The End is ever Near

We enjoyed a much-needed calmer week here at the Scheu abode. It was a short work week. The weather and temps were all over the place. Luke & Abby endured their final full week of school. Matt worked all week at Ellis again. Ann extended her Memorial Day weekend and Dad B prepped for knee replacement.
Monday was Memorial Day. It was a relaxing day off which we spent inside, doing our weekly household chores as well as some spring cleaning. Ann grilled out pork and made a couple pasta dishes that everybody loved. Matt went out later with his buddies while Ann & I watched a couple movies on the big screen and little kids went to bed early.
The kids & I were back to school and work on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Ann took the day off to be with Shawna and go scrapbooking and grabbed lunch at our old haunt, Shallo’s in Greenwood. Later we had a severe thunderstorm warning that forced Luke’s baseball practice indoors at Bryan’s building.
Wednesday was another day off for Ann to scrapbook with Shawna. It was cloudy all day but we only saw a few showers during a noticeably hotter, more humid day. Abby had Pirateers at the high school and Luke had baseball practice at Gecom. Meanwhile I mowed/trimmed front yard.
It was another hot/humid day in the 80s on Thursday. Ann and I were late getting in to work so we could attend Luke’s awards ceremony at the elementary school. It was sad to know it was our final time to attend this ceremony after seeing so many of them through the last two decades. Luke received three awards: A/B Honor Roll, Hall of Fame Reader and Outstanding Attendance. Later, Luke & I mowed/trimmed the backyard. Afterwards, Luke threw 60 pitches to me in the back lot. Abby had Pirateers again that night. Ann went out with Amy to El Reparo for dinner. The kids later decided to go out to El Reparo for dinner, but I stayed home and had leftovers. That meant that I had a nice, quiet hour or so in the A/C.

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After a long day at work, we had the night off. Ann again went scrapbooking with Shawna at Mrs. B’s. Abby worked concessions with Emma at the high school baseball game. Matt had his friends over. Luke worked on his bike and installed a couple lights for nighttime riding. In fact, we’ve been working on bikes all week with our tools: we fixed a broken chain on his dirt bike; reattached the rear wheel on my mountain bike and then Luke washed and waxed his mountain bike as well.
Ann went scrapbooking at Mrs. B’s early on Saturday morning while I ran a couple errands. Abby went with Megan to Jared & Jordan’s graduation party. Matt had the weekend off to rest his muscles. Luke had a baseball tourney this weekend in Mooresville. We were scheduled to play two games this afternoon – Indiana Mustangs (Red) and the Plainfield Havoc. However, it got postponed by four hours due to rain. So we didn’t end up getting up to Indy until night. They had to cancel our 2nd game but they made us travel to the ball diamond for the Mustangs game even though it was raining on and off and there was a huge storm coming. We grudgingly got up there just before the game started and set up our camp out behind the outfield fence by the car. We picked up a few brews for the girls and we no sooner got our chairs out, opened a beer and grabbed the pop-up gazebo than the skies cut loose. It was a heavy rain that washed out the game. The fields were already full of water; I can’t believe they were actually going to pay to play on them. We didn’t even get the first pitch in and the game was called. We were pretty pissed that we had wasted all day waiting around when it should’ve been cancelled a long time ago. The team we were scheduled to play had Adam Vinatieri’s son on it. He was kind enough to pause for a picture with a few of our kids. We met up with another couple at the Messer’s afterwards for a couple cocktails around the fire pit. On the highway we drove through some severe weather that made us slow down 20 degrees. Luke kept asking if we were going die. :0) We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week: Abby & Kama; Gracie; Lynz; John & June; Cathy & Tom; Lynn & Rick; Bethany; sites from the Indy 500; Memorial Day sights, including Memorial Island at Columbian Park and other views of my old stomping grounds; Calvin & Hobbes; Wendy & Bethany; Emma & Trevor; Dixon Dance Revue; Seth & Hannah wedding invite; Bu & Molly; the Dr Who movie was on lately (I had never seen this); Jeff in Indy last weekend and at Dover this weekend; Barney, Steph & family; Mindy & Missy; and more of Lynz’s 30th bday with Barn & Kimmy and family.

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We got the word about midnight that we were going to have to play on the water-logged field on Sunday so we went to bed grumpy. Thankfully, just after we had woken up we got the call that the games were all cancelled. If we never go back up there it will be too soon. The fields are lousy, the drive sucks and you can’t take coolers in to the game. It was nice today with a few sprinkles. It was much cooler so we opened up the house. The sun never came out as it rained on and off and was dark/overcast all day. We stayed indoors, took naps and watched movies. Ann cooked a big lunch of baked spaghetti, garlic bread and salad (plus a special pasta dish for Abby)…no wonder we always have so many dishes in the sink! Ann made breakfast for dinner (another one of our favorite meals) and we chilled the rest of the night while Matt went over to Andy’s house and Abby studied for her finals.
Next up is our Waybac segment. We have a few more items this week from my childhood scrapbook. We lead off this week with a few pictures from 1952 of Dad S and his siblings – April with Tom, Chuck, John and neighbors; April again for Aunt Sally and the 3 boys; and in June with Dad & Aunt Sue on her Confirmation Day; a page from my Riley yearbook in 1980; Boston Jr High honor roll in ’82; BJHS Bruin Award for 8th grade track in ’83; freshman wrestling in early ’84; more from my senior El Pe yearbook in ’87 – me with the Cadet Teachers and then Mike and several other friends in Building Trades; Ann’s graduation photo in June ’88; a very touching Christmas card from Grandpaw Brown in ’88; a page from the FC yearbook with me and my Phi Delt brothers in ’89; a couple school pictures of Ann in ’92; and some amazingly fun pictures from 2007 that Gigi recently found on a memory card in July 2007 with Abby, Luke, Grace, Megan, Mom O, Dee & Keith.

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We have an entry for our Shit that Luke Says segment but it was actually Bu earlier this week. I was heading to bed one night and had let the dogs out and said good night to Abby, who was lounging in a recliner in the family room. I told her not to fall asleep with the dogs outside. She was half asleep when she looks up and says, “It’s alright; dogs bark louder than doors.” :0)

Next up is our video section which features one new family movie and several from around the internet this week.

Well that does it for another week of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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