They Say we don’t Listen Anyway…Time has Come Today

We’ve had another busy week, here at the Scheu abode. It was the final official week of summer and it felt like we were still in late July / early August. These are truly the dog days of summer as we continue to have above-average temps in the 90s every day. We enjoyed spending quality time with all three kids this week. Matt had another long week, teaching special ed at Zionsville West. He made a big life decision and wished he could spend more time with Taylor. He came home and spent the night and also had a medical scare this week as well. Abby had a busy week at school with her studies and sorority. She also made some big life decisions this week and came home but didn’t spend the night. Luke had a good week of school, keeping his grades up and spending time studying with his buddies. He also had two football games this week. He finally got his time to show his stuff and made the most of his chances. Although the team didn’t fare well, he made the most of his chances and is finally seeing his hard work begin to pay off. He passed another big milestone this week and can’t wait to make it official. Ann walked around more this week without her cane – a trend that I hope continues! I was hit or miss on my diet this week and came up one mile short of my weekly exercise goal, gaining a couple pounds during my three-day weekend. It was a fast week that was very enjoyable. In reflection, Ann & I were happy for all the kids, who genuinely seem happy about their progress in life this week. Hello again and welcome to the latest edition of the Scheu Family Blog.

The day started off on a gross note as I cleaned-up Molly’s accidents around the house before I even got in the shower on Monday morning. Ann called and got Molly into the vet – big thanks to Mom & Dee for getting her there for us that morning. It was Abby’s 20th birthday – it’s sounds weird to say we only have one teenager left in the family! She marked the occasion by dropping her Zoology class and picking up a yoga class to keep her fulltime status. Justin & I sang the Birthday Song to her from the parking lot when we both arrived at work at the same time. She had a good day on campus as Garrett, her roommates, sorority sisters and friends all did different things with and for her. Ann sent her pizza for dinner so she wouldn’t have to eat Saga – lol! We got Matt’s insurance quotes back and he has a lot to think about before he makes up his mind about buying that new car. Luke had a good day at school then got his Jimmy John’s sandwich with Gma before heading to Lawrenceburg for his next JV football game. Ann returned to work for the first time in several days and had a very busy day, as you might imagine. After a three-day weekend myself, I was swamped and spent the entire day getting caught up on things. I was late getting out of the office and only got in two miles of walking on another hot/humid afternoon before I picked up Ann and headed down to Lawrenceburg. We took Hwy 7 to 50 from Columbus and ran into a ton of construction, causing it to take nearly two hours to get to the game! We did make it in time, thankfully, and enjoyed sitting with the Wests. Luke started on defense at middle linebacker, recording nine solo tackles, two assisted tackles, one QB hurry and a tackle for loss. Offensively, he played sniffer back laying down one de-cleater and catching the only pass thrown to him for a 34-yard TD! He made a nice catch and run and even broke a couple tackles on his way to the endzone! Unfortunately, it would be the only score for the team. They played the spread offense most of the game and the entire 1st half and Luke isn’t currently a part of that offensive scheme. As for the game itself, we kept the game close in the 1st quarter and had chances to score. We ended up getting down before the half and although we made some late runs, we never recovered and ended up losing 6-28. Their record now stands at 3-2 on the year. We grabbed Wendy’s takeout for Luke on our way through town while Luke caught a ride home from school with the Wests. Here are pictures from Abby’s birthday party last weekend.

lp19.09.04 agbdp19.01 agbdp19.02 agbdp19.03 agbdp19.04 agbdp19.05 agbdp19.06 agbdp19.07 agbdp19.08 agbdp19.09 agbdp19.10 agbdp19.11 agbdp19.12 agbdp19.13 agbdp19.14 agbdp19.15 agbdp19.16 agbdp19.17 agbdp19.18 agbdp19.19 agbdp19.20 agbdp19.21 agbdp19.22 agbdp19.23 agbdp19.24 agbdp19.25 agbdp19.26 agbdp19.27 agbdp19.28 agbdp19.29 agbdp19.30 agbdp19.31 agbdp19.32 agbdp19.33 agbdp19.34 agbdp19.35 agbdp19.36 agbdp19.37 agbdp19.38 agbdp19.39

We grudgingly got up and got ready for work and school on Tuesday morning. We were all on the struggle bus that morning. It was a cooler day, thankfully. Ann & I again had very busy days. Justin, Vic & I went to Five Guys for lunch and I walked a 5K after work. Ann got her flu shot today while we aren’t sure when we’ll get ours at work. Luke went to school then on to football practice. He said Coach told him that if he had a good week of practice that he could see some offensive snaps on Friday, so we’ll see! Matt had a rough day at school as a child kicked another a boy she liked and then got suspended for it. He is trying to come to a decision about buying that new car after I got him more info on the insurance portion of his monthly payment. Abby said she had a nice birthday with all her friends and Ann made taco salad for dinner. Luke ate with us, which was nice – but he ate and then went straight to bed! We watched a few more episodes of SVU season 20 that evening before turning in ourselves. Here are pictures from Ann’s vacation…err…staff retreat in Florida last week.

afv19.01 afv19.02 afv19.03 afv19.04 afv19.05 afv19.06 afv19.07 afv19.08 afv19.42 afv19.09 afv19.10 afv19.11 afv19.12 afv19.13 afv19.14 afv19.15 afv19.16 afv19.17 afv19.18 afv19.19 afv19.20 afv19.21 afv19.22 afv19.23 afv19.24 afv19.25 afv19.26 afv19.27 afv19.28 afv19.29 afv19.30 afv19.31 afv19.32 afv19.33 afv19.34 afv19.35 afv19.36 afv19.37 afv19.38 afv19.39 afv19.40 afv19.41

On Wednesday, it was more of the hot, summer days we’ve been experiencing again. The weather has been much hotter than normal lately. Luke had a nice day at school then had a good football practice. He was in the newspaper that night for his JV exploits on Monday. I had a fast day, working on reports, running Ann to a meeting and going to lunch with Justin & Vic at China Buffet. I walked a 5K after work around the airport property and found it amazingly crowded due to the “Birds & Brews” event at the airport – highlighted by the Canadian Forces Snowbirds airshow! They had come to visit our kids earlier in the day and the pilots were really cool and very patient with our kids. I would say there were at least 3K people crowded out there and may have been more like 5K! I had never seen that many people out there – they did a good job of getting everyone parked on all the grassy areas of the airport and surrounding businesses out there. We came home and cooled down in the A/C with the dogs. Molly had a few messes this morning and several more when we got home. We sure hope this medicine we’re administering makes her better soon. Matt bought a new car at Ray Skillman that night, after becoming enamored with one of their 2004 Ford Focuses. Here are pictures of Luke’s JV football game vs. Connersville last week.

lfjvc19.01 lfjvc19.02 lfjvc19.03 lfjvc19.04 lfjvc19.05 lfjvc19.06 lfjvc19.07 lfjvc19.08 lfjvc19.09 lfjvc19.10 lfjvc19.11 lfjvc19.12 lfjvc19.13 lfjvc19.14 lfjvc19.15 lfjvc19.16 lfjvc19.17 lfjvc19.18 lfjvc19.19 lfjvc19.20 lfjvc19.21 lfjvc19.22 lfjvc19.23 lfjvc19.24 lfjvc19.25 lfjvc19.26 lfjvc19.27 lfjvc19.28 lfjvc19.29 lfjvc19.30 lfjvc19.31 lfjvc19.32 lfjvc19.33 lfjvc19.34 lfjvc19.35 lfjvc19.36 lfjvc19.37 lfjvc19.38 lfjvc19.39 lfjvc19.40 lfjvc19.41 lfjvc19.42 lfjvc19.43 lfjvc19.44 lfjvc19.45 lfjvc19.46 lfjvc19.47 lfjvc19.48 lfjvc19.49 lfjvc19.50 lfjvc19.51 lfjvc19.52 lfjvc19.53 lfjvc19.54 lfjvc19.55 lfjvc19.56 lfjvc19.57 lfjvc19.58 lfjvc19.59 lfjvc19.60 lfjvc19.61 lfjvc19.62 lfjvc19.63 lfjvc19.64 lfjvc19.65 lfjvc19.66 lfjvc19.67 lfjvc19.68 lfjvc19.69 lfjvc19.70 lfjvc19.71 lfjvc19.72 lfjvc19.73 lfjvc19.74 lfjvc19.75 lfjvc19.76 lfjvc19.77 lfjvc19.78 lfjvc19.79 lfjvc19.80 lfjvc19.81 lfjvc19.82 lfjvc19.83 lfjvc19.84 lfjvc19.85 lfjvc19.86 lfjvc19.87 lfjvc19.88 lfjvc19.89 lfjvc19.90 lfjvc19.91 lfjvc19.92 lfjvc19.93 lfjvc19.94 lfjvc19.95 lfjvc19.96 lfjvc19.97 lfjvc19.98 lfjvc19.99 lfjvc19.100 lfjvc19.101 lfjvc19.102 lfjvc19.103 lfjvc19.104 lfjvc19.105 lfjvc19.106 lfjvc19.107 lfjvc19.108 lfjvc19.109 lfjvc10.110 lfjvc19.111 lfjvc19.112 lfjvc19.113 lfjvc19.114 lfjvc19.115 lfjvc19.116 lfjvc19.117 lfjvc19.118 lfjvc19.119 lfjvc19.120 lfjvc19.121 lfjvc19.122 lfjvc19.123 lfjvc19.124 lfjvc19.125 lfjvc19.126 lfjvc19.127 lfjvc19.128 lfjvc19.129 lfjvc19.130 lfjvc19.131 lfjvc19.132 lfjvc19.133 lfjvc19.134 lfjvc19.135 lfjvc19.136 lfjvc19.137 lfjvc19.138 lfjvc19.139 lfjvc19.140 lfjvc19.141 lfjvc19.142 lfjvc19.143 lfjvc19.144

Thursday was a warmer day again. Lots of heat and humidity was the story of the day. Molly only had one accident overnight, so hopefully we’ve turned a corner with her. We were also notified by the vet that she did not have cancer and that it was just an ordinary UTI. I had another fast, busy day – full of meetings, running Ann to a meeting and wrapping up everything for the long weekend. I walked a 5K in the 90-degree heat and was a sweaty mess when I picked-up Ann and headed home that evening. Luke had a good day of school before going to football practice and then went out to Oakley’s house to study for his big Chemistry exam tomorrow. Here are pictures from Luke’s varsity football game last week vs. Lawrenceburg.

lfvl19.01 lfvl19.02 lfvl19.03 lfvl19.04 lfvl19.05 lfvl19.06 lfvl19.07 lfvl19.08 lfvl19.09 lfvl19.10 lfvl19.11 lfvl19.12 lfvl19.13 lfvl19.14 lfvl19.15 lfvl19.16 lfvl19.17 lfvl19.18 lfvl19.19 lfvl19.20 lfvl19.21 lfvl19.22 lfvl19.23 lfvl19.24 lfvl19.25 lfvl19.26 lfvl19.27 lfvl19.28

I had Friday off but still got up early to clean up Molly’s accidents and take Ann to work. I drove up to the FC after dropping Ann at the office to see Ms. Abby. She met me at the Ben statue and we walked uptown to Ann’s restaurant again for breakfast and to catch up on the week’s activities. She was focused on trying to figure out if she wanted to change majors after dropping her latest biology-degree class (Zoology), which she just didn’t get. She is thinking more along the lines of business or accounting, which I thought sounded like a great idea. She had to pick-up another class to stay fulltime and be eligible for her grants, aid and scholarships…so she is now taking yoga. I asked her what was next – underwater basket-weaving?! Between that and Rush Week (recruitment for her sorority), she has been very busy this week but seems much happier / less stressed now that the Biology major seems to be off the table. We walked around downtown a little and then went back to her room in the New Dorms (Dietz) and got her set up to watch the new season of AHS, which is set in 1984 – sounds creepy! I left so she could get cleaned-up and start her day of classes. I went up the road to the Exit 76 flea market, just 10 minutes south of her on US-31. I did some HW hunting and found a couple new treasures before picking up Ann at work and heading over to see Jami for our haircuts. After we finished up at Jami’s, we went to 450N for lunch and a couple cold beverages. Ann went with the Grape Gusher while I opted for an Octoberfest Ale and then changed over to their Treasure Chest Slushy, which is a more of a cider. We tried one of their frozen beers called a Slush Pop, which was flavored as an orange Dream-sicle…but it was just ok so we passed and left after eating. We came home and while Ann napped, I wrote out bills until Matt came home. He showed us he new car and it is very nice. It is a very shiny fire engine red! He seems proud of his purchase and I hope he takes care of it and gets many years of enjoyment out of it. The three of us headed out to the high school, where it was Homecoming Night, in Black Betty. Luke and the varsity football team hosted South Dearborn. Shriver Field was packed, which was great to see! Sam represented the freshman class at halftime and Drew was the sophomore class rep, which was very cool. We saw the Messers and the Nobbes but sat with Mom & Sandy and even Jamie came to the game to support Luke as well. The Bainbridges joined us to make a rowdy little cheering section for the Pirates! Luke said he had a good day and enjoyed running around before the game with Dray and Hannah, after getting his Jimmy Johns with Gma! Luke played several positions that night. He started on the special teams and played on them all throughout the night, including the punt team, punt return team, kickoff return team, onside kickoff team and the field goal / PAT team. He also played some meaningful minutes on offense and defense for the first time! On defense, he rotated in during the second half for a couple series at outside linebacker (Sam). On offense, he played several snaps at sniffer back (tight end) and what appeared to be the tailback in their wishbone offensive scheme. He went out for a few passes and was open a couple times but didn’t get any balls thrown his way, focusing mainly on blocking. He drew two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties by being aggressive. He ran the ball back twice on the kickoff return team, gaining at total of 33 yards (13 and 20, respectfully). He also had two tackles and had one fumble recovery. As for the game itself, it was more of the same from last week – we couldn’t block or tackle and made too many unforced errors. Not sure what’s happened to this team, but they are underachieving – big-time. We made several mistakes and got down early. We rallied in the 2nd quarter but then got down big again in the 3rd. We again made a run in the 4th quarter and pulled to within two scores but that as close we got and ended up losing again, 31-42. Their record stands at 2-3 on the year. We met up with Luke afterward and although he was excited to play, he was pissed that they played so poorly overall and lost. He went to the Homecoming party afterward while Matt & I dropped off a weary Ann so she could nap and we headed out to Wings & Rings. We sat in the bar and had wings and another tube of that Sam Adams Octoberfest. We came home and crashed pretty hard, falling asleep on the couches watching college football. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis19.09.148 sis19.09.149 sis19.09.150 sis19.09.151 sis19.09.152 sis19.09.153 sis19.09.154 sis19.09.155 sis19.09.156 sis19.09.157 sis19.09.158 sis19.09.159 sis19.09.160 sis19.09.161 sis19.09.162 sis19.09.163 sis19.09.164 sis19.09.165 sis19.09.166 sis19.09.167 sis19.09.168 sis19.09.169 sis19.09.170 sis19.09.171 sis19.09.172 sis19.09.173 sis19.09.174 sis19.09.175 sis19.09.176 sis19.09.177 sis19.09.178 sis19.09.179 sis19.09.180 sis19.09.181 sis19.09.182 sis19.09.183 sis19.09.184 sis19.09.185 sis19.09.186 sis19.09.187 sis19.09.188 sis19.09.189 sis19.09.190 sis19.09.191 sis19.09.192 sis19.09.193 sis19.09.194 sis19.09.195 sis19.09.196 sis19.09.197 sis19.09.198 sis19.09.199 sis19.09.200 sis19.09.201 sis19.09.202 sis19.09.203 sis19.09.204 sis19.09.205 sis19.09.206 sis19.09.207

I was up early on Saturday to work on the blog, as I got way behind this week. The boys got up and went for a ride in Matt’s new Focus. Molly gave me some trouble taking her medicine so I had to up my game. I had been giving the pills to her with cheese but this morning I had to do it with hamburger – little shit! Everyone took naps while I made myself a lunch of eggs and bacon. The eggs were from Justin and consisted of both his chicken and duck eggs. A couple of the duck eggs were huge! He called them double-yokes but I called them Pterodactyl eggs! We took it easy and napped on and off throughout the day. I finally finish editing down the 1200 pictures we had from last week’s adventures. In the afternoon, we got cleaned-up and headed out to Mallory’s wedding (Abby’s BFF, Megan’s older sis). It was held out in the boondocks, in the outer edges of Decatur County. We nearly had an accident on the way there, being forced off the road by a car that came over a hill in the middle in our lane. Thankfully, we had a mostly-level grassy area to swerve onto and back to the road without hurting poor, old Black Betty. Matt was following us in his car with all the kids but thankfully they were safe as well. The church was packed but the ceremony was short and sweet! We drove back to town afterward to attend their reception, being held just down the road from us at the fairgrounds. Although it was in the cattle barn, it cleaned up nicely and it looked great. There was plenty of room and it was well-attended. They had a beer truck pulled into one corner that was manned by one of the ladies that used to do our family photographs. We enjoyed a couple cold beverages and ate a nice dinner as we watched all the festivities. We got lots of good pictures and had a good time visiting with everyone. Eventually we said our good-byes when they finished with all the formal stuff and started dancing and really celebrating. Matt drove back to Greenwood while Garrett drove Abby & Megan up to Franklin and Ann & I brought Luke home. Lucas didn’t stay long, changing and going out with his friend Shannon. He ended up staying the night at Connor’s house, out in the country. I tried to write out my HTML code but fell asleep shortly after sitting down on the couch and ended up going to bed early. Here are the latest additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc19.09.42 hwc19.09.43 hwc19.09.44 hwc19.09.45 hwc19.09.46 hwc19.09.47 hwc19.09.48 hwc19.09.49 hwc19.09.50 hwc19.09.51 hwc19.09.52 hwc19.09.53 hwc19.09.54

The dogs were horrible overnight and I was up early on Sunday morning. With Luke gone, his door was shut and pooches couldn’t sleep on his bed. With Molly still having her blood-infused accidents, we blocked all the couches and chairs in the living room to avoid another issue like we had yesterday. That meant they were up and roaming the entire night, barking, scratching and clip-clopping in the hallway. Ann let them out after midnight, before coming to bed. I let them out at 230 when Lola was scratching. Lola was scratching at our door again at 4 but Ann got her to stop for a couple hours. When she was back at it again about 630, I decided to just get up and start my day. I left them out most of the morning and wondered why I didn’t just keep them out all night! I went ahead and got a jump on our weekly household chores and finally got to writing my HTML code for the blog. I watched the NASCAR races at Richmond, an old episode of Star Trek and the first episode of the new AHS season – titled ‘1984.’ After I ran out to pick-up Luke from Connor’s house, we ran a couple errands around town in preparation for tomorrow’s away game. When we came home, I finished the laundry and topped off the fluids in the all the vehicles before settling in for “seven hours of commercial-free football” on RedZone! There were several good games this week and the Cowboys and Colts both won, so it was a good day. Mom & Sandy came over to visit for a while and then Ann made a pizza from Giordano’s for dinner. It was really good! Mom & Sandy may end up buying Matt’s car off him when we buy the Hot Rod Lincoln for Lukey. We looked up Luke’s grades today and were thrilled to see he was getting all A’s and B’s! He was excited to learn that today was his first day of eligibility to get his license…but disappointed to learn that the BMV was closed on Sundays. So, he is now not only focused on getting a new iPhone, but also getting his license as well. Our baby is getting so big! Matt was having some groin pain again and ended up having Taylor take him to the ER. W waited to hear from them before we went to bed that night and hope he’s okay… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp19.09.122 smp19.09.123 smp19.09.124 smp19.09.125 smp19.09.126 smp19.09.127 smp19.09.128 smp19.09.129 smp19.09.130 smp19.09.131 smp19.09.132 smp19.09.133 smp19.09.134 smp19.09.135 smp19.09.136 smp19.09.137 smp19.09.138 smp19.09.139 smp19.09.140 smp19.09.141 smp19.09.142 smp19.09.143 smp19.09.144 smp19.09.145 smp19.09.146 smp19.09.147 smp19.09.148 smp19.09.149 smp19.09.150 smp19.09.151 smp19.09.152 smp19.09.153 smp19.09.154 smp19.09.155 smp19.09.156 smp19.09.157 smp19.09.158 smp19.09.159 smp19.09.160 smp19.09.161 smp19.09.162 smp19.09.164 smp19.09.165 smp19.09.166

Next up is our Waybac section which features more memories from photo album #18. All of the pictures this week are from 2004: Abby prepping for her first Dixon Dance Revue at our home in May; another professional picture from our Disney World vacation in June – this time we see Ann, Matt & Abby on the Dinosaur attraction; then we come back to Greensburg for the 4th of July parade at Gma & Gigi’s house…in July, of course; next head back to our house for Bu’s birthday in September; Tammie and the kids in Rossville in October; and finally the Stoewer’s Christmas card from Kentucky in December.

Waybac.2004.05.addr144 Waybac.2004.05.addr145 Waybac.2004.05.addr146 Waybac.2004.06.wdw574 Waybac.2004.06.wdw575 Waybac.2004.06.wdw576 Waybac.2004.07.foj15 Waybac.2004.07.foj16 Waybac.2004.07.foj17 Waybac.2004.07.foj18 Waybac.2004.07.foj19 Waybac.2004.07.foj20 Waybac.2004.07.foj21 Waybac.2004.07.foj22 Waybac.2004.09.abdp07 Waybac.2004.09.abdp08 Waybac.2004.09.abdp09 Waybac.2004.10.hir03 Waybac.2004.12.ccs05

Next up is our video segment which features two new home movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

Well that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya mom.
Later, Scheu

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