She Limps across the Floor…And Closes her Bedroom Door…

It was another cold week here at the Scheu abode. Abby continued to nurse her foot back to health. Although she is not pushing her foot as hard as she once did, she is did more this week than she has the last month. Luke continued to stay in training shape, participating in multiple sports. I continued to exercise each night as well…but the diet still eludes me. Matt is still healing up in Indy. And Ann was finally feeling better as she remained the glue of our family. We finally got some substantial snowfall (6 to 10 inches, I’d say for the week) and we enjoyed every moment of it. We got it started off right on Monday with a good 3-4 inches. It was enough to cancel school somehow. Boy, they never would’ve survived a LaPorte winter, that’s for sure! Ann and I didn’t have any trouble at all getting to and from work, even on the county roads. Since there was no school; that meant no elementary wrestling for Luke that night. It also meant that Abby’s jazz class was cancelled as well. Ann made cheesy popcorn (comfort food!) while I hopped on the treadmill. And Jeff won the pole for the Daytona 500 this coming weekend! Here are some scenes of the cold this week.

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The kids were on a two-hour delay on Tuesday morning. It was cold, but Ann & I weren’t really sure why the kids couldn’t go to school at a normal time. Thankfully, Memaw came through in the clutch (like she always does) and took the kids for us. Because of the delay, Abby did not have Student Council. Luke had his 1st wrestling meet that night. He is on the blue team this year and they squared off against the orange team. Luke had a tough opponent. Apparently the boy had gone to the state finals last year. Luke held his own and was actually ahead most of the match. He entered the 3rd period, up by 2. However, with 30 seconds left in the match, the boy got a takedown and turned Luke on his back to get 5 points and Luke lost the match, 5-8. We were proud of him in that he didn’t give up and fought hard the entire time, showing a lot of heart. Ann had an unofficial After-Prom meeting later, after the meet. The Pirateers drama continued. Over the weekend, we understood that they would not be attending Regionals. However, that evening we were told that we were back on and headed up to Lake Central (near my old stomping grounds) this weekend. Even with this information, they still cancelled the Pirateers practice so we’re not sure what’s going on any longer…

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The kids were off again on Wednesday. It was really cold out, dipping down in to double-digit negatives – brrr. Luke had baseball practice that night. Ann had her official After-Prom meeting with Shawna. Abby helped to coach and partially choreographing a dance for Grayson and Olivia (Luke’s friends). They will be competing in a fundraiser called Dancing with the Stars. Also competing will by our good friends Bryan & Angie. It continued to get colder and colder with more snow and ice. Guess what? The Pirateers Regionals were again cancelled and now I think everyone is about over it. We left work early. Ann had an interview and I worked from home. Later I took Luke & Bu sledding and then came home for some hot chocolate. It was so cold that we just about had the sledding hill to ourselves.

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The kids were off school again on Thursday due to the bitter cold. We again saw the negative teens with the wind chills even lower. Luke’s wrestling practice was again cancelled. Abby had Grayson, Olivia and their siblings over to the house that day. She ran through the routines and helped clean up Grayson & Olivia’s routine. Abby’s Pirateers practice was again cancelled, as was her tap class at Dixon. That night Ann & Abby went with Mom & Sandy to the Greensburg Dancing with the Stars. Grayson & Olivia did good but it was Bryan & Angie that stole the show with their 1970’s disco dancing and afros. And Abby was surprised when she was pulled up on stage to do some line dancing. She looked great and had a good time. Meanwhile Luke & I watched the Purdue / IU game and had fun texting Matthew and Paul during the game. It was an exciting game that went back and forth and came down to the final seconds of the game before the Boilers pulled off the victory at Assembly Hall. It is always hard to win on the road in the Big Ten, but it was the play of the two big men in the middle that was the difference and the team got a huge lift in the 2nd half from Jon Octeus with an electrifying dunk.

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The kids were on a two hour delay on Friday morning. Kama came over to catch a ride to school with Abby & Luke (thanks, Gma!). It was warmer than it had been all week, but Ann & I both had long days. At my facility, we had to deal with a broken sprinkler pipe (frozen due to the recent weather) at the end of the day, so we all went home exhausted. Advil was my best friend that night. Ann ran Bu up to Indy to spend the weekend with Megan. Next is social media picture time. We have Aunt Sharon visiting Dad & Rob in FLA; Rosie with her choral group; the PDT house; the Weinermobile wrecked this week; Paul Macca performed on the 40th anniversary SNL show with mixed results; C & H panel; Jeff with his historic pole victory; Zeppelin (well mostly Page) geared up for the new Physical Graffiti re-release and a new soundtrack box set; Stink bug with Stick bug; Barn & his oldest; the Chic pair – Bry & Ang (glad that Bryan’s doctor visit went well this week!!); Nat and youngest; a flashback photo of Barney’s kids; Luke & I got new HW posters this week; Hot Wheels marketing was in full swing this week; Bart & Millhouse that resembled Luke & Drew (Pals before Gals is the title of this cell) this weekend; and Bu eating cookies that she and Megan made this weekend.

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It was so nice to get up whenever we wanted on Saturday. We woke up to lots of snow and it continued to come down all morning. We got another 4-5 inches of the white stuff. This snow was really moist – good for making a snowball or a snowman. Luke & I did some shopping and grabbed takeout for lunch. Luke had Drew over for the afternoon and I took the boys sledding for nearly two hours. They were cold and exhausted when they got back in the truck so I took them to BK for a snack and to get revitalized. Luke ended up spending the night with Drew. Matt and his buddies made it to the wrestling state finals meet at the Fieldhouse in downtown Indy while Bu went shopping with Megan and family and later made a big batch of cookies (scary). Ann made a delicious chicken pasta dish that the kids missed out on. It was a nice, quiet evening and gave us a glimpse of what it will be like to have that “empty nest.” I watched the Daytona races that I had taped and saw some really great driving as well as a few awesome wrecks. Ann and I enjoyed the quiet evening on the couch with the dogs, watching our DVR’ed shows. How lame is that? :0)

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We slept in on Sunday before getting up to do our weekly household chores. Abby had a couple volleyball games at St Mary’s church. Her team – the Honey Badgers – looked good. They were loose and enjoyed the day with each other. They work together well as a team but need to communicate a little better if they want to go the distance next week at the year-end tourney. Today they won both games 2 sets to 1, scoring a ton of points – which is what the league standings and the tourney seeding is based upon. Although Abby had a few rusty moments, her foot looked a LOT better today. She had some really nice plays but was inconsistent, as one would expect in a recreation league where there are no practices. We had fun watching the games and spending time with Megan, who also came along to encourage Bu and her teammates. Afterwards we picked up Luke from the Messers and ran him to baseball practice later that afternoon. The big race was finally on – the Daytona 500! I’m so happy that racing is back because it means that spring isn’t far behind! Jeff led the most laps and had a dominant car. But he had a couple poor restarts in the closing laps and then got wrecked on the final tour and finished like 28th. I still can’t believe he is calling it quits but I applaud his decision to spend time with his family. It is the correct choice. Still, I hope that he will consider doing a couple of one-off races in the coming years – say the Daytona 500, the Brickyard 400 or the road course in Sonoma – that would be really cool. Ann made dinner while she helped Abby with a school project. And later we got the call that the kids were on a two-hour delay already for Monday morning. I guess the temperatures are supposed to dip down to near zero again…man, where is spring?

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Next up is our Waybac section which still features several items from my scrapbook box that Mom assembled for me. We lead off with a classic of my lovely wife back when she was a toddler, circa ’71; the old Oakland Elementary school building in late ’76; Mom, Dad Scheu and I at what I believe may be the Cincinnati Zoo in the summer of ’76; another Riley sports award in May ’80; my Riley yearbook autograph page in ‘80/’81; my Riley perfect attendance certificate in ’81; Art Club certificate in April ’83; freshman football roster and yearbook page in late ’83; freshman wrestling w/ varsity team in early ’84; LP sports award in November ’85; yearbook wrestling write-up in early ’86; football newspaper article in October ’86; football playoff program in October ’86; football stats/records in November ’86; college freshman yearbook pictures of Phi Deltas in the fall of ’87; Grandpaw Brown’s obit/funeral handout in December ’91 and Grace’s baby shower in July 2000.

Waybac.1971.aesp Waybac.1976.09.tybp12 Waybac.1976.09.tybp13 Waybac.1976.czv1 Waybac.1976.czv2 Waybac.1976.czv3 Waybac.1976.czv4 Waybac.1976.czv5 Waybac.1976.czv6 Waybac.1976.czv7 Waybac.1980.05.30.reshat Waybac.1980.09.tybap1 Waybac.1981.trcoa1 Waybac.1983.04.30.acss.bjhs1 Waybac.1983.09.lpffr1 Waybac.1983.10.tybff1 Waybac.1983.10.tybff2 Waybac.1983.10.tybff3 Waybac.1983.10.tybff4 Waybac.1984.01.lphswp1 Waybac.1984.01.lphswp2 Waybac.1985.11.lphssaa1 Waybac.1986.02.tybp1 Waybac.1986.10.04.lpfa1 Waybac.1986.10.24.lpfp2 Waybac.1986.11.lpfs1 Waybac.1986.11.lpfs2 Waybac.1987.10.tybp1 Waybac.1987.10.tybp2 Waybac.1987.10.tybp3 Waybac.1987.10.tybp4 Waybac.1991.12.05.rlbo1 Waybac.1991.12.05.rlbo2 Waybac.1991.12.05.rlbo3 Waybac.2000.07.29.gbs1

Our final segment features our videos, which has four new home movies as well as several from around the internet.

Well that does it for this week’s chapter of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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