There’s One for You, (Week) Nineteen for Me

May was the fastest month of the year so far. It was a busy month, with all of us working a lot but we also played a lot as well. Maddy, Taylor & the kitties did their thing. The kids came down for Family Dinner, which was nice. I think we spoke to Maddy a couple times on the phone but otherwise didn’t really talk too much with them. Abby, Seth & Tilly on the other hand we saw a few times each week. Abby stays with Seth although she hasn’t officially moved in yet somehow… We get Tilly every now and again and bring her over when the kids are busy working. Seth has school and works a lot and Abby has three jobs, officially, now. She has begun picking up hours at Wings & Rings as well as coaching Pirateers and still works up at Sly Fox. They join us for pizza on Fridays, Pot-Luck Saturdays and sometimes even on Sundays. We are trying to play pickleball and get out more, but Ann injured her wrist and Seth’s internship ended so he is working on some weekends as well as second shift – which makes it hard to do for now. Luke, Sam & Remmi are doing good. Samantha is working at CRH and Luke & Alex’s new business venture is starting to pickup. SD Contracting has started to gain momentum and the kids have jobs lined up for several weeks out! Luke sold his truck and bought a new one. It’s definitely an upgrade. The kids had Abby (Sly Fox) do a bunch of marketing materials, t-shirts, business cards and even decaled Alex’s truck with their logo and Luke’s cell phone number. Now that Luke has his new truck, he is looking to do his truck similarly so they can have a “fleet!” LOL. We are making plans for Luke’s big 21st birthday, which is coming up quickly. Lola & Delilah are still loving life. They enjoy having Tilly & Remmi over frequently. As for Ann & I, we’re doing great. Week 19 has come and gone. It was a great time as always. We loved spending time with Rob & Sharon and Dad & Lynn surprised us by coming down earlier than anticipated. They looked great and kept up pretty well us “kids!” We saw many of our old friends / fellow owners and it was great to catch up with them. We enjoyed the ocean and tried to catch the sunset every night. Although we made it out in time, Mother Nature didn’t always cooperate and we lost three sunsets due to cloudy skies that covered the coveted nightly event. We went out for some great food, enjoying some of our favorite restaurants while discovering a few new ones as well. Abby & I lost our shuffleboard title to Seth & Luke. Although Luke lost a couple of expensive lighters to TSA on the way home, we did score a sweet bottle of Willet Pot Still Reserve at a small liquor store. I also found my future – I want to buy the local used record store, LOL! That guy was really cool and had a ton of stuff. I only wish I had more time and the means to safely bring albums back on the plane. I managed to bring back a few CDs from local bands as well as some nice cigars from Cigar Paradise on John’s Pass. I am ready to go back now… Ann did some scrapbooking and spent some time shopping and eating with friends. I played a lot of disc golf and managed to throw a couple over 350’. I can’t quite get 400’ but I’m working on it. My old friend Dennis has joined me in golfing almost daily as well as trying to meet up at other courses a little farther away on the weekends when we can. The boys and I managed to get in a Poker Night but I think I may need more time with my buddies this summer. Between my medicine and diet/exercise, I have now dropped 45lbs. I still want to lose another 20-25, but I’m starting to level-off a little because my meds are so hard to find right now. There’s a national shortage because folks are taking it for weight loss only but it has kicked my other issues in the butt as well. My A1C hasn’t been this low since my teens! Mom & Sandy and the pups are doing well. We don’t get over to see them as much as we should. Dad & Lynn came to Week 19 and then visited a potential retirement community on the east coast. Afterward, they stayed at Rob & Sharon’s house for a bit before making their way back up to Jersey. He has lost so much weight and looks great. He has some health issues he’s dealing with, but seems no worse for the wear. Rob & Sharon are in Tennessee, where Rob landed a sweet union job for a while. Like the rest of us old farts, Dad & Barb dealt with their share of health issues as well. I wish I was better at visiting or at least calling. It seems like I’m drifting farther and farther from that side of the family, unfortunately. We’ve only managed to see them at Christmastime over the last few years. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

lp24.05 sis24.05.01 sis24.05.02 sis24.05.03 sis24.05.04 sis24.05.05 sis24.05.06 sis24.05.07 sis24.05.08 sis24.05.09 sis24.05.10 sis24.05.11 sis24.05.12 sis24.05.13 sis24.05.15 sis24.05.16 sis24.05.17 sis24.05.18 sis24.05.19 sis24.05.20 sis24.05.21 sis24.05.22 sis24.05.23 sis24.05.24 sis24.05.25 sis24.05.26 sis24.05.27 sis24.05.28 sis24.05.29 sis24.05.30 sis24.05.31 sis24.05.32 sis24.05.33 sis24.05.34 sis24.05.35 sis24.05.36 sis24.05.37 sis24.05.38 sis24.05.39 sis24.05.40 sis24.05.41 sis24.05.42 sis24.05.43 sis24.05.44 sis24.05.45 sis24.05.46 sis24.05.47 sis24.05.48 sis24.05.49 sis24.05.50 sis24.05.51 sis24.05.52 sis24.05.53 sis24.05.54 sis24.05.55 sis24.05.56 sis24.05.57 sis24.05.58 sis24.05.59 sis24.05.60 sis24.05.61 sis24.05.62 sis24.05.63 sis24.05.64 sis24.05.65 sis24.05.66 sis24.05.67 sis24.05.68 sis24.05.69 sis24.05.70 sis24.05.71 sis24.05.72 sis24.05.73 sis24.05.74 sis24.05.75 sis24.05.76 sis24.05.77 sis24.05.78 sis24.05.79 sis24.05.80 sis24.05.81 sis24.05.82 sis24.05.83 sis24.05.84 sis24.05.85 sis24.05.86 sis24.05.87 sis24.05.88 sis24.05.89 sis24.05.90 sis24.05.91 sis24.05.92 sis24.05.93 sis24.05.94 sis24.05.95 sis24.05.96 sis24.05.97 sis24.05.98 sis24.05.99 sis24.05.100 sis24.05.101 sis24.05.102 sis24.05.103 sis24.05.104 sis24.05.105 sis24.05.106 sis24.05.107 sis24.05.108 sis24.05.109 sis24.05.110 sis24.05.111 sis24.05.112 sis24.05.113 sis24.05.114 sis24.05.115 sis24.05.116 sis24.05.117 sis24.05.118 sis24.05.119 sis24.05.120 sis24.05.121 sis24.05.122 sis24.05.123 sis24.05.124 sis24.05.125 sis24.05.126 sis24.05.127 sis24.05.128 sis24.05.129 sis24.05.130 sis24.05.131 sis24.05.132 sis24.05.133 sis24.05.134 sis24.05.135 sis24.05.136 sis24.05.137 sis24.05.138 sis24.05.139 sis24.05.140 sis24.05.141 sis24.05.142 sis24.05.143 sis24.05.144 sis24.05.145 sis24.05.146 sis24.05.147 sis24.05.148 sis24.05.149 sis24.05.150 sis24.05.151 sis24.05.152 sis24.05.153 sis24.05.154 sis24.05.155 sis24.05.156 sis24.05.157 sis24.05.158 sis24.05.159 sis24.05.160 sis24.05.161 sis24.05.162 sis24.05.163 sis24.05.164 sis24.05.165 sis24.05.166 sis24.05.167 sis24.05.168 sis24.05.169 sis24.05.170 sis24.05.171 sis24.05.172 sis24.05.173 sis24.05.174 sis24.05.175 sis24.05.176 sis24.05.177 sis24.05.178 sis24.05.179 sis24.05.180 sis24.05.181 sis24.05.182 sis24.05.183 sis24.05.184 sis24.05.185 sis24.05.186 sis24.05.187 sis24.05.188 sis24.05.189 sis24.05.190 sis24.05.191 sis24.05.192 sis24.05.193 sis24.05.194 sis24.05.195 sis24.05.196 sis24.05.197 sis24.05.198 sis24.05.199 sis24.05.200 sis24.05.201 sis24.05.202 sis24.05.203 sis24.05.204 sis24.05.205 sis24.05.206 sis24.05.207 sis24.05.208 sis24.05.209 sis24.05.210 sis24.05.211 sis24.05.212 sis24.05.213 sis24.05.214 sis24.05.215 sis24.05.216 sis24.05.217 sis24.05.218 sis24.05.219 sis24.05.220 sis24.05.221 sis24.05.222 sis24.05.223 sis24.05.224 sis24.05.225 sis24.05.226 sis24.05.227 sis24.05.228 sis24.05.229 sis24.05.230 sis24.05.231 sis24.05.232 sis24.05.233 sis24.05.234 sis24.05.235 sis24.05.236 sis24.05.237 sis24.05.238 sis24.05.239 sis24.05.240 sis24.05.241 sis24.05.242 sis24.05.243 sis24.05.244 sis24.05.246 sis24.05.247 sis24.05.248 sis24.05.249 sis24.05.250 sis24.05.251 sis24.05.252 sis24.05.253 sis24.05.254 sis24.05.255 sis24.05.256 sis24.05.257 sis24.05.258 sis24.05.259 sis24.05.260 sis24.05.261 sis24.05.262 sis24.05.263 sis24.05.264 sis24.05.265 sis24.05.266 sis24.06.267 sis24.05.268 sis24.05.269 sis24.05.270 sis24.05.271 sis24.05.272 sis24.05.273 sis24.05.274 sis24.05.275 sis24.05.276 sis24.05.277 sis24.05.278 sis24.05.279 sis24.05.280 sis24.05.281 sis24.05.282 sis24.05.283 sis24.05.284 sis24.05.285 sis24.05.286 sis24.05.287 sis24.05.288 sis24.05.289 sis24.05.290 sis24.05.291 sis24.05.292 sis24.05.293 sis24.05.294 sis24.05.295 sis24.05.296 sis24.05.297 sis24.05.298 sis24.05.299 sis24.05.300 sis24.05.301 sis24.05.302 sis24.05.303 sis24.05.304 sis24.05.305 sis24.05.306 sis24.05.307 sis24.05.308 sis24.05.309 sis24.05.310 sis24.05.311 sis24.05.312 sis24.05.313 sis24.05.315 sis24.05.316 sis24.05.317 sis24.05.318 sis24.05.319 sis24.05.320 sis24.05.321 sis24.05.322 sis24.05.323 sis24.05.324 sis24.05.325 sis24.05.326 sis24.05.327 sis24.05.328 sis24.05.329 sis24.05.330 sis24.05.331 sis24.05.332 sis24.05.333 sis24.05.334 sis24.05.335 sis24.05.336 sis24.05.337 sis24.05.338 sis24.05.339 sis24.05.340 sis24.05.341 sis24.05.342 sis24.05.343 sis24.05.344 sis24.05.345 sis24.05.346 sis24.05.347 sis24.05.348 sis24.05.349 sis24.05.350 sis24.05.351 sis24.05.352 sis24.05.353 sis24.05.354 sis24.05.355 sis24.05.356 sis24.05.357 sis24.05.358 sis24.05.359 sis24.05.360 sis24.05.361 sis24.05.362 sis24.05.363 sis24.05.364 sis24.05.365 sis24.05.366 sis24.05.367 sis24.05.368 sis24.05.369 sis24.05.370 sis24.05.371 sis24.05.372 sis24.05.373 sis24.05.374 sis24.05.375

Here are random pictures from our recent adventures from a different perspective.

sas24.05.01 sas24.05.02 sas24.05.03 sas24.05.04 sas24.05.05 sas24.05.06 sas24.05.07 sas24.05.08 sas24.05.09 sas24.05.10 sas24.05.11 sas24.05.12 sas24.05.13 sas24.05.14 sas24.05.15 sas24.05.16 sas24.05.17 sas24.05.18 sas24.05.19 sas24.05.20 sas24.05.21 sas24.05.22 sas24.05.23 sas24.05.24 sas24.05.25 sas24.05.26 sas24.05.27 sas24.05.28 sas24.05.29 sas24.05.30 sas24.05.31 sas24.05.32 sas24.05.33 sas24.05.34 sas24.05.35 sas24.05.36 sas24.05.37 sas24.05.38 sas24.05.39 sas24.05.40 sas24.05.41 sas24.05.42 sas24.05.43 sas24.05.44 sas24.05.45 sas24.05.46 sas24.05.47 sas24.05.48 sas24.05.49 sas24.05.50 sas24.05.51 sas24.05.52 sas24.05.53 sas24.05.54 sas24.05.55 sas24.05.56 sas24.05.57 sas24.05.58 sas24.05.59 sas24.05.60 sas24.05.61 sas24.05.62 sas24.05.63 sas24.05.64 sas24.05.65 sas24.05.66 sas24.05.67 sas24.05.68 sas24.05.69 sas24.05.70 sas24.05.71 sas24.05.72 sas24.05.73 sas24.05.74 sas24.05.75 sas24.05.76 sas24.05.77 sas24.05.78 sas24.05.79 sas24.05.80 sas24.05.81 sas24.05.82 sas24.05.83 sas24.05.84 sas24.05.85 sas24.05.86 sas24.05.87 sas24.05.88 sas24.05.89 sas24.05.90 sas24.05.91 sas24.05.92 sas24.05.93 sas24.05.94 sas24.05.95 sas24.05.96 sas24.05.97 sas24.05.98 sas24.05.99 sas24.05.100 sas24.05.101 sas24.05.102 sas24.05.103 sas24.05.104 sas24.05.105 sas24.05.106 sas24.05.107 sas24.05.108 sas24.05.109 sas24.05.110 sas24.05.111 sas24.05.112 sas24.05.113 sas24.05.114 sas24.05.115 sas24.05.116 sas24.05.117 sas24.05.118 sas24.05.119 sas24.05.120 sas24.05.121 sas24.05.122 sas24.05.124 sas24.05.125 sas24.05.126 sas24.05.127 sas24.05.128 sas24.05.129 sas24.05.130 sas24.05.131 sas24.05.132 sas24.05.133 sas24.05.134 sas24.05.135 sas24.05.136 sas24.05.137 sas24.05.138 sas24.05.139 sas24.05.140 sas24.05.141 sas24.05.142 sas24.05.143 sas24.05.144 sas24.05.145 sas24.05.146 sas24.05.147 sas24.05.148 sas24.05.149 sas24.05.150 sas24.05.151 sas24.05.152 sas24.05.153 sas24.05.154 sas24.05.155 sas24.05.156 sas24.05.157 sas24.05.158 sas24.05.159 sas24.05.160 sas24.05.161 sas24.05.162 sas24.05.163 sas24.05.164 sas24.05.165 sas24.05.166 sas24.05.167 sas24.05.168 sas24.05.169 sas24.05.170 sas24.05.171 sis24.05.14

We have lots of social media pictures to share with you this month.

smp24.05.01 smp24.05.02 smp24.05.03 smp24.05.04 smp24.05.05 smp24.05.06 smp24.05.07 smp24.05.08 smp24.05.09 smp24.05.10 smp24.05.11 smp24.05.12 smp24.05.13 smp24.05.14 smp24.05.15 smp24.05.16 smp24.05.17 smp24.05.18 smp24.05.19 smp24.05.20 smp24.05.21 smp24.05.22 smp24.05.23 smp24.05.24 smp24.05.25 smp24.05.26 smp24.05.27 smp24.05.28 smp24.05.29 smp24.05.30 smp24.05.31 smp24.05.32 smp24.05.33 smp24.05.34 smp24.05.35 smp24.05.36 smp24.05.37 smp24.05.38 smp24.05.39 smp24.05.40 smp24.05.41 smp24.05.42 smp24.05.43 smp24.05.44 smp24.05.45 smp24.05.46 smp24.05.47 smp24.05.48 smp24.05.49 smp24.05.50 smp24.05.51 smp24.05.52 smp24.05.53 smp24.05.54 smp24.05.55 smp24.05.56 smp24.05.57 smp24.05.58 smp24.05.59 smp24.05.60 smp24.05.61 smp24.05.62 smp24.05.63 smp24.05.64 smp24.05.65 smp24.05.66 smp24.05.67 smp24.05.68 smp24.05.69 smp24.05.70 smp24.05.71 smp24.05.72 smp24.05.73 smp24.05.74 smp24.05.75 smp24.05.76 smp24.05.77 smp24.05.78 smp24.05.79 smp24.05.80 smp24.05.81 smp24.05.82 smp24.05.83 smp24.05.84 smp24.05.85 smp24.05.86 smp24.05.87 smp24.05.88 smp24.05.89 smp24.05.90 smp24.05.91 smp24.05.92 smp24.05.93 smp24.05.94 smp24.05.95 smp24.05.96 smp24.05.97 smp24.05.98 smp24.05.100 smp24.05.101 smp24.05.102 smp24.05.103 smp24.05.104 smp24.05.105 smp24.05.106 smp24.05.107 smp24.05.108 smp24.05.109 smp24.05.110

Next up is our Waybac segment, which features some old pictures from our first digital camera at Christmas in 2002.

Waybac.2002.12(1) Waybac.2002.12(2) Waybac.2002.12(3) Waybac.2002.12(4) Waybac.2002.12(5) Waybac.2002.12(6) Waybac.2002.12(7) Waybac.2002.12(8) Waybac.2002.12(9) Waybac.2002.12(10) Waybac.2002.12(11) Waybac.2002.12(12) Waybac.2002.12(13) Waybac.2002.12(14) Waybac.2002.12(15) Waybac.2002.12(16) Waybac.2002.12(17) Waybac.2002.12(18) Waybac.2002.12(19) Waybac.2002.12(20) Waybac.2002.12(21) Waybac.2002.12(22) Waybac.2002.12(23) Waybac.2002.12(24) Waybac.2002.12(25) Waybac.2002.12(26) Waybac.2002.12(27) Waybac.2002.12(28) Waybac.2002.12(29) Waybac.2002.12(30) Waybac.2002.12(31) Waybac.2002.12(32) Waybac.2002.12(33) Waybac.2002.12(34) Waybac.2002.12(35) Waybac.2002.12(36) Waybac.2002.12(37) Waybac.2002.12(38) Waybac.2002.12(39) Waybac.2002.12(40) Waybac.2002.12(41) Waybac.2002.12(42) Waybac.2002.12(43)

We have one new home movie to share this month as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this month’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We missed you at Week 19, Mom.
Later, Scheu