…Burn You like the Midday Sun

Let’s see; what should we talk about this week? Well, we set all-time records for high temperatures and had excessive heat warnings each day this week. We paid the cheapest gas prices we’ve seen in over a year at the start of the week, but saw prices inflate by 50¢ on the gallon through the week (who says there’s no price gouging?). The red flag conditions and burn ban remained in effect for the entire area as well because of the on-going draught-like conditions. It was a good time for moratorium week, as the kids didn’t need to be out too much in this heat. Moratorium week means that the kids cannot participate in any school-sponsored extra curricular activities – so no football or wrestling for Matt nor volleyball or basketball for Abby. Mom landed back in the hospital with a nasty infection. We celebrated Independence Day – well sort of anyhow. We said good-bye to a local rock radio station and Luke practiced either his throw or his swing everywhere he went – whether in the dining room, the bathroom or living room, the car, the couch, the dining room table, the front yard – and with anything: one of his bats, wrapping paper rolls, Legos, oversized pencils or nothing but just his imagination.
We hit triple digits again on Monday. I found a bike shop to fix Luke’s bike that I screwed up this past weekend. Matt enjoyed sleeping in and being a couch potato today. Abby wound up at the city pool with her friends all day. I was horrified to discover that one of my favorite radio stations had changed formats as Y-106 was now being called 106 The River and instead of hearing Metallica or VanHalen, I was hearing Men at Work – ugh! This has happened to me twice previously. In junior high, my stereo was glued to 95 ½ WMET. The “Mighty MET” introduced me to AOR music where I heard deeper album cuts for the first time from bands like Zep, Rush, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, etc. It was also the first station in my area to play anything from a new band from San Francisco called Metallica. One day my friends and I noticed that a voice would come on every once in a while and state, “Enough is enough!” This lasted for a couple weeks until one day I woke up to the sound of the Carpenters and it broke my heart. The only other time was in my post-college single life, there was a great station out of Indy called “Solid Rock” X 103. They introduced me to the 3rd wave of metal/hard rock that later became known as Grunge. They played a heavy rotation of new bands like Jackyl, Sweet FA, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, etc. I was a key card member which gave me $3 off new CDs at Karma Records – something that I took advantage of quite often. I visited that Greenwood shop frequently and bought a bunch of new and used music back in the day…I wonder if that store is still up there? In their first year, the X had one of those year-end countdown shows and the top song for them that year was Jackyl’s “I Stand Alone,” which tells you how good this station was at the time. With no warning whatsoever, they changed the format one day to what they dubbed alternative music and became known as “The New Rock Alternative” which ruined it forever. The only station that has remained constant throughout all these years and that I fall back on once again now – WFBQ in Indianapolis. Thank God for Q95!

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On Tuesday, we were saddened to learn of the death of one of the good guys – Andy Griffith. Like many people my age, I remember growing up to old re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show. It was again very hot and humid today with the heat index up above 110. Matt had a pair of doctor appointments for his sore shoulder. Abby went with Megan up to Greenwood to stay the night. Luke ended up coming over to spend the day with me at work – and what a day it was, arriving at 7 and not getting home till after midnight. It was Independence Day Eve and the city fireworks were still on for the evening, which are shot off only a couple hundred feet from our facility grounds. Combined with the only fireworks show in the area, they have a festival with stuff for the kids and a couple bands. They had expected 10K folks to descend upon the area, but because of the heat, we may have had 2K. Luke & I had lunch w/ Dennis at Steak n Shake. I worked security again that evening as I have each time they have held this festival since its inception 6 or 7 years ago, chasing away a dozen or so groups of people off the private property. Matt & Ann joined us in the early evening. We set up our portable gazebo in the front yard and watched one of the bands perform and ate KFC – how in the world do they run out of mac n cheese?? It was very hot and we were all so sweaty that we had to shower the moment we got home that night. We played baseball & Frisbee for hours until it was dark enough for the fireworks to start. Although it was horribly hot, I must admit that the bugs weren’t bad at all this year. Thankfully, there were no fire incidents and we all enjoyed the show which was choreographed with a soundtrack broadcast on Columbus’ Q-Mix called “Light Up the Sky.” Ann taped bits and pieces of the main event for Mom, who we figured would not see any fireworks otherwise this year. That is because I spoke to Rob earlier that day and it turns out Mom was admitted to the hospital again, late on Monday night. She was running a fever and they found that she had some sort of nasty infection. It took them a couple days to pinpoint what was going on – much to Mom’s chagrin. They are going to remove her chemo port, which they think is causing most of the issue. She also has a yeast infection in her blood. She has to take 3 rounds of IV antibiotics each day. She is going a little stir crazy and is stressed out by the sheer crush of all the constant doctor appointments and now she has this happen to her. However, it wasn’t all bad news. Her kidneys have regained function and she will no longer be receiving dialysis!! That port will be coming out as well. That should also cease the blood transfusions. I called her up on Friday afternoon and tried to cheer her up with some off-color humor but she didn’t appreciate it and hung up on me! Glad to see that she has regained her spunkiness! 😉 Rob loves his new job, down in Tampa – currently working in the nation’s largest VA hospital. He and Sharon almost had a home but were outbid at the last minute. They are continuing to search for a home in the Largo / Pinellas County / Tampa area. Apparently, their home in TN was struck with bad storms with Townsend and the surrounding areas being severely damaged with power lines and trees down everywhere. They were obviously very concerned about Sharon’s brother and Rob’s dog that are both stuck in their house on the mountain. I guess several people are trapped in the national forest as well.

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We were up early on Wednesday, despite having the day off from work. It was July 4th – Independence Day – and the US of A’s 236th birthday. It was over 90 by 8 am as we were out decorating Luke’s go-kart. We had hoped to get a float entered in the annual parade up town for the Luke and his White Sox team but that fell through. We are looking to get one for the 4H fair parade down Park Rd in a couple weeks now. So we decorated the kart with flags and got it all cleaned up. It had been in storage in the garage for about a year now. I got it charged up when I got home earlier this morning about 1 am so with only 7 hours of charging time, we weren’t sure if it would last through the parade and back to Mom & Sandy’s house. Since Baili was with the North Decatur cheerleaders and Grace was still in New Hampshire, Abby decided not to ride anything nor walk any dogs because of the excessive heat warning with temps eventually topping out at 106 – and instead escorted Luke. Abby, Luke & I loaded the kart in the truck and we headed uptown with the kids riding in the back. I dropped off Bu & Luke and drove back to Mom & Sandy’s. It was the first time in 14 years or so since I wasn’t in the parade with one of our kids – whether it was Matt with his Hot Wheels Lamborghini and then his Mongoose bike or Abby with the Lambo and then her bike or Luke in the Lambo then the Chevy truck, then his 4-wheeler and then last year with the go-kart. I sat with Ann, Matt, Gma & Amy at the corner where they always sit. Afterwards, we headed back to Memaw & Gigi’s house to cool down and eat a huge lunch. We had hot dogs and “Spanish hamburger” AKA sloppy Joe that was great over the dogs, ham, homemade mac n cheese, deviled eggs, pasta salad, beans, fruit salad, veggies and dip, several types of chips and a bunch of desserts – we were stuffed! I couldn’t believe that we didn’t get any pictures of all the family over there today. Afterwards Gigi, Bu & I went up to the new Picker’s Paradise store on the square and we found a bunch of Hot Wheels. I have a new place to frequent now. :0) Abby was somehow dubbed, “Duckface Dibbles” by Jamie & Deanna (never did figure that one out!). Hey Matt, what was her really long nickname you gave her at vacation last year?? We all took naps in the afternoon and stayed cool in the A/C. This was the first day where I really missed our pool. I called Megan’s dad who is a city police officer and asked him exactly what the burn ban meant for folks like us out in our addition. He said no fireworks under any circumstances. It was a major blow but fell in line with the whole holiday really. It was just off – it was Independence Day, but it wasn’t the Forth of July – you know what I mean? It is my number one favorite holiday of the whole year and this was the worst one of all time. We had no fireworks, no working grill (so we didn’t cook out), no pool, no friends / family – just sleeping on the couch in the A/C. …very disappointing…but my wallet was loving it! In fact, I’m sure all these little Mom & Pop fireworks stands that we normally frequent are all hurtin’ for certain. I know we didn’t spend even a single dollar this year – and we usually spend about as much at Christmas as we do on the 4th of July! However it wasn’t all a bummer afternoon and evening as scientists discovered a new subatomic particle, called the “God Particle.” How cool is that? Wow! Then, out of nowhere, it began to rain! It lasted for only a few minutes, but it was nice while it lasted…

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It was weird having the holiday in the middle of the week as we struggled to get up early for work the next day. It was another record-setting day in the triple digits with excessive heat advisory and humidity that made it feel like it was about 115. Abby went to Grandma’s for the day and ended up at Dee & Jamie’s home to welcome back Gracie. Luke & I went out to the ball diamonds for baseball practice and sweated our butts off – in fact I was sweaty the entire day and Luke & I hit the showers the moment we walked in the door. Ann had Fireworks popcorn ready for dinner as Luke & I collapsed in to the couches and enjoyed the air conditioning. I couldn’t believe it when I received a text from Abby’s coach that her fast-pitch softball games had been cancelled for tomorrow night already!
It was Beer & Boobies Day on Friday as Ann and her gal pals from work went down to the local bar for a few cold ones before their annual mammograms. we should have the results back in a week or so… I picked up Luke’s bike from the Bicycle Station in Columbus (I dropped it off on Tuesday) and when I brought it home, he had to run out and jump on it right away and take it for a ride. He said he wasn’t going to ride it again because I had the coaster brakes replaced instead of getting a coaster axle put on it. But when I showed him the new tire that had big knobs on it and ready for lots of skid marks, he changed his mind and now loves his bike again! I was a little late getting home that night because we lost yet another air conditioner at work. It is really taking a toll on our equipment. We have had four units go down in the past 10 days alone due to the record heat. They said we were setting records left and right and that the only other time in recent history that we’ve had temps like this was in 1911, so I guess you could say we are experiencing a hundred year heat wave – I hope I never have to experience anything like this again. It supposedly rained a slight amount again at night. I spoke to Rob who was helping Dad around the house and cooking Mom’s favorite dishes. I wish we could be with them like he and Sharon are able to now.
Luke & I were up early on Saturday and went for a bike ride for about a half hour around the surrounding housing additions. It was already over 90 and so muggy at 9 am! We came home sweaty and got a shower. We made a deal with Abby who was up now – we would do the dishes (including the ones from last night) if she would cook breakfast. So, she made eggs, bacon, sausage and toast and cinnamon bagels – yum! We bummed around the house and took naps through the afternoon, enjoying the air conditioner while watching movies. Ann went to the movies with Amy and ran in to Paul & Dayla…and of all people; they also ran in to Jenny – Paul’s ex-wife! What are the odds of them being in the same place in another town at the same time? Jenny lives in Rushville and Paul lives in Batesville and they were both in Greensburg! The kids and I got pizza and watched the race in Daytona. Jeff got 12th despite wrecking three times! We had a fun time and then Abby ended up going over to her friend Sierra’s house at like 9 pm to spend the night. Luke and I played Hot Wheels on and off all day long and he started looking up his cars in the Tomart books for the first time. It rained a couple times today again – just sprinkles, but it I swear it made it even muggier – yuck!
We took it easy on Sunday, cranking the air conditioners again as we battled excessive heat warnings with only slight relief coming next week. Abby stayed at Sierra’s house all day. We had a couple of t-storms move through but only left a small amount of rain. Luke rode his bike until he heard thunder and then came running. Ann made a great meatloaf for lunch and we did some basic clean up around the house, taking it easy although each time Ann stretched on the couch, she left me a little gift! 😉 We had lots of new photos on Facebook this week, including Aunt Sharon & Uncle Dan with their grandkids and Katie, Paul & I from our last get-together, my cousin David at Churchill Downs, Abby showing off her new straightened hair style, my cousin Barney’s birthday was this week (Happy B-day, bud!) and Paul & Dayla and friends over at Wayne & Shannon’s party on the night of July 3rd (I had to work).

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Next up is our video section, including one new family video and several from around the internet this week:

Next is our Waybac section. We continue to feature photos from the Gil Hutton collection. Leading off we have a couple beach photos from the late 50s, followed by what I think is Aunt Judy’s brother, Steve. We also have several from Aunt Sue & Uncle Hank’s wedding in ’61. That is followed by a young Cathy in ’63 as well as Judy & Steve in ‘63/’64. Also featured are Cathy from ’64, Chuck & Judy in late ’64, Cathy in ’65 and a young David in ’65.

Waybac.1960s.ghc3 Waybac.1960s.ghc4 Waybac.1960s.ghc5 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw21 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw22 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw23 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw24 Waybac.1963.11.como2 Waybac.1963-64.jas4 Waybac.1963-64.jas5 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo1 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo2 Waybac.1964.12.c14mo2 Waybac.1964.caj1 Waybac.1964.caj2 Waybac.1964.caj3 Waybac.1965.09.09.c1y11m2 Waybac.1965.09.d3mo4

Next we have Cathy and David in 1966, Uncle John & Aunt June’s wedding in 1968, Cathy in 1970 and Steven in 1978.

Waybac.1966.11.19.c3yo3 Waybac.1966.11.19.ds4 Waybac.1966.11.19.ds5 Waybac.1966.11.22.cad2 Waybac.1966.11.22.cad3 Waybac.1966.11.22.cad4 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw22 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw23 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw24 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw25 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw26 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw27 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw28 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw29 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo9 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo10 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo11 Waybac.1978.11.13.s8mo4

We had a few entries for this week’s Shit that Luke Says piece, but as usual I forgot to write them down. One that I did however was recalled by either Abby or Ann, I think. Anyhow, it was back on Wednesday during the Forth of July lunch over at Mom & Sandy’s. Linda was sitting at the dinner table and got up to get a drink. Luke looks at her and quips matter-of-factly, “Why are you wearing your pajamas?” 🙂 Oh…and on Tuesday night, he told Ann that when we went to the Bicycle Station in Columbus, he wasn’t going to go back again because, “The guy behind the counter wasn’t wearing any pants!” (He had on biker’s shorts.) LOL…ahh the shit that boy says sometimes…

Well that puts the kibosh on yet another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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