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It’s an unprecedented time in our lives. The stock market is tanking, the streets are nearly empty, we can’t go to bars or restaurants, we aren’t even supposed to go to friends’ houses and the stores have empty shelves. Sporting events, concerts and theme parks are all closed. Hospitals and healthcare offices are running out of supplies – you could say things are a bit of a mess right now…but it won’t last forever and things WILL get better… As for us, it was a weird week, to be sure. Matt worked from home all week and did e-learning from his apartment in Greenwood with his students. We celebrated him making another trip around the sun and enjoyed him being back at the house this weekend with Ms. Taylor. Abby had a full week of classes but did them via e-learning from home. She was a big help from around the house this week and it has been great having her home with us. Luke enjoyed another week off from school. Can you say, “Longest Spring Break ever?!” We received a couple calls from his school. They had the kids come and pickup their laptops this weekend, so I assume he will be doing e-learning from home at some point as well. For now, they are off through the rest of the month and a week into April with prom and graduation postponed and the administration due to re-evaluate in a couple weeks. There is talk of a shortened baseball season as well, if they can get back in time, so Luke and I plan to start practicing next week – weather allowing…because the weather hasn’t been much fun this week either. It has been mostly cloudy with a ton of precipitation Ann & I both had very long weeks at work, dealing with this whole COVID-19 pandemic and helping our facilities figure out how to stay relevant in this landscape. It was exhausting and you could tell that we both felt it. We were never so glad to see the weekend and did as little as possible to rest up a little. Although I only got in about six miles of walking and was awful with my diet, I still managed to lose six pounds – I guess from stress? But through it all, we are dealing with the fear of the unknown and getting through it together with a positive attitude. We know that this too shall pass… Hello again and welcome to the newest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

We had a cool start to the week on Monday morning with temps in the 30s. It was a long day for Ann & I as we continue to help our facilities to adapt to the Coronavirus pandemic. Responses continued to escalate to the point where schools started cancelling commencements that day. The governor closed all restaurants’ dining rooms this afternoon. They can still deliver and have drive-thru…and I assume carry-out. Abby said BWR is only having one server and two cooks in the entire building for now. We got a call that evening from the school, telling us that Greensburg schools will remain closed until April 6, meaning Spring Break will be a month long this year. At that point, they will re-evaluate and decide what they’re going to do with the spring semester. The governor also closed all the bars in the state until further notice. Shit just got real!! After work, I walked about three miles before picking up Annie and coming home. Meanwhile, Luke enjoyed having the day off for Spring Break and didn’t do a whole lot besides baseball practice. But it will be the last one for a while and maybe for the year as all sports are officially postponed until further notice. Abby had the day off from school but did get registered for fall semester of her junior year. She worked around the house for us and did several things that really helped. We were so appreciative of it! Megan was here when we got back to the house. Abby’s roommate Bri came down to stay a while with her as well. We played another quick game of euchre and had the same outcome as last night, so we’re up 2-0 on the girls now. Ann made Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we watched American Idol. All the kids piled into the Hot Rod Lincoln and headed to Walmart to get supplies as we prepared to have a full house this week. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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With Abby home, the dogs slept well overnight and in fact I had to wake them up on St. Patrick’s Day. They would sleep well the entire week – it’s so good to have Bu home. I noticed that Bri wasn’t in the bedroom with Abs and come to find out, she ended up going back with Megan to Terry & Christy’s house since they had so many open beds. Ann & I both had long days at work, dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus. I walked about three miles again out in the sweet sunshine after work. It was weird because there was virtually no one out in that area. I told Ann it made me feel like it was a holiday and I should be home with family or something. The traffic during our commutes this week have also been much lighter than normal. Abby, Meg and Bri took Molly on a road trip to Anderson Falls to go on trails and have an adventure. It was another item checked off Mols’ “Bucket List.” Afterward, Bri went home due to not feeling well. Luke & Abs took Molly and Delilah out to Rural King to get a big bag of dog food. When we got home, Ann made her delicious chicken enchiladas and Mexican street corn – OMG Yum! Gary joined us for dinner as well that evening. Luke, however, couldn’t wait to get out of the house and go fishing with Kameron. We got the kitchen cleaned up and Abby & Gary did a midterm Geography assignment before we played another quick game of euchre. It was the old farts beating the spring chickens to go up 3-0 on the week. Luke & Kam came home to eat dinner and hang out with the other kids and Gary spent the night with us. I spoke with Dad & Lynn as well as Dad & Barb earlier that evening. It was nice to catch up for a few minutes. They’re all doing well and coping with the changes to their lives pretty well…well actually, they haven’t changed much. In Florida, Dad & Lynn were still going out to a restaurant with Dave & Mary Jane that night, but they just sat further apart than before. He said they did close their pool and meeting hall as well as the beach by them. Although I had a good talk with Barbie, Dad wasn’t home. He was out – keeping busy cooking at the K of C and serving his famous corned beef and cabbage for takeout orders that night. Here are pictures from Macy’s wedding last weekend.

mw20.01 mw20.02 mw20.03 mw20.04 mw20.05 mw20.06 mw20.07 mw20.08 mw20.09 mw20.10 mw20.11 mw20.12 mw20.13 mw20.14 mw20.15 mw20.16 mw20.17 mw20.18 mw20.19 mw20.20 mw20.21 mw20.22 mw20.23 mw20.24 mw20.25 mw20.26 mw20.27 mw20.28 mw20.29 mw20.30 mw20.31 mw20.32 mw20.33 mw20.34 mw20.35 mw20.36 mw20.37 mw20.38 mw20.39 mw20.40 mw20.41 mw20.42 mw20.43

We were up early and out the door on a rainy Wednesday morning. We actually had a lovely sunrise when we left but by the time we got to work, it started sprinkling and it ended up raining the whole day. Ann & I both had very long days again as we continue to deal with the pandemic. Justin bought us take out from Arni’s (since that is all you can do right now). It was weird to see the store open but zero customers in the parking lot. It was sort of eerie to be honest. There was even less traffic during our commute today as the public continues to adjust. Abby & Gary had online classes today then they ran to the store for us and found empty shelves at the Walmart. The paper goods aisle was bare. The frozen food section wasn’t much better. They were out of many items. They closed the mall, so I couldn’t walk that afternoon due to the rain. When we got back to town, we fueled up Black Betty, Barney & Tonya. Luke enjoyed the day off, visiting friends then came home to do some chores and hang out with us for a while before disappearing into the family room to hop on his PS4. We watched some shows on the DVR and relaxed with the dogs. Matt said that Taylor’s graduation ceremony had been cancelled, which is really unfortunate. Ann touched base with Mom & Sandy as well as Phyllis & Dick and they aren’t going to be able to make it to Matt’s birthday this weekend, which is sad…but we completely understand and actually support their decision to stay home and stay safe. The state cancelled our annual tornado drill that day. They said they had no plans to re-schedule at this time so we instead began working on writing up the emergency that we’re living instead – the COVID-19 pandemic. Ann was still dealing with work late into the night. In fact, once she hung up the phone for the final time, she was asleep for the night about ten minutes later…

Thursday was another long day at work for Ann & I. It was another grueling day of prepping and adjusting to life with Corona while still trying to hold on to a bit of normalcy. It was Lenny’s birthday and we surprised her by getting takeout for her and her dietary crew. We came in and cleaned up the kitchen and dining room for the girls and did all their dishes as a thank you for all they’ve done. Actually, Justin and Vic did most of the work. They’d probably say that was typical! We had fun doing it for them and enjoyed eating Camilla’s with the girls. It was raining when I tried to walk, so I just went back to work for a while. I eventually grew weary of it and decided I’d had enough and picked up Ann a little early and headed home in the pouring rain. Meanwhile, Abby & Garrett did their e-learning while Luke enjoyed sleeping in. That afternoon, they spent several hours cleaning the house again. It looked and smelled great! They even cleaned the windows and gave Delilah a bath! Gary headed home, early that evening to spend time with his folks this weekend. We see how he is…a little housework and he’s outta here! To show our gratitude, we got El Reparo takeout for dinner and the kids ran to pick it up. During dinner, we had a family meeting to discuss the whole pandemic and our personal response plan. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.03.28 hwc20.03.29 hwc20.03.30 hwc20.03.31 hwc20.03.32 hwc20.03.33 hwc20.03.34 hwc20.03.35 hwc20.03.36

I got up and went to work by myself on Friday morning while Ann slept in. It had stormed overnight, so I slept like a baby and didn’t want to get out of bed. There were flood and flash flood warnings all over the area. Water was high in all the usual places on my commute into Columbus. At one spot on 450 N, a car had been swept off the road and into the field. There were sheriff’s deputies and a big tow truck pulling it out and had the road completely blocked. I had to turn around and go around it through the country-country roads. When I crossed the bridge to come into town, I could see the water was all the way up to edge of its bed and moving super-fast. Abby got up and the girls went to get coffee at Dunkin before she dropped Ann off uptown at the Greensburg office. I enjoyed yet another long day at work, continuing to adjust to the pandemic and all the adjustments we are having to make due to the challenges to keep our business profitable while maintaining compliance. It is no small feat and it is taking a toll on everyone. Still, we are keeping a sense of humor and staying calm as we navigate these unchartered waters. This is a unique moment in time that our children will be telling their kids and their grandkids. Justin and I went across town to Mariah – a Mom & Pop butcher shop in Columbus. I picked up bacon, sausage and cheese. As we passed by the river in the middle of town by Cummins, the water was higher than I’d seen since the big flood, years ago – not quite that high, obviously, but right at flood stage. Hopefully, that was the crest and there won’t be too big of an issue over the weekend. I was so busy today – in fact, I’ve been busier this week than any week in recent memory. It has been exhausting – mostly mentally, which is worse. Even after I left the office and ran errands after work, I was still setting in on an IT conference call about the COVID-19 issues related to technology and the challenges it is presenting. I ran to the bank, Best Buy and Mary Ewing’s home to get stuff for Matt’s birthday. When I got home, Ann had already ordered Papa John’s pizza for Matt’s party. She and the kids had done a good job of cleaning the house. Matt & Taylor came home about a half hour after I got home and we enjoyed catching up with them for a while. Dee & Jamie joined us as well. Although Papa John’s delivers to your door, they now do it like FedEx where they leave it on your porch, ring the doorbell and then walk away. We sang a rousing version of the Birthday Song to Matt and enjoyed cake & ice cream on his special day. Mary’s cake was amazing as always. Although Gma & Gigi couldn’t be here, they did a drive-by to give Matt his present and then we used Facetime to bring them in to our kitchen so they could join us! Afterward, Matthew opened his presents and cards. His favorite? The two packs of toilet paper, of course! 😊 Who would’ve guessed that would even be at thing, but he cannot find it up in his neck of the woods. Abby got the kitchen table cleaned up and we had a euchre tourney. First up, Jamie & I smoked Matt & Abby in 2 games. Then after Dee & Jamie left, Matt & I took on Abs & Megan. It was more of the same as we beat the girls just as handily 2-0. We set up Matt & Taylor in the family room on the inflatable and we all turned in early because we wanted to be up early on Saturday. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp20.03.96 smp20.03.97 smp20.03.98 smp20.03.99 smp20.03.100 smp20.03.120 smp20.03.122 smp20.03.123 smp20.03.125 smp20.03.101 smp20.03.102 smp20.03.103 smp20.03.104 smp20.03.105 smp20.03.106 smp20.03.107 smp20.03.108 smp20.03.109 smp20.03.110 smp20.03.111 smp20.03.112 smp20.03.113 smp20.03.114 smp20.03.115 smp20.03.116 smp20.03.117 smp20.03.118 smp20.03.119 smp20.03.121 smp20.03.124 smp20.03.126 smp20.03.127 smp20.03.128

We were up early on Matt’s 24th birthday. Luke & I warmed up the cars (since it had dropped from the 60s yesterday to the 20s that morning!) and then braved the Wal of Mart for a big batch of supplies. When we got there, the line to get in was moving pretty good. We only had to wait a couple minutes to get in the door, but we heard the line was much longer earlier. We got there just as they opened at 7, as they’ve had to institute new temporary hours so they close overnight but apparently let the old folks in earlier as they were coming out as we were going in. The TP aisle was empty again by the time we got there, but I heard they didn’t have a truck last night. We got eggs, which were gone before we even got out of the aisle. They didn’t have any pasta either. It was strange seeing the bare shelves. We were there for about an hour, getting stocked up on supplies. Most people were polite but there were a few buttholes along the way. We found about everything we needed but did end up running to Dollar General and Needlers to finish up with the things we couldn’t find, like pasta and toilet paper. Thankfully, we did find everything we were looking for this week. We got everything put away and ate breakfast. Ann & Abby had got up early as well and drove to Wildflour Artisan Bakery in St. Paul for some amazing breakfast goodies for everyone. Later, Ann made Matt his birthday lunch. This year, he again chose well and asked for chicken fettucine alfredo. She added in fresh bread from Wildflour and made a wonderful lunch. We sat and talked for a while, laughing at Matt’s favorite TV show – Impractical Jokers. Luke & Abby ran out and grabbed us a couple packs of TP at Needlers that afternoon for backup. Matt & Taylor headed back up to Matt’s apartment in Greenwood but stopped to see Phyllis & Dick and drop off cake on their way out of town. They didn’t go in but visited on the porch through the storm door to keep them safe. That evening we got the news that Decatur County will be going on official lockdown on Monday morning. They call it a travel ban, closing most non-essential businesses. For now, it shouldn’t impact Ann & I too much, but we’ll see where it leads from here, I guess. We were advised to bring our work badges home just in case. All non-essential travel is not allowed. I hear they’re even calling in the National Guard as well. Abby moved out to the den to do homework and quizzes from the desk for a while after I finished writing out bills that evening. Ann made Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we settled in to watch a long movie called Ad Astra (with Brad Pitt) on the big screen until we turned in a little early, worn out from the day.

After going to bed early last night, I was up with the dawn on Sunday morning. I got a jump on our weekly household chores and enjoyed some Star Trek, Ancient Aliens and The Unexplained. The others slowly got up and joined me. Abby worked on her homework that morning and into the afternoon. Luke spent the day in front of his computer. We had talked about getting outside and throwing a baseball, but it was cold or rainy all day. We actually turned a little heat back on in the house because it had dropped down into the twenties / thirties. We ate the leftovers from yesterday’s run to the bakery and it was still amazing. We took it easy all day, watching DVR’d shows and practicing our social distancing. Luke regifted the Xbox 360 that he and Matt have been giving back and forth as a running gag for a few years now. Abby ended up with it in her room and today she and Luke had fun getting it going and playing old games on it. It’s good to see those to getting along instead of fighting for once! 😊 Later, they ran back to Needler’s to get stuff for Ann to make tacos and Mexican street corn for dinner. We destroyed that food because it was so damn good! We wound down the weekend watching some of our favorite shows, including The Simpsons, American Idol, The Walking Dead and Family Guy. It was a relaxing way to wrap up a llng week before we turn around and start it all over again tomorrow…

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature a few random photo albums we found stored in our bedroom closet. We lead off this week with another proof sheet from Ann’s photography class with scenes around the town of Franklin, circa 1990; and then we move on to September 1995 for more pix of our wedding in Greensburg, reception in Columbus and honeymoon on the northeastern seaboard.

Waybac.1990.apc47 Waybac.1990.apc48 Waybac.1990.apc49 Waybac.1990.apc50 Waybac.1990.apc51 Waybac.1990.apc52 Waybac.1990.apc53 Waybac.1990.apc54 Waybac.1990.apc55 Waybac.1990.apc56 Waybac.1990.apc57 Waybac.1995.09.taw88 Waybac.1995.09.taw89 Waybac.1995.09.taw90 Waybac.1995.09.taw91 Waybac.1995.09.taw92 Waybac.1995.09.taw93 Waybac.1995.09.tawr181 Waybac.1995.09.tawr182 Waybac.1995.09.tawr183 Waybac.1995.09.tawr184 Waybac.1995.09.tah77 Waybac.1995.09.tah79 Waybac.1995.09.tah80 Waybac.1995.09.tah81

And we wrap up this week’s entry with our video section which features one new home movie as well as several from around the internet.

Well that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom. Be safe out there….
Later, Scheu

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