So the World is Spinning Faster -Are you Dizzy…

Our busy season cranked up a notch this week as Luke began playing both league and all-star baseball, Abby had her first track meet, her slow-pitch softball coach called us and gave us her practice schedule that begins next week and she had another dance competition (her first for her jazz routine & second for tap) and Matt entered his first freestyle wrestling tourney. Mom’s health read like a sine wave hitting another low before soaring to a new high! There is so much going on, it’s hard to keep it all straight some days…thank God for smart phones that tell me what I’m supposed to be doing and when!
On Monday, Keith & Rosie headed back home to East Aurora. Matt had an early dentist appointment before school and I had a haircut w/ Jami. After work/school, Abby participated in her first track meet. It was against Brookville. She competed in both track (100 meter hurdles) and field (long jump). At the long jump, she topped her personal best by nearly a half foot at 10’7”. In the hurdles, she won her heat – but I have no idea how she did overall in either event. She left the meet early to get to tap dance practice as it was the final one before this weekend’s competition. Luke had baseball at the same time so we ran back and forth to get him there and then get him picked up. Matt had weightlifting and then wrestling practice. He got to the meet just as Abby finished her final event and missed her entire participation. We had leftover chili from the night before and I swear it was better after it sat for the night. I was exhausted and was out by 8 pm on the couch again.

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It was much colder on Tuesday – only 33 on the way in to work. It was a very blustery day to top it off. Matt had wrestling and lifting again and Bu went to jazz dance class at Dixon Dance. Matt announced to the family at dinner that night that he would be entering the Iron Man wrestling tourney this weekend in Jeffersonville…only problem is that he had no singlet and no membership card. Thankfully, they sold both at the event. We polished off all the Easter leftovers that Gma brought over for us that night for dinner. Mom had dialysis that afternoon and developed a fever due to what the doctors think is an infection so they ended up admitting her back in the same hospital – much to her chagrin – to put her on IV antibiotics and thus not take any chances with her compromised immune system.
Ann made homemade waffles on Wednesday morning…only to take them in to work!  Matt went in early for leadership academy before school. Luke had baseball practice and Ann had and after-prom committee meeting. I talked to Rob that night, regarding Mom’s condition. He said she was doing fine and mentioned that he had earned his Associate’s Degree!! Way to go, little buddy!!! :0)
The whole famn damily seems to be sharing some nasty little bug that is attacking our sinuses and makes you cough; that, coupled with the cold weather lately (we had a hard frost that morning!) and the fact that we are already so worn out from constantly being on the run (and our “busy” season has just started!)…and it’s no wonder we’re ready for a vacation already. Bad news is that George & Dan may have found a legit buyer for “our” condo that we like so much in Panama City Beach. Bu ended up not making the track travel team that night in Waldron due to something about the amount of girls the hosting school had for her events. She was a little disappointed but we encouraged her to remember that she is merely a 6th grader competing against 7th and 8th graders and that her time would come. Luke was sick and I was under the weather as well, so we stayed home and took naps and watched movies on the couches. We went through a new box of Kleenexes and about a quarter in to a second box. Matt had lifting and wrestling. I spoke with Mom & Dad that night and Mom had to spend another night due to spiking another fever. The docs are still trying to figure out the source of the infection. Dad said she might be in there for a few more days. The American Idol judges used their only save of this season that night for the great little singer, Jessica.
Luke was a little whiney on Friday morning, but nothing like yesterday when he was in tears complaining of both his brain and heart hurting. He was able to suck it up and go to school. I felt a lot better thanks to my little friend, Sudofed. It was a very busy day at work. I talked to Mom on the phone who had a phenomenal day. Not only did she get discharged from the hospital (all cultures came back negative) but her cancer numbers came back as well. Apparently, she started a month or so ago at 1300 and her labs came back today at the 200 level! I am so happy for Mom (and all of us). The doctor told her that her body was reacting very favorable to the chemo and that the nasty cancer is “melting away.” Those words danced from Mom’s lips, through the phone and tickled my eardrum. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had worked so hard to try and come to grips with losing Mom sooner rather than later and then to hear this news was so encouraging – what a difference two weeks makes, huh? Hold on; it’s gonna be a hell of a ride! We are all so proud of your strength, Mom and hope you prove the docs wrong and stick around for another couple decades! We love you!! Mom is even going to take another shot at chemo – something we weren’t sure she would even do again. But the doctor convinced her to not let up and see if we can squelch this demon. So she is scheduled to get her next round on this Monday! Good luck, momma! Ann went scrapbooking that evening after work and Bu had track practice. I picked up some Pizza! Pizza! On the way home for the kids & I – and Luke & I walked the neighborhood on that beautiful evening. Everyone fell asleep on the couches early that night… I found some extra pictures I forgot to post last week of Mom & Dad’s home that I wanted to share for anyone who hasn’t been down to visit them.

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We were up very early on Saturday and headed to Jeffersonville. Matt went with his buddies Joel & Drew. Ann, the kids and I followed after girls got ready. We headed all the way down to near the Kentucky boarder for the 2012 Team Jeff Iron Man Tournament where he competed for the first time in freestyle wrestling. Even I needed a tutorial on the rules – which are very different…almost WWE-style at times. LOL Matt wrestled in the cadet bracket, which was age-appropriate for him. He was in the heavyweight weight class due to not even being close to making weight at 220. He received a bye in the first round and waited nearly six hours before he caught his first match. He faced a behemoth from Booneville in the 2nd round. This boy was nearly a foot taller, had a substantial reach advantage and was considerably heavier. To Matt’s credit, the only points scored in the while match were when Matt tried to shoot for a takedown and didn’t make it. He lost the first period 1-0 and the 2nd one 2-0. It is the best 2 out of 3, so he lost after the 2nd period. Matt tweaked his right shoulder in the process but gained valuable experience. Ann & I hate him wrestling these heavier guys though. He said afterwards that he was just glad he didn’t get pinned! :0) He had only 5 minutes to rest and for some reason was called back to the mat to wrestle in the third round. The whole tourney was screwed up and disorganized like this all day. He faced a boy from Jefferson County who was 6’ tall and 30 pounds heavier than Matt. Again, he gave it his all but could do little against such a larger opponent. He lost the 1st round 1-0 again but came out with a fury, catching his second wind and won the middle round 6-4! By the time the final round came around, he was thoroughly spent and simply ran out of gas. The referee called him for stalling a couple times, which was totally BS – wait until you see the video below and you be the judge – and it started to play with his head. That combo of pressure and exhaustion lead to a couple of risky moves that didn’t pan out and he found himself out of the tourney 6-0. He was pretty upset with himself and his performance afterwards, but heck this was his first action since semi-state, his first time competing with these wacko rules (I’m still confused about them – it seems to me that several of the scoring options are highly subjective) – and of course he was in the heavier weight class (he weighed in at about 235 for the 285 lb weight class!) and he has nothing to hang his head about…after all, this was all about getting more mat time and gaining experience – win or lose. He by no means embarrassed himself and in fact, I have a lot of respect for him even going out there – it was something I could never do. Per Matt’s request, we stopped at Cracker Barrel on our way back home and a good ol’ country dinner. 😉

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We were up early again on Sunday (man, this has been such a long week) – this time it was 4 am as we headed up north to Indy at Beech Grove High School for the ShowStopper American Dance Championship, which is a regional dance competition. Bu had two dances this time. The first was at 7 am. In fact Dixon Dance Studio opened the day with the first 8 routines. When we got to the school, it was still dark, still locked and we were the only ones there. Abby and Baili performed a jazz duo routine to “That Chick” in the performance open class. It was their first time performing the dance for competition, so it was good to finally see the whole routine. Thanks goes to Matt for shooting the videos while I took pictures. The boys then had to endure about 7 hours of performances in between dances where we watched movies, played games and took naps. At the awards ceremony, the girls hit paydirt in the performance class with a 1st Place Platinum!! In addition, they placed 3rd overall for their age category!! It was funny when the awards were announced and Matt exclaimed, “Oh man, now I have to come to the next one!” It seems that he and Abby had a little side bet wherein he would only come back to her next dance competition if she earned a platinum trophy. When we commented on it, he then came up with the classic response, “Well she has to get platinum awards for both dances.” Whatever Matt… but way to go, Bu & Baili!! Rob & Amy headed home with Baili and Ann went to work with a complete makeover for Abby to get ready for her second performance. The boys & I got out of there for a while and ate at McDonald’s for a quick lunch. We brought back food for the girls and settled in for the afternoon. Although we lost our packing space, we at least got our seats back. It was much fuller for the afternoon session. Matt read on his Kindle while Luke & I watched another movie. When Bu finally returned to the stage, it was for her small group tap routine to “Manic Monday.” We then had another wait until the awards ceremony. They looked great again! I was scolded for not yelling for Abby with our trademark, “Way to go, Bu!” after the first performance, so I was sure to whoop it up for her the second time around. I thought this performance was better than their last one where they earned a high gold. The judges agreed by awarding them a 1st place platinum in the performance tap division and a 4th overall for their age category. I though Matt was going to shit when they announced it and he solemnly asked, “Where is the next one held?” 😉 Megan joined us for the afternoon and enjoyed Abby’s performance as well. She kept Abby company as we headed to O’Charley’s for dinner – our traditional stop after this particular competition. We had a short wait that was totally worth it for the great meal we got. During the layover, the boys had to go for a walk and ended up messing with the geese in the parking lot, which brought back some memories for Matt when one particular goose didn’t appreciate Matt’s taunts and chased him around the lot a few seconds – much to Matt’s horror! I don’t know if it was the same goose, but as Luke chased after one, in came a 2nd one from nowhere and began giving Matt crap. LOL! We were all stuffed when we left. We bypassed our normal stop at the adjoining Target due to it being such a long weekend. We were all ready to be home at that point. The girls be-bopped all the way back to G’burg and Matt hates me for it as I cranked up their Radio Disney “tweenie-bopper” music all the way down the interstate. We got Megan home and Matt drove us the rest of the way home. The kids all showered and hit the hay early. Ann was out on the couch pretty early as well. I wasn’t too far behind, but I tried to leave the poor dogs out as long as I could that evening since they were cooped up all day. We were disappointed in ShowStopper that we couldn’t get Abby her 2nd platinum trophy nor her 2 pins as they were sold out…hard to believe, considering the money they make off this…and they are even charging shipping! Bu didn’t seem to mind and we were glad to do it for her. We are awfully proud of her and her teammates for working so hard and delivering outstanding performances today! “Way to go, Bu!” 😉

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Next is our video section, including 3 new family videos from this week and several from around the net. Sorry, I screwed up the running order of the videos by accidently flipping the two “official” videos so you see a sneak peek of the good tap video early and you see the pro version of the jazz dance after the fact. Sorry, but it’s too late in the day to go back and fix it now. This week we top the 400-video-upload threshold – hard to believe we have that many up here now! Thanks again to Matthew for his aid in video taping at ShowStopper for us…

Next is our Waybac section that features that a few more great pictures of our young family. I am nearing the end of this batch of pictures. I really need to get back to finishing up my scanning project in order to have another round of pictures, from which to draw upon for this part of the blog. I still have 2 or 3 more boxes from Mom B that I have to go through plus Mom O gave us a box that I need to go through as well. We have plenty that need to be gone through, but none ready to go. I still have enough to go another month or so, but enough of that; let’s get on with it. We lead off with yet another old photo of Mom & Dad Scheu back in the spring of ’68 at the Lafayette K of C’s during their wedding reception. That is followed with a picture of my 5th birthday cake in ’73, 4th birthday cake in ’74 as well as Christmas in ’76 with Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown and Aunt Lou Atha. All of those photos are from our little yellow house on the hill in Lafayette, on Shortridge Street – just a half a block from the great Columbian Park where it was great to be a kid in the seventies! Then we go out in California for Uncle Virden & Aunt Belinda’s wedding in summer of ’77 – also pictured are Dad B and his mother, Mary. Next are a couple pix of my 9th birthday cake (why are all of these together?) in the fall of ’77, in our little kitchen (are those the same placemats in all those pictures??) on Shortridge St.

Waybac.1968.04.madsw108 Waybac.1973.10.t5bc.ssil Waybac.1974.10.t6bc.ssil Waybac.1976.12.lcoss.tsrbcb Waybac.1977.08.vabw22 Waybac.1977.08.vabw23 Waybac.1977.10.t9bc1 Waybac.1977.10.t9bc2

Next, we move to the fall of ’80 for Robby’s 1st birthday (and the first enjoyment of eating his cake!) …and then Rob opening up a present a couple months later at Christmastime. All of these pictures are from our short stint in the cool, old house on Kenwood St. in LaPorte. Also in LaPorte, we a two-year-old Robby getting ready to go trick-or-treating with MY pumpkin basket!! This was my first year of not going out on what they called Beggar’s Night for candy. This picture was from October of 1981, shortly after we moved in to our new house a few blocks down – to Rockwood St. That was a nice house when we were in it. That whole neighborhood is a lot different now. The one thing I noticed that was missing was all the kids riding their bikes and running in the yards…sad…

Waybac.1980.10.rfbd.lpks1 Waybac.1980.10.rfbd.lpks2 Waybac.1980.10.rfbd.lpks3 Waybac.1980.12.rsckslp Waybac.1981.10.rb2yoh1 Waybac.1981.10.rb2yoh2

Our final section is our new fave – The Shit that Luke Says…this week there were a couple of whoppers I forgot to write down, but I do remember Ann and I laughing about a couple of things that came out of that boy’s mouth. Despite all that has transpired this week, I did remember to jot one down this weekend…the setting is that we were out of town somewhere – I think at a restaurant perhaps. Luke had to make a trip to the restroom and he said he might be a while, so we asked him if he had to “do a # 2” or something to that nature. He responded only the way our Lukey can with a straight face and very matter-of-factly stated, “I don’t need to poop…I’m just having diarrhea.”
And with that, we put the wraps on yet another entry in to the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you the next time out. Thanks also for all the kind words, prayers and well-wishes for Mom and please keep them coming. All the love is paying off for her and she wishes to pass on her gratitude as well. We all love you, Mom! Keep fighting the good fight and we’ll see ya real soon!!
Until next time, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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