‘Cause Raindrops will Hide my Teardrops, No One will ever Know

We endured a long, cold, wet week here at the Scheu abode. If it’s going to be this cold and wet, it might as well snow! The kids returned to their busy routines and Ann & I tried our best to keep up with ‘em. Abby had several dances with the Pirateers team and continued to practice for her competitions for both Pirateers and her Dixon teams. Luke continued with basketball season and Matt entered his final two weeks of the 1st semester of his freshman year as a professional student.
On Monday, we all returned to work/school. It was slow going that morning and I think we were all late. My body responds well to this time of year, when we “fall back” with the clocks…the rest of our family…not so much. Luke had basketball practice and came home, showered and promptly fell asleep before dinner. Abby had Pirateers practice and then went on to jazz class at Dixon. She too didn’t last long and promptly fell asleep on the couch in the playroom. Before we get to all our new pictures from events this week, we have a bunch of new social media pictures to share: Abby & Matt’s Twitter war while putting up the Christmas tree; pix of Luke, Barney & Katie -all at the Colts game this past weekend; the Slicers at the football state finals at Lucas Oil (Colts) Stadium this past weekend; KISS at the Macy’s T-day parade; a couple Calvin & Hobbes panels; Mom’s new sweater; Bu; more Matt/Abby Twitter war; Lindsay; more Slicer pictures in Indy; Luke; a few Abby Pirateers pix; Barney’s grandkids with Santa; Aunt Sharon; Cowboys on TNF; and the three celebrity deaths this week – we lost three entertainers from our childhood / young adulthood. Mom used to say that deaths seem to come in threes. Seems that is happening more and more these days…but I guess that’s what happens when you start to get old, huh? This week we said goodbye to Bobby Keys (saxophonist for the Rolling Stones as well as John Lennon and others), Ian McLagan (keyboardist for The Faces & later the Rolling Stones), and Bryan Burwell (sports columnist and a regular on ESPN’s Sports Reporters).

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We took the Pacifica in to the shop again on Tuesday. It is to the point of nickeling & diming us so we need to make a decision in 2015 regarding the vehicles…may be time for upgrade… So the truck was our main transportation this week. Thankfully gas prices have fallen. In face we haven’t seen prices this low since we last had a Republican as a president. We left work a little early to get back to town and watch Abby and the Pirateers perform at the girls’ home basketball game. Phyllis & Dick’s granddaughter, Maddie, plays on the varsity team. Abby didn’t feel well and was a little off that night. It wasn’t bad by any means but not up to her normal par. We got home a little late and Ann made cheesy popcorn for dinner.

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Wednesday was a cold one. We had a wintery mix of precipitation as we drove the truck in to work. Abby went to Kama’s house and then to Pirateers practice. Luke got a haircut and looks really good. He has taken a renewed interest in his appearance now that he is “single” again, spending longer in the bathroom getting ready than Matt & I combined! Ann made tacos and I finally got my arse back on the treadmill.
We got another dose of the wintery mix again on Thursday. We truly saw it all today – snow, sleet, freezing rain and ran that lasted all day. Abby still had her headache (since Monday). When Ann called Dr. Steph, she wanted to see her right away. So I took a half day off and played taxi for Bu (Ann refuses to drive the truck because it is too big) and see what’s going on with her head. With the elements, it made driving a rear-wheel vehicle a little tricky at times but we managed. Abby finally found the Christmas music channel on the radio. After her appointment, it was too late for me to return to work, so we grabbed Dairy Queen (the candy cane Blizzard has returned!!) and ran a couple errands before heading back to town. We dropped off Abby at the high school for Pirateers practice again and went over to Mom & Sandy’s to get Luke. We visited for a little while before picking up the Pacifica (it has heat again!). Ann got Bu, ran some errands and went to tap class at Dixon. Luke & I went home and did homework, got on the treadmill, worked on his new computer and watched the Cowboys/Bears game on Thursday Night Football. Dennis & I had a lunch riding on the game. It was close early on but eventually Dallas pulled away. Chicago made a late run but it was too little, too late.

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I cost-contained myself on Friday so that one of my employees could get some hours in due to the low census at the facility. It was nice to sleep in a little but I couldn’t have picked a worse day – it was a dark, gloomy, wet day but was Uncle Timmie’s 91st birthday! I picked up Luke from school, who brought Drew home with him to spend the night. We then picked up Abby and ran her over to Columbus for another appointment. X-rays of her sinuses were negative, so we’re still looking. She’ll have a CT scan next week so we’ll see. Ann went over to Amy’s for the evening so the kids and I ordered Pizza Hut for dinner and took it easy the rest of the night.
It finally stopped raining by mid-morning on Saturday. With all the rain that we received over the past few days, it was no wonder we saw so much flooding in the area today. Luke had basketball practice and we took Drew home. Abby had a pair of dance performances at the high school varsity games. First up with the girls’ varsity game vs. Connersville where we got to sit down by the floor and then later that evening we returned for the boys’ varsity game against Batesville where we had to sit up the upper deck. Abby went out with her teammates in between games and then stayed the night with Kama. Meanwhile Ann, Luke & I had popcorn and watched movies.

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We slept in on Sunday before getting up to do our weekly household chores. Matt came home to spend the day with us. We all headed up to Rushville for Luke’s basketball games. First up we faced Milan. It was never close as we only allowed them 3 points in the 1st half and won a lopsided victory, 39-15 (but it was never really that close). Luke played good defense and scored a couple points. In the 2nd game we squared off with our in-town rivals, North Decatur and blew them completely out of the water. We allowed them only 5 points in the 1st half and ran them out of the gym, 50-13. Again, we could’ve run this score up in this game as well but all the boys got even playing time and valuable experience today in both games. I think everyone on the team scored. Luke had another basket in the 2nd game and again played some nice defense. We had a long break between games and so we all met up at Pizza King for lunch and watch the Colts game (they won a close one). We came home afterwards and took naps during the Denver game. Peyton’s Ponies won again and Matt headed home later that night after dinner, in preparation for Finals Week. Ann and I are happy that he will be back next weekend and for a month we’ll have the family back together! :0)

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Next up is our Waybac section, which features eleven more pictures of my dearly departed mother. We lead off with at Christmas in ’81 in LP with Santa coming to visit Rob , then Rob opening presents and then all of us eating a huge meal that Mom & Grandmaw prepared; then we fast-forward a year to Christmas in ’82 – our 2nd in the Rockwood St house with Rob, Mom & I opening presents and then Grandmaw on the floor again, playing with Rob & I; next are nice Easter Day pictures in April ’84; then the Freshman Spring Formal dance at Boston with Dawnan & I in ’84; Grandpaw’s birthday in Sept ’84 in Lafayette; more pix of my college graduation in our garage on Rockwood St in LP with Aunt Sharon, Aunt Dorothy and I in June ’91; then a couple pix of the Brown family reunion fish fry in Rossville at Uncle Kenny & Aunt Marilou’s house with Mom, Dad, Grandpaw, Tammy, Brett, Aunt Dorothy & Kenny in Sept ’91; Abby’s birthday cake in Sept ’03; Matt’s soccer awards day in Oct ’03; Christmas in 2003 – Cookies with Santa, decorating the tree and then playing with the loot afterwards; and finally Mom, Dad, Rob & Sharon in Aquaholic up on Lake Michigan in 2005.

Waybac.1981.12.fcor1 Waybac.1981.12.fcor2 Waybac.1981.12.fcor3 Waybac.1981.12.fcor4 Waybac.1981.12.fcor5 Waybac.1981.12.fcor6 Waybac.1981.12.fcor7 Waybac.1982.12.scor1 Waybac.1982.12.scor2 Waybac.1982.12.scor3 Waybac.1982.12.scor4 Waybac.1982.12.scor5 Waybac.1982.12.scor6 Waybac.1984.04.22.eilp1 Waybac.1984.04.22.eilp2 Waybac.1984.04.22.eilp3 Waybac.1984.04.22.eilp15 Waybac.1984.04.tdfd1 Waybac.1984.09.gbb1 Waybac.1984.09.gbb2 Waybac.1991.06.tcg15 Waybac.1991.06.tcg16 Waybac.1991.06.tcg17 Waybac.1991.09.bfffr1 Waybac.1991.09.bfffr2 Waybac.2003.09.abdp12 Waybac.2003.10.msad1 Waybac.2003.10.msad2 Waybac.2003.12.cord4 Waybac.2003.12.cord5 Waybac.2003.12.cord6 Waybac.2003.12.cord7 Waybac.2003.12.cord8 Waybac.2003.12.cord9 Waybac.2005.bilm1 Waybac.2005.bilm12 Waybac.2005.bilm13 Waybac.2005.bilm14 Waybac.2005.bilm15 Waybac.2005.bilm16 Waybac.2005.bilm7 Waybac.2005.bilm8 Waybac.2005.bilm9 Waybac.2005.bilm10

Our final segment is our video section, which features three new family videos as well as several from around the internet this week.

And that does it for this week’s installment of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one. We really miss you at this time of the year, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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