Only Just the Start…

It was a very hot, humid week since we touched base last. The temps hovered around 90° all week. The cicadas were so loud this week, dominating the ambient sound. Matt only had 1 day off this week, as he has only a few weeks left of full-time work. Abby & Luke really got into the swing of things as school began for both of them, Luke had football each day – including playing in his first scrimmage game while Abby juggled a couple days of work, a couple Pirateers practices, soccer practice every day and her first scrimmage game as well. Ann and I had long weeks – isn’t it funny how when you take Monday off, you somehow seem to have a week of Mondays? Ann struggled with her knees, icing them as often as possible. And I continued to exercise as much as I could, despite knowing I will miss the annual On Eagle’s Wings 5K this month. Hello again and welcome to the latest edition of the Scheu Family Blog.
We were up at the butt-crack of dawn on Monday to see Dad & Lynn off to the Jersey shore. We heard from them later that night and they had made it safely. I’m sure it won’t be long before they are off to their next adventure. It was great to see them and already miss them. Matt & Abby went back to work while Ann & I took the day off to catch up on our weekly household chores. Abby had soccer practice then had her girlfriends over for a couple hours. Luke had football practice and we finally fixed his bike chain. Ann dried out some peppers in the oven that her co-worker had grown. After drying them, she threw them in her new food processor and made me a new shaker of chili pepper flakes. Thanks babe; they’re great! :0) As promised, here are some great photos from last weekend at Katie & Jake’s house for a Bryan family reunion.

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It was back to work on Tuesday for Ann & I on a super foggy commute in to work. What is with people not putting on their headlights when visibility is less than 50 ft? After a fast day, I walked the People Trail after work. Matt worked at Aspen House. Abby ended up working at Wings & Rings before soccer practice then went out running around with her friends. Ann cooked a quick but delicious pasta dinner that evening. I was saddened to hear the Reds traded my favorite player Jay Bruce, who is now a Met.
Wednesday was Abby & Luke’s 1st day of school already. Wow; how their summer flew. It seems to get shorter each year. To their credit, both got up very easy this morning…we’ll see how the rest of the week goes… Abby began her junior year while Luke started 7th grade. Luke returned to football practice while Bu had soccer practice. Matt enjoyed his only day off for the next week or so. I walked a new route around the airport grounds after work, just to keep things interesting on yet another hot/humid day in the 90° range that really made me sweat! Ann made a couple pork roasts on the grill for dinner – yum! And poor Bu had another one of her nasty headaches that night.

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Thursday was a grueling day. Abs had school, soccer & Pirateers while Luke had school & football practice. Matt went back to work. Poor Ann had another very long day at work. I walked a shortened route on the PT after work, but went at a very good clip, averaging a 17 minute mile. Ann & I divided and conquered our parental duties that evening. While she went to the soccer parents meeting, I attended the one for football. Ann had to cancel her plans to go to the movies with Amy due to nasty headache, so it was leftover night for us.
Abigail was up early and out the door to her Jr Optimist meeting before school then on to soccer practice afterwards. Luke had football practice and Matt worked at the old folks’ home again. Drew came home with Luke after practice. Ann had a long day while mine flew. I dropped Ann at home then walked the 5k trail in the rain. We grabbed dinner at ElRep with the kids and their friends – Bu brought Mary; while Luke had Drew. We tried to wait for our working man, but instead we brought dinner home for Matt. Drew ended up spending the night with Luke and the boys were really good again. We love football season… And we caught the highlights of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Rio. We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week, as always: Abby and friends; Nate, Steph & girls; Chris & boys; Kimmy’s boys; Kate & Jake; Chris & Trish’s boys @ Purdue bball camp; Jason & Erica’s oldest; Uncle John; Pat & Penny; Barney & Steph’s kids; Rosie & Megan; Chris & Jason; Missy, Mindy & Kathy; Kate & Reese; Paul & his boys; car show at Market Sq; an old game from my youth; Nate & Steph again; the Drakes at the Magic Kingdom; Calvin & Hobbes panels; Aunt Sue at the DNC; the Drakes at Small World; talk about feeling old – here’s my invite for the 25th reunion at FC; and a classic from Jeff HS dance in ’63 with Aunt June & Uncle John.

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We were awakened by the sounds of construction, early on Saturday morning. The developer of the addition behind us is currently residing in the home behind us. He dumped a ton of dirt in the back lot yesterday and then spent all day today spreading it out, throwing a ton of dirt in the air. Ann commented that I’ll need to pressure wash the house this fall since he did not use any sort of barrier. Between all his questionable actions and the odd storage of the menagerie of items he has over there, it makes us yearn for the days of pre-development when it was a more isolated and obviously quieter area out here. We woke up to the noise of him running a tractor and bobcat back and forth and back and forth… I sincerely hope he doesn’t stay there long…and lets hope he plans to plant grass over all that damn dirt back there. I will be anxious to see what that does to the natural runoff of the next rain. I haven’t even tried to battle the weeds in the backyard this year because of all the activity back there. I got up and performed the weekly PM on the vehicles on a noticeably less-humid day. There was also a nice, cool breeze the entire day – but the bugs were awful – specifically what I had presumed were sweat bees. Turns out, Ann says they are actually what she referred to as hover flies – and they were incessant today. Although they are colored like bees, they don’t sting or bite…just pester. Matt worked all day so he missed out on all the action today. It was the annual Blue/White scrimmage day for most of the fall school sports teams. An & I took Drew & Luke to Abby’s scrimmage game. She played the entire time, mostly as left-side or right-side mid-fielder. She played well but had no shots on goal. She played particularly well when teamed with her buddy, Emma. She played for both the White squad and the Blue squad. Blue “won” 2-0. Ann left the game and immediately went to the football field where she worked concessions with Becca. Meanwhile I took boys and Bu to BK for a quick bite to eat before picking up equipment and heading over to Shriver Field ourselves. The varsity team actually played earlier due to the funeral for their fallen teammate, who passed away earlier this past week. That pushed Luke’s game to the headlining slot. Bu ended up helping Ann in the concession stand while Bryan & Angie joined me in the stands. Luke played on the white team while Drew was on the blue squad. Luke played both ways – fullback on offense and left-side outside linebacker on defense. For whatever reason, he did not carry the ball, though he is slated to carry the majority of the load during the regular season. He caught the only pass thrown to him, good for about 8 yards. He played very well against the 8th graders on defense. He had 9 tackles, caused a fumble and recovered a fumble. He almost had a sack, but instead was credited with a hurry as the quarterback threw it away. At one point, he had four straight tackles. In the end, the Blue won, 2-1. We brought the kids home to get showers while I mowed the backyard. Megan came over to spend the evening with Abby. Ann & I took all the kids to Chili’s for dinner and then home to watch the first night of the Olympics. I also watched a replay of the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony that included players such as Brett Favre, Snake Stabler, the Colts’ Marvin Harrison & Coach Dungy as well as a great defensive player, Kevin Greene. It actually cooled down enough to open up the house for a few hours overnight.

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We slept in on Sunday morning before getting up to do our weekly household chores. Abby went to breakfast with Megan at Mallory’s apartment then brought Britney home for Ann’s homemade pancakes. Luke had to pick his jersey number. He was unable to have 63 due to his position. #36 was already spoken for, as was his 2nd choice. So he ended up choosing 32 – which was my old number in both high school and college. Angie picked up Drew & Matt went to work. Abby & Britney went out running around, making it a little quieter, though Luke decided to show his ass a couple times. We watched some UFC, NASCAR and Olympics on the big screen with a big batch of Fireworks popcorn from the new tubs Ann received this week. A-Rod announced his retirement. He is just a handful of homeruns shy of 700 (4th most of all-time) and 2nd of all-time in RBIs. Ann made some delicious salmon patties for dinner. And in a weird turn of events, the Colts / Packers Hall of Fame game (NFL’s annual opening day game) was cancelled due to poor field conditions.
Next up is our Waybac section, which includes the final pictures of our first six photo albums of Ann & I just starting our family as well as a few more gems culled from Mom’s last move. We lead off with a couple more WTRE pictures from 1993/1994; Matt’s first Owens Christmas at Gma & Gigi’s home in December ’96; Matt back at Gma & Gigi’s house in January ’97; Matt hanging with Brayden at our home in Columbus in January ’97; Matt at home in Columbus and at his first Pacers game in February ’97; Matt & I during bath time in our 1st Greensburg house in August ’97; Matt at Keith & Rosie’s in East Aurora in July ’98; Dee & Grace in ’00; Matt, the kids at a Biddinger Easter in Westport in April ’04; Gracie in ’04; and Dee & Grace, circa ’05.

smp16.08.45 Waybac.1993.wtre62 Waybac.1993.wtre63 Waybac.1994.wtre64 Waybac.1994.wtre64 Waybac.1996.12.mfrac1 Waybac.1996.12.mfrac2 Waybac.1996.12.mfrac3 Waybac.1996.12.mfrac4 Waybac.1996.12.mfrac5 Waybac.1997.01.lfw1 Waybac.1997.01.lfw2 Waybac.1997.01.lfw3 Waybac.1997.01.lfw4 Waybac.1997.01.mbpd1 Waybac.1997.01.mbpd2 Waybac.1997.01.mbpd3 Waybac.1997.01.mbpd4 Waybac.1997.02.mfpg1 Waybac.1997.02.mfpg2 Waybac.1997.02.mfpg3 Waybac.1997.02.mfpg4 Waybac.1997.08.mdbt5 Waybac.1997.08.mdbt6 Waybac.1997.08.mdbt7 Waybac.1997.08.mdbt8 Waybac.1998.07.mvkr1 Waybac.1998.07.mvkr2 Waybac.1998.07.mvkr3 Waybac.1998.07.mvkr4 Waybac.2000.dgnb01 Waybac.2000.dgnb02 Waybac.2004.04.beiw1 Waybac.2004.04.beiw2 Waybac.2004.04.beiw3 Waybac.2004.grd3 Waybac.2005.gdpa5 Waybac.2005.gdpa6 Waybac.2005.gdpa7 Waybac.2005.gdpa8

We wrap up this entry with our video segment which includes six new family movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that puts the kibosh on this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next week. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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