When I feel You near Me Little Girl

Ugh; this has been such a loooooooong week, man. While our little girl is showing obvious signs of growing up, I thought it was sweet that when she came across her old tea set, she invited me to sit down with her for a tea party. I got a couple cute pix of the event, proving that she is probably having a few mixed feelings about growing older…which I think we all do, no matter what our age. While our entire family has been trying to fight off some sort of respiratory/sinus bug, our schedules haven’t allowed any time for recuperation. On Monday, we passed our Health & Sanitation survey. We are still awaiting the Fire Marshal & State Licensing surveys in the near future. Abby’s soccer practice was cancelled, as was her dance class; so we had the night off! Luke & I went bike riding when we got home and attempted to close the pool. Although we found the correct chemicals, I could not find a winter pool cover, locally. We refuse to give our money to the local pool guy, who was a total dick to us a couple years ago. I was going to pick one up online, but Ann wants to check out a store in Columbus instead. That night, Luke & I enjoyed the first night of the year of Monday Night Football – I was in disbelieve that Matt wouldn’t watch it with us and instead played on the Xbox 360. Perhaps his mind was on the big news that put Greensburg in the national spotlight. One of his classmates committed suicide. The parents and the school are blaming each other. The school claims a psychiatric condition and frequent fights at home caused the depression while the parents say that he was bullied. He was supposedly gay and was likely teased and harassed for his sexual orientation. Although Greensburg has been known as being closed-minded and conservative in the past, who here can honestly say they weren’t picked-on in school at some point. I’m not saying that it is right, only that it is embedded in our culture and is likely simply human nature to be fearful and ridicule that which we don’t understand. I just think it’s too convenient to place blame on the school / others (which is all too prevalent today) when everything starts (and should be handled) in the home. But I digress, here is the story done by an Indy TV station that we saw that night when we went to pick up Matt from football practice:

atfo1 atfo2On Tuesday, I was supposed to have the first part of our generator replacement project completed. It included coordinating the entire hospital to undergo a complete power outage for approximately 60 minutes. It took several days to get it all worked out; but we pulled it off and it went off without a hitch…on OUR side that is… However, the power company decided not to show up (I’m seeing a history with service calls in my life)…it turns out Duke didn’t have it on their “correct” schedule – whatever that means…c’mon man, gimme a freakin’ break…that was B.S. So, we went through all our preparations with our staff & residents for absolutely nothing. We were livid. On the bright side, we did learn a few lessons for when it actually does happen – supposedly next Tuesday…but we’ll have to wait and see if Duke actually decides to show up this time… Although I went in early and was expecting to work a 16 hour day, I actually got off a little early, picked up Luke & Abby and took them to soccer practice. I again helped facilitate Lukey’s practice, which was another good one. We came home and Ann had some good cheesy popcorn waiting for us. Ann & I enjoyed a quiet evening on the couch, catching up on our DVR’ed shows. On Wednesday, Ann took Abby to dance practice and I took Luke for another bike ride. He led us through the woods for the first time. He did wipe out a couple times, but bounced right back. He wore me out and although we made ourselves supper and did his homework but by the time Ann got home, I was already asleep on the couch! We actually got a little rain that night. We officially had the driest August in recent history – and our pool has vouched for that, as we’ve had to fill it time and time again; to the point where the water company actually came back out a second time to verify our meter read and to look for signs of a leak…goodie; I wonder how big THAT bill will be? 🙂 We actually contacted the water company to ask for a break on the sewage and were told that a new bill was recently passed where they can’t unless I submit an Affidavit…so I don’t know that we’ll have time to do all that… Anyhow; on Thursday, Abby had her big day…it was her 11th birthday! I had the opportunity to be the first to sing Happy Birthday to her as I woke her up. Grandma got in the 2nd one (ha, ha, I beat you MaryAnn!!) ;-P Ann made her a birthday breakfast of pancakes, which she asked for and was the third one to sing to her. Abby had her name announced on the radio, which she was excited about. When Abby got home, she got to hear what has become a tradition of Grandma Bryan leaving a singing telegram on our voice mail. She got a kick out of that and also of Keith, Rosie & Megan singing to her on the VM as well. Ann took the day off to run errands. Matt had a good check-up at the dentist. Abby was surprised when Mom showed up at school to eat lunch with her. Ann, Phyllis and Jamie Hellmich all volunteered to take a turn at making dinner for the kids after playing their football game. Certain parents (well, okay, moms and grandmas) took turns this year of feeding the kids after away games this year. They served sandwiches, Doritos, rice crispy treats, Power-Aid and Phyllis made some awesome homemade brownies (thanks for the sample, Phyllis!). Needless to say, the kids ate absolutely everything they served tonight. Grandma, Gigi, Deanna & Gracie had a surprise party for Abby this evening after Aunt Dee took her to dance class for us. Unfortunately, we couldn’t be there with her, as we travelled an hour to the Lawrenceburg for Matt’s football game. The last time we played there, it was a mess. There were several controversies, including an inadvertent whistle during the game-winning touchdown run by our quarterback when the referee didn’t know that he had faked the hand-off. Their kids have historically played dirty and their coaches have been nimrods as well in our experience with them. The Pirates had no trouble with the Tigers this time around, however. The Pirates had only four possessions, but scored on each of them with long, sustained drives lasting about 7 minutes. They were able to really grind it out with the running game and dominated the line of scrimmage all night. They won 28-0 in their first shutout of the year! Matt played much of the game, but less on the offense this game. He did start at defensive tackle and special teams, but also had a dozen or so plays at tight end. This was probably his best game of the year! He had a key fumble recovery when Lawrenceburg was making its only real threat of scoring when the score was still 6-0. He also had a handful of solo tackles and was in on several other gang tackles. He had a beautiful pancake and knocked a couple other kids on their asses in the process as well! He hit harder in this game than he has all year. We were so proud of his play and all the kids’ play at this game. The Pirates obviously won the time of possession for the game, as they held it for about 90% of the game. The game went by so fast due to both teams being primarily running teams that it lasted only about an hour and we got home a lot sooner than we had planned.

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Abby got to eat some birthday chocolate pie (with candles) where we sang to her again! She opened up her presents too. She has already made out like a bandit and her official party isn’t until Sunday! She received a couple new DS games, a nice cover for her DS and a cool digital sound system for her iPod (basically a docking station). The scary thing was that when Ann went to go take out her contacts later, she smelled something burning and found that this new device was melting and was nearly on fire. When we unplugged it, we could barely pick the damn thing up because it was so hot! Ann plans to not only take it back, but also to call Memorex as well. After the kids went to bed, we plopped on the couch and watched our DVR programs. One of our favorite new shows is Covert Affairs on the USA network. Besides the interesting spy plots and lovely star (Piper Perabo); the coolest part of this show is the episode titles, which borrow their names from Led Zeppelin song titles!! Like I said, it was a strange day in Greensburg. When Abby stayed with Grandma, she had her scanner on and they heard all types of things that night, such as a guy riding a bike and tazing people all over town, a fight in the trailer court and yet another suicide via hanging…very sad.

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On Friday, I saw my good friend Allen Smith, of Biggest Loser fame. He still looks great. After we finished some business, he signed some pictures for a couple of our residents and one of our employees. I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple for myself. I’ll have to have him sign them for me some time…LOL! I’ll post the pictures next week. That evening, Matt traveled with the varsity team to South Dearborn. They lost a close one, 32-28 to drop their record to 2-4. He didn’t get home till late. I fell asleep on the couch early and thankfully, Ann went to get him when he was finally at home after midnight. On Saturday, I was up early with Matt to take him in to football practice. I came home and did a few tasks around the house before watching Star Wars Clone Wars on the DVR with Luke. I then took the kids with me to Grandma and Gigi’s house to hang out while I mowed. It was the first time in about a month, which was the last time I had gotten the mower out! The truck hadn’t been started in that same time period, so it wouldn’t start until I jumped it with the van. The grass was a little longer than I thought it would be; well at least in spots – other spots were completely dead. It was also much warmer today; much warmer than it had been all week. After being able to open up the house all week, we finally had to close it up and turn the air back on. 🙁 We got home just in time to go out to the soccer fields for Luke & Abby’s soccer games. Ann went to pick up Matt from practice, so she met us at the fields. The games had a late start due to Fall Festival going on over the weekend. This morning, there was a parade; thus the late game times to allow folks to go to it. Abby was up first. She started again this week. She played defense exclusively this game. She did switch around to different spots, but stayed on that side of the field the whole game. The defense was much improved with her dedicated to that spot. She played her role well as the defense as a whole only gave up one goal…unfortunately, Greensburg (dubbed “The Grapes” since their uniform is purple and the cluster around the ball like grapes on a vine) wasn’t able to put the ball in the goal and they lost yet again 1-0…granted it’s better; but it’s still a loss. With their loss to the Batesville Gators, they lowered their record to 0-6 for the year. During the game, Luke went over to a vacant field to warm-up with the coach’s daughter, Emma. It seems he never has a shortage of girl friends around him wherever the boy goes…

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Luke followed Abby’s game, and was easily the best game of his short career!! His team played the Jets yet again (third time this year, I think). This is Luke Hellmich’s team, so we sat next to Phyllis & Dick at the game. We called it the Luke & Luke show, as it was dominated by the play of these two. During warm-ups, their coach got pulled away, so I jumped out and worked on them shooting goals before the game. It must’ve helped, since there were several goals scored this game. Luke got to be one of the captains before the game, which he was excited about. Luke started off on defense and played awesome over there. He was really geared up for this game and was really hustling and kicking the ball hard. …so hard, in fact that two of the balls he kicked from behind the midfield line nearly went in the goal! One was real close, as it banged hard off the goal post and the other was just a couple feet wide-right. Thankfully, coach moved him to forward for the 2nd quarter and it paid off. He scored his first goal by accident as he attempted to pass it to his teammate in front of the goal who whiffed on the shot (which surprised the goalie, as she shifted her body to block the shot) and the ball squeaked past for a goal! The second one was much more pronounced as he shot it hard from the left wing and it went straight through in the air, past the goalie. He was moved to goalie for the third quarter and only had one chance at a save, which he did. Surprisingly, he was put back in at forward for the 4th quarter, despite the score being 3-0. He had five more shots on goal; one that was a very hard shot that was stopped; but had to hurt (you could hear the ball hit the goalie’s chest!)…which probably helped determine her reaction to the next shot…which was much softer, but she obviously bailed out when he kicked and scored his third goal for the first hat trick in the history of the Scheu family!!! Way to go, Lukey! He was totally in the zone today and was thoroughly exhausted by game’s end. But that was only the start of the excitement for Luke today. When we got home, Ann went scrapbooking for the day with Amy and didn’t get back till late. The kids and I worked outside most of the day. Luke attempted to watch a Star Wars program we had recorded on the DVR and instead ended up buying a $10 movie. The lady I spoke with at Comcast was very kind and helped me to not only get the cost removed from our account but also helped me to put a password pin for any future purchases, which should alleviate this from happening by accident again in the future. As I was mowing the front yard, our neighbor (Mr. Walters) stopped me and asked me if the tool in his hand was my hammer. I told him I thought it was and asked why he had it. He told me to come with him and my heart just sank. Several things went through my mind as we walked to his back yard. On the way, he said it looked like someone was playing lumberjack in his yard. When we got over to his side yard, he showed me a pine tree that had its bark removed on about a 3’ tall by 8” wide swath. Luke happened to follow me over and when I asked him what happened, he told me that he and his buddy had done it about a week ago. Mr. Walters was not sure how it would affect the tree, nor am I. I told him that Ann would contact the other boy’s mother and they would contact him. I apologized but he was very kind about it. He was going to try and get some kind of tree tape to try and help the tree mend. I told him to let us know what we could do to help make it right. Luke wrote him an apology letter and hand delivered it to him. He is grounded to our yard for an undetermined amount of time and has lost all of the trust he had worked hard to re-gain over the past couple months. Mr. Walters was really cool and told Luke he didn’t mind him playing over in his yard, but we’ve told Luke he is not to go over there anymore. They have a very nice sleeper camper parked in the area as well and he said they had been messing with it as well (as I’m sure all kids would probably screw with stuff out of curiosity)…but it’s the vandalism that concerns me. We’ve had several talks with Luke since then, trying to help him understand how this can never happen again. He was unable to go to the Fall Festival that night, which with Ann gone meant that Abby couldn’t go either. Matt rode his bike to his good friend’s (Joel) house which is three doors down from Mom and Sandy’s house and then the two of them hung out uptown. Because it was dark when he was ready, Luke & I went to pick him up so he wouldn’t have to ride his bike on Park Rd (which needs a riding/walking path installed really bad since kids constantly use this route to go to the park, just down the road from us). We used one of our baseball peelers to get a great deal on Pizza King pizza that night and kicked back and took it easy the rest of the night.

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Sunday was Abby’s official party and closed the week’s birthday festivities for Bu. Matt & Ann ran to Columbus so Matt could buy the new Halo game at Target (which was about $20 less than our local Wal-Mart) with the cash he had saved over the summer. Abby, Luke & I began doing chores around the house in preparation of friends & family coming over after lunch. Although we invited the same group of folks that we always do, most were unavailable or unable to make it for Abby’s 11th birthday party, which has become more prevalent in recent years due to time and distance. Those able to make it over included Maryann & Sandy, Phyllis & Dick and Deanna, Jamie & Grace. Phyllis shared a cute story about Trevor and Jamie taking their daughter, Madeline out to dinner this past week up in Indy and they ran into Archie Manning (Peyton & Eli’s father), who was out to dinner with his two daughter-in-laws. When he heard it was Maddie’s 13th birthday, he came over and introduced himself and took pictures with her. Phyllis had to show off the picture on her phone! It was a fun sports day as NASCAR had the first race of The Chase at Loudon, NH with our favorite, Jeff Gordon, going for the championship (he finished 6th, I think); The Reds are in 1st place in the NL East (their magic number is 8, I think!), The Cowboys were on national TV vs. the Bears (and blew another game…just pitiful) and the Colts were on Sunday night football (Manning vs. Manning) as they faced the NY Giants, in the game dubbed the Manning Bowl II. At least the Colts bounced back nicely. Ann’s doctors, George & Dan were at the game. Abby’s cake was made by Mary Ewing (Amy’s mother-in-law) and featured a horse and a piggy, just as Bu had requested. 😛 After cake & ice cream, Bu opened up more presents and got a bunch of cash, some make-up and an iTunes gift certificate. Ann made Abby a special birthday dinner of her choice, which was chicken fettuccini, of course! When Luke was watching her make it, he said he didn’t like it because, “I don’t like chicken guts.” Ann assured him it was chicken breast and not guts. When he finally got to try it; he loved it. The things that child says! We’ve decided that it wasn’t Abby that was the payback child…it is Lucas. Then to end the evening, Maryann called and said there had been a third suicide this week…although this one was not a hanging but a gunshot…man, times are tough all over…

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Here are four videos from this week: The first three are the kids’ games this week and the last one is a collection of Bu’s parties this week. The others are this weeks’ Zep-related videos from around the ‘net…enjoy!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

That’s it for new stuff this week; let’s take a look at some Waybac pictures. Leading off this time around is a trio of pictures from the early 90’s: two crops of a cool picture of Gigi talking during Keith & Rosie’s wedding up in LaPorte in ’93 and Ann painting the ceiling in what was then her Mom’s new home’s living room in the Ryle Addition.

Waybac.1993.skb.karow.lpcr1 BuEWaybac.1993.skb.karow.lpcr2aster Waybac.1995.aes.srdlr.pc

The final section is a long string of various pictures from 2002: Ann, Matt & Bu at Downtown Disney & then Matt with Dale at one of our meals with the characters, both at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL in May; Bu & I in May out at the YMCA in Greensburg; a couple of Matt in his Hot Wheel car during the 4th of July parade; several of him at a soccer camp at Washington Fields with a group of young men from England, I believe…the group Matt played with included the Dance girls, Heather & Heidi in July; Bu at what we think may be Phyllis’ retirement party in her dining room in August; and two pictures of the day Matt got his training wheels off his bike in September – nice wedgie, fat boy! (the Welage kids are also out riding and Abby is on her Hot Wheels Big Wheel).

Waybac.2002.05.aes.mns.ags.ld.dtd.of Waybac.2002.05.mns.dc.wdw.of Waybac.2002.05.tms.ags.ssymca Waybac.2002.07.fojp.hwc.mns Waybac.2002.07.fojp.hwc.mns.tms Waybac.2002.07.mns.sc1 Waybac.2002.07.mns.sc2 Waybac.2002.07.mns.sc3 Waybac.2002.07.mns.sc4 Waybac.2002.07.mns.sc5 Waybac.2002.07.mns.sc6 Waybac.2002.07.mns.sc7 Waybac.2002.08.ags.prp Waybac.2002.09.mfbrntw Waybac.2002.09.mfbrntw1

Well that’s it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll get you caught up next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Mom

    Great pics and videos again this week. Great hustle Luke, Matt and Abby!!! You all looked good again this week. Great going Luke on the hat trick and great going Matt on the fumble recovery and terrific tackles….good tenacity and I was impressed how you hustled and followed the ball. You are all improving vastly and learning the game. I got a kick out of you Tom and how you were hollering for the kids. Reminded me of myself and yours and Robs games. I am sure you wanted me to “turn down the volume” but its very, very hard. Poor Ann was trying to watch the play and take pics at the same time. I would have been like her….too much action on the field for me to keep up and multitask. Can’t wait to see Allen. Glad he and his family are doing good. Looks like Abby had a good time at her partys and had a very nice birthday. Well, hang in there Tom. I will watch your video’s of Robert Plant and Zep sometime this week. I usually set them up to play and just listen to them when I clean. It makes a nice break. Love you all very much and have a great week….hope its less eventful!!!

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