You just don’t Step Inside to (15) Years

This was another fun, busy week for us. We enjoyed the weather for another late summer week here at the Scheu abode. I could handle temps like these year-round, if we could manage it. The average highs were in the upper 60s / low 70s and it got down in the low 50s / upper 40s at night. We got the house opened up for most of the week. Luke had sports and school activities. Matt made a surprise visit. But this was Abby’s big week…
Monday was a cool, rainy day. I got my labs drawn and a haircut before work and dropped off my mower at work for Philip to look at but he couldn’t find anything wrong with it, other than starving for gas. So we just loosened the cap and it worked! Luke’s football practice was cancelled due to lightning storms (plus it didn’t help that the coach was at the Colts MNF game). Abby had jazz class at Dixon studios that evening. We watched the Colts lose a heartbreaker to the Eagles.
Tuesday was Abby’s 15th birthday. Mom O beat me to the punch again on wishing her Happy Birthday that morning. Abby was in early for a Student Council meeting. She had Pirateers after school. Luke and I had football practice out at North Park and hurried home for Abby’s special dinner. She chose fettuccini alfredo and Ann has gotten very good at making it! Afterwards we sang to her and had Ann’s homemade cake and ice cream. We are still waiting for her new iPhone to be shipped to her, but she did get several cards from family and collected a nice little chunk of change.

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We had football again on Wednesday. It was a pretty good practice, but the big issue persists – we don’t get enough kids to show up at practice. A couple came late but we were still missing key players. Others couldn’t go full contact because of nursing lingering injuries. Because we don’t have enough kids, we can’t practice our offense or defense. So instead we focus on basics like blocking and tackling. Abby was in early for a SADD meeting and had her friends Brittany and Kirsten over to work on a school project for math class that evening. Ann went to be early with a nasty headache.
We had Family Fun Night at the elementary school for Luke on Thursday. Abby did not have Pirateers practice that evening so she went with her friends to Dairy Point after school and then went on to tap class at Dixon studios. Meanwhile, Luke hung out with his friends in the gym while we talked to other parents (still not sure exactly what that activity was really all about since that is what all the families were doing) before going to the cafeteria for snacks and then his class played African / South American drums. Ann dropped us off at home before going to pick up Abby when the door opened and Matt walked in! We had no idea he was coming down for the night and so we hung out and watched the NFL game and fell asleep on the couches. He is enjoying school still but has already changed his major! LOL; I can’t say anything – I changed mine four times…

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Matt got up to say goodbye to his siblings that morning and then met us in Columbus to get his hair cut and go eat lunch with Ann & I at Jonny Carino’s. We then said goodbye to him and watched him leave to drive back to school. Someone hit his car on the front, passenger-side fender well. We will have to have to try and pull that out the next time he comes home. Meanwhile, Abby went in early for a Junior Optimist meeting. She was also voted class President!! Way to go, Bu! We didn’t even know she was running. We are obviously very proud of her. I left work at noon and did not return. After we finished our lunch, I brought the mower home with me from work and went out and exercised in the neighborhood. I then went to my 6-month f/u doctor appt where I received good news. My labs came back came home had only walked in the door when Bryan texted me to say it was time to leave for South Dearborn. We again kept stats for the varsity football team. We are getting pretty good at it and for the first time, didn’t screw it up at all! I brought my Grandpaw’s old binoculars with me and it made a large difference. I’m not saying my eyes are starting to go in my old age, but like I said, we didn’t screw it up even once this time! We took Luke, Drew and “Chip” to the game and they enjoyed running around and playing ball the entire time. We stopped for dinner at Skyline on the way home and had a beverage when we finally got back to the Messer estate. Ann gave us some flying Chinese lanterns that we lit on their dock and let go. Only one actually made it out of the pond and it went up. I think it might’ve made it all the way back to our house! We did a little game planning and then headed home.

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We were up early on Saturday. I tried to get Luke up but he wouldn’t budge so I went out and worked in the yard by myself to get the lawn mowed and trimmed. He eventually came out and sat with me once I was nearly finished. I got a shower and we headed to Coach Messer’s house. We got everything loaded up and headed over to North Dearborn where we faced the #1 team in the league – Bright. They haven’t lost a game in over three years now. We gave up 21 points to them in the 1st quarter last year but shut them out the rest of the game. We felt like we had a pretty good game plan coming in to the game. It was Bryan’s homecoming, of sorts. This was the field that he played on during his days in the youth league and this was the team he played on during that time as well. He knew the head coach personally as well as many of those in the crowd. Last year, we gave them their best game and their lowest margin of victory. We had our best player returning to play today (he’s been out all year with mono), so felt we could hang with them for a while. However, our kids had already beaten themselves and during warm-ups, I thought Coach Messer was going to have a stroke. He did his best to get the kids fired-up for the game, but they again came out flat. Luke kicked off to start the game. The defense had a couple of good stops and then gave up a 50 yard play, which has killed us all year. Next, we received the ball and had a decent run back. However, the offense couldn’t do much and we went the wrong way before turning it over on downs. That was the story of the 1st half and we went in to halftime, down 20 to zilch. Still; we felt pretty good about our chances. They made some good plays, but we felt we held our own outside of those three big plays. Take those away and the score is much closer. We received the ball in the 2nd half and Grayson ran it back for a TD! Our defense came out and made a big 4-and-out stop. Luke sacked the QB and, “made him cry!” We were on a roll and you could feel the momentum changing. The offense got their first 1st down but could not muster another and turned the ball over downs. I had to call a time out because we had a key injury to our cornerback, who had hurt himself while trying to catch a pass on 4th down the previous play. Without him, we were completely out of whack. Still we stopped them for 3 plays before giving up another 50 yard TD on a long pass to a wide-open player. Every pound of air came out of our sail and we never recovered from it. Luke played defensive end and outside linebacker on defense. He also played tight end and fullback on offense. Late in the 4th quarter, our guys started to give up, thoroughly exhausted and sore and we lost 6-33 to drop our record to 1-4 on the season. Still, we had some positive moments that we will try to build on this week as we attempt to salvage what is left of our season. We rode back to Bryan’s house and had a quick beer to decompress before heading home for dinner. Ann made a huge meatloaf that we’ll munch on for a few days. Luke and I relaxed and nursed our bodies after a long day and fell asleep early. It rained overnight and got humid so we had to turn on the A/C for the first time this week.

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We slept in on Sunday. Luke got up early but took a three hour nap until the Colts game started. We did our weekly household chores and watched TV all day on the couches. It was a beautiful day with a strong, cool breeze and we got the house opened back up. Ann made a big breakfast and another great homemade dinner. Ann took Abby to practice driving. We all enjoyed watching Peyton’s ponies take on the Seahawks in a match-up of last year’s Super Bowl. It was a good game that went down to the end when Peyton drove the Broncos 80 yards in 1 minute to tie the game with a TD & 2-point conversion and send it to OT. Seattle won the coin toss and won the game on the 1st drive – leaving Peyton standing on the sidelines and never touched the ball in overtime. What a game… We have several new social media pictures to share this week: Abby alone and with friends; Barn & Steph at the Colts game; Aunt Sue in TX; Nate & Steph celebrated their anniversary; Kathy (Timm) had a birthday; another of the Hellmich 60th celebration; Ally & daughter; Allen & Frankie at the Colts game; Lynn at the Colts game; Cassie and friend; FC pictures; the Frozen Custard; Rush is releasing a new box set; The Beatles have a new box set out also; Gigi and team at the golf outing to raise money to fight breast cancer; Nathan with daughter and alone on golf course; Barney and his family; Chris’ oldest and youngest; Laura & Pam; scenes from Columbian Park, including the Big Dipper, the Moonwalk, Monkey Island, and other play areas around the grounds; GPN played Red Rocks this weekend; and a couple Calvin & Hobbes Sunday panels.

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Next up is our Waybac section, which features three more pictures of my sweet mother. We lead off this week with two from December of 1978: Mom & Dad at their 2nd wedding (this time in the church) with Father Craig Cox and then me with my CCD class performing some kind of Christmas play – both in Temple City; then on to 1979: January in Rossville with Great Grandma Brown in her home and Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown visiting Aunt Midge and Hi at their home in Lafayette; then several in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl parade; in March for a visit to San Diego to see Bob & Jerri Brown; and finally Grandmaw & Grandpaw with Aunt Norma & Uncle Ralph on New Years Eve at Aunt Lou Atha’s home in Lafayette. Next we fast forward to our vacation in Orlando during Spring Break of 1986 with the Festival of Lights Parade and Dad & Rob driving the Turnpike at Disney World. Next up are a few more of Paul & I at Franklin College in 1991: Paul and his extended family, Paul and his Mom & Dad (Dick & Patsy) and then Paul & I with his new car (Chevy Cavalier) in Franklin. Then we move on to December of 2002 and find Matt playing for the Seminoles- the last year I coached him in basketball at the YMCA, I believe. We had a decent team but a horrible coach that wrestled instead of playing basketball. I think we lead the league in fouls though! Also, we have Matt at Cookies with Santa in Columbus and then finally Christmas Eve with Mom & Dad asleep on the couches in Greensburg. And then we wrap up in 2003: Abby at her first Dixon Dance Revue at the high school in May; Aunt Sharon with Haleigh in August; Abby’s 4th birthday party at our home in September; Abby’s pre-school at the YMCA in September and finally a Morgan Family reunion outside of Lafayette with Uncle Ralph, Aunt Norma, Uncle Keith and Mom with baby Lukey…

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Next up is our video section with two new family videos as well as a few others from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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