Because you Walk a Personality, Talk a Personality

We missed Week 19 this week at the Sand Pebble. I’ve had so many thoughts of our family and friends this week as I recalled all the amazing times we had in Treasure Island through the years during this week. Obviously, most of those lead me to memories of Mom which is tough. This was her time of the year. It always began with Mother’s Day then went through Week 19 and Memorial Day before moving on to her anniversary and ending with her birthday. It was during this 4-5 week span that we historically saw Mom the most in my adult life. She would’ve been so happy / proud of the kids these past couple weeks with all that they have achieved. With Matt’s 4th year of college successfully in the books, Matt is now making plans for a quick summer course and then has most of his final year of school planned-out. He enjoyed a slower week; catching up on his sleep, working-out, spending time with the family and even got to see Ms. Taylor. Abby had an exciting week- it was her final full week of school. She danced and worked this week and FINALLY earned something she had worked hard for 15 years to achieve at her final Dixon Dance Revue. Luke also had his final full week of school, wrapped up track, played in a pair of baseball games, attended a basketball call-out meeting and went to football camp all week. Ann got around pretty good, focusing her time on prepping for the annual dance revue. And I surpassed 18 miles on my way to losing a couple more pounds this week. So much for having a spring again this year; we went from winter to summer as the temps have stayed in the 80s & 90s and the humidity has really kicked-in this week as well. Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog. We’ve got a lot of pictures this week, so let’s get to it.

Matt was up early for work at Aspen Place on Monday morning. Abs was also in early to teach the Pirateers routine she choreographed for the girls trying out for next years’ squad. She did that before school then worked/danced at Dixon after school. Luke missed his end-of-the-season track banquet due to a baseball game that evening. Ann & I both had fast, busy days at work in Columbus. Afterward, I walked 3 miles on a hot afternoon in the mid-90s. Bryan & I had to scramble at the last minute to field a complete team for that night’s matchup with the Franklin County Remax team. We had 5 kids out (2 in golf, 1 still in varsity bball, 1 on injured reserve and 1 puking), which reminded Bryan & I of our 6th grade football team where we worked hard each game just to field a complete team. We tried a few kids we knew and finally got Addison, a boy from our neighborhood, to play with us. We had all 3 of our catchers out, so Luke stepped up to the challenge and did a great job of filling in at that position – in fact, we may have found a new home for him! He caught the whole game, recording 3 unassisted putouts and 4 assisted putouts. He also threw out two runners, made 3 errors and had 2 passed balls – all without wearing a cup! He reached base in each of his 3 at bats going 2-2 with a walk in the 1st inning. Although he didn’t get a chance to steal a base, he did break up a double play. In his 2nd time up, he cranked one to the left field fence, one-hopping it on a line. I think that if it had a little lift, it might’ve had a shot at going out! He wound up with a triple and scored later in the inning on an infield dribbler on a very close play at the plate. In his final plate appearance, he blasted a two-hopper to the right-center fence and got a standup double. He stole 3rd and then scored on a base hit. He also had 2 RBIs. He was my pick for player of the game. However, his effort wasn’t enough…and although the pitching and catching was much improved (and we looked much better as a team overall), we still lost our 3rd in a row, going 0-3 on the year by losing 6-8. We made it respectful and it was an entertaining game. I think if we can ever field a complete team, we might just win a game this year! Since Luke hit the fence twice, we ran to Wendy’s in the old truck for ice cream…and I still owe him another trip – great job, buddy! We’ll have pix from that game next week. In the meantime, here are pictures from Luke’s game in Batesville last week.

lp18.05.03 lbb18.01 lbb18.02 lbb18.03 lbb18.04 lbb18.05 lbb18.06 lbb18.07 lbb18.08 lbb18.09 lbb18.10 lbb18.11 lbb18.12 lbb18.13 lbb18.14 lbb18.15 lbb18.16 lbb18.17 lbb18.18 lbb18.19 lbb18.20 lbb18.21 lbb18.22 lbb18.23 lbb18.24 lbb18.25

On Tuesday, Matt headed in to Aspen Place early again for work. Abby, too, was in early again for Pirateers coaching then job-shadowed at Stradley/Hagerty later that morning. Later, she worked at Wings & Rings until late. Luke attended football camp after school (yes, we go from one sport right into the next around here!). It was another hot day near 90. It was a long day for Ann, full of meetings and frustrations. It was another fast one for me then walked a 5K in the heat. The nice thing about that afternoon was that the humidity took the day off! We got home and kicked back on the couch where we both fell asleep a couple times watching TV before going on to bed early. Here are pictures from last week’s 8th grade Formal.

lfd18.01 lfd18.02 lfd18.03 lfd18.04 lfd18.05 lfd18.06 lfd18.07 lfd18.08 lfd18.09 lfd18.10 lfd18.11 lfd18.12 lfd18.13 lfd18.14 lfd18.15 lfd18.16 lfd18.17 lfd18.18 lfd18.19 lfd18.20 lfd18.21 lfd18.22 lfd18.23 lfd18.24 lfd18.25 lfd18.26 lfd18.27 lfd18.28 lfd18.29 lfd18.30 lfd18.31 lfd18.32 lfd18.33 lfd18.34 lfd18.35 lfd18.36 lfd18.37 lfd18.38 lfd18.39 lfd18.40 lfd18.41 lfd18.42

Matt got to sleep in on Wednesday, as he took the day from work. Bu woke up with a nasty headache and slept in a couple hours before heading in to classes later that morning. So, we ran Luke to school, which sucked as they started some type of construction project on Lincoln St. that really made us scramble to find a way around it. Between that work and the closing of IN-3, I’m not sure which impacts our morning routine / commute the most. Ann had a long, shit day at work again while I had another fast one. I got in another 5K that afternoon. I just missed the rain thankfully, but that only left it as humid as being under a wet blanket. It was oddly hard to breathe during my trek, but the smells of all the trees, plants and flowers in bloom has been quite enjoyable this week. I think I would take the hotter temps/lower humidity than the pea soup I walked in today! Luke had football camp after school again. Ann, Matt & I had a couple drinks on the patio after we got home from work. Abby & Ann then went in to dance practice at the Dixon dance studio and wound up having dinner with all the girls / moms afterward. Here are pictures of Luke at the Sunman-Dearborn Invitational last week.

lsdi18.01 lsdi18.02 lsdi18.03 lsdi18.04 lsdi18.05 lsdi18.06 lsdi18.07 lsdi18.08 lsdi18.09 lsdi18.10 lsdi18.11 lsdi18.12 lsdi18.13 lsdi18.14 lsdi18.15 lsdi18.16 lsdi18.17 lsdi18.18 lsdi18.19 lsdi18.20 lsdi18.21 lsdi18.22 lsdi18.23 lsdi18.24 lsdi18.25 lsdi18.26 lsdi18.27 lsdi18.28 lsdi18.29 lsdi18.30 lsdi18.31 lsdi18.32 lsdi18.33 lsdi18.34 lsdi18.35 lsdi18.36 lsdi18.37 lsdi18.38 lsdi18.39 lsdi18.40 lsdi18.41 lsdi18.42 lsdi18.43 lsdi18.44 lsdi18.45 lsdi18.46 lsdi18.47 lsdi18.48 lsdi18.49 lsdi18.50 lsdi18.51 lsdi18.52 lsdi18.53 lsdi18.54 lsdi18.55 lsdi18.56 lsdi18.57 lsdi18.58 lsdi18.59 lsdi18.60

Abby got to sleep in on Thursday, as she completed her college course at the learning center already. She eventually got up to job-shadow at Dr. Stradley’s office. After school, she attended Trevin’s Sectional track meet, which was his final high school sporting event. Luke had football camp after school, where he took a pretty good lick from one of the seniors. In fact, Coach H called me that night to check on him. He said the seniors are already starting to take notice of him, so it’s no wonder there was a little hazing today. Matt enjoyed the day off from work. Poor Ann another shit day at work. I enjoyed another fast day then walked a 5K on a beautiful, 90-degree afternoon. It rained hard when we got home but ended after just ten minutes while Ann cooked garlic chicken for dinner. The boys took it easy and played video games in the family room. You can tell Luke is happy to have Matt home. Here are pictures from Luke’s final junior high track meet vs. Rushville last week.

ltrv18.01 ltrv18.02 ltrv18.03 ltrv18.04 ltrv18.05 ltrv18.06 ltrv18.07 ltrv18.08 ltrv18.09 ltrv18.10 ltrv18.11 ltrv18.12 ltrv18.13 ltrv18.14 ltrv18.15 ltrv18.16 ltrv18.17 ltrv18.18 ltrv18.19 ltrv18.20 ltrv18.21 ltrv18.22 ltrv18.23 ltrv18.24 ltrv18.25 ltrv18.26 ltrv18.27 ltrv18.28 ltrv18.29 ltrv18.30 ltrv18.31 ltrv18.32 ltrv18.33 ltrv18.34 ltrv18.35 ltrv18.36 ltrv18.37 ltrv18.38 ltrv18.39 ltrv18.40 ltrv18.41 ltrv18.42 ltrv18.43 ltrv18.44 ltrv18.45 ltrv18.46 ltrv18.47 ltrv18.48 ltrv18.49 ltrv18.50 ltrv18.51 ltrv18.52 ltrv18.53 ltrv18.54 ltrv18.55 ltrv18.56 ltrv18.57 ltrv18.58 ltrv18.59 ltrv18.60 ltrv18.61 ltrv18.62

Matt had the day off again on Friday. Abby had a full day of school then worked at BWR until late. Ann enjoyed a short, half day at work. I had a long day then walked a 5K on a wet afternoon, walking in a light rain. Luke had football camp after school then he & I went to the baseball complex early to set up our gazebo and chairs for Ann & Matt, out behind the right field fence. The young Marlins faced the Cubs again on D1. We were missing a few boys again that night (will we ever have a full team?). We tried to pick up a replacement player (since we lost our starting catcher / leadoff hitter / #2 pitcher) to help out our struggling team, but the league put the kibosh on it when Bryan called to explain our situation. Apparently, the kids have been talking about it at school and one of the Cubs’ coaches called to complain. What a bitch move, man…I was furious when I found out and didn’t say more than two words to their coaching staff the entire game. I was so disappointed and discouraged. This type of mentality is what ruined this league, back when Matt was in it and although it is slowly beginning to recover; now they’re allowing it to happen again. I feel bad for the kids on our team. Bryan & I got to talking and we figured out that the Cubs sandbagged us at the draft. We compensated them with an additional first round pick because they got “stuck” with the coach’s kid, who was supposedly not a good player – ha! Turns out, he’s one of the best players in the league. So, their team is stacked while we lost one of our key players and cannot replace him. Good for them, I guess. I don’t mean to have sour grapes, but I just think it’s bull shit. Shame on them for taking advantage of the situation and being sneaky snakes. It didn’t help things that night when poor Drew just didn’t have it. He again did not make it out of the first inning. In both of his starts combined, he has only gotten through 2/3 of an inning. When we got down early, several of our kids quit on us and we were never able to recover. Luke had to start at catcher again (this time with a cup!) while we played three kids at first base, trying to fill the big hole that Luke left. He was such an anchor on the right side of the field and a head’s up communicator; I’m not sure I like him trapped behind the plate or not. He again made a couple errors, dropping two pop-ups behind the plate. We are trying to be patient, as he is still learning how to play the position. Offensively, he went 1-1 with a walk and a double. He stole two bases and was caught stealing / picked-off on an obvious balk that wasn’t called. You can see it on the video. He scored a run and drove in one as well. The boys got to play in the pouring rain but didn’t mind it. In fact, I think they actually enjoyed it by the time the game ended. I can remember playing in the rain when I was young and those are some of the most fun times to play. The boys tried to rally late in the game, but it wasn’t even close to being enough and they dropped their 4th straight game 4-12 to go 0-4 on the season. Luke went to Oakley K’s house to spend the night. Ann & I took Matt out to ElRep for dinner. That night, she worked on Abby’s senior board for the big revue tomorrow. We called an emergency coaches meeting out at the Sunken Boat Bar that night. Only Bryan & I ended up making it. I am just beside myself in frustration with the way this season has gone. Between the way the draft went to the poor pitching out of our two top prospects to the injuries and the schedule conflicts, it is really testing us this year…and frankly, I don’t know that we have the time or energy to do what it is going to take to right this ship. We could be in for a very long season. We’ll have pix from this soggy night next week; meanwhile, here are pictures of last week’s game vs. the Cubs.

lbod18.01 lbod18.02 lbod18.03 lbod18.04 lbod18.05 lbod18.06 lbod18.07 lbod18.08 lbod18.09 lbod18.10 lbod18.11 lbod18.12 lbod18.13 lbod18.14 lbod18.15 lbod18.16 lbod18.17 lbod18.18 lbod18.19 lbod18.20 lbod18.21 lbod18.22 lbod18.23

Matt beat everyone out of bed on Saturday morning, driving up to Centerville to spend the day with Ms. Taylor. They ended up at Galo’s Italian Grill for lunch. Abby & Ann were up early for dance rehearsal at the high school. I slept in a little before running errands and picking up Luke at Oakley’s house. We dropped off speakers that Bryan had lent Gigi for the annual Relay for Life, which was held at the Fieldhouse this year. Thanks again to Bryan for helping out at the last minute. Luke & I mowed & trimmed at Gma & Gigi’s house then mowed / trimmed our house on a wet, humid day. We managed to avoid the rain and finished just before the skies opened-up. The four of us took a long nap in the afternoon while it stormed. In the early evening, Trevin came over and then we all went to the high school for Abby’s final Dixon Dance Revue. Bu was in 6 dances that night! She was in the opening number, called Your Momma Don’t Dance (Star Stepper tap routine); Candy Man (a jazz duo with Kuyhlia); Jump Shout Boogie (her competition tap routine with Kirsten that qualified for Show Stopper Nationals!); Look What You Made me Do (her competition jazz quartet); If Bubba Can Dance (a clog routine she did with Kirsten – the first year either have tried to clog!); and the finale, called Feel it Still (the Star Stepper jazz routine). After curtain calls, they recognized the teachers and helpers, including Abby. Then they had a little presentation, as they do each year, for the seniors. Ann & I both cried during Abby’s recognition. After all the tears, it was time for awards. FINALLY – after 15 years of persistence, the hard work paid off with her earning Miss Personality and going out on top! Way…To…Go, BU! We are so proud of her and all she has accomplished. I think she has achieved all her goals she set for herself. We got lots of pictures afterward, which we will share next week. Later, Ann & I took the kids out for the traditional dinner at Pizza King with Mom & Sandy, Trevin and Kuyhlia joining us this year. Here are pictures from our recent adventures, including Mother’s Day last weekend.

md18.01 md18.02 md18.03 md18.04 md18.05 md18.06 md18.07 md18.08 md18.09 md18.10 md18.11 md18.12 md18.13 md18.14 md18.15 md18.16 md18.17 md18.18 md18.19 md18.20 md18.21 sis18.05.100 sis18.05.101 sis18.05.102 sis18.05.103 sis18.05.104 sis18.05.105 sis18.05.106 sis18.05.107 sis18.05.108 sis18.05.109 sis18.05.110 sis18.05.111 sis18.05.112 sis18.05.113 sis18.05.114 sis18.05.115 sis18.05.116 sis18.05.117 sis18.05.118 sis18.05.119 sis18.05.120 sis18.05.121 sis18.05.122 sis18.05.123 sis18.05.124 sis18.05.125 sis18.05.126 sis18.05.127 sis18.05.128 sis18.05.129 sis18.05.130 sis18.05.131 sis18.05.132 sis18.05.133 sis18.05.134 sis18.05.135 sis18.05.136 sis18.05.137 sis18.05.138 sis18.05.139 sis18.05.140 sis18.05.141 sis18.05.142 sis18.05.143 sis18.05.144 sis18.05.145 sis18.05.146 sis18.05.147 sis18.05.148 sis18.05.149 sis18.05.150 sis18.05.151 sis18.05.152 sis18.05.153 sis18.05.154 sis18.05.155 sis18.05.156 sis18.05.157

We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning then gradually got up and got to our weekly household chores. Matt worked at Aspen Place and Abby worked at BWR. Abby went out to Kaitlyn’s house to swim after she got off work while Matt came home and played Xbox. Abs called me later, saying she had yet another flat tire. Not sure what she’s gotten into this time, but I’ll have to deal with it tomorrow. Luke got all packed up for his Washington DC trip. He was a little anxious and his behavior was a little off because of it. Ann cooked pork chops on the grill for dinner. It was another gorgeous day in the 80s and Luke enjoyed getting out in it for a little while. That evening, we ran Luke to the junior high to catch the bus to DC for their annual 8th grade class trip. He’ll be gone for several days next week, missing a baseball game tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll have fun, but it will sure be quieter around here for a few days… We came home and I did our weekly fluid PMs to the vehicles and then we watched part 1 of the American Idol finale. We voted or Maddie Poppe, so we hope she wins! We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp18.05.101 smp18.05.102 smp18.05.103 smp18.05.104 smp18.05.105 smp18.05.106 smp18.05.107 smp18.05.108 smp18.05.109 smp18.05.110 smp18.05.111 smp18.05.112 smp18.05.113 smp18.05.114 smp18.05.115 smp18.05.116 smp18.05.117 smp18.05.118 smp18.05.119 smp18.05.120 smp18.05.121 smp18.05.122 smp18.05.123 smp18.05.124 smp18.05.125 smp18.05.126 smp18.05.127 smp18.05.128 smp18.05.129 smp18.05.130 smp18.05.131 smp18.05.132

Next up is our Waybac section, which includes a sampling of the last several pictures of our current photo albums of our young family at the turn of the last century. We lead off again this time in May 2002: first at the Sand Pebble’s Week 19 Welcome Party (missed going to it this week) and then at Walt Disney World; then we have several from December 2002: Bryan Family Christmas at Vird & Belinda’s and Christmas Eve at Gma & Gigi’s house; and then we have a few from January 2003 at the old Hoosier Dome in Indy for Monster Jam.

Waybac.2002.05.fvspwp15 Waybac.2002.05.fvspwp16 Waybac.2002.05.fvspwp17a Waybac.2002.05.fvspwp18a Waybac.2002.05.fvwdw89 Waybac.2002.05.fvwdw90 Waybac.2002.05.fvwdw91 Waybac.2002.05.fvwdw92 Waybac.2002.12.bfc21 Waybac.2002.12.bfc22 Waybac.2002.12.bfc23 Waybac.2002.12.bfc24 Waybac.2002.12.ce61 Waybac.2002.12.ce62 Waybac.2002.12.ce63 Waybac.2002.12.ce64 Waybac.2003.01.imj16 Waybac.2003.01.imj17 Waybac.2003.01.imj18 Waybac.2003.01.imj19 lp18.05.03

Next up is our video section which includes two new home movies from this week as well as a few from around the internet.

Well, that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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