You can Knock Me Down, I’m gonna Get Back Up…

Well, it’s been another interesting week, dealing with some adversity but we’re trying to stay positive about it. Delilah has been so sad because her neighbor friends moved away this week. We knew they were only staying here until the fall, so it wasn’t a shock. But that poor dog has been laying over by the fence, staring at their backdoor and barking, waiting on Zeus & Apolla (as we dubbed them). Abby returned from Europe with Will. We enjoyed spending as much time with them as we could muster, but they wound up being sick and felt like crud. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, Luke didn’t make the final cut this time. He was obviously upset, but after the initial shock and anger wore off, he doubled down and has a clear path in front of him to make it next year. Matt started his new job this week, but we didn’t get a chance to talk to him at all. We assume this new job is likely consuming a majority of his time. I just hope it doesn’t overwhelm him. Ann and I had good weeks at work and enjoyed spending time with family and friends when we could. My diet and exercise was just plain awful this week as I somehow managed to pack on 6 pounds. How is it that it takes me a month to lose 6 pounds but a week to put it back on?! The Power of the Past returned to the fairgrounds this week and was here for 5 days this year. Unfortunately, we never once made it out there to do any Hot Wheels hunting. Although I got to play three different frisbee golf courses this week (a first for me), I only managed to log ten miles of exercise and nine rounds of disc golf. I was a good son and checked in with both dads this week. Mom O had an appt with dermatologist that found some issues with an area on her skin that needs to come off. When you say the “C??? word, it can be scary…but thankfully, like Ann’s was a few years back – if they can get it all, it should be just fine. It reupped the idea that I need to get a patch on my right hand looked at some time soon as well. The start of the week was cooler and pleasant but as the week progressed it got hotter and more humid – joy! I’m sure it will be more of the same next week… Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work for Ann & I on a hazy Monday morning. It was a cooler, overcast day but I was cool with that. Thankfully, my computer was actually working correctly when I got it back into the office. I closed out the ticket I opened on Friday and kept busy all day. I got all the paperwork from the weekend caught up, attended meetings, did some video surveillance rounds and got the contract approved in the UHS system for our parking lot project. I even got to talk to Justin a couple times that day. I did a 24-hour fast that day and got in two and a half miles of walking as I played 18 holes of frisbee golf after work. On my way to parking at the course, I stopped by a couple holes and pulled out the rubber mallet I brought along that day and pounded a few of the stakes back into the ground that had come loose over the past several months. About halfway through the first round, the wind really picked up and was steadily blowing out of the north. I struggled on the holes going directly into it and wound up with a 25 on the 1st nine and then threw a 27, ending with a disappointing 52 – the highest in nearly a month. I was hoping that the guys would still have the baskets up from Friday. My buddies at the airport had called me on Friday afternoon to see if I wanted to come play on the course with all the baskets out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in town to play the course the way it was intended, so I’ll have to wait until they do it next time. We stopped at the Amoco station after we got back to town and found that gas had gone up about $.30 overnight. After getting gas in Black Betty, we went through the Sonic drive thru to get a couple of cherry limeade slushes. We came home only long enough to swap cars and take Tonya over to Mom & Sandy’s house. They insisted that we take it up to Indy in the morning to get the kids from the airport. We went in and talked for about an hour, laughing and catching up. We came home, but by that time my body was too tired and stiff to play golf at the park. Instead, I worked from home for a little bit and got our capital expense request submitted to UHS for our parking lot project. We took it easy that night, watching a few shows on the DVR and starting the new season of American Horror Stories on Hulu while Ann fell asleep then went on to bed. I wound up staying up way too late, fixated on the shows. They are much better than the first season, IMHO. I wound up staying up past 1 and only stopped then because I was caught up on the season. Meanwhile, Matt began his first week of training for his new job that morning. He is currently working remotely from his apartment in Carmel. So far, he really likes it. Sure, it’s a challenge because he’s learning new things; but he said that he feels much more comfortable with the pace of things and the people on his team, which is great news. I meant to ask if they did anything fun for Taylor’s birthday yesterday. Abby and Will packed up and said goodbye to Norway. She said that they took a ferry across the water to Oslo to catch the plane. One of his friends picked them up in a very compact car and apparently, they didn’t have enough room for everyone once all their bags were in the car…so Will wound up having to drive a scooter behind them – LOL. They flew across the pond to New York and landed safely at JFK that night. They had a 12-hour layover before catching a flight back to Indy in the morning. Luke had some interesting news. He was contacted by the leadership of the fire department and was asked to come into the station for a meeting. He’s not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, so he’ll just have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to find out what’s going on. He said good-bye to Oakley that day, who headed off to school. I didn’t have much of a chance to talk with him that day, as he retreated to his room and played video games most of the night. After replacing one of the wheels on Roomba yesterday, it errored out today. However, we think it just got stuck on a low part of the couch and hope it performs better tomorrow. We tried to take the van over to Gma & Gigi’s house but when I tried to start it, it wouldn’t even turn over, so I’m pretty sure we need to replace the battery. I’ll need to get it pulled and have AutoZone check it. Looks like it’s about 7 or 8 years old, so it likely just needs replaced. I was very happy that day to get my new SD card installed in my phone with nearly my entire music collection on it. It is the largest card that my phone can handle – a half gig of space. It took almost the entire day yesterday to load all the files and then I had to re-mount it today and after that, it worked great all day. Luke pointed out that Bryan did a yard job on us again when he left the other night. There are two huge burn-out tire tracks, right up by the front door. I could’ve killed him! Grrr…. Here are more pictures from Abby’s European vacation last week – including pictures from Germany and Norway. Here is round two of pictures from Abby’s European vacation last week.

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Tuesday was a big day for us. I got up on time to work a half day from home while Ann slept in and took the day off. I got a big chunk of my Safety Committee report done before it was time to go get the kids. The traffic was fairly good, though we both noticed that there were a ton of semis on the road anymore…which is probably a good sign that commerce is moving again in this country. We only spent like 2 or 3 minutes in the cell phone lot before the kids were calling, saying they had picked up their bags and were headed out. It was perfect timing! It was so good to see our little Bu back home, safe and sound. We stopped in Greenwood for lunch at our old stomping grounds – Shallos. We introduced Will to their homemade chips and dip…which was a hit, of course! We had a big lunch and a couple drinks before heading down to campus in Franklin. The kids ran into the Sig house to pickup a few things and we were off again, headed home. We got the car unloaded and talked to Luke for a little while. The Chief had called an impromptu meeting ahead of his interview with the mayor tomorrow. Unfortunately, they informed him that he had not made it through to the next round. He was obviously disappointed but we encouraged him to keep his head up and keep trying. We always knew this was a possibility but it’s hard, for sure. He went ahead and attended his class up at New Pal (Fire 1) with Alex, who is now also joining Luke on the journey to try and get on the force. He didn’t get home until late that evening, just as I was heading to bed. I did a little work on my computer, answering emails and then headed out to go play some disc golf. Abby stopped me as I was headed out the door, saying she wanted to play too. Will also joined us. Initially, I headed out to the park but then did a U-turn and headed over to Batesville to play at Liberty Park. I’m glad we did – the kids would’ve surely lost a disc or two in the pond! LOL! We had fun but I totally stomped them with a new PB of 21 on that course. It should’ve actually been much better, but it was all good. Abby narrowly beat Will by one stroke with a new PB for her at 29. I was hoping to play a 2nd round, but it started raining as we walked off 9 so we just went to the car and drove to our favorite liquor store. We wound up with a couple bottles, a couple cigars and mini keg of Heineken. When we got back home, I worked on the blog while the kids retreated to Abby’s room to relax briefly. It wasn’t long before we hopped back in the car and went to ElRep for dinner. It was funny that we all got taco salads and split a pitcher of margaritas – yum! When we got back, Ann and I watched a couple shows on the TV and I wound up snoring (nothing unusual there…). The kids woke me up and gave us a bunch of goodies from their trip, including some a few Hot Wheels, some liquor, some elk and reindeer jerky, and a Team Norway hat – to name a few. The kids wanted to play some euchre. So, we moved to the kitchen table and proceeded to teach the kids a lesson on how to play cards, beating them two games to zip. We ended the night in style with me going out with a lay-down loner! Will spent the night, since school doesn’t start for him for another couple weeks yet.

It was back to work for the girls and I on Humpday. Abs headed back to Greenwood for the first time in two weeks. Luke got back so late that he didn’t get the cars swapped back, so Abs took the Escape. I had an orientation class to teach that morning – one of our biggest in a while with five attendees. We need many, many more employees…so if you or someone you know is looking for work, please see me! Afterward, I focused on finishing my Safety report (a good thing, since the meeting is tomorrow!). Julie came over and cleaned the house that day and it looked really nice when we got home. The boys enjoyed sleeping in that morning and later ordered Jimmy Johns. I’m not sure when they started delivering to the neighborhood! I know that when they opened, they did not…so this is important news. I had a fast, busy day at work. We dealt with the state (Disability Rights folks), the police and DCS. There were allegations, serious behavioral issues and of course staffing shortages. I worked on POs and taught a New Hire Orientation class in the morning. I wound up going out for lunch at Snappy Tomato Pizza with Vic & Brent. That afternoon, I worked on my Safety Committee report then spent the last two hours of the day with Vic & Roy – cleaning up a minor flood from an overflowing commode that ran for over an hour. We got all the water sucked up, all the floors and furniture dried and then sanitized everything. By the time I got out of work, it was too late to do anything but pickup Ann. But when we got back to town, I dropped her off and headed out to the park to play three different courses in three days – a first for me. I played 18 holes and got in a good sweat, walking over two miles in the 80-degree warmth. Thankfully, the humidity was still low that day and I didn’t fade like I sometimes do at the end when it’s really hot outside. I threw a 20 on the front 9 and a 23 on the back to end with a 43, just one stroke off my PB. When I got back, Ann and the kids were enjoying some porch time, grilling a couple pork loins and veggies on the gas grill. She said all the kids helped her prepare the meal that evening – even the boys got in on the action with Luke seasoning the meat and Will cutting the potatoes. Luke gave him a hard time, saying he was doing it wrong. He said, “You’re cutting them Norway-style, but Mom wants them cut USA-style.??? LOL – Will didn’t know what to think! I enjoyed a cold beer with them before we moved inside to eat dinner. Ann made some yummy red potatoes to go with it, which was more than enough to fill all of us. I did the dishes and then we played a couple more games of euchre. The kids got the best of us in both games, winning marathon matches, 10-9 both times. As Will put it, the “Summer Series??? is now tied 2-2. ???? Will enjoyed some porch time this afternoon with the dogs and his mini keg of Heineken – LOL. Abby said she had a good but long day back to work. She said all her coworkers were glad to see her that day and that they gave her a hard time. Luke worked with Chad that day, doing lawncare for a dozen customers. I didn’t hear from Matt again that day, but that’s cool because I assume it means he’s focused on that new job of his. I sure hope he likes this one better than the last one with Cathy. During cards, Abby did a little mixology for us, using that new bottle of Linie aquavit, creating a Cranberry Aquavit & Tonic that was really good. We also had a couple sippers and nearly killed the bottle in one sitting…oops. That night, it didn’t take long for Ann & I to fall asleep watching a show or two on the tele. Once Ann went to bed, Luke came out of his room and went to Taco Bell for a 4th meal for us. We ate and watched a couple episodes of South Park before calling it a night. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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Thursday morning came way too early. My workday was crazy! I felt bad because Jim set up a walkthrough of a new perspective building for outpatient services and I was so snowed-under that I couldn’t even attend it. ? I did some finance and IT stuff before I started working on my Safety Committee report. I finished it and then did my weekly rounds. When I finished those, I went to Morning Meeting. Afterward, I met up with the guys at Steak n’ Shake. I gave them shit for leaving with out me and just ditching me. Justin was back that day. It was good to see him, but apparently it was too soon as it felt like the band aid got ripped off all over again and I realized how much I actually missed the damn Millennial- LOL. Dennis was also able to make it that day, so it was good to catch up with those two jokers for a while. Brent and JC also made it out. We said our good-byes and headed back for our monthly Marathon Meeting that afternoon. We did PI, Pt Safety Council and my EOC Safety Committee. When we finished, I had enough time to finish the weekly video surveillance reviews and head out to the disc course on the airport property. I only had time for one round, as I was late again. I started off pretty good but tried to hurry my game to get done on time and wound up making a couple of stupid throws. I continued trying to throw my newest disc – the Valkyrie – with varying degrees of success. It is a faster disc than I was previously able to throw, but I’m starting to get better at it. I might try to count it in my arsenal next week. I also continued trying to throw forehand throws on hole 2 but still can’t get the hang of it yet… I ended with a 25. Abby headed back to work that morning and took Will with her. She dropped him off at FC so he could do some SAE stuff this week and next, as he is the house president for his upcoming senior year. They, of course, forgot a few things and so we brought them with us – expecting them to send a friend after them (since it’s only a little over a 15-minute drive from campus to my work, traffic permitting). However, as I was finishing my round of golf, I was informed that we were first meeting her in Taylorsville and then we were driving up to Franklin. Huh…miss us already, Bu? After we dropped off their stuff, we told them to hop in the car and we drove downtown to our old haunt – Mike’s Bar & Grill (now called the Grill Bar). We sat at our favorite table in the back and had a big draft beer in a Mason jar and had some cheese balls. We decided to eat dinner as well. I had to go with their old grease bomb of a bacon cheeseburger and onion rings. It is still as good as it was back in the 80s/90s. We always enjoying seeing pictures of all the people from the past that they have up in montages on the wall. We saw one of the old bar flies that Mom & Dad used to always tease me about. Little Joey was a good ol’ boy that always seemed to have had one too many. His famous line to Mom & Dad was always, “Put him in pigtails!??? …referring to my long, flowing locks of thick hair – always the longest in the bar, including almost all the women at the time. Hey, big hair was in man! ???? I totally rocked that “super mullet??? as Drake used to call it – LOL! Good times… We enjoyed another adult beverage then headed down the road, stopping in at the liquor store by campus to see Will’s buddy. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there but we still found a few new bottles for our liquor cabinet and the kids needed to have something to drink at the Sig house. We said our good-byes and headed back home. We decided we needed to call all the parents, so we phoned Mom O and my two dads. They were all doing well. We tried to check in on Matt, but he was busy eating and said he’d call later. But we both knew he’d fall asleep and forget. I’ll let you guess which one actually came to fruition… We didn’t see Luke until after he got back from his Fire 1 class up in Indy. His lifelong friend (and neighbor), Alex, is now joined Luke on his quest to get on the fire department. They are both attending the Fire 1 class and sharing rides, which is great. We didn’t even see Luke that day until he returned from class that night. When we got back to town, I was a little bloated and needed to go walk off my dinner. I decided to play a quick game of twilight disc golf. Between being tired, being bloated, and lack of proper light – I was on the struggle bus most of the time. Plus, I was trying to hurry up before I lost all of my light. I nearly had a disastrous throw from the tee on 5 (the island), when the disc cut hard to the left and skipped into the heavy brush / ravine that dropped into the pond. Thankfully, I found it after only looking for about 60 seconds, but I was starting to panic a little! I didn’t realize how tired I was until I sat down to watch some TV with Annie afterward and pretty much fell right to sleep. In fact, Ann & I were both sound asleep in the living room when Luke barged in and scared the shit out of us. I thanked him for mowing and trimming the lawn – it looked great. We got up and went to bed, having only talked to the Dukester for about 30 seconds all day…although I did find out from Ann earlier that day: it’s official – he and Samantha are officially an item now. I don’t know if that’s called dating or seeing each other or going steady or going out or going together or what they’re calling it these days…but he’s happy and that’s all I know. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

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We enjoyed sleeping in just a little on Friday morning. We eventually ran through Dunkin, where the guy completed our order before we could even tell him what we wanted that morning! I guess we’re pretty boring and predictable… I dropped Ann off downtown at her office and ran out to Walmart to pickup our weekly supplies. I returned to the house and worked from home for about 6 ½ hours before calling it a day. Luke went out and mowed a couple lawns to make a little $. We surprised him with his tax rebate from the state. In fact, Ann sent all three kids their $200 from the state. They didn’t even know about it…we could’ve kept and they’d never known…dammit! After he finished mowing, he pulled the battery out of Barney and took it to AutoZone. As expected, it was bad. He got it replaced and installed for me – with the friends and family discount (his refund check – LOL). He was actually very helpful and got it up and running for us in no time. Afterward, he got cleaned-up and had Sam over. Later, they went out on a date to the Cheesecake Factory. When Ann came home, she made popcorn and took a long nap in her chair. When I finished working, I opened a package that came in the mail – it was another LP I purchased…my second of the week. Back on Tuesday, I got an original Xanadu LP that has purportedly been played only once or twice. I remember buying the soundtrack the next day after seeing the movie with Neil, out in Temple City, California. However, I had gotten a taper recorder for either Christmas or birthday and so I was building my tape collection. I remember that Kiss – Ace Frehley was my first cassette and that the Xanadu soundtrack was my second. So, I never actually had the album in vinyl. I’ve had it on CD for years and even in VHS and DVD as well…but never in this format. Today, though, I received another LP from my childhood. This one goes all the way back to ’76 – when we were still in Lafayette. It was an old K-Tel record from K-Mart called Right On. I wore that record out – Thin Lizzy, Heart, Firefall, ELO, Bay City Rollers, Lou Rawls, Diana Ross, Smokey & the Miracles, Elton John, Commodores, Abba, War, Pilot, Brick…and the list goes on. There’s 20 songs loaded on this. My record is in awful shape with hisses, scratches, skips and even a little warped. This one is in excellent condition. Doesn’t look like it was played very much. I can’t wait to hear them both… I spoke to Ann and I think I have a short-term plan for the family room. I’ve finally agreed to get rid of the big screen Samsung TV that Mom & Dad gave us when they moved down to FLA. The picture is starting to fade after all these years and I’m not going to pay to fix it, so it’s time to get rid of it. Honestly, I haven’t used the Pioneer audio gear in quite a while and probably won’t be using it anytime soon, so that can all go into storage for now as well. I want to move the picture albums out of here and then we can move that shelf and Pachinko machine out into the garage until we have grandkids that want to play it. That will allow room for the shelving units that came out of Luke’s room on either side of the fireplace and I can finally get my records out of the garage and store/display that collection in them. Now I just need time to do all that stuff. It likely won’t be this weekend, but maybe next… After work, I went out to the park and played some disc golf. What a difference a day makes. After my horrendous round last night, I nearly had a new PB. I birdied the first 5 holes then had a long putt bounce off the goal on 6. Then after two more birdies, I had a bad tee shot on 9 and wound up with a tough lie that again caused my putt to glance off the goal and finished with a 20 – 1 stroke off my record. I followed it up with a 23 from the back 9 and ended with a 43 on the day. I came home in time to see the kids (all gussied up) head out on a date, up in Greenwood at the Cheesecake Factory. Ann and I got changed and decided to go watch some high school football. It was opening night for the Pirates as we travelled over to Shelbyville. During Luke’s tenure on the varsity team (4 years), we never lost to the Golden Bears…so the kids had a little bit to live up to that evening. It was so nice not having to lug camera equipment, get there early to get a good seat and feel rushed. It didn’t even matter if we missed kickoff! ???? It was the most relaxing, least-stressful drive to a football game I’ve ever had; I think! I wasn’t thinking about the game plan, the defense, tendencies, injuries, getting a good seat for filming, getting there in a timely manner so we don’t miss a single second of anything. Hell, I didn’t even care if we missed kickoff! LOL! It was different not having a child to root for, not filming or taking pictures and just enjoying the game. It went so fast, too! We were surprised to find the game only lasted two hours. It was great to see our sports-parent friends and everyone was so welcoming and seemed genuinely happy to see us. As for the game itself, it was quite entertaining. The game went back and forth and halfway through the 4th quarter, the game was tied – well, I think Shelbyville was actually up by 1 point. That’s when Greensburg turned it up a notch. They came down and answered the score with a TD with like 5 minutes to play and went up 6 points. On the ensuing drive, the defense finally got a turnover (the only one of the game) and a couple plays later, Luke’s good friend Caden sealed the game with a 65-yard sprint down the far sideline to put the game away. The crowd went crazy! Sure, the Bears aren’t the best team in the conference, but you can only play the teams on your schedule. It wasn’t a perfect game by any means (we need to work on tackling, pass coverage and pursuit angles), but the team found a way to win. And that’s really the bottom line. Enjoy the win tonight, Pirates and Monday, let’s get ready for the next game. The team only has three home games this year, so Ann & I talked about attending a few local games, like tonight. When we got home, Luke & Sami had just gotten back from their big date and said they had a good time. Like last night, Ann & I started to watch a couple shows and fell asleep. This time, it was me who went to bed while Ann stayed up with the pooches. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.08.35 hwc22.08.36 hwc22.08.37 hwc22.08.38 hwc22.08.39 hwc22.08.40 hwc22.08.41 hwc22.08.42 hwc22.08.43 hwc22.08.44 hwc22.08.45 hwc22.08.46 hwc22.08.47 hwc22.08.48 hwc22.08.49 hwc22.08.50 hwc22.08.51 hwc22.08.52 hwc22.08.53 hwc22.08.54

Having gone to bed fairly early last night, I was up at first light on Saturday morning while Annie slept in. With Luke having mowed for me this week, I had the day off and was able to focus on editing pictures and videos and then wrote out all the html code as well. Luke worked out at the YMCA for the first time in like three days and came back a little sore and tired. He showered then had Samantha over that afternoon. They went to a “Diaper Party??? which I’m told is similar to a baby shower. I told Luke we were going to a diaper party too – my boss (Jim’s) 60th birthday party – LOL! ???? Abby & Will were supposed to go to the Colts / Lions game at Lucas Oil Stadium. However, Will wasn’t able to attend due to a fraternity event so Abby wound up going to Bloomington and hanging out on Lake Monroe with her sorority sister Sara. Jamie sent us a big group chat message, trying to organize a Draft Day for our fantasy football league. With so many people, it wasn’t surprising that there a few folks that had trouble making time for it. After several hours, I think we finally achieved a consensus that worked for everyone. The best part is that Ann is going to make biscuits & gravy while we have mimosas. ???? Early that evening, Ann & I got cleaned-up and headed to a beach-themed party in Franklin. It was a surprise party for Jim, who spent the day playing golf with friends and family. They had him blindfolded when he got home and had no idea that there were 50 people waiting on him in his front yard. My work buddies Justin & Justin were there with their wives as well as Abby’s ex, Gary. It was good to catch up with him. We still like the kid and have told him before that even though he & Abby are broken up, Ann & I didn’t break up with him, LOL. We were glad to hear he was doing well, doing the whole adult thing now. Justin, Justin, Jim & I had some Glenlivet along with a little Coors Light on draft. Justin & I did a shot of Kraken with Garrett. Nikki had a nice spread of food, including a simple but somehow amazing chicken & rice dish. It reminded me of how much Matt & his buddies loved Ann’s Dirty Rice at wrestling tourneys. We were there for several hours, laughing and hanging out before we grudgingly said out goodbyes and headed home. We wound up stopping in Shelbyville to pee at Arby’s and grabbed some curly fries for the ride home. We also got a 3-pc fish with their new hush puppy batter that was really good – even w/o any sauce. I just ate them straight up. I’ll definitely do those again. Luke & Sam were already home by the time we got back. They were watching a movie in his room so we didn’t say much. I tried to watch the Colts game but fell asleep and just decided to go on to bed.

We were hoping to sleep in a little more than we did on Sunday morning. I put on the Xfinity race at the Glenn and picked up the house a little. Annie made biscuits and gravy to get a little something in our bellies that would stick to our ribs. Luke got up and joined us for breakfast at the kitchen table. Abby joined us that morning, though she wasn’t feeling her best. She and Will have both been under the weather a little since they returned from Europe. In fact, Will had a temp above a hundred that day, so we bought a couple Covid tests for the kids to take that evening. Luke wound up going out of state, running around with his buddies that day. Meanwhile, Abby joined Ann & I on a Jeep ride. It was the send annual 4x4s, Finances & Funding Event – a fundraiser by Angie’s Ameriprise company that benefits Greensburg Police Department K9 Fund. We drove out to meet Bryan at the Sunken Boat Bar to pick him up and drive him uptown to meet up with Angie and all the others taking part in the ride that day. Bryan loaned me his new Honda UTV to drive that day. It was really cool! I think we need one now!! ???? We were lucky enough to dodge the storms that rolled through that afternoon with some key navigation by Angie herself. We first rode out to a small roadside bar called Lumberjacks in Butlerville. It reminded me of the bars back in the 80s and 90s. We had a drink and lunch, resting up and talking to others before we headed back out again. Our next stop was at The Union Bar & Grill in Napoleon. We enjoyed another drink and some snacks and talked with some of the other folks that joined us. In particular, I spoke to our friend Mark, who offered Luke a job! We had a few different people ask about Luke that day. I heard some very nice words about him later from a couple different people. We ended our ride by coming back to the Sunken Boat Bar where Bryan, Shawn and Konk were grilling and prepping a nice dinner for everyone. We stayed dry the entire time…until I drove past their home and went on into town to pick up a bag of ice and for the bar and we topped-off the gas tank in the side-by-side as well. It rained on us in town but it didn’t last long, thankfully. Back at the house, I tended bar with Shawn & Pat, as a thank you to Bryan & Angie while they mingled and networked. There were about 30-40 vehicles in the caravan and about 50-75 people that came out to dinner afterward. We had a good time, especially when Shawn, Konk, Abby, Ann & I enjoyed a very nice flight of tequilas – including 1800 Cristalino (which we will be picking up when we get back over to the Batesville liquor store), then Nulu anejo, followed by Adictivo extra anejo, and finally Don Julio 1942 anejo. They were all delicious – but Abs and I especially enjoyed that 1800. When we got back to the house, Lola had crapped in her bed – the 2nd time she popped in the house. We’re not sure what she ate, but we saw her chewing on something (a toad?) in the backyard and it obviously did not sit well with her gut, as it was pretty runny. Abby came home and laid down in her bed and instantly fell asleep and slept the entire evening. She had planned on going back to Franklin that evening, but she slept the entire time. I told her she needed to likely take the day off tomorrow and just let her body rest. She and Will have been going non-stop for a few weeks now. Luke went out to the YMCA to lift weights that night, getting home just before midnight. That evening, Ann & I tried to watch a couple new shows but they were both boring and so we just turned them off. We eventually settled on the new Game of Thrones – House of the Dragon, which premiered that night on HBO. Ann went to bed afterward and I watched the Colts game before heading that way myself. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and a great way to put a cap on another fast week, here at the Scheu abode.

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature old digital pictures from Dee’s camera in about 2007. We actually start in Dec 2006 with pictures of the girls and dogs in the Main St. home, before we move on to 2007: Feb – Max in the Main St home, Sandy on the campaign trail in March; Matt & Grace at the Reds game in Cincy in Apr; Memorial Day weekend fun in May; Primary Day for the Gigster Group in May; Luke’s bday in June, 4th of July festivities, Gracie’s bday in July; Sandy’s birthday in July, Muffin’s new home in Aug; the Van Halen concert in Oct; Maryann’s bday in Nov; and the annual Owens Christmas Eve celebration on Main St in December – which includes a rare picture of Mom. It appears that the elders are either tired, hungry or both! ????

Waybac.2006.12.gad29 Waybac.2006.12.gad30 Waybac.2007.02.mwb01 Waybac.2007.03.sfm22 Waybac.2007.04.rg06 Waybac.2007.05.mdw18 Waybac.2007.05.mdw19 Waybac.2007.05.spv07 Waybac.2007.06.lbd01 Waybac.2007.07.foj85 Waybac.2007.07.foj86 Waybac.2007.07.foj87 Waybac.2007.07.foj88 Waybac.2007.07.foj89 Waybac.2007.07.foj90 Waybac.2007.07.foj91 Waybac.2007.07.gbd26 Waybac.2007.07.gbd27 Waybac.2007.07.gbd28 Waybac.2007.07.gbd29 Waybac.2007.07.sbd15 Waybac.2007.08.mb07 Waybac.2007.10.vhc22 Waybac.2007.10.vhc23 Waybac.2007.11.mab11 Waybac.2007.12.ce16

And to wrap up this week’s entry, we have our video segment – which features two new home movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s blog entry. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom…
Later, Scheu

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