That all the Cards were Comin’ from the Bottom of the Pack

We had an interesting week, here at the Scheu abode. We said goodbye to summer and welcomed back our old friend, autumn. We got to see Matt a couple times as he continued to split his time between Indy & Zionsville, still enjoying co-teaching at the elementary school in his fifth year at U Indy. Abby had a busy week. Although I didn’t see her, Ann had a pair of Bu sightings as she endured Rush (now called Recruitment) week at Franklin. She was hoping to pledge Pi Phi by week’s end. Luke had a pair of football games that didn’t go so well. He got to experience his first homecoming and spent a lot of time with his neighborhood friends. Ann had a good week. I think the shots helped dull the pain a bit for her and she got to see some friends this week. Despite the extreme temperatures this week, I managed to meet my exercise goals, walking a little over fifteen miles. I enjoyed spending some time with my friends this week as well and because of that, I did gain a pound or two… In other news, the Fall Festival was held this week, Ann & I celebrated another year of wedded bliss and we tried to adjust to life with a near-empty nest. Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school on Monday morning. Luke had a good day then Gma brought him his traditional Jimmy Johns sandwich before his football game. Abby resumed her schedule at FC and Matt returned to co-teaching in Zionsville. Ann enjoyed a fast day at the office with all the girls back from Florida and lots of stories to tell. I had a busy day that went fast then walked 3 miles in the 90-degree heat that left me a sweaty mess afterward. Ann & I came home to change and headed out to Shriver Field to watch the JV / “C” Pirates football team face South Dearborn. We met up with Mom & Sandy there as well as Becky & Ally. While the girls stayed down low, I went up and taped at the top of the stadium. The young Pirates were completely overmatched that evening, looking like boys playing against men. Still, they held their own through the first half as they were down by only 6 with one minute to play until halftime. Facing 4th and 15, we were backed up inside the 20…but instead of punting, Coach went for it and turned the ball over on downs. The Knights easily scored a cheap TD with only a second left to go up 14 at the half. We were incapable of consistently blocking and tackling and that was ultimately our downfall. Our offense couldn’t move the ball very well against the bigger, stronger, faster (and older) Knights. Although the defense played respectfully, it could’ve been better for sure. The footing was atrocious and the conditions paired with Luke’s cleats (his were stolen, so he was using a backup pair) meant that Luke looked like he was on ice and missed several tackles due to not having traction on the wet grass and slipped right past the back on a handful of occasions. It got ugly pretty fast and we were shut out again, 0-28. Luke continued to learn the new position at middle linebacker, playing in all the defensive plays. He did get to play the kicker on kickoff team, but they only got to kick once. He also got to play on the kickoff return team this week. He didn’t get to return any kicks but did make some good blocks from the front line. He also saw a handful of snaps at fullback and halfback during an offensive series. Luke’s stats: The team is now 2-3. Luke had 5 tackles (1 solo & 4 assisted). He also had 3 hurries from blitzing, tipped a ball away in coverage and recovered a fumble. His kickoff went 36 yards. After the tough loss, we took Luke to Wendy’s for a quick drive through meal then I uploaded the game film to YouTube and posted it on Facebook for the kids and parents, as there is still no junior varsity Hudl. Here are pictures from Abby’s birthday party last weekend.

lp18.09.04 abdp18.02 abdp18.03 abdp18.04 abdp18.05 abdp18.06 abdp18.07 abdp18.08 abdp18.09 abdp18.10 abdp18.11 abdp18.12 abdp18.13 abdp18.14 abdp18.15 abdp18.16 abdp18.17 abdp18.18 abdp18.19 abdp18.20 abdp18.21 abdp18.22 abdp18.23 abdp18.24 abdp18.25 abdp18.26 abdp18.27 abdp18.28 abdp18.29 abdp18.30 abdp18.31 abdp18.32 abdp18.33 abdp18.34 abdp18.35 abdp18.36 abdp18.37 abdp18.38 abdp18.39 abdp18.40 abdp18.41 abdp18.42 abdp18.43 abdp18.44 abdp18.45 abdp18.46 abdp18.47 abdp18.48 abdp18.49 abdp18.50 abdp18.51 abdp18.52 abdp18.53 abdp18.54 abdp18.55 abdp18.56 abdp18.57 abdp18.58

Tuesday was another hot / humid day in the 90s. Ann enjoyed another fast day then went with Matt to his doctor appointment. Unfortunately, he left with more questions than answers. Whereas the last doc said he needed surgery on his lower abdomen, this doc said no surgery and put him on an antibiotic. Either way, at least we have a course of treatment now. I also had a fast day at work then walked about three miles before Matt called and asked if I wanted to grab a bite to eat before he headed back up north. Ann couldn’t join us as she was headed over to Franklin to pick up Abby for some shopping therapy. They went looking for new dresses for this week’s Rush festivities. Matt & I went to 450 North Brewing Company at Simmons Winery where we enjoyed a flight of beer before we decided on which homemade brews we wanted that evening. I went with their Honey Kölsch and Matt got their Oktoberfest beer. We had to have some pulled pork nachos with our beverages then decided we needed one of their brick-oven pizzas. Matt couldn’t make up his mind but did narrow it to two choices, so we got a half and half – Chicken Alfredo and half Meat Mammoth – and boy, was it amazing! We had fun for a couple hours and caught up on life. Before we knew it, we needed to get going. He drove back up to Zionsville to get some rest at Katie & Jake’s house while I headed home. Ann ended up taking Abby up to Greenwood, found a couple dresses and grabbed dinner at BJ’s Brewery before heading back to the FC campus to drop Bu off and then come back home. Luke had a good day at school and then played hard at football. He went to Drayden’s house afterward to practice cornhole as they have put together a team for the tournament being held this week at homecoming. We were talking about his struggles with his cleats and we ended up going out to Hibbett’s to get him a new pair. Luke drove us to and from the store in Betty White and did great as always. He’s ready for driver’s ed and I think Ann is gonna get him signed up for it in the next few weeks.

We had another hot one on Wednesday, as summer just won’t give it up. We set some records in a few areas that day with all the heat. Ann had a long day of meetings and I had a fast day of reports before walking 3 more miles on a no-zone action day. It was hard to breathe as I exercised around the airport property. The time & temp board said it was about 100° in the sun. It’s weird knowing that Harrison College is now setting empty. Even the time & temp board no longer has any school announcements, it just repeats the time and temp over and over. I feel bad for the kids that were signed up for school and now have nothing to show for it. Luke had school then football and said he loves his new cleats. Matt made it back safety and returned to co-teaching in Zionsville. Abby had classes then came to see Ann and pick up a few things before heading back to school. We had some wicked storms blow through about the time we got home. Something got wet up under the hood of Black Betty and set off the check engine light. Ann made a delicious dinner of blackened tuna steak, cheesy rise (mine was cauliflower rice) and tossed salad. It was so good! Luke went to Chance’s house with his buddies after dinner until dark while Ann & I watched the Purge series and the season finales of Queen of the South and The Sinner. Here are pictures of Luke’s two football games last week – first with the JV team vs. Lawrenceburg and then a few with the varsity vs. South Dearborn.

ljvflt18.01 ljvflt18.02 ljvflt18.03 ljvflt18.04 ljvflt18.05 ljvflt18.06 ljvflt18.07 ljvflt18.08 ljvflt18.09 ljvflt18.10 ljvflt18.11 ljvflt18.12 llvflt18.13 ljvflt18.14 ljvflt18.15 ljvflt18.16 ljvflt18.17 ljvflt18.18 ljvflt18.19 ljvflt18.20 ljvflt18.21 ljvflt18.22 ljvflt18.23 ljvflt18.24 ljvflt18.25 ljvflt18.26 ljvflt18.27 ljvflt18.28 ljvflt18.29 ljvflt18.30 ljvflt18.31 ljvflt18.32 ljvflt18.33 ljvflt18.34 ljvflt18.35 ljvflt18.36 ljvflt18.37 lvjflt18.38 lvfsdk18.01 lvfsdk18.02 lvfsdk18.03 lvfsdk18.04 lvfsdk18.05 lvfsdk18.06

Thursday was the hottest day of the week. During our commute, we noticed that several farmers were in their fields, harvesting crops. Ann & I both had fast days, thankfully. Although the time & temp board said the sun again pushed temps above 100, it was the humidity that really kicked my ass as I hustled around the campus and airport, getting in another three miles. I was still drenched in sweat when we got home that night. Later, Ann went to the movies with Amy to see A Simple Favor. Luke had school then a good football practice before he got home that night. He had his neighborhood buddies over for a couple hours that evening. I ended up going to the Sunken Boat Bar for a boys’ night out to play some poker. Besides Bryan & I, Bob (who put this shindig together), Alan and Rick made up the posse. We enjoyed tons of food (thanks to Bryan for the almond crust pizza that was amaze-balls), excellent libations, a good football game (the Browns finally won one!) and lots of cards. In fact, we are going to try and make Thursday our Poker Night for the rest of the NFL season. I had a blast. I hadn’t played poker in many, many years. The last poker game I remember was when I had a little too much to drink and ended up with a tattoo and getting a second look at the beef rolls I had ingested earlier in the evening. There were no body fluids nor new ink that evening, thankfully. Rick was the big winner, though we kept it friendly with just a dime ante. I was surprised how quickly all those games came back to me after all those years…and can’t wait to do it again next week!

Luke enjoyed his Friday routine as he had a smooth day at the high school, visited with Gma and enjoyed his Jimmy John’s sandwich and then prepped for his varsity football game vs. Franklin County. Ann enjoyed her half day at work then went scrapbooking in Burney with her girlfriends. I had a fast day as well, finishing up all my reports then walked 3 miles on a humid but overcast (and therefore cooler) afternoon. Ann & I met up at home then went to the homecoming football game. It was a good turnout at Shriver Field that night. Unfortunately, the game got a little ugly early on but the Pirates made it a game in the 4th quarter. They pulled to within 3 points with about a minute to play but couldn’t recover the ensuing onside kick and the Wildcats won 38-35 in an exciting game. We sat with all our friends (Nobbes, Lowes, Bainbridges) – except the Messers as Bryan was busy setting up to play the Homecoming party after the game, outside the Fieldhouse. We got to hear a little bit of it as we were leaving and they sounded great. Luke didn’t play but a few freshmen did, which may be a good sign for him. He attended the after party (not a dance) and then went out for a little bit with Kayden (Ally’s younger boy). Ann & I went for a quiet dinner at BWR where all the girls had to come talk to Ann and get caught up on Abby’s adventures. We came home and almost instantly fell asleep watching TV. Abby did Greek Rush activities and was called back to all the sororities, which made her really excited. The Tree City Fall Festival returned to the square that evening and the town was all abuzz. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis18.09.100 sis18.09.101 sis18.09.102 sis18.09.103 sis18.09.104 sis18.09.105 sis18.09.106 sis18.09.109 sis18.09.110 sis18.09.111 sis18.09.112 sis18.09.113 sis18.09.114 sis18.09.115 sis18.09.116 sis18.09.117 sis18.09.118 sis18.09.119 sis18.09.120 sis18.09.121 sis18.09.122 sis18.09.123 sis18.09.124 sis18.09.125 sis18.09.126 sis18.09.127 sis18.09.128 sis18.09.129 sis18.09.130 sis18.09.131 sis18.09.132 sis18.09.133 sis18.09.134 sis18.09.135 sis18.09.136 sis18.09.137 sis18.09.138 sis18.09.139 sis18.09.140 sis18.09.141 sis18.09.142 sis18.09.143 sis18.09.144 sis18.09.145 sis18.09.146 sis18.09.147 sis18.09.148 sis18.09.149 sis18.09.150 sis18.09.151 sis18.09.152 sis18.09.153 sis18.09.154

Saturday was the first day of fall – it was perfect weather (if you ask me) in the 50s and 60s and mostly overcast. We opened up the house and enjoyed the cool reprieve from all the heat this week. We were able to sleep in a little before Ann got up and returned to scrapbooking in Burney. She was gone maybe 5 minutes when we got a call from Gigi in a panic to get a hold of Luke. I woke him up and he went with her to play the role of the Disco Duck for her in the Fall Festival parade. Once he was gone, I loaded up the truck and went over to work in Mom & Sandy’s yard. While I was loading up Betty White, I noticed that we had been TP’ed overnight. Although it wasn’t a very good job, I was happy to see that cleanup would be minimal for Luke. I got done with their backyard and headed up front and realized that a large group of people were set up in the front yard to see the parade. I didn’t realize it came past the house so I turned off the mower and stopped to watch the parade with Mom & Jamie. It was one of the best they’ve had in a while and it lasted about a half an hour. It reminded me of parades when Matt & Abby were little. Luke was, of course, with Sandy and the WTRE “float” (it was just the Escape). We were surprised he still fit into that costume. Sandy dropped Luke off on the square where he worked with the football team, selling fresh pork rinds. I finished up at Mom & Sandy’s house and did the yardwork back at our house. In the middle of mowing the backyard, the new Husqvarna just died and wouldn’t start back up. I’ll have to get it into the shop at some point to see what the hell is wrong with it now. I finished up with the old trusty Craftsman and then joined Luke uptown. Thanks to Amy for letting me park in her driveway and see Mabel (she’s so darn cute!). They had several food booths on the square, the big stage was set up by the junk store and a cool car show was set up over by Link’s Bar. There were dozens of other booths around the square but I didn’t see the beer gardens this year. There was a good crowd when I was there, despite the light drizzle. I bought a couple bags of the Cajun pork rinds off the boys and they were great. Luke & I walked around a little then split a tenderloin from the Mama’s Kitchen booth before going to KFC for lunch. Luke drove us out to Walmart and then back home. He didn’t stick around long at home before he was out running around with his friends. I didn’t see him the rest of the day as he eventually spent the night at Chance’s house. I spent the afternoon writing-out bills until Ann came home. She got in a quick cat nap then made us an early anniversary dinner of NY strip steaks on the grill and cheesy broccoli – it was so good. We spent a quiet night with the dogs, finally getting a chance to watch the latest AHS – Apocalypse episode and a bunch of sports: Purdue destroyed Boston College (Eagles were ranked #23), lots of MMA (UFC Fight Night 137 & UFC 228 as well as Bellator fights) and Dale Jr raced in the Xfinity race). Abby got an invite to the final night of Rush from the two sororities she was hoping for (ΠΒΦ & ΖΤΑ). We are thrilled for her and keeping our fingers crossed that she gets whatever she wants! We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp18.09.67 smp18.09.68 smp18.09.69 smp18.09.70 smp18.09.71 smp18.09.72 smp18.09.73 smp18.09.74 smp18.09.75 smp18.09.76 smp18.09.77 smp18.09.78 smp18.09.79 smp18.09.80 smp18.09.81 smp18.09.82 smp18.09.83 smp18.09.94 smp18.09.95 smp18.09.96 smp18.09.97 smp18.09.98 smp18.09.99 smp18.09.100 smp18.09.101 smp18.09.102 smp18.09.103 smp18.09.104 smp18.09.105 smp18.09.106 smp18.09.107 smp18.09.108 smp18.09.109 smp18.09.110 smp18.09.111 smp18.09.112 smp18.09.113 smp18.09.114 smp18.09.115 smp18.09.116 smp18.09.117 smp18.09.118 smp18.09.119 smp18.09.120 smp18.09.121 smp18.09.122 smp18.09.123 smp18.09.124 smp18.09.125 smp18.09.126 smp18.09.127 smp18.09.128 smp18.09.129 smp18.09.130 smp18.09.131 smp18.09.132 smp18.09.133 smp18.09.134 smp18.09.135 smp18.09.136 smp18.09.137 smp18.09.138 smp18.09.139 smp18.09.140 smp18.09.141 smp18.09.142 smp18.09.143 smp18.09.144 smp18.09.145 smp18.09.146

We enjoyed sleeping in on our 23rd anniversary, which was Sunday. It was also Dad Scheu’s 71st birthday. We called him and Barb, talking with them for about a half hour. It was also Keith’s birthday as well – it is truly a special day for our family. We slowly got going and did our weekly household chores. With only one kid, that makes the jobs a lot easier! In fact, we both got in a quick nap later that morning. We heard from Abby… she was so excited and tearful as she was asked to join the Pi Phis, which is what she was after. We are so happy for her; way to go, Bu!! 😊 I can’t wait to see all the pictures and videos of her with all her new sisters. I’m sure it will be a very exciting day for her… Matt came to town today, driving straight to work early this morning. He dropped by the house afterwards and watched football with us and chatted for about an hour or so. It was he & Taylor’s 4th anniversary (months, not years!), so he wanted to get home to clean-up as they had a dinner date that evening. Luke finally came home but we still didn’t see much of him. He pretty much went straight to the kitchen and then to the family room to play video games for a while. Then he went to his bedroom and took a nap. He finally came out when Matt was home but then left promptly once Matt headed back to school. Luke did a few chores then went to go play with his friends. The boys ended up back at our house later. The Colts lost another close game. The late-afternoon Cowboys game wasn’t on locally, so we flipped between watching the Bears game and RedZone the rest of the afternoon. Ann made a yummy stir fry with the leftover steak from last night (they were huge) for dinner and we watched the Cowboys lose another game. Later, we went to Dairy Queen for a couple of Blizzards and watched even more football. Tiger Woods won the tourney today. Drew Brees passed Brett Favre for most completions and Adam Vinatieri tied Morten Anderson for most field goals made with # 565! We wrapped up the night watching the return of a one of our favorite shows: 9-1-1. It was a nice way to wind down the week before we start it all over again tomorrow.

Next up is our Waybac segment. We continue to feature classic pictures from photo album #16 – with most of them from 2003. Today’s entry is all from 2003: more Monster Jam pix in January; more Matt’s wrestling practices in February; Luke meeting the family for the first time in June; Ann’s baby shower in June; Abby’s birthday party in September; the kids playing at Crysti’s house and then our house – both in October and finally Christmas Eve with the Owens family and Christmas Day with the kids checking out their new sled – both in December.

Waybac.2003.01.mj35 Waybac.2003.01.mj36 Waybac.2003.01.mj37 Waybac.2003.01.mj38 Waybac.2003.02.mw42 Waybac.2003.02.mw43 Waybac.2003.02.mw44 Waybac.2003.02.mw45 Waybac.2003.06.lb40 Waybac.2003.06.lb41 Waybac.2003.06.lb42 Waybac.2003.06.lb43 Waybac.2003.06.lbs11 Waybac.2003.06.lbs12 Waybac.2003.06.lbs13 Waybac.2003.06.lbs14 Waybac.2003.09.abd Waybac.2003.09.abd38 Waybac.2003.09.abd39 Waybac.2003.09.abd40 Waybac.2003.10.kpac01 Waybac.2003.10.kpac02 Waybac.2003.10.kpah01 Waybac.2003.10.kpah02 Waybac.2003.12.ofce25 Waybac.2003.12.ofce26 Waybac.2003.12.ofce27 Waybac.2003.12.sfcd05

We haven’t had a submission for the Shit that Luke Says corner in several entries. Ever since he was small, Luke has been quite the wordsmith. He used to come up with all kinds of funny words and sayings and although it isn’t as frequently any longer, he still has some good ones…I just forget to write them down and then they’re lost forever. This week, I remembered to actually document it this weekend. When Luke & I were waiting for our tenderloin to be made, we were talking about the classic cars that were parked next to us and he was trying to say something about automobiles and motorbikes but it didn’t quite come out right when he created the new term of a “motor-bile.” I tried to keep a straight face, but it was too funny when he said it. Even he was laughing about it afterwards…

And finally, we have our video segment, which features three new home movies this week as well as several others from around the internet.

Well that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Momma…
Later, Scheu

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