Hearing a Voice I’d Known a Couple of…Years Ago

Even though it was a week shortened by the Labor Day holiday, it was a long one just the same. It was hot and humid to start the week, but we eventually lost the humidity and then the heat to make for a really nice weekend. Matt was enjoying himself at U Indy. Abby was again non-stop all week and Luke had decided to focus only on football for now.
After enjoying a four-day weekend, we headed back to school and work on Tuesday. It was the 2-year anniversary of Mom’s death. I talked to Dad and later in the week talked to Rob as well. Dad seems to be doing very well and is headed back to NJ very soon. Rob sounded good as well as we spoke while he and Sharon were on the beach at the Pebble. It seems impossible that Mom has been gone for two years. It seems more like two decades since I saw her last. Below is a video Sandy and I put together that features a couple calls I saved from Mom. It was good to hear her voice once again… Luke and his young Pirates had football practice at North Park. Bryan and I pushed the kids pretty hard, trying to build up their endurance since they all have to play the entire game. We scrimmaged against the 6th graders and really focused on our blocking. Abby had Pirateers practice that evening as well as they learned another new routine for this week’s performance.
On Wednesday, Abby had Student Council early in the morning but she missed her SADD meeting because of it. Luke & Gma worked on Lukey’s room again (it was their 2nd day in a row) and really made some headway for a couple hours’ worth of work after school. Luke & I walked in the neighborhood when we got home from work. Abby and Ann didn’t join us but Bu did practice her driving. She got to leave the neighborhood for the first time! Luke had basketball practice later that evening and Ann enjoyed a girls’ night out with Angie and their crew… We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week: Abby and friends: Bu w/ Pirateers; Matt at U Indy; Katie & Jake; Aunt June w/ Barney and his kids; Megan; Phyllis & Dick; Paul, Pat, Jino & Wayne softball pictures; Nat & Mike’s daughter; Rick at the US Nationals in Indy; Opening Day at Cowboys Stadium; Jimmy and Zep prepare to release two more reissues with outtakes in October; Robert’s new LP came out this week; Hot Wheels have a new contest; the Simpsons marathon ended and talk of the crossover episodes started heating up (I can’t wait!!); Robin Williams tributes continued and ground-breaking comedienne Joan Rivers died and another reissued Calvin & Hobbes panel.

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Abby had a very busy day on Thursday. She was in early for Pirateers practice before school just as the sun was coming up. She had a full day of enriched classes and then had both Pirateers and later tap dance class at Dixon. Ann didn’t get her back home until after dark that evening. Meanwhile, Luke & I had football practice on a very hot & humid evening. It was a sweaty night and the kids worked really hard. Bryan & I felt pretty good about our chances with South Dearborn on Saturday – the team that beat us twice last year. That evening, Joan Rivers passed away and the NFL season had its first game of the year.
Abby had to be in early again for her Junior Optimist club meeting before school on Friday. She went home with Kama and then they were back a short time later for Pirateers warm-ups. It was Friday Night Lights again as the Pirates faced Connersville. Bryan & I did stats for the varsity team. Abby and her Pirateers performed before the game and again at halftime. They looked really good again. Our 5th grade football team was announced at halftime with a couple of other youth football squads. Luke did some sort of fun dance for the crowd after his name was announced…what a ham… Abby and Kirk went out for dinner after the game. The Messers also went out to eat with us afterwards. Little did I know we both had the same idea – Wings & Rings. We did our best to keep Luke & Drew away from Bu & her beau but they still made frequent visits over to their booth. We a couple of the new Sam Adams Octoberfest brews and a ton of hot wings! We enjoyed relaxing with our friends and had lots of good laughs before calling it a night.

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We slept in on Saturday. Ann enjoyed reading her book on the back porch while the kids slept and I got busy mowing the lawn. We grabbed a quick bite to eat before Luke & I had to head over to North Park for our game vs. South Dearborn. Luke played tight end, kicker, defensive end and linebacker. Honestly, we looked really good. We kicked off and got the ball turned over on downs. The offense came in and scored on their opening drive and we felt really good about our chances. Luke made the extra point and then kicked off. The kickoff was short and to their fullback who nearly ran it all the way back, but still had a long run all the way down to about the 10. Our defense held for three plays, but they got in on the 4th down and had a successful 2-point conversion. It was the only TD our defense gave up, and we marked that one up more to our kicking game. Our offense took it back down the field for yet another score and Luke again made the PAT and we went in to the half, up 14-8. The defense continued to play really good until about 4 minutes left in the game when we gave up a 40-yard run and we never really regained our composure and they punched it in after a decent stand by the defense. The 2-point conversion was very controversial. What I saw was the same as the side judge and the referee…however the back judge called him in and after a short meeting, they gave them the point and we went down 14-16. It was the only TD we gave up in the 2nd half, but it would prove to be enough as our offense was shutout in the 2nd half and we lost another close one to this team to drop our record to 1-2 on the year (we were 3-0 at this point last year). We have a good team but are missing one key piece – arguably our best player has been out all year due to an illness and is slated to come back in about 7-10 days if all goes well. Thanks to Ann for taking most of the video today and to Hannah who captured most of the pictures this week! We had several issues with calls during the game, but I felt we kept our cool (and dignity) as a coaching staff even though a couple of the calls did change the outcome of the game, which is never cool. We again found our kids crying late in the 2nd half of the ball game – I think I counted 6 or 7 of them…so Bryan and I still struggle with trying to push them to succeed while still keeping in mind that they are elementary school boys yet…it was a disappointing loss as we were clearly the better team but we just got worn down in the 2nd half again. Meanwhile, Phyllis & Dick were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary with a renewal of their vows and a big party with all their friends (half the town?) and huge family! Unfortunately their celebration took place during our game and the boys couldn’t make it. Thankfully Ann & Bu had at least a few minutes with our two special people (we love you, Phyllis & Dick!!). Ann made big pot of potato soup for dinner, Abby went to a party at one of the public parks in town and we chilled out with the house opened up for the first time in several weeks while watching a couple movies.
We slept in much later on Sunday. It was a lovely morning and an awesome day to sleep in. The windows were open and the house was cool. We did our weekly household chores all day. Ann made a big bowl of salsa and we chilled on the couches all day, watching the NASCAR race from last night (Jeff got 2nd place). It was the final race before the Chase starts next week, which has the new playoff system this year that I don’t fully understand yet. It was also a big day for football although the Bears, Saints and Cowboys all lost. Dallas looked awful on both sides of the ball. Ann cooked burgers on the grill and took Bu out to practice driving again. The Colts played in the game of the week against Peyton’s Ponies during prime time – which has become a huge rivalry already. I got to touch base with both Matt and Dad during the game, which was the perfect way to wrap up a long (short) week, knowing we can look forward to doing it all over again next week…but we wouldn’t have it any other way. :0)

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Now it is time to take a step back in time for our Waybac segment which features four more precious few pictures of my dear mother as well as many other classic photos of our young family over the past quarter century. Leading off we have an old photo of our kitchen table at Thanksgiving in Temple City in ’79; Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s first visit to our new LP home on Kenwood with their car, our young family and the house itself in May, 1980; then a couple months later in that house’s kitchen for Gpaw’s bday in July; then to Kokomo for Uncle Dan’s new playset in their backyard in Sept, 1981; Justin Paul (Vird & Belinda’s 1st child) in Lafayette in Oct, 1982; then on to 1983 in LP: Dad in March, me, Mom & Rob in May and Rob in December; Grandmaw in our new home on Rockwood in LP for Gpaw’s bday in July, 1984; Dad keeping warm at Christmastime in ’85; Dad on vacation in April 1986; Gmaw & Gpaw on vacation in July ’86; Rob all dressed up in July and then ready for bed at Christmastime in ’86; our 1st attempt at selling the Rockwood home in ’86; Paul & I playing frisbee in Brown Co in ’91; Bu enjoying Week 19 in Treasure Island at the Sand Pebble in May 2002; Mom & Dad on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in ’02; 4th of July parade in ’03 with Matt, Luke, Megan, Mom & Sandy, Bu & I; and finally the little Bu that I think of when I think of her – this was right around the time of her Hero Party in the summer of ’04.

Waybac.1979.11.titc2 Waybac.1980.05.05.gmgpbvlp4 Waybac.1980.05.05.gmgpbvlp6 Waybac.1980.05.05gmgpbvlp3 Waybac.1980.07.gpbblp1 Waybac.1981.09.vtk2 Waybac.1982.10.23.jpbk2 Waybac.1983.03.05.dbs1 Waybac.1983.05.08.mdilp1 Waybac.1983.05.08.mdilp3 Waybac.1983.05.08.mdilp5 Waybac.1983.12.cilp2 Waybac.1984.07.gpbb3 Waybac.1985.12.cilp7 Waybac.1986.04.dsb31 Waybac.1986.07.29.gsmg10 Waybac.1986.07.gpbb2 Waybac.1986.12.cilp15 Waybac.1986.rhfs1 Waybac.1991.patfc10 Waybac.1991.patfc12 Waybac.1991.patfc14 Waybac.2002.05.16.wn10 Waybac.2002.12.24.cig24 Waybac.2002.12.25.cig26 Waybac.2003.07.04.idp1 Waybac.2003.07.04.idp3 Waybac.2003.07.04.idp5 Waybac.2004.bip1

Our final segment features our videos. This week we have an old family video, two new family movies and then several from around the internet this week.

And that does it for yet another installment of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Momma…
Later, Scheu

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