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Scheu Family Easter Photo Shoot 2004:  Click Here

Scheu Family Halloween Photo Shoot 2005:  Click Here

Scheu Family Christmas Photo Shoot 2005:  Click Here

Scheu Family Vacation 2006 Website:  Click Here

Scheu Family 2007 Year-in-Review Webpage:  Click Here

Scheu Family Christmas Photo Shoot 2007:  Click Here

Scheu Family Blog 2008 - current:  Click Here

Scheu Family Tree:  Click Here

Scheu Family Christmas Photo Shoot 2018:  Click Here



Friends and Family Web Sites: 

Tom’s Parkside Deli ...a Lafayette landmark!  This is Dad Scheu’s bar & grill.

Scheu’s Website, Take 4! (While it lasts...includes links to more pictures!) 

Gigi’s GREENSBURG MATTERS page...  Be sure to check out the News & Events page!!

Dawnan’s fun blog Misfit Hausfrau  ...always an interesting read...


Music Trading Links:

Astro Man Yahoo! Group    A site I used to help moderate...

Beatles Bootleg Zone  Best Beatles info on boots...

Bootledz  Zeppelin boot info…

Buckeye’s Zeppelin Page    The greatest Zep links page...INCLUDING FBO!!

Digital Rush Experience  Not up to it’s formerly glory, but still an essential read for any true fan...

Dime  THE online community to belong to...

DVDR-Live Yahoo! Group    Now defunct group I used to help moderate... still has lots of info on DVD boots

Floyd ROIO Cover Art Site  THE site for Floyd cover art!            

Floyd ROIO Database  Best on the net for Floyd show info...

Hendrix’s Just Ask Axis  Incredible show info site for the original Astro Man…

Highway Star The best Deep Purple info page

How To Do A B & P  Essential trading info.

How To Do ISO Files / DVD Decryptor  Great program!  Look around, you’ll still find it - this is how to use it!

KISS Casaboontha  Best site for KISS

Led Zeppelin THE Led Zep fan site hosted and maintained by Chris Barbero.

Metallica Live  Free and pay shows, artwork and lots of show info.

Royal Orleans  The best Zeppelin tracker and info on the net!!

Sabbath Online Best fan site on the net; much better than the ”official” site.

Song Remains  An occasionally interesting Zep site

SRV Gig Data Base  Unequaled site for all things Stevie; great info!

Trampled Underfoot  Excellent place to compare Zep boot sources.

Underground Uprising  Another great place to learn about Zep sources to compare and contrast.

VH Boots  Very nice place for artwork and info.

Zeppelin Art  The ONLY place for Zep boot art!

Hot Wheels Links:

Southwest Texas Diecast  The only link you REALLY  need for HW info!!!

Redline Club Shop   The place to take your collection to the next level...for big kids only!