…Sliced by the Light of Long and White Polar (Vortex) Nights

We enjoyed a much-needed slow-down this week. The big news was the weather as we experienced a polar vortex that brought with it near-record lows, dangerous wind chills and a few inches of snow. It was colder in Indiana than it was at the North Pole at one point! There were school delays and cancellations. Matt continued student teaching in Zionsville. Abby started her second semester at Franklin. Luke focused on football this week as basketball ended and baseball won’t start for another week or so. I worked from home this week to stay with Ms. Ann, who continues to rehab her knees. She worked hard at home and in physical therapy and made significant progress this week. I hope to return to work at some point next week, which I’m sure my boss will appreciate! I have to admit, I could get used to working from home though…but my diet and exercise programs are begging me to return to my normal routine. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

We started off Monday on a warm note as temps rose to the upper 40s. I got up early and worked from home all day. Ann slept in then took it easy in her chair, doing her exercises and making the occasional walk to the restroom and lap around the house. It really cooled off that night after a front moved through and dumped some rain on us. As the night progressed, temps fell and everything froze as it started snowing overnight. Luke had a good day at school. He attended a call-out meeting for baseball then cleaned-out his basketball locker at school. He was asked to come help at varsity girls’ basketball practice but declined in order to attend football workouts. Memaw ran him to get his hair cut that evening and Ginny from next door made us some of her homemade potato soup for lunch that rivaled Ann’s version! That evening we watched Bohemian Rhapsody (we both liked it) on the big screen and then called it a night. Here are pictures of Ann’s birthday party last weekend.

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Luke & I up were up early on Tuesday for him to attend football practice. It was still snowing and we were both shocked that the town didn’t over-react and put out a 2-hr delay! Ann slept in before getting ready and we headed over to Columbus. While she worked her tail off in physical therapy, I ran to work for a little while. Afterward we grabbed lunch at Chick-fil-A and dined in style in the Barney-mobile. We ran around town, killing some time then went to Guse’s office to get her staples out of her knees. By the time we got back, it was snowing again. I got Ann settled in for a long nap (PT really whooped her butt today) and I ran a few errands around town. The temps dropped to near-record lows that evening! We prepped for the cold by gassing up the cars and letting the hot water run in all the sinks overnight. It was inevitable that we eventually got the call that evening, cancelling school for tomorrow. Ann & I fell asleep early that evening with the dogs. Poor Annie slept horribly that night but I slept like a baby.

Wednesday was a nasty, cold morning that only got worse as the day progressed. Temperatures were below zero but that wind…oh that wind – it gusted and blew, making it feel like (-35)! It snowed off and on all day. Luke enjoyed the day off, playing Fortnight. Matt’s class was cancelled and Abby also had the day off from classes at FC. Ann rested in her recliner while I worked from home all day again. I made Fireworks popcorn on the stove again for dinner and we watched the new remake of A Star is Born. This is the one with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It was good but I still have a soft spot for the ’76 version with Streisand & Kristofferson. Ann ALMOST got up from her recliner on her own today. She came up just a little short…but she’s getting stronger every day. Here are pictures from Luke’s final basketball game last week in the EIAC tourney.

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Luke had a two-hour delay from school Thursday as we endured another frigid start. It eventually got above zero that afternoon and we were able to turn the faucets off. I worked from home that morning then did taxes for Matt and Abby. Matt returned to the classroom that morning but Abby enjoyed another day off, thanks to the cold. I ran to Wings & Rings to get takeout for lunch. Ms. Ann got up on her own from the recliner today for the first time. In fact, she did it three times! Way to go, babe! Luke went to football practice after school then Gma brought him home and she came in to visit with Pixie for a little while. Later, I ran Luke to the boys’ basketball game to watch his buddies on the JV team. It was also senior night for the basketball and dance teams. Garrett brought Abby home to watch her friends on their big night. Kirsten, Mary, Molie & Regan all performed for the final time on the high school floor. The kids went out to dinner at ElRep after halftime and then dropped Luke off at home. They stayed to visit for a few minutes before they headed back to school. It was snowing pretty hard when they left and road conditions were deteriorating quickly so we were relieved when they said they safely made it back to campus. While the kids were at the game, we watched the #19 ranked Boilers beat Penn St in OT. The snow was beautiful and it continued all night… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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We awakened early on Friday morning with a call from the school, telling us there was yet another two-hour delay due to the snow. I got cleaned-up and then cleared the walk and driveway. I’d say we got about three inches of snow. By the time Ann & I drove in to Columbus, the roads were completely cleared. I dropped her off at PT and went to work for a while. She did great again and even laid on her belly for the first time. We stopped and picked-up lunch at Tarouya where we saw Gigi and Kathy just ending a business meeting. I came home and worked the rest of the afternoon and into the early evening. Luke had a rare evening off from all sports. He came home and we had Family Night for the first time in a few years. Luke set up the Atari game (not the original one in the garage but the newer version that plugs in via RCA jacks) and we played several intense rounds of Pong. We ordered Papa John’s pizzas and watched an action movie called Widows on the big screen. It was just OK… Here are pictures of Luke from Abrell’s Photo Works website as well as a few social media pictures from this week.

lbop19.01 lbop19.02 lbop19.03 lbop19.04 lbop19.05 lbop19.06 lbop19.07 lbop19.08 lbop19.09 lbop19.10 lbop19.11 lbop19.12 lbop19.13 lbop19.14 lbop19.15 lbop19.16 lbop19.17 lbop19.18 lbop19.19 lbop19.20 lbop19.21 lbop19.22 lbop19.23 lbop19.24 lbop19.25 lbop19.26 lbop19.27 lbop19.28 lbop19.29 lbop19.30 lbop19.31 lbop19.32 lbop19.33 lbop19.34 lbop19.35 lbop19.36 lbop19.37 lbop19.38 lbop19.39 lbop19.40 lbop19.41 lbop19.42 lbop19.43 lbop19.44 lbop19.45 lbop19.46 lbop19.47 lbop19.48 lbop19.49 lbop19.50 lbop19.51 lbop19.52 lbop19.53 lbop19.54 lbop19.55 lbop19.56 lbop19.57 lbop19.58 smp19.01.171 smp19.01.172 smp19.01.173 smp19.01.174 smp19.01.175 smp19.01.176 smp19.01.177 smp19.01.178 smp19.01.179 smp19.01.180 smp19.01.181

Ann & Luke enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday while I tossed and turned until I got up and did a few things on a warmer, foggy Groundhogs Day morning. Phil the groundhog did not see his shadow, so we are looking forward to an early spring! I did our taxes and e-filed them then called the bank and reset our account (apparently someone tried to hack in overnight). But I was most excited to call our other bank and order our final payment book for the mortgage! Luke cleaned up around the house then went to Mom & Sandy’s to dog-watch Pixie and Max. Ann & I napped before our neighbor Nell came over to visit and brought Annie a box of her delicious, homemade sugar cookies! I did the weekly preventive maintenance on the vehicles and picked up Luke just as Natalie came over to visit Ann. While we ran a few errands around town, we noticed that all the snow had melted in the gorgeous, 45-degree weather today. After hitting CVS and running out to Walmart (we really should take stock in that place), we grabbed takeout from Wendy’s for dinner on our way home. We visited with Nat for a while then she ordered Pizza King burritos for her and Mike and headed back up north. We enjoyed a quiet night in, watching movies until well after midnight. All the melted snow re-froze that night but that didn’t keep Luke & I from going outside to scare away the damn cats that were carrying on outside our bedroom windows at 2 am!

We enjoyed sleeping in a little on Sunday morning. I would’ve slept longer but the dogs decided I needed to get up and let them out. So, I got up with them while Ann and Luke slept in a little longer. That allowed me to work on the blog and watch the next few episodes of Stargate Atlantis. It was good to touch base with Robby, who called me just before the others started getting up. We slowly got to our weekly household chores on a sunny Super Bowl Sunday. The temperatures reached into the fifties, taking with it all the last remaining remnants of our snowy week. The only stuff left now is the nasty, dirty piles of yak on the sides of the street and at the end of the parking lots. Luke & I watched the #17 Boilers defeat the Golden Gophers at Mackey to move into a three-way tie for first place in the Big Ten Conference at 9-2! We watched a couple hours of pregame and got takeout from BWR before settling in to watch the big game. You can’t watch the Super Bowl without eating chicken wings! I was thrilled to see that Tony Romo was doing the color / analysis for the game. I love to hear his insights during the game. That’s who the Cowboys should hire as the offensive coordinator…or dare I say…Head Coach. We weren’t rooting for the Pats, that’s for sure but really; we just wanted to see a good game…and of course watch all the cool commercials! It was a defensive struggle for the first half – which is right up my alley! The halftime show was Maroon Five and a couple rappers this year. It wasn’t my favorite but it was still cool to watch. The second half was more of a defensive gem. It was close until the last five minutes or so of the game when New England intercepted a ball on their own 4 and drove down the field and scored a TD at the end of the game to put it away. They are now tied with Pittsburgh for the most Super Bowl wins at 6. What a dominant run they’ve had with Belichick and Brady leading the way… Still it was an intriguing game and great way to cap off the season and wind down our week.

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature our vacation at Walt Disney World in June 2004. We lead off this week in Animal Kingdom to see the Festival of the Lion King show then head over to the Polynesian Resort to see the luau / Spirit of Aloha dinner show with Keith & Rosie; next we see the epic Epcot nighttime show Illuminations – Reflections of Earth; then we head to Magic Kingdom to see the sights on Main Street, USA; and we end with pictures of the kids and us cooling off in the water back at the Contemporary Resort.

Waybac.2004.06.wdw141 Waybac.2004.06.wdw142 Waybac.2004.06.wdw143 Waybac.2004.06.wdw144 Waybac.2004.06.wdw145 Waybac.2004.06.wdw146 Waybac.2004.06.wdw147 Waybac.2004.06.wdw148 Waybac.2004.06.wdw149 Waybac.2004.06.wdw150 Waybac.2004.06.wdw151 Waybac.2004.06.wdw152 Waybac.2004.06.wdw153 Waybac.2004.06.wdw154 Waybac.2004.06.wdw155 Waybac.2004.06.wdw156 Waybac.2004.06.wdw157 Waybac.2004.06.wdw158 Waybac.2004.06.wdw159 Waybac.2004.06.wdw160 Waybac.2004.06.wdw161

We wrap up this entry with our video segment, which includes two new home movies as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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