I’m the King of the Nighttime World, Come Live your Secret Dream

Welcome to a special double-edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Sorry but I was just too worn out to do one last week, so here we have a double entry. The nasty drought continues here in south central Indiana. Governor Daniels has stated that 56 of the 92 counties in Indiana have been deemed a disaster due to the draught & extreme temps this summer. They say it is the worst in 50 years for this area…and of all years to take our pool down – it figures! As Ann & I drive in to work each day through the countryside, we see the dead corn – puny stalks barely chest-high – and a reminder that crop prices are expected to rise pretty high. That will lead to nearly all food prices going up even further, despite them being at an all-time high now already. We’re a corn-eating family and we’ve only had corn on the cob once this summer, sadly. We took advantage of the hot, dry conditions and went to a water park mid-week. Despite the extreme heat warnings that permeated this week, we were still out in it daily and although Ann & I took the week off from work, it was one our busiest of the year.
Monday was 98 degrees today, which may have been a record for this date. Matt had football practice twice today. Ann & I had eye doctor appointments at our friend Tom Welage’s office. Ann made homemade French bread pizzas for lunch and then Ann & I donated blood at the high school in an effort to help the football team get a chance to work out at the Colts complex or something…well Ann tried to give blood. She was unsuccessful as the first girl couldn’t even find a vein and the 2nd one couldn’t get her to bleed more than thimble-full. Luke & I hit golf balls at the driving range otherwise known as our backyard and the large, vacant housing addition behind us as Ann cooked cheeseburgers on the grill. Yes! Our grill is back working again after Luke & I swapped out our old tank, which was about 6 years old and must’ve had some condensation in it or something that prevented it from maintaining a flame. Afterwards, I took Bu & Duke back out to the fair once again. Abby too off with her friends while Luke & I rode rides and then Lukey met up with his buddies Alex, Jeremy & then Oakley. I think they hit all the rides they wanted – bumper cars, the Scrambler, Avalanche, Super Fun Slide, Frog Hopper, Storm, Pharaoh’s Fury, the Fun House and Starship 2000 – everything but the Ferris wheel – much to Bu’s chagrin. We also played games on the midway – basketball, radar fastball, bb guns and others. Luke won three prizes! He was gracious by giving two of them away to younger fair-goers, keeping a huge, squeaky bat that Ann & I have banned from the house already. I was saddened to learn that Jon Lord (keyboardist of Deep Purple) had passed away at the age of 71 from pancreatic cancer.

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On Tuesday Matt had football practice followed by physical therapy at DCMH. Bu did not have any volleyball so the kids all went with Ann to Columbus to get their hair cut at Jami’s and let Dad have a little peace!  Matt drove all the way over and back and apparently did really well. Matt went to evening football practice while Luke & I sweated our butts off at all-star baseball practice at North Park. We dropped off Bu at the county fair on the way to baseball and picked her up on the way back from picking up Matt at football
We were up early on Wednesday and road-tripped south – back to one of our favorite vacation spots – Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN!! We got there just after it opened and noticed right away that a couple things had changed since we had been there last (a couple years now) – starting with a new parking lot and a new way to get to the front gates. We parked in the Legend Lot and walked through the tunnel to the gates. We went straight to our old favorite – The Raven! It was the first time Luke had ridden a “real” roller coaster…and he absolutely loved it! Wait until you see the video below and the screen shots I captured from it! It was already near 100 by 1030 am, so we headed on over to Splashin’ Safari where we rode everything except the newest attraction – The Mammoth – which is the longest water coaster in the world. We went over there a few times but the wait was over an hour every time. We did ride everything else we wanted to and had a great day. The Wildebeest ride was my favorite (though it was also the longest line of the day for us). The kids enjoyed the Zinga & Zoombabwe but I think their favorite may have been the other new ride which came out last year. The Pilgrim’s Plunge was a killer water ride that took your 10-man canoe up 8 stories (open air, mind you) and dropped you down a slide that was basically vertical – pretty cool! We rode it twice (back-to-back) because of the thrill. We floated around the lazy rivers and hung out in the wave pools as well for the majority of the day. Once we had our fill, we headed out of Splashin’ Safari to grab some food and ride our other favorites – the Legend & the Voyage – and wouldn’t you know it, it began to thunderstorm really bad. The worst part was the awful lightning that was freaky and scared the kids pretty good. We hustled up to Santa’s Village at the front of the park in Christmas Land to get out of the storm and do a little shopping. We tried to wait it out so we could ride a few more, but by the time it had ended, it was too late to get everything dried off, checked, opened and rode. So we left and we drove right through that damn storm – it was pretty sloppy driving conditions there for a while. We stopped in Corydon for gas and dinner – Cracker Barrel, of course! Matt was supposed to drive us home but opted out due to the foul weather, for which Ann & I were grateful. Overall, we had a fun day with lots of sun – too bad it ended prematurely and kept us from enjoying the “perfect day”…but we’ll be sure to do it next time! By the time we got home, it was actually raining – not nearly enough, but a good start…

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Matt was in to football early on Thursday morning. Ann woke up late and literally ran to the car for her dentist appointment. We had a thunderstorm and a little more rain during the morning. Ann & Bu went shopping and then Ann took the kids to the optometrist. We dropped Luke off at all-star baseball practice at North Park where it was really hot and muggy and ran out to the high school practice field where Matt and the Pirates football team were competing with Milan in an 11-on-11 scrimmage. Matt played ½ of the varsity defensive snaps at strong-side defensive tackle and ¾ of the varsity offensive snaps, getting valuable time at right tackle, center & left guard. He did really well for his first varsity action! They were big boys, but he has gotten really strong in this off-season. …And his shoulder held up pretty good to boot! Ann made grilled chicken (yes, on the grill!) and corn on the cob (our first for both in a couple months) – the corn was really good (the chicken was too)! Luke was invited to try out for a travel baseball team in Columbus today. It would start in January…Ann, he & I will need to sit down and seriously talk about it, but I thought it was very nice that he was asked…

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There was no football for Matt on Friday morning (thank God) but Abby had volleyball tryouts. She has been working out all summer, so she has high hopes that she will make the junior high team. Ann & Abby went to Columbus to get Kings Island tickets for tomorrow! We got pizza for lunch from Little Caesar’s. Abby’s fast-pitch softball game was cancelled again tonight! She hasn’t played in about a month now… However, that didn’t keep us from the ball diamonds. The Greensburg Summer Slam tournament was underway. Luke and his 8U all-star team played in their first official tourney game of the new season. It was overcast all day and for a while, it looked like we might get delayed by severe weather but then the sun came out moments before the game! We played the Oxford Braves and came out flat. We were down 4-0 before you knew it and went in to the third inning when the boys finally woke up. We got 4 runs that inning, followed by another 5 and then 3 more while shutting them down and came from behind to win 11-6. Luke played well as the 5th batter and right centerfielder. We talked to coach about moving him to pitcher, but we really need his glove and speed in the outfield. He was bored and only got one ball hit his way – a slow dribbler that he fielded easily. At the plate, he was 2-3 with a strike out (he forgot to swing at the 5th pitch – D’oh!), followed by a single and then a long triple! He scored no runs but batted in two in the big victory. They play again tomorrow afternoon, but we will not be there. I coached 3rd base for the first time in a couple years and really enjoyed it. We came home and Ann had a yummy dinner of tortellini with red sauce and meatballs with garlic bread – mmmmm!

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We were up early and picked up Abby’s friend Sierra as we headed over to Ohio for Ann’s staff retreat/company picnic at Kings Island!! Matt stayed behind to attend a wrestling fund raiser – a golf tourney at the country club. His grandpa Scheu would’ve been proud as he competed in his first scramble. He borrowed my clubs and shorts. He said his team pretty much sucked but he had a great time. Meanwhile in Ohio, we bypassed an hour-long backup on the highway and snuck to the front of the line. However, in the interim we witnessed a wreck less than a mile from the gates on I-71. It was late in the summer and it was the weekend on a hot summer day…so as you have likely guessed already – it was absolutely packed. The rides were awesome and the park was decently clean and relatively easy to get around in but the lines were murder – especially for a 9 year old; we started on the Invertigo but that line was so long we moved only 10 feet in 15 minutes! So we hopped out of line and went on the Drop Tower. Sierra chickened out though, as did Ann so it was just Luke, Bu & I. Next we went to Flight Deck where we were able to talk Sierra in to riding, but Ann still refused – from there Sierra rode everything else, she just needed a nudge I guess! Ann, though, took one for the team. She didn’t even go on one single ride the entire day – and this was her special day. From there, we made our way to one of my old favorites – the Racer! We rode in the very back, which beat us pretty good. Then we went up the Eiffel Tower (I guess Ann did ride one thing!) before getting some character pictures in Snoopy land & stopping for lunch in the picnic area with Ann’s work people. That’s where we ran in to Superman (Dr. Albers, who saved Abby’s life when she was born (he will forever be known as Superman to me for that miracle) and his family. I also saw Stephanie from my work of all things over there as well. I loved the cheeseburgers, bakes beans and chips – perfect picnic food (Ann called it guy food). After lunch, the two girls went their separate way while Luke, Ann & I headed over to the Diamondback, which was awesome!! That was followed by a wild ride on the Vortex, which was my fave of the day and then a quick ride on the Shake Rattle & Roll ride which was better than we expected. We ended with a twilight ride on the Beast, which was pretty damn cool, I must admit – and the highlight of the day for Lukey!! We then grabbed some LaRosa’s pizza and ate outside, by the fountains up on International Street. We wound down the night by watching fireworks from in front of the Eiffel tower, shopping in the candy store for what seemed like an hour and then ended with Grater’s ice cream! We grabbed our pictures on our way out and headed home…thoroughly spent from the day’s festivities.

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We got to sleep in a little on Sunday before getting up to go to the championship portion of Luke’s baseball tourney. First up, we played Rush Co. There was drama involved in the game as the Rushville fans were quite boisterous and loudly displayed their opinions as well as commenting loudly on anything else they were thinking. Although there were some intense moments in the game, there were two distinct stoppages of play where the umpires had to stop the game due to the head coaches getting in to it. Finally the head umpire had to come out and set things right. As for the game itself, Luke again batted 6th and played right center. From the plate he was 3-3 with a screaming single to left, a double to the fence (scoring on an infield pop-up!) and then drilled a 200’ homer to the left centerfield fence that scored 3! Defensively, he had very little action as the Stars came from behind to win by three (12-9)! In the 2nd game they again played the Oxford Braves. They were ready for this game but we were very sloppy – both defensively with several errors and offensively where we hit the ball poorly overall. It was hot and the kids were tired…I know I was worn out. In the field, Luke stopped 2 of the 3 balls that came his way in right centerfield – the one he missed rolled all the way to the fence and gave up a run. With the stick, Luke was 1-2 with a two-RBI double and a ball that would’ve 1-hopped the fence (they played him deep this at-bat) but the left fielder made a very nice play on and just barely snagged the ball in the air as the Stars came up a little short this time – and got eliminated from the single-elimination tourney – losing by one point, 5-6. Such a shame that the #1 seed was upset…they were one game away from the championship. They had to settle for 3rd place out of 11 in the 8U division of the 2012 Greensburg Summer Slam. I was upset they lost, as they really should’ve won the whole thing but they didn’t play well and to their credit, the Oxford, OH team (home of my fraternity, Phi Delta Theta!) played very well and deserved to win. I have to admit, I was so hot and tired that I was OK with going home at that point…though it would’ve been nice to play and win just one more game I guess. I again coached 3rd base and may likely continue for the all-star season. I enjoyed coaching there but it wore me out! The Stars have their next tourney this coming weekend, down in Seymour.

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We left the diamonds, got cleaned up at home and headed over to Mom & Sandy’s house where the family had gathered – including Keith, Rosie & Megan (in from Buffalo!). We were there for Gigi’s birthday party. I never did find out which one we were celebrating (55?), but it was fun with a huge dinner of cheeseburgers, home made mac & cheese, baked beans, sausage balls (thanks, Gigi!!), deviled eggs, lots of different chips and lots of different dips! Yum!! We also had to sing the Birthday Song (death-march style) and have cake and ice cream. Luke & I left a little earlier than the rest of the clan, coming home to finish up our weekly chores, relax and eventually nap on the couch – completely wiped out from the busy, busy week and frantic weekend…

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This past Monday, Matt was back in to early football practice. Abby, Sierra & Luke went to Gma’s house and from there she took the girls to volleyball tryouts. Afterwards, Ann took Abby to Indy for her knees and back pain to be evaluated. The therapist thinks both issues are caused by an issue with her hips. She also said one leg was longer than the other, likely due to her mild form of scoliosis (we still haven’t addressed that issue yet). They did some stretches and gave Bu some exercises to do at home. She will go back weekly for a while to see what helps best – different stretches, different knee wraps, etc. Then Ann took Matt to physical therapy for his shoulder and then on to football practice that evening. Thankfully he did not have a late night practice – in fact, I think they are done with those this year.
On Tuesday, Matt was back to early football and it was another 100 degree day – a repeat of yesterday. Ugh! Abby had volleyball tryouts and she was notified that she made it past 1st cuts! She was so excited. Speaking of exciting news (or is it scary?), Matt had his first driving school lessons that evening before football practice. Luke & I had all-star baseball practice in the nasty heat. Abby played basketball with her ex-boyfriend, Christian @ the YMCA again that night (they played last night as well). Ann told me that Sherman Hensley (aka George Jefferson) had passed away today.

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Abby was back to volleyball tryouts again on Wednesday morning and she was notified that she made the final cut and will be a member of the 2012 Greensburg Jr. High volleyball team! Way to go, Bu!! Her coach pulled her aside and talked to her at length about leadership and her ongoing role as well as many other nice things. We have high hopes for Bu this fall. Matt had the day off and I talked to Mom today – she sounded much better than I guess she was over the weekend. Apparently she had some pretty harsh side effects from the damn chemo this last go-round (last week). I am glad to hear that she is finally turning a corner. The chemo is now finished. She has regained her kidney function and is no longer in need of dialysis. After dinner, Luke, Bu & I went to the city pool for the Back to School Bash – hosted by Gigi & her WTRE staff. We had a great time swimming with Gigi, riding the water slide and jumping off the diving board – I soaked the life guard twice and Luke tried to do flips/dives but always ended up doing belly/back flops instead!

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Thursday was Gigi’s official birthday…is it the double nickel year for her???  Matt returned to AM football and Abby returned to volleyball practice. Matt returned to his orthopedic doctor for his shoulder – turns out, he wants to do an MRI on Matt to figure out what’s going on. Despite the fact it is slowly getting better, the doc says it is still weak… though you couldn’t tell me that as he went on to football practice afterwards and promptly got 2nd place on the team in squatting over 500 pounds!! That night, Luke had all-star baseball practice on diamond 5. We worked hard in the heat and came home sweaty to find that Ann had made a great dinner of cuscus and a very spicy pork loin – make it again, honey!! She had her friend Shawna over for “booze on the back porch” or whatever they call it – and then later Shawna walked out and left her damn pictures and PC that have been sitting here for a couple months now.
Matt had the morning off from football on Friday morning, but Bu did have volleyball. Matt had physical therapy on his shoulder followed by his afte rnoon football practice. Poor Bu was supposed to have softball games finally – a double-header. After a month of delays/postponements and cancellations, she was so excited at the advent of a chance to play again…only to have severe t-storms roll through and cancel everything once again – poor kid! Wouldn’t you know it, it finally stopped the moment her game was scheduled to start. She still has 6 league games to be played (4 to be made up now) as well as the tourney – and school starts next Wednesday!! We all gathered around the large screen TV and took in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in London – pretty cool stuff… Maryann was not feeling well, due to what she said was likely strep-throat. Gracie had a reaction from inoculations and came over to get meds from us. Abby’s phone crapped out on her as the screen went out, rendering it nearly useless. We got Matt’s old phone out and we transferred service to it until she is eligible for an upgrade at the end of October (actually I am, but she can have my upgrade); she was happy to have the new phone and gladly did the dishes for us tonight. 
It was another early riser on Saturday morning, as we loaded up the Pacifica and headed an hour down south for the Seymour Youth Baseball Tourney. Luke & the 8U Greensburg All-Stars were scheduled for two play-in games today for tourney pairing tomorrow. Our first game was at Kasting Park. Luke started in left centerfield again and batted 5th in the line-up. In the field he only had a couple of balls come out his way with no errors. At the plate he was 3-3 with a single & 2 doubles. He scored 2 runs and batted in 3 in a winning effort as the Stars beat the Owls 17-2 in 5 innings! We left after the game and went shopping and ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings to eat lunch before heading back to play baseball again. This time we were over at Shields Park across town to face the Ellettsville Dynamite. We came out a little flat but had the lead all the way until the 5th inning when Luke had to go use the bathroom suddenly; just as we were taking the field. This caused us to change up our defense while he was out – and that’s when they put a 5-spot on us and took the lead. Luke played 1st base the whole game and made two unassisted outs as well as a perfect 8-8 on assisted putouts. Maybe he’ll get some more time over there in the future. He batted 5th and had a big RBI single early, a two-out, 2 RBI double in the middle but popped up in his last at-bat as the Stars lost 8-7. Meanwhile, Matt stayed back and Aunt Dee ran him to his driving lesson. We came home and the girls went back-to-school shopping. I took a nap and Luke played golf in the back lot before going to Alex’s house for a little while. They eventually came back to our house to play while Terry took Christi out for her 40th birthday. The boys were a sandy mess as they played out in the “beach” in the backyard. We ordered Pizza King pizzas for dinner as we watched the Olympics on TV. We had taped the inaugural Nationwide series race at the Brickyard and enjoyed watching it and taking a nap. Gigi wrote to Ann and said she was having fun down in Tennessee, catching a very close view of the Barry Manilow concert! Luke was excited to hear we were a #2 seed going in to Sunday’s elimination tourney in Seymour. We will have a recap of that day next week, along with pictures and video. For now, we offer a batch of random pictures, including several from Facebook of Abby, Lindsay, Haley, Molly, Megan at the Indy Children’s Museum, Aunt Sharon, the old pool at Columbian Park in Lafayette, our friends Wayne & Shannon and Lucas. Oh, and the Reds are in first place in their division!!

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Here we have the video section, including 3 new home videos from all the action this week and a few from around the internet.

Now it’s time for our Waybac section. We are right in the middle of featuring old Scheu family photos from the Gil Hutton collection. I think all my cousins that wanted the photos should now have them, as I sent out 3 more discs this weekend. Leading off, we have Aunt Judy before her prom (?) where her date was Uncle Chuck in early 60s. Next we have several from Aunt Sue & Uncle Hank’s wedding in April of ’61. Included in this batch is a very rare color picture from this event. All of the others that I have / have seen are b&w. The b&w ones also feature a very young Aunt Mary & Aunt Sally. Also in this section, we have several of Cousin Cathy in 1964 – including with Uncle Gil & Aunt Judy in January, two poses in September, at Uncle Gil’s house in September and then another pose from the same general timeframe.

Waybac.1960s.sfpsp5 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw25 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw26 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw27 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw28 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw29 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw30 Waybac.1964.01.l4g2 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo3 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo4 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo5 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo6 Waybac.1964.cs4

The next section starts with a young Cousin David in June of ’65, then goes to Cathy in September of ’65, David in November of ’66 and a couple from late November of ’66 with both siblings “waiting for Santa” and reading a Christmas story.

Waybac.1965.06.29.d1mo5 Waybac.1965.06.29.d1mo6 Waybac.1965.09.09.cs1y11m3 Waybac.1966.11.19.ds6 Waybac.1966.11.22.cad5 Waybac.1966.11.22.cad6

Our final section of this corner starts with Uncle John & Aunt June’s wedding in December of ’68, goes to Cathy in June of 1970 and ends with Cousin Steven in November of 1978.

Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw37 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw38 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw39 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw40 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw41 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw42 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw43 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo17 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo18 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo19 Waybac.1978.11.13.s8mo7 Waybac.1978.11.13.s8mo8

As for the Shit that Luke Says section, we had several entries. The first one deals with him and his sunglasses over at King’s Island. When he suddenly decided to leave them in the car, he stated, “ I don’t want my sunglasses because they are black and will build up too much heat in my eye!” Then while singing along with a song by his favorite band LMFAO, he changed up the lyrics when they referred to themselves. He thought their names were Red Cheese & Blue Cheese. Earlier when we were at Holiday World, we stopped at a restroom in Splashin’ Safari and as he finished at the automatic urinal, it flushed and he nonchalantly said thank you to auto toilet flusher & finally, while in line for the Bohari, he says to Matt, “Good thing this ride isn’t in the woods like the others – those trees make me have to poop!”

Well that wraps up this jumbo-sized special edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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