And She Worries if their Days are Few and Soon they’ll have to Go

The big news of the week? After years of urging from our youngest one, Ann and I have decided to add a fourth child to our household! Now before you pick up your phone to call us, let me explain. The school called us a few days ago and asked if we would sponsor an exchange student from China for a week. So after a short discussion, we decided it could be a very good thing for our kids. Matt about fell out of his chair when we told him Luke was finally getting his wish! :0) Hello again; and welcome to a special double edition of the Scheu Family Blog. The leaves continued to fall at a feverish pace but they are very colorful this year, thanks to all the rain this summer/fall. The landscape of our commute to and from work continues to expand as the farmers are everywhere, harvesting crops in their fields. The two youngest kiddos enjoyed their second and final week of fall break and Matt made it home for a couple days each weekend. Mom & Sandy went to Buffalo to stay with Keith after Rosie had surgery on her ankles (we wish her a speedy recovery!). Dad made it back from New Jersey and is home again in Florida. And Rob & Sharon made it up to join us for a special double birthday celebration, just like we used to do when we were little.
On Monday, Luke went with Ann to work. Abby had a seven hour Pirateers practice and then jazz class at Dixon studio. She was thoroughly exhausted by bedtime. Luke & I had football but got done before it started raining. We only had five kids, which will make it tough to win a big game when kids don’t come to practice…yet another reason why I hate Fall Break. You can’t really blame the kids if their family has a vacation planned or they are with an alternate parent for the week, etc. It continued to rain and storm all night which helped me to sleep great…
It rained all day on Tuesday. Luke & had football, where it thankfully stopped raining for a few hours. Only six kids came to practice. Bryan and I are starting to have real doubts about being able to shake off the rust that our players will surely have this weekend. Ann made a great, spicy chicken pasta for dinner that evening. We have some new artwork to share from both Luke & Abby as well as Luke’s football pictures.

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It rained again on Wednesday. We dropped the truck off at Acra’s for service. Megan came over for a while to play with Abby & Luke. I got on the treadmill since it was raining outside but had trouble with it popping the breaker.
It was much cooler on Thursday. Abby had another long Pirateers practice so Luke came to my work for the day. We had fun watching movies and modifying his RC truck. Luke & I had football that night where we had eight kids – pretty sad that this is the most we’ve had all Fall Break and its still not enough to even have a scrimmage. Still, we had a good practice with the kids that were able to make it. We picked up the truck at Acra’s while Ann took Bu to tap class at Dixon studio. Later Abby & I watched our TV faves: Bones with Ann and then American Horror Story: Freak Show with just the two of us – despite the clown playing a major role in this episode (she doesn’t exactly like clowns).
Abby went out with her friends after school on Friday and again that evening, spending the night with her good friends Kama & Britney. Matt surprised us by showing up at the varsity game in Rushville. Bryan & I were there to do stats and we brought the boys with us. Coach Moore and his Pirates were able to get off the snide by picking up a big win, scoring 52 points in their final game of the regular season. We went out to Pizza Hut after the game and grabbed a quick beer during a tour of the new house before heading home and falling asleep quickly.
Matt showed up at some point in the week hours of Saturday morning, having been over at a bonfire at the Kelso’s. He stank up the whole house! Luke & I were up early and out mowing/trimming the lawn and begin winterizing the house. It was pretty chilly when we started, being able to see our breath again this week. Luke & Bu helped me to clean up the playroom which was disgustingly dirty. Ann spent time with Amy and Luke went roller skating in Columbus with Drew and his family for Hannah’s birthday. Abby went over to Britney’s house to hangout for a few hours and Matt went out with his buddies again. Later, Ann & I had cheesy popcorn, an Advil and fell asleep to our DVR’ed shows on the couch.

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Matt forgot his house key and came home early on Sunday morning. He scared the crap out of Abby, who had fallen asleep in the playroom. We got to sleep in a little before Luke & I headed to Coach Messer’s house to ride over to our first playoff football game. We drew the #2 team in the league, Sunman but played them in Milan. We had 12 boys for the game, but many of them hadn’t practiced much these past two weeks and it showed. We were a little flat to start the game and it really didn’t get much better. We looked pretty rusty and had several issues defensively. Despite missing assignments and not playing with much enthusiasm, our biggest issue was our tackling. We had a good scheme by stacking the box with 10 – daring them to throw against us. They did attempt a few passes but did not complete any…unfortunately they were not forced to throw it because they dominated the running game. How do you stop a team that runs at will with 10 in the box defensively? I think the kids are tired and ready to move on to basketball (I know Luke and a couple of his teammates will be pulling double duty practices for the next month or so as bball starts next week). Sure, we made a couple plays on defense, but it wasn’t enough, giving up four TD’s. Offensively, we weren’t any better. Again, we made plays here and there and even scored a TD, but it was our only one. As for Luke, he played middle linebacker on defense the whole game. He had 7 tackles – 2 for loss and five assists. Offensively, he played fullback, running the ball four times for about 14 yards. He also caught 2 passes for 8 yards and played long-snapper on punts. He made a couple good blocks – one a highlight reel bruiser! But he also missed a few blocks as did all our boys today. In fact, we were quite sloppy with our blocking. As I have said before, football is a simple game – it is all about the blocking and the tackling. Today, we got beat soundly in both categories, which sealed our fate. On special teams he kicked an extra point, had two good kickoffs and recovered a pair of onside kicks. However, this was not our day and we lost 7-26 to end our league season. However, we will continue to practice the next few weeks and compete in a two-day tourney, here in town during a weekend in November. Luke & I rode home with Bryan and Drew and of course decompressed and processed what had just transpired and tried to make some sense of it. We stopped at Skyline (Bryan’s favorite) for a late lunch. Meanwhile, Ann took the other two kids to El Reparo for an early dinner. Matt came home and took a nap, as did Ann. Abby went to Britney’s house to carve pumpkins. And Luke & I watched a replay of the Colts shutout victory over the Bengals (5-2) , watched the Cowboys win a big one (5-1), watch the end of the NASCAR race (Jeff finished just high enough to move on to the final 8 in the Chase) and then Peyton’s Ponies win a good one (5-1). Peyton had a really big night as he first tied, then broke the all-time passing TD record (Favre) beat and kept on going. And it was 25th version of our favorite Simpson’s episodes – the Tree House of Horror XXV!

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Monday was another cool day. Abby had Pirateers and then jazz class. Luke & I met up with Bryan & Drew at North Park for our first practice of our tourney team. We lost some key players for this tourney, but thankfully we had a few 4th graders bump up to play with us. We had 11 on the field and I think that may be all that we will have for this 2-day tourney. We have a long way to go and will struggle to compete with basketball. Speaking of basketball, Luke’s coach (and Phyllis & Dick’s son) Trevor called me that night. We will be starting up practice for our travel bball team very soon. The trouble is that we can’t find an open court. After practice, Luke and I cleared out all the furniture from the boys’ room in preparation of new flooring.
Abby went in real early on Tuesday, meeting with her math teacher to get extra help before a big test. The boys’ room got new flooring and it looks great. After work, Luke & I reinstalled furniture in the boys’ room – minus several items that were moved to the garage or curbside for big trash week. It was a cold night as temps again dipped down in to the 30s.
Ann worked at the Greensburg office on Wednesday. Abby had Britney over for soup night (Kirsten was sick). Luke & I continued to clear the house of his room’s leftovers and we built a new computer for him. Abby spent the night at Kama’s house and it was a nice, quiet evening.
The kids were off again on Thursday due to parent-teacher conferences…wait…didn’t they just have two weeks off?? Ann took the day off to talk with Abby’s teachers at the high school and clean up the house a little. I had to scrape the ice off the windshield of the truck before I could leave for work due to the hard frost overnight (it’s too early for this stuff!!). I met up with Ann after work at the elementary to talk with Luke’s teacher. He is doing very good in class and has all A’s & B’s on his report card. Matt got his midterms in the mail. He had all A’s with 2 grades that he needs to bring up (we won’t mention what those letter grades might be here…). But it was our little Bu who has excelled in her studies. She has a goal of what she wants in her life and she is totally going for it. She had all A’s again and is there is a possibility that she is currently ranked #1 in her class. Ann says that she thinks it’s true but Abby denies it (of course). Way to go, Bu!! Afterwards we hurried home so Ann could take Abby to Pirateers and later jazz class. Meanwhile Luke & I met up with Bryan and Drew for football practice. We had exactly 11 again, though we were missing one and picked up a new 4th grader. We are still working on basic blocking and tackling. It was a cool night and just right for hitting. The kids had a good practice and Luke went home to shower and eat and fell asleep early. I talked to Dad B on the phone today as well as Robby. Dad is doing great. He has lost a ton of weight and is lighter now than he was when he graduated high school! Rob & Sharon cemented plans to stop by for the night on their way back to Florida. We can’t wait to see those two again – it’s been far too long… We have a ton of new social media pictures to share this time out: Abby and her friends; Luke; Uncle John, Barney and family; Kathy; Trish & boys; Aunt Sharon Morgan’s granddaughters; Cassie & daughter; Purdue football has been revitalized; Robert Plant’s new LP is out; Halloween fun; the Cowboys are on a roll; IRP action; Glenn Hughes’ new band; Nat at FC; Zeppelin has 2 new LPs out (Reissues of IV & HotH); Luke loves Instagram; Gracie cut her hair; more of Barney’s kiddos; David in a throwback; Kate & Jake; Wendy & daughter; FC in the fall; Nate & his oldest in a throwback; Chris and family at Disney; Abby & Britney carving their pumpkins; Luke at a party for his baseball/football buddy; Katie & kiddos; Rosie’s view this week; Kimmy and friends; Bryan & Angie; Laura, Pace & Dana Stoewer; Peyton continues to set records; Calvin & Hobbes; Simpson’s THofH 25; and the late, great Jack Bruce.

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Ann didn’t feel well at all on Friday. She and I have been kicking stuff back and forth for a week or so but she was a real trooper to go to work feeling like that… It was a little warmer and the sun was out nearly the whole day. Matt came home for the weekend. Ann & Abby went to Mom & Sandy’s house for Amy’s housewarming party. Luke & I did not go with Bryan & Drew to the varsity sectional game to do stats. Instead, we met at their home to help prep the house for move-in next weekend. There is still a lot to do but the house is looking amazing. Luke & I got home late but not before making a run for the boarder. Matt came in late, smelling like a bonfire (at the Kelso’s, I presume).
We all slept in on Saturday before getting up to continue prepping the house for friends and family this weekend. It has been a while since the house looked this good. We agreed that we need to work really hard to keep it up. It was a beautiful day as we enjoyed our Indian summer. Rob & Sharon had come back home to take care of some personal business in Lafayette and Rob received good news that we had to celebrate…and of course celebrate our birthdays as well. We invited the Drakes and Messers over as well. It was great to see Rob & Sharon. I wish they were closer so we could see them more often. We had a great time doing some sailing with “Jerry” as well as Patron shots and plenty of brews. We played cornhole until it got dark and then just had fun talking and laughing on the back patio. Rob was in rare form! We enjoyed Pizza King for dinner. Bryan & Angie come over with Drew. When they left to go back to prepping their house, Drew stayed the night with Luke. Paul & Dayla brought the boys and stayed late with us. Abby as the last one up with Rob & I before we went to bed in the wee hours of the morning.
We slept in on Sunday before getting up to clean the house and start in on our weekly household chores. It was another gorgeous day in the 70s! Ann made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. We flopped on the couches and watched sports and took naps. Luke & Drew played out in the neighborhood with their friends all day. Rob cooked burgers and dogs on the grill for lunch…but all good things must come to an end. Rob & Sharon took off just as the Bears game was ending. Matt left just as the Colts game was starting and it wasn’t long before Angie came to get Drew and things quickly got quieter as we again were back to a foursome. What a great way to end the week. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday party. I really enjoyed it. I haven’t laughed that hard in many, many years. Great times with great friends and family…and finally we heard the sad news that one of the greatest bassists of all-time, Jack Bruce (Cream and many other great bands), passed away at age 71 from liver disease.

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Next up is our Waybac section, which features eight pictures of my sweet mother. Leading off this week, we start in 1978: Mom & Dad at their wedding reception at the 40 & 8 in June; a Morgan family gathering in September with Norma and her parents and then Connie with her sister Norma and her Aunt Louise (I think?) in October; and finally a couple trips to Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown’s house with Mom, Schnapps, Grandpaw Bob and I; then we move on to 1979: in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl parade in January; Grandmaw Connie and Aunt Lou in LAX, on their way home from their visit out to see us in Temple City in April; Grandmaw, Grandpaw, Norma & Ralph on a pair of mushroom hunting trips to Michigan in May & June; me hitting one of my three grand slams in Rosemead, CA (!) in July; our Temple City neighbors (Mary & her kids) and Barbra & Steven (our next door neighbors) in October; and Carol (Dad’s co-worker) & Carmine’s visit in November (with Dad, Robby & Carol); then on to 1980: Mom, Katie, Rob & I in January in Kokomo and Grandpaw Brown’s birthday cake in July; then on to 1984: my Confirmation Day with Mom, Dad, Rob, Grandpaw & I in September and Rob & I celebrating our birthdays in Lafayette in October; an ad from Grandpaw Bob to his wife Connie in the Lafayette paper Journal & Courier in August; and finally 2003: Mom with Rob’s best friend’s folks at Three Springs (AL) down at the Sand Pebble in Treasure Island in May; Rob & Bu also in Florida in May; and Abby’s fourth birthday party at home in September.

Waybac.1978.06.09.mdbw1 Waybac.1978.06.09.mdbw2 Waybac.1978.09.mfp4 Waybac.1978.10.15.mfp3 Waybac.1978.11.19.mggm1 Waybac.1978.11.19.mtgbs2 Waybac.1978.11.galh1 Waybac.1978.11.tsb1 Waybac.1979.01.rbp13 Waybac.1979.01.rbp14 Waybac.1979.04.02.calhh1 Waybac.1979.05.mim1 Waybac.1979.05.mim2 Waybac.1979.06.ranabas1 Waybac.1979.07.tcbgs1 Waybac.1979.10.hitc1 Waybac.1979.10.hitc2 Waybac.1979.10.hitc3 Waybac.1979.11.04.cic1 Waybac.1979.11.04.cic2 Waybac.1979.11.04.cic3 Waybac.1980.01.bfck1 Waybac.1980.07.gbbc1 Waybac.1984.09.23.tc6 Waybac.1984.09.23.tc7 Waybac.1984.10.28.trb2 Waybac.1984.10.28.trb3 Waybac.1984.10.28.trb4 Waybac.1984.10.28.trbd1 Waybac.1986.08.31.gmgpba1 Waybac.2003.05.wn60 Waybac.2003.05.wn61 Waybac.2003.05.wn62 Waybac.2003.05.wn64 Waybac.2003.09.abp30 Waybac.2003.09.abp31 Waybac.2003.09.abp32 Waybac.2003.09.abp33

For our Shit that Luke Says we have an entry that I couldn’t leave out, though I thought about it. We were out playing cornhole when out of nowhere Luke chirps in, “My Dad has a curvy ding-dong!” So we asked if Uncle Rob also had one and he said, “No, his is straight!” 🙂 Where the heck that came from, I don’t know…but he says the funniest things sometimes…

Our final segment is our video section, which features one new family video and few from around the internet this week.

And that does for this special double edition of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you next time out. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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