Tryin’ to Live My Life without You…

Rob related a story to me a couple weeks ago. A day after Mom passed away; he saw something he had never seen before – a brilliantly hued orange dragonfly outside Mom & Dad’s home. I have never seen an orange dragonfly and neither had Rob, Sharon or Dad. In fact, they asked around the neighborhood and no one had ever seen one like it before. The dragonfly few away and he didn’t see it again until 4 hours later when he was driving his jeep, miles from the house and in the middle of traffic, he stops at a light and what should buzz his jeep? …It was the orange-hued dragonfly again! Mom loved butterflies, dragonflies and humming birds. Was it Rob just paying attention to nature more than before or was it a reminder that he will always be watched and never be alone? I don’t know, but it’s a good story…
Hello and welcome to another edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Today we have another double edition. I wanted to get one published last week, but I just didn’t have the time. We are obviously still reeling from the loss of Mom and it is difficult to even call Dad or Rob down in Florida because it brings back so much pain. I spoke with him just this morning on the way in to work and never even brought up Mom…and yet, I was choking back tears for half of the conversation. It is so devastating to think that Mom never saw Matt get his license, graduate high school or play college football. She will never see Abby get married or become a doctor. And she will never live to see the day that I finally kill Lucas…just kidding. But seriously, it is still very hard for us all…
The talk of the town has been about an abduction of a middle school-aged girl that took place a block from the junior high school. She was allegedly picked up by a two men in a black truck, driven around, fondled and then dropped back off in the same location a few minutes later. Then, a week later, an 18-year-old girl was allegedly abducted by the same men at the Wal-Mart here in town. Again, she was driven around, fondled but this time was dropped off 5 minutes from town, in the country. It has caused quite a stir in the ‘Burg again. The Indy news channels were in town, covering the events. It seems all this town gets is bad press…then a few days later, we got the news that the 2nd girl had lied for attention and was now in jail for her false accusations. I had said all along that I thought it was fishy that something like this would happen – without the girls being raped or murdered…very strange. So obviously it brings in to question the validity of the first girl’s allegations. The weather has been much cooler. In fact it got cold for a day or so and we actually had the windows open and were able to air out the house…with three kids and two dogs – that is great news! :0) We have gotten lots of rain and everything is green again. The cicadas are gone and the crickets have started to fade as well. The first day of fall has come and gone since we touched base last time. The Reds won the Central Division in MLB and may end up with the number one seed. The surviving members of Led Zeppelin announced they would be releasing a new feature film of their O2 performance a couple years ago. It will be in select theaters for two days and then released to home video. The replacement referees in the NFL finally screwed up enough to get the “real” refs back in the game. Since Mom has been gone, I haven’t talked to Dad & Rob as much as I thought I would. I have noticed that I’m more reserved now, feeling older and wiser somehow. I guess a part of my childhood is now gone and will never be replaced. I lost a good friend along with a Mother. Good people have come and gone in my life, but Mom was the one person who had been with me through it all, so that can never be replaced and perhaps that is what I miss more than anything else. The tears still come and go, just not as often now. I find that as long as I don’t dwell on things, I generally do pretty well. The kids seem to be doing very well and in fact since the funeral, Luke’s behavior has actually gotten a little better. Perhaps it gave us some closure on a venture that has been ongoing nearly the entire year.
On Monday, Ann & I had a bereavement day off. We met with Luke’s teachers, regarding his reading progress. Basically what we got out of the meeting is that he is bored and a little lazy, doing just enough to get by. Brian took Luke to football practice, Gma picked up Matt from football practice while Ann & I went to Shelbyville for Abby’s volleyball game where our girls came out sloppy and gave up a 24-19 lead to lose 25-24 in the 1st match. Thankfully, the 2nd match wasn’t even close as the Pirates blew them out by 10 to force a 3rd match. In the final segment, it was close through the first half and then the Golden Bears pulled away at the end to win 15-9 and give our girls only their second loss of the season. The girls are now 9-2 on the year with both losses coming in close 3rd matches. Abby played a little bit at the end of the 1st match, getting a point at the front with a block and then being allowed to cycle to the back and getting a chance to serve for the first time! She did great but we did not earn the point and she was out a few moments later when it was tied 24-24. Later that evening, the boys watched MNF with Peyton Manning in a Bronco uniform (he doesn’t look right!) just barely losing a close one, despite his trademark comeback in the 4th quarter.

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Ann returned to work but I had another bereavement day on Tuesday. After dropping the kids off at school (Abby went early, due to a Student Council meeting), I mowed / trimmed at Mom & Sandy’s house and then came home and mowed / trimmed back at our place as well. Mom got Luke and took Subway to Abby. I dropped Luke off at football practice and met Ann at the junior high for Bu’s volleyball game. The Pirates faced-off against the Benjamin Rush Middle School. The girls rebounded from their loss last night to cream the Lion Cubs in two straight sets, 25-9 and 25-11. Abby played about half of the first game and about a quarter of the 2nd game. She made a few mistakes but also made some pretty good plays as well. I hope this is a sign of things to come for her! The girls’ record is now 10-2. Afterwards, I went back to North Park to practice football with Luke. Luke & I were in hot water when we came home with BK for the two of us and nothing for the other three. We thought the girls were at dance and Matt was having leftover fettuccini from Abby’s birthday…needless to say, they were not happy with us. Matt was in the newspaper for being a letter jacket recipient.

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Ann took kids to school on Wednesday and I went in a little early as it was my first day of work in nearly a week. It was very cold this morning – holy crap! We started the day at 40 degrees! Luke “helped” Mom clear the dew-covered windows by putting his window all the way down…except it never came back up!  Luke had a football game vs. the other Greensburg team (White) that evening. We were in a dogfight – it was close the entire game. We came out a little flat, but still managed to eventually score first. That came in the 2nd quarter. We had to work pretty hard with a long, sustained drive. Luke just barely missed his extra point. We noticed a flaw in his technique so we worked on it during halftime. During the kickoff, Luke did not kick as the coach had requested and booted it deep instead of a short one. Not only did he kick it to their fastest runner, he did not break down and make the open-field tackle either and the boy brought the ball all the way back for a TD and made their extra point just before half to go up 8-6. Our defense was outstanding in the 2nd half and they weren’t able to move the ball…until we started putting in our scrubs. It is pee wee football after all, so we made a conscious effort to try and get everyone more playing time. However, it burned us first on a phantom horse collar tackle, then on a 4th and 8 play that they converted and again on the following play where we missed a tackle and they scored on another long run. They missed the PAT to make it 14-6. We moved the ball up and down the field very well, but first there were some strange penalties called – 1st a holding call that negated a TD. We had a block in the back that negated a 2nd TD and we had an illegal procedure that negated a 3rd one. We weren’t able to overcome these circumstances and we lost for the first time this year. Luke & the Blue team is now 3-1. Ann went to dance with Abby after the game. Abby was in the paper for her victory over North.

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On Thursday, Matt & Luke had football practice while Bu had a volleyball game vs. St. Nicholas. They won the 1st game easily, 25-12 but in the 2nd game had a 10 pt lead and squandered it away, losing 25-21. In the 3rd game, the Pirates took the lead and never looked back, winning going away 15-6 to extend their record to 11-2! Abby played the final 5 or 6 points of the 1st game (pretty much garbage time). She didn’t play at all the 2nd game and we figured she was done for the day when we entered the 3rd period. To my surprise, Abby entered the game with the score tied and played during some crucial moments of the game – when it really mattered – and was actually able to contribute to the team, including playing the front row and also serving. In fact, she served twice, with both spot on and earned her first point for the team from serve! Hopefully Coach liked what she saw!! I left after the 7th graders and joined Luke at practice where he and most of the kids had a great practice with lots of hitting and some tears (not Luke, thankfully). Ann stayed with Bu and after the 8th graders finished, they headed over to dance class again. Luke & I grabbed BK and checked his homework and as he went to shower and then bed. Matt watched Luke for us so I headed out to Brian’s house for a coach’s meeting. We had game tape for the Blue – White game from last night as well as the White – North Decatur game (we face ND this weekend). As a bonus, he had the NFL Network…something we don’t currently have at home…and we watched that game as well. Abby was in the paper again for volleyball.

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It was a long day at work on Friday. Abby had volleyball practice. We picked up the Pacifica from Acra’s with a new window motor after work. Bu had her friend Cammy stay the night with us. As soon as I got home, we packed up the car and headed to Matt’s varsity football game vs. Franklin County. It was homecoming and just like last year, they were calling for severe t-storms that night. It rained on and off, but stopped right around game time. We had our umbrellas ready, but never needed to get them out. Matt did not get the start this week but he did play about half the game in a platoon scheme. There were scouts from Earlham College on the sidelines – Matt picked a bad game to have zero tackles. But to his defense, he was double- and triple-teamed for a majority of the game. At halftime they held the homecoming ceremonies and then there was a delay due to some lightning in the area. It was close at halftime, but the defense took over in the 2nd half and the offense had a couple of sustained drives to help the Pirates win 30-20. The rain held off, outside of just a few sprinkles. Mom, Sandy & Jamie also came to the game and sat with us! Matt played DT again and did get some good collisions and battles going on the line. We waited for Matt after the game but he decided to go next door to the Homecoming dance at the Fieldhouse, so we headed to the car. Because it had gotten so chilly (I had on jeans, sweatshirt and skull cap), Abby had gone out to the car with Luke & Cammy to get warm. They thought they had turned on the car for the heater and radio…the only problem was she had only turned the key to the on position and not started it! When Ann & I got in to start the car, it only went tick, tick, tick… So we called Jamie who came and gave us a jump. As we waited, Matt texted Ann to come get him…of course we were still stuck in the damn the parking lot! I met him out in the lot and asked why he was leaving only minutes after arriving? He said it was elbow to elbow in that Fieldhouse and they only had an iPod with a small docking station for entertainment so you couldn’t even hear the music! We played football in the parking lot with Luke as we waited on Jamie. When he arrived, a man dressed in black just showed up at our vehicle and I wasn’t sure what he wanted…turns out, he was the principle of the high school! I’m glad I didn’t say to him what I wanted… Jamie got us going as it started to rain. Just then, nearly the entire student body suddenly came flooding in to the parking lot and we thought there was a fire or something. As it turns out, the kids were protesting the lousy homecoming dance! 😉 Way to go, kids!! We ended up out at Chili’s again, who was trying to close but allowed us to come in and eat. Afterwards, we went home and everyone just died! We were all asleep on the couches / beds within 15 minutes. We were wiped out from the long day and even longer evening…

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Matt had practice on Saturday morning, getting chocolate milk and donuts as well as working out in the pool. Abby & Cam were up early to go with the rest of us to play in a Batesville @ St. Louis Catholic school in the 6th Annual Cardinal Classic Volleyball Tourney. 1st up for the 7th graders was host St Louis. We won quickly 15-12 & 15-10 to gain some confidence early on. Abby didn’t play a second during the game but was the team captain for the game. In the 2nd round they faced St. Nicholas – who came out ready to play. In fact, they lead for most of the 1st game but the Pirates battled back to win it late, 15-11. The Pirates dominated the 2nd game and won going away, 15-9. Abby made her first appearance of the day, getting in for a point or two of the 1st game finally! She kept stats for the 8th graders, who also won their games. Afterwards Ann, Luke & I tailgated out in the parking lot for lunch where Ann nearly got stung by a bee after her sandwich – but I saved the day and squashed it with my shoes (her hero!). However, we got a good laugh out of it, saying I looked like an air traffic controller on a busy Navy destroyer out at sea. Ann joked to a lady walking by that the spectators at the tourney will all be talking about the crazy man in the parking lot! :0) Luke & I played catch with his football a couple times in between the matches. It was a gorgeous day outdoors!! In the final round, the Pirates faced St. Michaels and put a hurtin’ on them – 15-5 and 15-2!! Abby played in both games and even got to hit the ball a couple times! They were seeded 1st for the finals with 90 points vs. St. Nicholas who had 76 points (it’s hard to beat the same team 3 times in the same year…and this is our third meeting this week!). They were no match for us and the Pirates swept the Spartans in two straight games to win the tourney! The girls were so excited!! Then to top the weekend off right, the 8th graders also won their final game in the tourney for a clean sweep! They had fun posing for pictures afterwards with the trophies. We came back to town, picked up Matt and then Bu and celebrated her accomplishment by taking everyone out to El Reparo where we saw several people we knew. We came home and put everything away (we brought drinks for the girls to have today), cleaned up the house a little, took cat naps and then headed out with the kids to the Messer’s house for a bonfire. Matt asked if we would be allowing Abby to ride Drew’s 4-wheeler at this bonfire…I said, uh, no. The Messers had over a few other friends and a few kids. It was very relaxing – what a good vibe out there. We had so much fun just talking and listening to music and enjoying some “Daddy Juice.” ;0) Matt was our chauffeur for the night, which was really cool of him. Luke stayed the night with Drew, Brian & Angie. Matt’s picture was in the paper for last night’s football game.

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Sunday was our 17th wedding anniversary! We celebrated it by spending a few hours out at North Decatur for Luke’s football game. North is ranked 1st in the league and they came out playing like they deserved that honor. We, on the other hand, came out flat again. We went down early for a 14-0 difference at halftime. We finally scored in the 3rd quarter but gave up another TD to make it 21-6 and that is how it ended. We ran in to a buzz saw and despite adjustments that we made throughout the game, were never able to come back. We will have one more shot at them in two weeks for our final game of the regular season. Our record is now 3-2. Luke again played defensive tackle, offensive tackle and kicker. Luke missed his only extra point – hitting it badly due to the holder not having the tee properly placed (or so he says). He had a couple of really good tackles and blocks, but played inconsistent like the other linemen, unfortunately. We came back and did our weekly chores around the house, took naps and watched football. The Cowboys won, the Colts lost (blew the game, really), the Broncos (Peyton Manning) lost; and NASCAR was in New Hampshire, but I missed the race and forgot to record it.

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Monday was the 32nd anniversary of John Henry “Bonzo” Bonham’s death. Led Zeppelin was essentially dead at that point. The boys had football practice after school while Bu was back in the Jr. High gym for volleyball practice. Luke’s practice was pretty sloppy and we rode the kids pretty hard. They ran quite a bit and the effort was poor for a majority of the boys. We have big plans to get them fired up for the next practice. We had some really good pictures off Facebook this week, including Jason & Erica, Phyllis & Dick and the Timm sisters.

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Abby had a long day at school – she was in early for Student Council meeting then stayed late for a volleyball game at home vs. the Waldron Mohawks (Paul’s big rivalry back in high school). The girls easily won, 25-5 & 25-11 to raise their record to 12-2. Abby played quite a bit again and scored a point! She is starting to get the hang of the whole bump-set-spike thing! I headed over to football practice where it was raining pretty good. I have to say that it was the best practice of the year! The kids were leery at first about the rain and mud, but once they got going they really got in to it and the hitting was intense! If they play like that the rest of the year, no one will stop us!! Matt and the football team were featured in an insert in the newspaper.

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It was a long Wednesday for me. As Ann held down the fort and ran all the kids to school, I headed in to work early to perform a 12-hour generator test. I came home long enough to briefly catch up with Ann who was cooking chicken tetrazzini, helped Matt take out trash and helped Bu with the dishes before I was back out the door, headed over to Coach Messer’s house to watch game tapes with the coaches for tomorrow night’s match up with East Central.
On Thursday, Ann went to Abby’s volleyball game in Batesville. Ann did food for the girls while I went with Coach Lowe and his family to Sunman to coach football with Luke’s team. We played East Central in an inter-league scrimmage game. Their league is structured differently as they allow kids up to 150 lbs (ours is 100) and they allow kids to run the ball up to 110 lbs (ours is 85). They were much, much bigger but we held our own. The boys were a little flat at the start of the game, but once we lit a fire under their butts they picked it up and did very well towards the end of the 2nd quarter and all through the 2nd half. Luke started on all 3 teams, playing DT, OT & K. I had to ride him pretty hard and eventually yank him from the game for a play or two to get his attention. He made several tackles, despite being double-teamed by their two biggest guy most of the game – wait till you see the video below! He was pretty upset that he was unable to do much of anything, but we encouraged him to understand that by them dedicating two guys to him, that it freed up a teammate to make a tackle. We were very proud of our defense as we earned a hard-won shut out, including a goal line stand at the end of the game! We won 6-0. Meanwhile in Batesville, Abby and the 7th grade vball team competed in their final game of the regular season. Bu did not play in the first game, but they won easily 25-13. Abby played in most of the 2nd game when the Pirates won even easier, 25-5 to wrap up their season with a 13-2 record.

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While I was in the shower on Friday morning, I heard that Andy Williams had died. I know he did much more, but for me his best song is “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…” it’s not Christmas without hearing that song! It was kind of scary, but I was in charge at work today! Bu had volleyball practice after school and Matt got his driver’s license today! He also had a football game at Batesville that evening. We met up with the Drakes in Batesville at Pizza King for dinner and a couple pitchers. We made it to the game where Paul had a great place for us to park that allowed us to come out at halftime and tailgate in peace. It was Senior Night for the Bulldogs but they had such a young team that it really wasn’t much longer than a normal halftime. Matt played sparsely and was visibly upset as the game played out and he was forced to watch from the sidelines most of the time. He played about a dozen plays or so but didn’t make any tackles, though he did get some good hits in. The end product was still outstanding – 34-0!! We went back to the Drake’s for a quick night cap and listened to the end of the Red’s game on the radio where Homer Bailey threw the first no-hitter for Cincy since Tom Browning’s!

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On Saturday morning, Matt drove himself to football practice in the van (the truck is in the shop getting a couple small things repaired before Matt drives it full time). Ann dropped Luke & I by KB Foods and took Abby uptown to find a seat on the Fall Festival parade route. Luke rode with the GYF league float as I walked alongside. Afterwards, Ann went to the varsity volleyball game with Bu and Shawna to watch her two girls in action. She then dropped Bu off at a friend’s house and then went in to work for a several hours. Abby then went with her friends out to a party that night – her first girl/boy party! Meanwhile Matt, Luke & I went out and had vehicle keys made for Matt and then went up to the square for the 33rd annual Tree City Fall Festival to get dinner, walk around and see the sights (we love to people watch) and ride rides/play games on the little midway. Matt chickened out after eating his giant tenderloin, refusing to ride the Hammer ride (imagine that – the Hammer not wanting to ride the Hammer!). He missed out – Luke & I had a blast! Luke played a ladder-climbing game that some smoking clown-dude was able to accomplish standing up, backwards! We watched a couple bands and talked to the few friends that we recognized. It was another gorgeous night and before left we got Luke some cotton candy while Matt & I had Dippin’ Dots (thanks, Bub!). We came home, but we weren’t done. Luke & I went out and watched the fireworks display from our front porch/driveway. They were shot off downtown (my guess is they were leftovers from the 4th of July when we were under a burn ban)…but whatever the reason, it was the first time during this event and they were cool just the same! Then later, I went out and picked up Abby and Kenzi at the party that was out in the sticks – and brought them back here for the night. To my surprise, they didn’t stay up until the butt-crack of dawn like usual, but retired before midnight and were out…

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We slept in late on Sunday morning. We did our weekly household chores. Ann was outstanding in the role of grill master as she made cheeseburgers outside on another beautiful fall day. Kenzi stuck around most of the day, leaving in the early evening. Ann went with Shawna to go scrapbooking for several hours this afternoon. Mom & Gigi brought the Crossfire over for Matt to use while the truck is in the shop. Gigi & Matt went out driving for a while, ending up out on I-74 to make the rear spoiler come up. He loved it and even had to take it in to town later to get it washed. We watched racing and football on TV. Unfortunately, the Cowboys (2-1) face Bears tomorrow night on MNF and the Colts have a bye, so we didn’t have our usual teams to root for. We did watch Purdue alum Drew Brees play against the World Champs and looked good doing it. Payton was also on national TV with his new team, the Broncos and also looked equally impressive. The old refs were finally back so now no more unexpected endings like last Monday night when the replacement botched a game-ending interception and called it a TD catch as the Packers lost to the Seahawks. Gordon ran well at Dover, finishing 2nd while Tony was a lap or two down – but then most of the field was as well. Luke went to Alex’s house to play in the late afternoon. It was a nice, relaxing day and a well-needed day for us to catch our breaths before another busy week begins again tomorrow. The kids all received their school pictures this week and we were impressed with all of them, they are possibly the best we’ve had in several years and may be Lukey’s best ever!

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Next up is our video section, featuring eight new family videos and several from around the net this time out…

For our Waybac section, we head back to the Gil Hutton Collection. Leading off is Uncle Chuck w/ Aunt Judy in the ‘60s; Sue & Hank’s wedding in April of 1961; Cathy in September of ’64; Cathy in ’65 and then she and David in ‘66.

Waybac.1960s.sfpsp7 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw51 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw53 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw54 Waybac.1963-64.jas8 Waybac.1964.01.l4g3 Waybac.1964.01.l4g4 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo15 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo16 Waybac.1964.cs7 Waybac.1965.09.09.cs1y11m7 Waybac.1966.11.19.c3yo5 Waybac.1966.11.19.ds8 Waybac.1966.11.22.cad10

Next up is Uncle John & Aunt June’s wedding in December of ’68; Cathy in June of 1970 and Stephen in November of ’78.

Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw76 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw77 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw78 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw79 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw80 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo37 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo38 Waybac.1978.11.13.s8mo14

In closing, I know we published Mom’s obit in the last entry and I know it was difficult to read. Rob wrote it off the top of his head on the same day that Mom passed away. I only changed a few formatting and structure issues and corrected spelling. Everything else is his lovely words. I liked it so much I wanted to re-publish it here on the blog in its full form (good job, little buddy):

Sandra S. Bryan
6/12/1949 – 9/2/2012

Our Heavenly Father called an angel of his own on Sunday September 2nd at 9:20am. Sandy now lies in his emerald green pastures, filled with gorgeous flowers and streets lined of gold. She fought her battle with cancer with the courage of a lion and a selfless heart abundantly filled with love for her family and friends through her final breath.
Surviving our dearest love is her husband of 34 years – Ronald Bryan, formally of the Lafayette, IN area and now residing in Largo, FL. Also surviving are their 2 sons: Robert Bryan of Seminole, FL and Thomas Scheumann of Greensburg, IN. Robert and his fiancée Sharon Miles plan to marry in May of next year. Sandra is also survived by Thomas’ wife Ann (Owens) as well as Sandy’s beautiful grandchildren Matt, Abby, and Luke Scheumann.
Her family graciously gives thanks to everyone for their prayers and support through their journey together with Sandy and the sorrow in the days ahead. Contributions on behalf of Sandy’s spirit, legacy and in honor of her life will be accepted to Suncoast Hospice of Clearwater, FL or The American Cancer Society. A memorial service will be held at St Boniface Cemetery in Lafayette and will be announced to family and friends at a later date.

Thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom…
Later, Scheu

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