‘Cause it’s Summer…Summertime is Here

We enjoyed a short, fast week since we last touched base. We enjoyed having Matt & Taylor stay with us for Memorial Day and for giving us a reason to take a 4½-day weekend! Matt enjoyed his first week of summer vacation and the first week of his post-teacher life. It was a big week for him all around as he also had knee surgery and tried to get his car into the shop. Abby had a fun week, working at WTRE, hanging out with old friends and even went to King’s Island! Luke enjoyed his first week of summer vacation. He enjoyed sleeping in, hanging out with friends, working out and working. Ann & I only worked two days in Columbus this week, which meant we were busy as hell but that only made the work week absolutely fly. Ann spent some time with friends as well as family but seemed to really enjoy having her adult daughter back home this week. With the short work week, I came nowhere near my weekly goal. After exceeding it last week with eighteen, I only managed a little over nine miles this week. My new meds seem to be working as I managed to lose a couple pounds and my blood glucose levels continued to get lower this week. The weather started off cool and rainy but would eventually be sunny and 80 by the weeks’ end. As the temps rose, so did the gas prices this week with petrol going for over $3 a gallon and premium (Black Betty needs it) near $4…sigh… It was another good week for us but man they are going faster and faster the older we get… Hello again and welcome to the latest edition of the Scheu Family Blog.

We enjoyed sleeping in on Memorial Day – well, everyone but Ann. She got up with Lola way too early after just a few hours’ sleep, taking one for the team. The boys went to McDonald’s to get us breakfast but while they were in line, the store stopped serving breakfast. Instead, they went to Walmart and got supplies for Ann to make breakfast for lunch with a huge batch of biscuits and gravy. The seven of us all sat down for a nice meal together. Shortly afterward, we said goodbye to first Taylor and then Garrett, who both went back home. Matt made plans for Abby to take him back to the apartment later tomorrow. Then we all took it easy and napped for a bit as I watched the NASCAR Charlotte races (including the Coca-Cola 600). Afterward, Matt & Abby joined me for a round of frisbee golf, out at the course here in town. We had fun but struggled with the breeze. Matt & Abby threw from the front tees while I shot from the back ones. It was close – going into the last 3 holes, we were separated by just a point or two. It was Matt who pulled the big upset and took the crown for the day with a 2-over 29. I finished with a 30 and Abby shot a 33. Meanwhile, Luke ran around with his friends and went out to the YMCA to lift for a few hours. When we got back home, Ann had prepped a big dinner for us. The kids and I had a little porch time while cooking burgers and dogs on the grill. Ann had homemade fries (closer to potato wedges, really) and some fresh corn off the cob. It went down really easy. We had a ton of leftovers because we thought the other kids were staying but that just means we have lots of leftovers for this week. That evening, Ann & I (Team Old Farts) faced Matt & Abby (Team Young Bloods) in a quick euchre tourney. Ann & I won the first then the kids won the second, setting up a rubber match. In the final game, Ann put on a clinic and we skunked them, 10-0! 😊 The kids & I went out back for some more porch time on a lovely evening. Abby hung with us for a while, but eventually had to bow out so that she could get up and go to work in the morning. Matt & I continued on until the birds started singing, just before sunrise. We had a good talk and listened to some good music, enjoying being together again for a little while… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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We all enjoyed sleeping in on Tuesday morning. Ann & I took the day off to spend with Matthew, but he was pretty sleepy that day and spent most of it in bed – LOL. Abby went in to work at WTRE. Luke went to McDonald’s again – this time just to get a couple orders of their yummy biscuits. With them, Ann made bacon, egg & cheese biscuits that were oh so good. Luke & Matt got up long enough to eat then napped for much of the day. Ann & I did a few things around the house and I finally got to our weekly household chores. She & I went in to work for a while at her office. She had a conference call meeting while I read my 100 emails that have come in since I worked on Friday. I wanted to get a little head start on things before returning to work tomorrow. Abby came home from work in the early afternoon and later we all got cleaned up and headed back over to Mom & Sandy’s house to see Keith & Rosie one more time and to take a group photo of the Owens family while we had everyone together. It turned into a full-blown photo shoot! We posed for several pre-determined photos that should turn out great and be something we can treasure for many years to come. Afterward, Matt & I played Sandy & Jamie in a best of 5 euchre tourney. Matt & I won the first two and Gigi & Jamie won the next two. Before we could play the rubber match, everyone decided we needed to go eat. Matt took off to go eat with Taylor. He borrowed Barney for a couple weeks while his car gets the transmission worked on. Hopefully, it will be covered under warranty but he’s trying to work that out but can’t get the dealership to return his calls. We tried to decide between ordering Pizza King and going to El Reparo. After much deliberation, Ann, Abby, Grace and I went to ElRep and the others stayed behind and ordered pizza. We had a nice meal then dropped Gracie off at Gma & Gigi’s and came home to unwind. Abby made us a nightcap of Patron Silver, Patron Citronage and pineapple-orange juice. It went down smoothly…and was just the thing to get me relaxed and wind down a long, five-day weekend. Meanwhile, Luke had to leave the photo shoot early to go to football practice – the first one of the year! He was out there for about four hours and then came home, changed and went out to the YMCA to work out even more! In fact, he didn’t get home until after I had sacked-out for the night. We watched a couple shows and I barely stayed awake. I had to sit up and on the edge of my seat just to make it through the final TV show…and even then, I fell asleep twice sitting up!

It was back to work for Ann & I on Wednesday morning. We let the kids sleep in as we drove into work on a rainy day. It had rained all night and would continue to rain all day. Abby was supposed to go work at WTRE, but she woke-up with a nasty migraine and eventually vomited and decided to stay home and take it easy. She would eventually get up and move around the house, doing a few chores and continuing to clean her room / purge some of her stuff. Luke enjoyed the day off and took advantage of the time to rearrange his room, which turned out really nice. Ann & I had busy days at work, which allowed it to go by very quickly. It was still raining after work, so I walked a couple miles inside the mall with the other old folks. I tried to pick up a Rick & Morty t-shirt for Abby again, but the guy had forgotten to order it (I tried to get it for her a couple weeks ago, but they didn’t have her size). When we came back to town, I dropped Ann off downtown at Stories. She met up with her girlfriends for dinner there. She found out that evening that Stories will close in July. They’ve been a staple of the community for several decades downtown and is one of the last true old-fashioned diners in the area. Hopefully, someone will see the value in it and keep it going… I came home and did a few things around the house. I gave Black Betty another Lucas Oil fuel treatment because it was running rough again. I took some stuff to storage in the garage and brought in Abby’s fridge for her to use in her room. Luke had taken down the bed for me and started to move furniture back. I finished that up and decided to close up the house due to the humidity. Abby did the dishes and a couple loads of laundry before we all had a leftovers dinner – I had cold turkey sandwiches, Luke had cheeseburgers and Abby had jalapeno popper dip. We think she may turn into a jalapeno popper one of these days! Luke went to the YMCA that evening and worked out with a couple buddies for almost three hours. Farren released her video that evening and so we watched it a few times and I downloaded a copy of it so I can share it here next week. We watched a few DVR’d shows and took it easy that evening. I watched the 2nd episode of the Mike Tyson special among several other things, including a classic Purdue / IU basketball game from 1994 with Robinson & Martin vs. Henderson & Bailey. It was a great game at Mackey that went into OT. I know I watched that game with Drake. It was still just as exciting to watch them win again that evening before I went on to bed. 😊 We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

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Thursday was another rainy day. The humidity was out in full force that day. Thankfully, the temps stayed down in the 60s, which made it a little more bearable. Old Black Betty had an awful time driving to and from work. That poor thing just can’t catch a break. Still, she got us there and back and that’s what matters. We both had fast days at work again. We met up for a fancy lunch at Kroger. We decided not to eat there but brought it back so we could work through our respective lunches. I did a few rounds and took inventory, giving me plenty of work for me to do from home tomorrow. When I dropped her off, Annie mentioned that she’d like to leave early if possible and indeed the possibility presented itself. So, I went walking early and was able to log a 5K around the airport property. Although my phone said it was raining, I never felt more than a couple of drops. During my walk, I kept getting notifications about flood warnings and flash-flood issues in the area, but it missed Columbus. On our way home, Ann found some pretty gnarly pictures of the flooding out in the county, near Oakley’s house on SW 60. We were wondering if we’d be able to get home via the park or if it would be flooded across the road. Thankfully, the flooding was only on the golf course, but it was sure covered! Abby went back to work at WTRE and made another sale! Luke enjoyed the day off then went to football practice that night, in fact we passed him in the park. We came home and got in our comfy clothes and relaxed in the living room with the dogs. Later, Abby and I watched a new Netflix show called The Haunting of Bly Manor. I don’t think either of us made it through the first episode, so we’ll have to start the series over again soon…

We were up early for work on Friday morning. It was much nicer – there was sun and it was definitely hotter! In fact, it would get all the way up into the upper 80s that afternoon. Ann & I went through Dunkin on our way to work. It was Free Donut Day with each of our drinks. I dropped Annie off downtown and came home to work from home. Abby got up and went in to work at WTRE. Her sales were meager again, which disappointed her. She met Ann & I for lunch at Wings & Rings. We invited Luke but he was busy lifting at the YMCA. Later, he went to Lake Santee to go swimming. Meanwhile, Matt had knee surgery that morning. They did a few things and came out like a boss. We weren’t allowed to go up, so Ms. Taylor did a good job of keeping us informed of his progress throughout the day. He said he should be able ready to defend our cornhole title by the 4th of July. 😊 Later, Luke & Brayden hung out for a while and went to work out at the Y again that evening. After lunch, Ann took a nap, Abby sunbathed with the dogs and I went back to work in the family room. After a full day of work, Abby & I decided to have some porch time with the theme of green. Our first round was the Cobra Verde which went down real smooth. We followed that up with a round of Ed’s Electric Greens. It was a frozen variation that was perfect for the hot sun that evening. We were discussing our next round when we were reminded by Ann that was had a grad party to attend. It was the Wests’ second of four – Ms. Anna. She had quite a remarkable high school career and will now move over to Ohio to attend college at Walsh University. It was good to talk with her mom and dad as well as one of Abby’s best friends, Mary. Mary, Julia and Abby had fun catching up. They were inseparable for a few years before they all went their separate ways after high school. We came home and chilled out for a while. I grabbed something to eat, Abby cleaned her room and Ann read her newest book. Later, Abby & I had some more porch time and continued out green theme with a couple more cocktails – a Melon Tonic and a Tequila & Tonic. Mary came over that evening to hang out with Abby, so they went inside and went back to Bu’s bedroom. Ann went to bed; Luke came back and went to bed also…so that left me and the dogs by ourselves. I flipped on HBO Max and watched the newly released Conjuring movie called The Devil Made Me Do It. By the time it ended, I had caught my second wind and so I turned on another scary show called 30 Coins. I didn’t quite make it through the first episode, but it looked intriguing… Here are some pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.06.01 hwc21.06.02 hwc21.06.03 hwc21.06.04 hwc21.06.05 hwc21.06.06 hwc21.06.07 hwc21.06.08 hwc21.06.09 hwc21.06.10 hwc21.06.11

Ann and the kids were up early on Saturday morning while I slept in until mid-morning. Mary went home while Abby got picked up by Garrett & his family and went to King’s Island for the day! Luke went in to work at Hibbett’s that morning. I eventually got up and got to work in the yard. Ann joined me in Betty White as we headed over to Mom & Sandy’s house. She went in to visit while I mowed the yard. We stayed and chatted for a couple hours before coming back home so I could mow here as well. It was especially hot that afternoon, but I managed to get in almost three miles of exercise, so it was well worth the sweat. I got cleaned-up and cooled down and Ann & I watched the Law & Order season finales of SVU and Organized Crime. Luke came home and wound up taking a long nap. Later, Ann made dinner for us – cheesy-stuffed meatloaf with fried potatoes and fresh cut corn. It was an exciting day for the high school: it was graduation day for the 2021 seniors. The girls’ softball team played in the semi-state finals game vs. Danville and we sent two girls to the state track finals – 1 for shotput & discuss (Coach Jackson’s kid) and 1 for cross-country (Brenner Hannah). Our neighbors have a graduating senior and held her party at their house today. Ann thinks they were smoking pork…whatever it was, it really smelled good! Later, Luke made an ice cream run for us to Dairy Point. 😊 We watched a few SVU episodes from the weekly marathon on Ion TV. Late that night, Luke went to work out at the YMCA. I feel bad because he keeps asking me to go with him, but his schedule and mine never seem to match-up…

We enjoyed sleeping in on a cloudy Sunday morning. Although my phone said it rained that morning, there wasn’t a drop to be found anywhere. We slowly got up and did our weekly household chores. I watched the race from Ohio I taped yesterday and took it easy. Luke worked at Hibbett’s that afternoon. Abby & Ann took pictures of clothes to sell online and I worked on the blog. It turned out to be a sunny, humid day but started to cloud up that evening and eventually rained. Ann began redecorating the living room this weekend, replacing the big painting and trying to map out what she wants it to look like. Sandy came over to visit that evening and wound up taking home some treasures. After trying to nap for a couple hours, the girls again began posting a big batch of clothes to sell online. I watched the end of the Sonoma race and binge-watched the last five Family Guy episodes while Luke came home from work and went to the YMCA to workout. That night, Ann “made” Papa Johns pizzas and we watched the new Disney movie called Cruella. Not only was the story good, but the soundtrack was outstanding! Abs made us a nightcap for the movie. It was her own spin on a jalapeno margarita. She not only left the seeds in but also muddled some slices as well. I know firsthand how good of a mixologist she has become, but this was good even for her. Of course, it probably helped that she used Patron and Cointreau as her mixers and had some yummy whiskey salt on the rim. 🙂 It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and bring another week to an end…

Next up, we have our Waybac section. This week, we have our first batch of 2005 pictures from Dee’s first digital camera. This should be fun…so let’s get to it. We lead off in January – Ann’s birthday; then move on to March – Easter Day and then Matt’s birthday; May – Minnie & Charlie; June – Luke’s birthday; July – 4th of July fun: swimming, cornhole & fireworks at our house on the 3rd then parade and lunch at Gma & Gigi’s house on the 4th, Grace’s birthday; Sandy’s birthday; October – my birthday; November – Thanksgiving Day; and December – Christmas Eve.

Waybac.2005.01.abd01 Waybac.2005.03.ed01 Waybac.2005.03.mbd01 Waybac.2005.03.mbd02 Waybac.2005.05.mac01 Waybac.2005.06.lbd01 Waybac.2005.06.lbd02 Waybac.2005.07.fhf01 Waybac.2005.07.foj01 Waybac.2005.07.foj02 Waybac.2005.07.foj03 Waybac.2005.07.foj04 Waybac.2005.07.foj05 Waybac.2005.07.foj06 Waybac.2005.07.gbd01 Waybac.2005.07.gbd02 Waybac.2005.07.gbd03 Waybac.2005.07.gbd04 Waybac.2005.07.sbd01 Waybac.2005.07.sbd02 Waybac.2005.10.tbd01 Waybac.2005.11.td Waybac.2005.12.ce01 Waybac.2005.12.ce02 Waybac.2005.12.ce03 Waybac.2005.12.ce04 lp21.06.01

As always, we wrap up with our video segment – which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu