…Melting the Chill of Winter’s Turn

This month has truly lived up to its moniker as it has come in like a true lion…we can’t wait for the lamb! We continued to experience frigid weather that hovered around zero…though we did start to see the sun finally! We got more of that damn snow and ice early this week but had quite the warm up as the week wound up. It was a quiet week for the kids and their sports, but we still had plenty of drama. We got to see several of our extended Scheu family members. And Matt began his Spring Break.
Abby went in really early on Monday morning for an extra study session with her math teacher. It paid off too – she got a 94 on her test! Luke had wrestling practice that night and Abby had jazz practice at Dixon dance studio.
Abby got hit in the mouth by a hockey puck during PE on Tuesday. She called Ann and said she had a fat lip and a loose tooth. She was playing goalie and didn’t wear a mask. Leave it to Abby… Luke had wrestling that night. Ann & Abby went to the Sectional basketball game to work the coat check for the Pirateers fund raiser. The Pirates won and moved on to the 2nd round later in the week and I got back on the treadmill for a good workout.
Luke had baseball practice on Wednesday night. Bryan & I worked on Luke & Drew’s pitching. Abby had Britney over for Soup Night and Ann made a big pot of her delicious chicken corn chowder. We have several new social media pictures to share with you: Abby; many Scheu’s – Cathy & Tom, Lynz & Jack, Barney & Steph; Kimmy; Nick & Conner, Haley & Ryan – all in Indy; Missy & Mindy w/ Kathy in Key West this week; my friends Pat and then Mark; a tribute to Jeff last week; Jimi with Spock; new Zep album art; Jeff’s 3M paint scheme last weekend; Bozo throwback; Megan fencing; Nate & Steph; our old neighbor Ryan; John Lennon photo outtakes; more of Bu; Barn and family at Disney; Lynz & Haley throwback; Mindy & Missy; Calvin & Hobbes; Rob & Sharon at the Frisbee golf course; and Reggie Wayne may be retiring; then more of Miss & Min; the Pirates 4-peat Sectional Championship; Mom’s childhood home is in view of this aerial view of Market Square Arena in ’59; and Jeff’s big pole victory in Las Vegas this weekend.

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The kids had a two-hour delay due to the cold and a few inches of snow and ice. Ann had a busy day. She dropped off Luke at Mom’s and then too Abby to an emergency dental appointment. Thankfully it was negative for any immediate damage. After a long day of full-moon drama she met Matt at Dr Guse’s office for a f/u visit. There wasn’t much change since the last time so it’s up to Matt when he gets surgery on his other shoulder. He decided to continue to do PT on it as well. Luke had wrestling practice. Ann took Abby to her After-Prom meeting. Abby had tap practice later that night. Luke was in the newspaper that night, for his victory last Friday at wrestling. And I received my new Rush LP that I won last week from the In the Studio with Redbeard syndicated radio show!

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Luke’s wrestling practice was cancelled on Friday night. It was another crazy, full-moon day at work. Say what you want, but I’m telling you there’s something to it, man. Matt came home to begin Spring Break after finishing his last final. It was Uncle Chuck’s birthday and we had a dinner party for him up in Carmel at Hollyhock Hill restaurant. As we pulled up, there was an accident that had just occurred. Since others had already stopped and were already a half hour late, we decided to pull on in and go see Uncle Chuck. We had our own room and it was a neat little place (a remodeled older home). Chuck and Cindy were there as well as Cathy & Tom; Dad & Barb, Vicky, Faddi, Daniel & Kels; Kimmy, Chuck and the boys; Lynz; Chris, Trish & the boys and Ann, I and the kids. We had a good time and the food was great. The meal was served family style and their fried chicken was probably some of the best I’ve personally eaten. The kids slept the whole way home and promptly went to bed when we got home. It was a nice, quiet night and the Pirates won their 2nd game and made it to the championship game against their rivals from Batesville. And, sadly, it was announced today that the Colts would not re-sign their future HOF receiver, Reggie Wayne. He was hoping to play one more year and then retire. Who knows, maybe he’ll end up in Denver with Peyton or go back home to Miami…

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Saturday was our good friend Allen’s (of Biggest Loser fame) 50th birthday. It was a gorgeous day that saw temps finally creep above the freezing level. Abby had dance class as they prepare for a couple of the special dances at the Revue this spring. Luke and I worked around the house, ran a couple errands and grabbed takeout from Subway. Luke went to Alex’s house later and even went for his first bike ride of the year. Abby had Megan over and later went to the big Sectional game where Greensburg beat the Bulldogs by 3. Matt had Colton & Devin over to watch the big Boiler basketball game (another big victory!), eat dinner (Ann made a roast), and play Mario Kart on the Wii. Later they ran to DQ and came home with Andy & Jake to play euchre and hang out. Abby went out with Megan, Kama and Brooke to El Reparo after the game. Jeff Gordon won the pole for Sunday’s race – it was the 79th of his career. Hopefully that will bode well for him tomorrow. As we went to bed, we dialed our clocks ahead by one hour as we “sprung ahead” in observance of Daylight Savings Time.
We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday. It was another lovely day. I even drove with the windows down a little. The snow is in full retreat now and we have melting ice everywhere with muddy yards and a ton of standing water. Ann was the first one out the door. She participated in the annual Bowl 4 Kids Sake fundraiser. She played with WTRE’s team of Sandy, Maryann, Amy and a couple others. Ann bowled an amazing 55. Atta girl, Annie! LOL!! Next, Abby had a volleyball tournament. In the first round, they faced a team that only had 4 players so they easily beat them in two straight sets. We had a two-hour break until the semi-finals so we went to El Reparo for lunch. We took Kirsten with us. Luke found a couple cool Mustangs that he was enthralled with in the parking lot. We went back to take on the other St. Mary’s team. We dropped the 1st set but came back strong in the 2nd and forced a 3rd set. It was back and forth right until the end. We ended up losing 22-20 to fall one game short of the championship. But the girls had a great time and that is what this league is all about anyhow. And with that, we were done with volleyball for another year. Meanwhile, Luke had baseball practice. As we were leaving the game, we happened to run in to one of his teammates who offered to take Luke with them so we got his gear and I went back inside to watch the St. Mary’s rubber match. We came home afterwards and took naps on the couches. Matt had Devin over for the day to hang out and play video games before they went out to dinner. Ann made cheesy popcorn for us. We also got our latest shipment of Fireworks popcorn from Wisconsin this week, which made that corn awesome tonight. Jeff Gordon got wrecked in practice and had to go to the back of the pack to start. He managed to get all the way up to the top 10 before he was again doomed with bad luck. He ended up hitting a loose tire that punched a huge hole in the front of his car, essentially ending his bid for a victory at his final visit to Las Vegas.

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Next up is our Waybac section, which again features several items from my childhood scrapbook that my Mom kept for me as well as some other goodies from years gone by…we begin with a couple crops of a photo that actually came off the web – it is from March ’73 and features my childhood neighborhood in Lafayette when we were actually living there, including Columbian Park, the Parkside Deli and Shortridge St; then more pages from my Oakland Elementary yearbook in ’75 – what a cool old school that was; my Cub Scouts award in October ’76 when Mom was our Den Mother of our pack and we held meetings in our basement on Shortridge; then another picture from the web (thanks again to the folks at the Facebook site “You know you’re from Lafayette if…” for this photo as well) which features the old Oakland Elementary school again – this time in ’76 or ’77 – I noticed the houses around it are all already gone, in preparation for the new school; then we have Ann in approximately September ’79; Dad Scheu and the Parkside Deli newspaper article in approximately the 1980s; program from our choral pageant in May ’81; a crosswalk guard award in May ’81; a photo that could be from Ann and her family in ’82-ish Gatlinburg, TN; a few more of my ribbons and awards in March ’80 as well as May ’83; a wrestling article – circa January ’84; the playoff football roster in October ’84; Winter Sports Banquet program in March ’86; football articles in October ’86; my freshman yearbook from FC in September ’87; jury duty certificate in November ’93; Matt & Daddy in March ’96 in Columbus; and Matt with Jeff Gordon’s car in North Vernon in June ’99.

Waybac.1973.03.06.cpli Waybac.1973.03.06.cpli1 Waybac.1975.oesyp1 Waybac.1975.oesyp2 Waybac.1975.oesyp3 Waybac.1976.10.21.tbcsa1 Waybac.1977.oesfts Waybac.1979.09.asp4 Waybac.1980s.tpdna3 Waybac.1981.05.01.tcp2 Waybac.1981.05.14.tcga1 Waybac.1982.ofvgt1 Waybac.1983.05.1980.03.ttr2 Waybac.1983.05.ttbr Waybac.1984.01.twna4 Waybac.1984.10.tsfpp4 Waybac.1986.03.17.twsb1 Waybac.1986.03.17.twsb2 Waybac.1986.10.tfna11 Waybac.1986.10.tfna12 Waybac.1986.10.tfna13 Waybac.1987.09.tfcyp1 Waybac.1987.09.tfcyp2 Waybac.1993.11.09.tjdc1 Waybac.1996.03.madp1 Waybac.1999.06.mjgcsi1

Next up is our video section which includes one new family movie and several vids from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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