day at work, working on her budget. I had a busy but fast day. Justin took me out to lunch at China Buffet and then I worked it off by walking a 5K on a sweltering afternoon. We left Columbus a shade early for the 2018 season-opening football game. We swung over and picked up Mom on the way to Shriver Field. Luke and the “C” team Pirates (somewhere between a freshman and JV team) faced the much larger Triton Central JV squad that evening. It ended up cooling down nicely and made the viewing of the game a little more palatable…seeing as the competition wasn’t really much of a game. Gigi joined us a little later as did Coach Nobbe. The Pirates were not on top of their game that night and were outmatched by the Tigers today. It didn’t help that we turned the ball over four times. Luke got the start at fullback, which was exciting! He ran the ball 4 times for 28 yards (4, 10, 7 & 7), turning the ball over once on a fumble during his 12 snaps in the 1st half. Unfortunately, he only saw 4 plays on offense in the 2nd half. On defense, he got 13 snaps at middle linebacker – all in the 1st half. He got his first tackle of the season but did not play at all in the 2nd half. He also played on special teams. He was the kicker on the kickoff team. He had one kick for 40 yards. He also played on the kickoff return team as one of the upbacks, returning the ball 3 times for 24 yards (12, 5 & 7). That gave him a total of 52 yards from scrimmage for the game. The team got blown out, 0-26 which dashed the hopes of an undefeated season. Still, we were proud of our little freshman’s first JV game! Here are pictures from Luke’s final pre-season football scrimmage from last week at Indian Creek High School.

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Tuesday was another hot day. Luke had a good day at school and then a long football practice. Abby worked at Wings & Rings then called me in a panic on her way home when she had a minor fender bender. The police were called but as it turned out, it was a no-harm / no-foul incident and both drivers when happily on their way. It was another life lesson for our young college-student-to-be (she’s really racked them up this past year, hasn’t she?). Luke had a tough practice as the coaches were pretty hard on him after yesterday’s game. I sincerely hope they’re just trying to challenge him as he was pretty down about the way it was presented to him. The game was tough for him because of the odd mix right now – he isn’t playing for a freshman team like he should be…it’s a JV team. He’s competing for positions with upper classmen and it was so hard to watch him standing on the sidelines for so much of the game last night…but it was probably harder for him. I don’t think he knew how to react because every game he’s ever played has seen him on the field for the entire time, playing every down on offense, defense and special teams. Ann & I encouraged him to keep competing…keep trying his hardest and it will come around to him. Let’s hope he makes the adjustments quickly and things work themselves out…or it could be a long season. Ann & I had easier days at work then I walked about 3 miles on another afternoon in the 90s. Ann made chili for dinner and Abby came home with Regan to make s’mores with Ann before going out to dinner with Luke in tow…

It rained on and off all day and night on Wednesday. Ann had a good dental checkup with Stradley then had a long day at work. My day, on the other hand, flew by and before I knew it I was out exercising. Despite all the rain, it managed to stop long enough for me to walk a 5K with only a few drops on me. Mercifully, the storms forced the temps below 80 but my sweat glands reminded me that the humidity was still out in full swing. Despite the heat, I recorded the best times that I’ve had in weeks that afternoon. Abby worked a double at BWR and avoided any accidents! Luke had school then football practice, where he was still struggling to get his ship righted. He was told he was going to be moved to the offensive line but I reminded him that it was better than standing on the sideline and just watching the game. Kaden brought him home that night (Aly & Shawn’s younger boy). Matt continued co-teaching up in Zionsville. That evening I spoke with Dad & Lynn for a little while. They are safe despite the excess rains in the area that flooded their region. Rob & Sharon made it safely to New Jersey where Rob starts work tomorrow. Dad made tentative plans for he & Lynn to stop in and see us in a couple weeks, on their way to see Lynn’s daughter – so we were really excited to hear that news! Here are some random pictures from our recent adventures.

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Thursday was another rainy day. Luke had a fast day at school and a better football practice. He went to the team dinner but they didn’t have anything he could eat, so Memaw ran him out to McDonald’s for a takeout before bringing him home. Abby worked at BWR on the 1st shift and then worked at Dixon Dance that evening for Danyel. Ann had a long day at work. I had another fast one myself before walking a 5K around the airport property. I had planned to walk at the mall, but when I went outside it had stopped so I decided to chance it and although the heat was down near 80 and the humidity was still kicking my ass full throttle, the rain held off until I finished my workout. We were saddened to hear of the passing of the Queen of Soul today (which is the anniversary of Elvis’ death) – Aretha Franklin was 76.

It continued raining on Friday. It was a fast day for Ms. Ann before getting in a good nap back at the house. I had a long, shit day then walked a 5K on another sweaty afternoon as I talked to Robby on the phone. It was good to touch base with him and Sharon. Luke went in early to school with Mary for Jr. Optimist Club. It was an exciting day, as it was Luke’s first varsity football game that night. I fondly remember wearing my jersey to school on game days with my teammates. Abby worked her final shift at Buffalo Wings & Rings, missing Luke’s big game. Her co-workers were sad to see her leave. They will hold a PRN spot open for her so that when she comes back to town, she can work if she chooses and can return next summer if she wants as well. The varsity football game was supposed to be played in Shelbyville but as the storm system moved through the area, lighting struck one of the lights at the Golden Bears’ field and took out the entire power grid so they instead moved the game to Greensburg. Just as Ann & I got situated in the stands with the Nobbes and the Lowes that evening, the lightning siren went off and we had to all evacuate to the Fieldhouse for an hour delay. By the time the game started, it was really pouring and looked like so much fun to play in! It reminded Ann & I of our time in the stands during Matt’s run of varsity football. It wasn’t nearly as wet or cold as some of those games and we were well prepared for the weather. It was so cool to see Luke down there on the sidelines of the varsity game. It made him seem a little older to me. The Pirates jumped out to a fast start and were up by 21 by the end of the first quarter. By the break, it was 36 – 0! It didn’t end there; by the time the 4th quarter began, the Pirates held a dominating 49-0 lead and the coaches began putting in the younger players (something that never happened when Matt was a frosh). Luke played almost the entire 4th quarter of his very first varsity football game as a freshman! How freakin’ cool is that!!? His first snap was fittingly on the defensive side of the ball at middle linebacker. He played that position for the Pirates varsity defense the rest of the game, calling the defensive plays and making adjustments. It was a long time coming and I had goosebumps as he initially played alongside the older boys and helped make a goal line stand! He looked good against the Shelbyville starters as he recorded his first three varsity tackles! Way to go, Dukey!! He also played fullback on the varsity offense, coming out for only about 3 or 4 plays. Unfortunately, he did not get any carries. The one time he touched the ball, the play was blown dead. The younger Pirates held off the Bear varsity offense once and nearly did it a second time but ended up surrendering a touchdown on fourth down with only two seconds left in the game (almost got the shutout!). However, that gave Luke the opportunity to play special teams on the kickoff return team as an upback and he returned the ball about five yards to run out the clock before he took a knee. Of course, we wanted him to try and return it for a TD with no time left, but Coach Moore told him to go down to end the game. But wow – what a way to start the season! He got to see action in his first varsity game on all three teams! Ann & I are so proud and happy for him!! I think this will do wonders for his confidence. We waited outside the locker room with the other parents and congratulated him on his efforts. He was in great spirits and went to Pizza King with a bunch of the guys from the team for a late dinner. He and Drayden came home about midnight and Dray spent the night with us. Meanwhile Ann & I met up with Abby & Regan at Wings & Rings for a late dinner and a drink to celebrate before they closed.

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We enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday morning after a late night. I did the weekly PM to the vehicles, waiting for the boys to get up. Once they eventually got their butts out of bed, we loaded up Betty White and headed over to Mom & Sandy’s house to mow & trim their lawn. After visiting with them, we came home and mowed/trimmed here then got cleaned up while Dray left to go do some family stuff. Luke & I grabbed a quick lunch at Wendy’s, ran some errands and returned to Memaw & Gigi’s house to try and pull out the dent in the Hot Rod Lincoln. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful and decided to head out to the annual Power of the Past festival at the fairgrounds with Gigi. She had to work the WTRE booth and told me she had audio from last night’s varsity ball game with the announcers calling Luke’s name on his first varsity tackles – I can’t wait to hear it! Thank you, Sandy!! We spent a few hours out there, going through all the booth. While I did some HW hunting (and found about a dozen new treasures), Luke found a nice knife he really wanted. We did not find a lawnmower wheel we were hoping to purchase. It was so hot & humid out there, but at least we missed the rain (while we were getting cleaned up and working on Mom’s car). Meanwhile, Ann, Abby & Julia went to Columbus to finish up back-to-school shopping and grab some lunch. Luke drove the truck all day (except while Dray was with us). We picked him up again on our way home and the boys played football in the neighborhood before one of their older teammates picked them up and they went out to go cruising for girls on the main drag or whatever teenagers do these days on a Saturday night. Luke wound up at the movie theater on a date with one of Abby’s friends to see Slender Man. Afterward, the boys came home and played PS4 until late and Dray spent the night. Abby came home with Ann and then turned around and went bebopping around town with Julia and Regan before they, too, ended up at the movie theater and watched the Christopher Robin movie (Ann & I both want to see it as well!).

We again enjoyed sleeping in a little on Sunday morning before slowly getting up and doing our weekly household chores. Luke & Dray slept past noon and when they did finally get up, Shack ended up going home. Luke went out running around the neighborhood on a sunny, muggy day. Abby had Regan over to help clean her room and pack for college. Brittany joined them as did Ann and the four ladies worked on that room all afternoon. The house is still a mess as I write this entry today from all of her crap. She has so much stuff! I didn’t have half of the stuff she wants to take to school! I spent the day chilling on the couch after the busy week, watching my classic sci-fi shows, all the NASCAR races from Bristol, some MMA fights and the Indy car race at Pocono where Robert Wickens had a horrendous crash on what was essentially the opening lap…thankfully, it seems he is doing OK as of this writing. Later, Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner, watched Queen of the South, Fear the Walking Dead and looked forward to watching Preacher, Sharp Objects and the series finale of Shades of Blue before calling it a week…

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature more of our #16 family photo album from 2003. We lead off in Indy for Monster Jam in Jan; then on to the newly opened Fieldhouse at the high school for wrestling practice in Feb; Abby at Elaine’s “princess” birthday party in May; Luke’s birth in Columbus in Jun; Abby & I in the 4th of July parade, uptown in Jul; then out to WTRE for the annual Fair Parade in Jul; next, up to Rossville to see Mom & Dad in Aug; Abby’s birthday party in Sep; then over to Columbus for Cookies with Santa in Dec; and finally our house for the annual Christmas Eve with the Owens family for Luke’s first Christmas in Dec.

Waybac.2003.01.mj23 Waybac.2003.01.mj24 Waybac.2003.01.mj25 Waybac.2003.01.mj26 Waybac.2003.01.mj27 Waybac.2003.01.mj28 Waybac.2003.01.mj29 Waybac.2003.01.mj30 Waybac.2003.02.mw22 Waybac.2003.02.mw23 Waybac.2003.02.mw24 Waybac.2003.02.mw25 Waybac.2003.05.ewbp03 Waybac.2003.05.ewbp04 Waybac.2003.05.ewbp05 Waybac.2003.05.ewbp06 Waybac.2003.05.ewbp07 Waybac.2003.05.ewbp08 Waybac.2003.06.lb21 Waybac.2003.06.lb22 Waybac.2003.06.lb23 Waybac.2003.06.lb24 Waybac.2003.07.fojp26 Waybac.2003.07.fojp27 Waybac.2003.07.fojp28 Waybac.2003.07.fojp29 Waybac.2003.07.fojp30 Waybac.2003.07.fp01 Waybac.2003.07.fp02 Waybac.2003.07.fp03 Waybac.2003.07.malir01 Waybac.2003.09.abd26 Waybac.2003.09.abd27 Waybac.2003.09.abd28 Waybac.2003.09.abd29 Waybac.2003.12.cws01 Waybac.2003.12.cws02 Waybac.2003.12.cws03 Waybac.2003.12.cws04 Waybac.2003.12.ofce09 Waybac.2003.12.ofce10 Waybac.2003.12.ofce11 Waybac.2003.12.ofce12

Next up is our video segment, which features one new family home movie from this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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