Those Summer Days…That’s when I had most of my Fun

Well summer officially ended this week- much to the kids’ chagrin. But we didn’t let it go without a fight. It was a fast week that was very fun and yet very tiring. We need school just to slow things down for a while.
We kicked the week off with my final round of cardiac rehab. I graduated from the program and am thankful for the girls’ desire to push me to get better. I left work early to pick up Abby and head over to Cincinnati to watch the Reds take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. She had scored a pair of free tickets by earning straight-A’s in school – way to go, Bu! She helped me to pick out the seats a few weeks back. We sat up in the upper (5th deck), directly behind the plate. It was pretty high but we actually had a great view…and we weren’t too high for the beer & peanut man! We even got to see extra innings as it went 15 but the Reds eventually lost, 1-2. We didn’t get home until really late, obviously. It was a lot of fun and Abby has talked about it all week, despite the fact that the Reds have now dropped 9 of 10 since the All-Star break and are now only above the Cubs (4th place) in their division. It was just a couple weeks ago that they were only out a ½ game from 1st…

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Luke had football on Tuesday evening. Abby went to Pirateers. Matt & I worked on his car window, which had fallen off the track the night before. We got it up and got it secured temporarily and made an appointment with Acra’s to get it fixed next week. Then Luke and I repaired the power cord for my WD Live media player that mysteriously got cut earlier in the day. Ann got the kids registered for school. Luke drew me a picture of how he is going to “customize” the truck when he gets to drive it to school. 😉
I had cardiac rehab again on Wednesday and really pushed myself as hard as I could. I was up to 10 on the treadmill incline at a speed of 3. I was so tired the rest of the day. Luke played with Alex and went fishing at the park. He caught a catfish and brought it home as a pet. We made him take it back and release it back in to the water that evening. Luke’s basketball practice as cancelled due to the coach having surgery earlier in the day.

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Luke’s football practice was cancelled on Thursday night due to Luke and his 5th grade class having open house at the elementary school. It turns out that Luke has a class full of his friends and teammates. Ann was thrilled that it has a lot of good kids and families. Afterwards, Ann took them to the high school where Abby had Pirateers practice evening and Luke had basketball practice. Matt received good news that evening (after a key phone call from Maryann Junior) – he will be rooming with Colton this fall at U Indy! It was popcorn night as we watched several shows on our DVR. We got the mower back from Philip, so now Luke & I can work together in the yard. Ann took the day off and took the kids back-to-school shopping.
I graduated from my cardiac rehab class on Friday morning. I had the treadmill maxed out on grade – 15! They said it was the first time they had anyone go the entire session at their highest setting! I can’t say enough about Traci, Katie and all the rest. They are very special people. Ann & I both took the day off to do something spontaneous with the kids. They had no idea where we were headed when we hopped in the car and started driving north. We ended up in Whiteland to spend the day at Rascal’s Fun Zone! We had a blast riding go karts on three tracks, playing putt-putt golf, playing arcade games and even riding water bumper cars. We got pretty beat up on the go kart tracks – all of us had sore muscles and bruises. For lunch, we went south and had Pizza King Express in Franklin. Luke really enjoyed the train that delivered our drinks. Afterwards, we went north and had dinner at Panera Bread and headed home to get some rest.

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Luke & I were up early on Saturday and worked in the yard. We finally had a chance to mow and trim together – something we haven’t done since I had my heart attack. It felt good and the yard looks great…now we need to trim the hedges, but that will have to wait a week or two. Later that afternoon, we loaded up the car and headed down to Seymour. Luke was playing in his final all-star baseball game of the year – their annual Back 2 School tourney. This tourney was different right from the start. There was no pool play but instead we started right off in bracket play. First up, we played the Southwestern Rebels travel team and won. In the second round, we got knocked to the losers’ bracket by the Seymour Bats travel team. That meant we were back early in the day on Sunday so we headed home. But before we left town, we had dinner at Tumbleweeds. I’ll have pictures and stats next week of Luke’s performance. We missed going camping with the Messers. They had a blast and sent us a picture to say hi while eating food from the grill and enjoying a beverage. Sure wish we could’ve done both things today…
We were right back up early on Sunday to work our way out of the loser’s bracket. First, we faced the Rebels again. This time, they beat us soundly. The boys finally woke up and played a great game vs. the Greensburg 9U all-stars. That allowed us a 2nd chance against the Rebels. This time, we beat them by 10 run rule and were on a roll. We advanced to play the Seymour all-stars and again won by 10 run rule. That brought us to the championship game and a 2nd chance at the Bats. This time we jumped out to a 4 run lead but couldn’t hold it. Luke came in and shut them out the final 3 innings, but we couldn’t muster any more runs and lost to bring home the runner-up trophies. Again, I will have pictures and stats next week from the long day today. We got home before midnight but didn’t get to bed until well afterwards. It was the final night before school started and the kids were wiped out…I’m not looking forward to getting them up in the morning. Meanwhile, we have a ton of new social media pictures to share, including: Abby & her friends; Abby & the Pirateers; Dad B having fun with Rob & Sharon; Barney & Steph at Disneyland; Kimmy & Lynz in Colorado; Parker’s 4th b-day; Nick & Conner; Seth & Hannah; Ryan, his little one and Kimmy’s oldest; Aunt Sue in TX; Barney & Steph in Anaheim; Kimmy back in the day; Ryan’s birthday; Aunt Sharon’s grandkids; Grace; Bryan & Angie; Paul and softball teammates (Wayne, Paul, Jino and others); Allen & Frankie; Chris V’s wedding in New York; Rusty Bladen playing at Busstock in Seymour; an O’Rear’s box from Lafayette; Old Ben getting a facelift at FC; The Cool Bus at Busstock; the new LaPorte football booster t-shirts; Cowboys’ training camp; Johnny Bench & Barry Larkin at the Hall of Fame festivities; Geddy Lee’s birthday was this week; new Hot Wheels from Marvel & Star Wars line; Jimmy Page has finished the Zeppelin IV & Houses of the Holy re-masters and companion records; The Simpsons are coming back for their 25th year and Family Guy will be doing a crossover with the Simpsons and Futurama later in the season and FXX is showing every episode of the Simpsons later this month and a couple panels of Calvin & Hobbes.

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Next up is our Waybac section. Leading off this week is Mom, Tammy, Jerry & Reesa in our basement on Shortridge St in Lafayette for my birthday in October of ’76; Mom’s “weed” in our back yard in Temple City in December ’79; Christmas at Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s house in January ’80 with Grandpaw Bob, Robby & I; Rob & I in our home in Temple City in March ’80; Rob & Katie in November ’82 in Kokomo; Christmas on Rockwood St in LP with Rob & I; Great Grandma Brown’s house in Rossville; Rob in Lafayette on Elmwood St in October ’83; Christmas in ’85 in LP with Dad B, Grandpaw Brown and I; Grandmaw Connie’s funeral in Lafayette in September ’88 with Grandmaw, Grandpaw, Mom, Rob and the preacher who led the eulogy; Paul, Terry & I back in college in about 1991; then some 2003 pix: Mike & Rose and Rose’s brother at the Sand Pebble in Treasure Island in May; Abby’s b-day party in September in Greensburg; More pics of the Bryan family Christmas in Rossville; Mom & Dad sleeping (this was an annual picture joke for many years!); Matt & Heidi performing at a Christmas church thing; Luke at Cookies with Santa in Columbus; and Abby’s first Dixon Dance Revue in May of ’04.

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Next is our Shit that Luke Says segment. Luke had a couple of really funny things come out of his mouth this week. However, so much happened that neither Ann nor I could remember what he said…we’ve got to start writing these things down!!

Our final section is our video segment. We have 2 new family videos and a ton of vids from around the internet this week.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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