Hold Tight…We’re in for Nasty Weather

The weather has been the center of conversation each day again. We left off last time with the Grammy Awards. The show had several big winners, with which I was happy – including Led Zeppelin’s first and only Grammy for Best Rock Album (“Celebration Day”)! Also winning big was Black Sabbath for best metal performance on their single “God is Dead?” Another big one was the Nirvana reunion with Paul McCartney doing, “Cut Me Some Slack”
which won Best Rock Song. Macca also won Best Music Film (“Live Kisses”) and Ben Harper won best blues album (“Get Up!”). Everything else didn’t mean anything as a Kiwi and a pair of French robots cleaned-up on everything else. I was able to find good videos of the important performances, including a complete recording of the finale. Other news of the week included Abby being a month in to her vegetarian diet stage. We are very supportive of her healthy choices but can’t understand a life without bacon! The kids’ report cards were pretty good this semester: Matt did the two-step with 2 A’s, 2 B’s & 2 C’s; Luke had all A’s and B’s (with an A+ …Way to go, buddy!!); and Abby topped the list with nearly straight A’s again. She narrowly missed it with 1 B+ in language arts…wait, isn’t that English class? Isn’t English your native language?? How do you get a B in English?? And Luke says no to wrestling this year after I asked him about getting signed up, now that basketball is winding down. And although the weather was rough this week, everyone kept talking about next Tuesday, when they are calling for two feet of snow!!

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On Monday, the kids began the week with a two-hour delay. It was Ann’s 44th birthday and would’ve been Granny’s 97th big day. It was very cold still with temps down below freezing. Matt went with the wrestling team for the post-season conference tourney – the EIAC @ South Dearborn. The Pirates came to play and impressed, winning the conference tourney as a team for the first time in 28 years! Wow!! Way to go, boys; we are all very proud of what you have accomplished – especially our seniors. They even received a police escort back in to town! I wish we would’ve known – we would’ve liked to be out there, supporting them. How cool is that? Meanwhile, Luke has basketball practice. Abby had jazz class at Dixon and we again celebrated Ann’s big day with party #2. We had presents, cake and ice cream. She really liked her perfume, Christmas ornament, popcorn and cookware. However, as she was joking about getting 45 presents for her birthday, we found her lasagna pan had been smashed in to about 45 pieces when she opened it…so we had a good laugh about getting what she asked for! When I was telling Ann of Luke’s decision on wrestling, he got up out of bed and proceeded to say that he now wanted to do wrestling. I don’t know what to thing!? And finally, American troubadour and activist Pete Seeger died at age 94 (writer of classic folk songs like, “If I Had a Hammer” and “Turn, Turn, Turn”…both re-recorded by artists in the 60s that made them very popular).

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School was cancelled on Tuesday due to dangerously cold weather. The day started off at -10 and never did get any warmer. Man it was cold out. Matt did end up going to wrestling practice eventually but everything else was cancelled.
It was cold again on Wednesday. It started off bitter cold again but eventually did warm up to about 20 in the evening…a virtual heat wave!! Matt again had wrestling, but we did nothing else except keep warm.
I went in to work early on Thursday as it would end up being our last day of work for the week, so I was able to get all of our month-end stuff done by staying pretty late that evening, working about 14 hours total. Matt had wrestling and Abby had tap class at Dixon. Luke’s basketball practice was cancelled. Matt had physical therapy with the trainer that day and iced his knee late that night, obviously having discomfort with it.
On Friday, we ran the two little kids to school and packed the big kid up and took him up to Franklin for his first of four college visits. We started out our alma mater and were impressed with all the new changes that have occurred. I think Matt liked it but really needs to see the other schools to get a comparison and it was strange on campus since everyone was still gone from winter term. We grabbed Pizza Hut afterwards and it ended up having a pizza bar! Matt & I were in heaven…We then went and swapped 45 gifts for two at Kohl’s. We got home too late for school or work (darn the luck!), so we just took naps instead. Abby was in early and stayed late with Student Council to set up and help facilitate two dances. We got our taxes done and although we made more than the previous year, we will get substantially less this year due to changes in tax laws and Matt getting older. Abby & I ended up working up at Ann’s office late, building new furniture until about midnight. Ann and the boys took us out for dinner at Wings & Rings. And then once were finished, we went got ice cream to bring home.

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Matt was up early and out the door for the Sectional wrestling tourney @ Jennings County on Saturday. We were thrilled to hear that they team won the tourney overall for the first time since 1988!! WOW!! What a magical season it has been for these kids and again, we are so happy for these seniors and coaches who have worked so hard these 4 years to bring this program full circle. They again had a police escort back in to town that we both missed, unfortunately. Luke had basketball practice game against the 5th graders and then had baseball practice. Afterwards, Luke & I went to lunch at Big Boy (breakfast bar, baby!!). Next we went to Mom & Gigi’s house to do some network troubleshooting. We then ended up uptown to help the girls at the satellite office. The girls were busy working to get things ready for opening next week! The girls then met up with our good friends Stacy & Darby at Wings & Rings.

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Abby had softball practice and a volleyball game in Milhousen on Sunday. Luke was supposed to have his big basketball championship tourney in New Castle as they are 1 of 4 teams to make it to their playoffs but everything was cancelled and pushed back by one week (which is cool with me, so I could watch the Super Bowl!). Ann attended the volleyball game and Matt went over to Andy’s to watch the big game. We were supposed to head over to Messers’ house for a party and to watch the game, but I couldn’t stop getting sick. I had diarrhea and puked for several hours that day. Thankfully, we think it was food poisoning. I wanted so much to whine about it, but I kept thinking back to last night when Ann told me not to eat the chicken wings I had pulled out for dinner. The said they were about a week old and needed to be thrown away. I told her I had an iron gut and would be just fine. She said if I got sick, that she didn’t want to hear me whining…so I can’t whine today. Matt did get me some 7Up and pepto bismo. I eventually felt better by the time they kicked off in New York. It as Super Bowl 48 (XLVIII) and matched the best offense in the game (Peyton’s Ponies) against the best defense (the Seattle Seahawks – who have never won a title). I was torn on which team to root for. As you may know, I am all about defense, so I obviously love this Seattle team, but I am also a huge Peyton fan, so I am just hoping for a good game and that the Cowboys and Colts will be in this game next year! :0) The game turned out to be a complete blowout with the Seattle defense really taking control early on and never relinquished their proverbial shoe from the Broncos’ collective throat. The final score was like 43-8 or something like that; never close and very boring. I know I fell asleep two or three times in the 4th quarter. The best part of the show was actually the half-time concert with Bruno Mars & the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Lost in all the excitement was that today was also Groundhog’s Day. Phil says we are in for 6 more weeks of winter…I could have guessed that! The first play from scrimmage was an errant snap that flew over Manning’s head and bounced in to the end zone for a safety – the fastest score in Super Bowl history. It was only fitting that Michael Smith (LB) was named MVP of the game, since he is on defense…and truly this game was indeed all about defense. It was a thing of beauty, honestly. And sadly, the Academy Award winning actor and producer Phillip Seymour Hoffman died today from an apparent overdose. As far as social media pictures go this week, we have Abby; Troy & Jimmy from the glory days; Barney, Steph, their oldest boy and their youngest grandchild; Katie & Jake’s son at a Pacer’s game; I finally had a chance to get in touch with my best friend from Lafayette and a long-time buddy of mine, Mark Crum – we have several recent pictures of him; Pete Seeger; the 5-Points LFD Museum; a couple Calvin & Hobbes panels; a bad-ass Hot Wheels truck; some Super Bowl pictures; some Super Bowl halftime show pix; Phil seeing his shadow; and PS Hoffman.

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Next up is our Waybac section. We start off this week with several newspaper articles about Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown’s wedding in 1946; then Mom and friends/family in 1950; Grandpaw in the paper, overseeing the soap box derby in the 1950s; several family/friend pictures from the summer of 1954; and many family/friend pictures from the summer of 1959; Doc Linville’s fireman picture in 1959 (from the new LFD museum at Five Points); Mom with her mom & Dad and her Morgan grandparents, as well as Aunt Dorothy & her Grandma Brown – all in April of 1960; then my baby picture from Home Hospital (which no longer exists) in October of 1968; Dad O in Haiti in 1975; my Great Grandma Brown smoking and drinking with my Grandpaw in the summer of 1982 – likely at a fish fry; Bob & Connie at their 40th anniversary celebration in Lafayette in August of ’86; a couple of Luke’s first day back home with us in June of 2003; and finally a few more of Week 19, down at the Sand Pebble in Treasure Island, FL May of 2007.

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This week’s entry for the ‘Shit that Luke Says’ happened on Friday night, when Ann took the kids out eat at El Reparo while I was stuck at work. Apparently, they somehow got to talking about puberty. Then Luke blurts out, “Ya, I remember when I was a little baby and we took a shower together and I asked you what that little hairy thing was?!” Ann said they never showered again after that.  I guess they laughed and laughed and laughed all through the rest of dinner, even though the topic was changed immediately. :0)

Next up is our video section, which features one new family video and several from around the internet this week.

Well that does it for this episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next itme. Until then, have a good done. We miss ya, Mom…
Later, Scheu

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