At the End of the (Indiana) Summer…It Rains Fast and it Rains Hard

We’ve enjoyed another fast week since we last touched base. It was a tale of two halves – the first half was hot but dry while the back half was cooler but rainy. In fact, we received a ton of rain – which we really needed. Through it all, we had plenty of humidity which really helped me sweat out the pounds while exercising…and kept our A/C on all week again. It was the last week of summer vacation for Luke, who will start school and official football practices tomorrow! He split this week between football, work and friends. Abby wrapped up her work year at Wings as she will begin prepping for college next week. She split her time between work, the dogs and her boyfriend (plus she even carved out a little time for her dear old dad as well). Matt had another busy week of working the summer camp during the day at Z-West and the restaurant in Carmel at night. Annie worked a little extra this week and cooked a couple times. For the second week in a row, I walked over twenty miles. I explored a new section of the people trail during my daily walks after work and played on two frisbee golf courses, playing ten rounds of disc golf (or 90 holes). It was another week of dealing with the COVID pandemic as we wore masks at work, when shopping and even when out to eat. Although it was a pain in the arse, if that’s what we need to do to keep our lives somewhat normal – then so be it. Hell, I’ll even where the darn thing to football games, if that’s what it takes to keep ‘em playing… Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work for Ann & I on another hot day. It was a typical Monday – busy and crazy; but hey, it made the day fly by! Justin beat me again on the weight loss competition weigh-in. He creamed me by like five pounds! We gotta quit having birthday parties on the weekend! What’s it been, like 3 straight now? So, lunch was on me at China Buff. That afternoon I began my month end EOC rounds then walked a couple miles out in the heat & humidity – until a storm rolled through town. I got poured on for a few minutes and I got drenched…but it felt amazing! It instantly cooled me down. I picked up Annie and ran her home then headed out to the park for a couple rounds of frisbee golf. My first round was a little rough as I threw a 29 and then my second round, I had a 1-under 26. My back tightened up pretty good on me during the 2nd round so I headed home to get a shower and take some ibuprofen. Gigi brought some produce over that evening and we ate leftovers for dinner – well Ann also ate some of the corn on the cob that Sandy gave us. Abby had a hair appointment in Columbus but didn’t come see us for lunch, opting to go shopping instead. She worked 2nd shift at BWR that evening. Luke had football practice that night. He said they are still not engaging in full contact. I thought they were allowed to begin this week, but maybe the Governator moved it back (it’s hard to keep up with it all). He was pretty tired that night and had some achy muscles. He played some PS4 then called it an early night. Ann & I binge-watched several more episodes of The Ranch before heading on to bed ourselves. Here are pictures from Gigi’s birthday party last weekend.

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We had a foggy ride into work on Tuesday morning. It was a busy one for both Annie and I. I had a day of monthly EOC rounds and then walked 3 miles after work. It was still hot but not nearly as muggy. In fact, I didn’t even sweat too badly to be honest. When we got back to town, I dropped off Ann and went out to the park to play a couple rounds of frisbee golf. I threw pretty well, getting par on both rounds. I came home to shower and grab some leftovers. We sat down to watch the next episode of I’ll be Gone in the Dark and I didn’t even make it through half of it before I was snoring on the couch. I had five miles of exercise and nearly 19K steps for the day. Advil was my friend that night. I wound up in bed early and got in 8 hours of sleep! Meanwhile, Luke got up and went to his doctor appointment then cleaned his room. Later, he went to football practice then went out running around with Oakley. Apparently, they came back here and Oak wound up staying the night because when I let the dogs out the next morning in my underwear, Oak was asleep in the big recliner out in the family room. Abby worked on cleaning out her room. She got rid of her big white wall organizer and rearranged her room. The rest of the house is a wreck, but her room is looking good – thanks a lot, Abby!! She worked at Wings that evening and I didn’t even see her that day.

Humpday was another hot day. I finished up my EOC rounds and ran a fire drill, which made the morning fly by. Justin took us out for lunch at Five Guys, which was really nice. After a fast afternoon, I walked about two and a half miles. Unlike yesterday, it was a lot hotter and a lot sweatier. When we came home, I again dropped off Annie and headed to the park for more frisbee golf. I got in three rounds before Abby came out to join me. It was really hot and my scores reflected it with at 31 and a pair of 28s. She brought with her Gary and Megan. I was pretty tired by that point and decided to play the front tees with the kids. We had a lot of fun and in the end, it was Abby 34, Gary 33, Megan 32 while I finished with a 23. It was my first time playing the front tees. I’ll have to try them again some time soon. Abby had the day off and took advantage of it by cleaning her room some more. Luke got up early and met Grandma to get the windows tinted in the Hot Rod Lincoln. It seemed like a waste of money – but it’s his to blow, I guess… He and Oakley enjoyed the day off from work and sports. That evening, he went out to Oak’s house to help him bail hay. When he got back, he was a sweaty mess and said it was one of the hardest things he’s ever done in his life! After getting cleaned up, he and Brayden went out for dinner and then he stayed the night out at Oakley’s house. Meanwhile, Ann ordered Pizza King for dinner. We had two huge pizzas that were greasy and really hit the spot! We chilled out that evening by binge-watching more of The Ranch on Netflix. We had a night cap of cinnamon Jack with Diet Dr Pepper and grenadine. It was a nice way to wrap up a day where I got in about 5 ½ miles of exercise and over 20K steps! Here are random pictures of our recent adventures.

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We had a rainy commute into work on Thursday. This front would usher in some reprieve from the steam of summer the rest of the week. But although the temps were lower, the humidity remained. It rained on and off all day. Ann & I had long days at work. After a long day of wrapping up things at the office for the week, I ran Ann to CRH for a quarterly meeting that evening. After dropping her off, it was still raining, so I ran a couple errands and when it finally stopped raining, I walked the People Trail, starting at the ice-skating rink. The trail followed the river through town and dumped me out on the east side of town. At first, I had no idea where I even was and then had to double-back and wound up over by the cemetery. Unfortunately, I went a little further than I had anticipated and had to double-time it back to the car when Ann finished up an hour early and was calling me to come pick her up! Thankfully, I made pretty good time and wound up a little under four miles for my jaunt. It only sprinkled a couple times. Luke had football practice then had Oakley over. They moved his workstation back to his room from the family room to make room for Ann’s liquor cabinet. I moved the middle seat in the van and they drove Barney out to Oak’s house and took Luke’s desk out to the country for Oak to use. Lukey ended spending the night with him. Abby worked 1st shift and was scheduled to work a double. However, she found someone to work for her and came home early. Gary had spent the night with us and he stayed around for a while then drove home later that afternoon. Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we finished up the rest of The Ranch series on Netflix. We really enjoyed that show. It was a little raunchy at times but it was a pretty funny at the same time. That evening, we made a couple Tom Collins cocktails and played a game of gin rummy with yours truly winning in come-from-behind fashion. 😊 Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.08.01 hwc20.08.02 hwc20.08.03 hwc20.08.04 hwc20.08.05 hwc20.08.06 hwc20.08.07 hwc20.08.08 hwc20.08.09 hwc20.08.10 hwc20.08.11

I enjoyed sleeping in while the Abby & Ann got up to get coffee and then Abs dropped Annie off at the downtown office. I slowly got up and did a few things around the house then loaded up Betty White and headed over to Mom & Sandy’s house to mow & trim. I only had a minute to chat with Mom before Ann called saying she was ready to be picked up. We came home and I mowed the front yard before hopping in the shower, grabbing Luke and heading out to Wings & Rings. We met Gma & Gigi out there to see Abby on her final day of working at the restaurant. It may be the last time we see her or her friend Kristin out there… When we came home, I mowed the back yard just before it started raining. Matt sent me a really cool text. It was a picture of a letter and a couple photos one of his wrestlers had given him. In it, it described how Matt had made a difference in his life and how much he enjoyed his first ever experience with wrestling. Matt is off to a good start with his new program up there and we’re very proud of him. By the time Abby got home from work it was no longer raining so we hopped in Tonya and drove to Batesville to play frisbee golf at Liberty Park. We enjoyed playing 18 holes. Abs had a pair of 36s (which is par for that course) while I had a 33 and a 30. Abs took me to the liquor store where I picked up a couple items to use in Around the World in the liquor cabinet that night. Megan came over to play cards and stay the night with Abby. We played two games of euchre with the oldies winning the first one 10-1 and the young’uns won the second 7-10. That evening I enjoyed a couple scotch drinks called the Presbyterian and the Godfather. In keeping with the Amaretto theme, we had a round of Amaretto sours and then ended with a round of Gin & Tonics. When Luke came home from work, he showered and ran us through the Taco Bell drive thru. Thankfully, there was no vomiting in the drive-thru this time! LOL!! After eating, we were out of the mood for cards (well, Ann was out of the mood), so the girls retreated to Ab’s room to watch some girly show and Ann & I fell asleep watching ION TV.

Ann let me sleep in again on Saturday morning as she got up with the dogs. For the second time in as many days, she had to clean up messes from the little dogs and even mopped the living room floor again. When I got up, I took the dogs outside and enjoyed some quiet patio time with them. It was supposed to be a big day for us as Dad & Lynn were supposed to begin a visit to Indiana today but instead, he’s in New Jersey getting a COVID test. If all goes well, he will have back surgery on Monday. Although it is a scary situation, it’s a good thing as he looks forward to the relief it will bring from the constant pain he experiences daily. Meanwhile, Annie got the girls up and they went to St. Paul for our weekly goodies from Wildflour bakery. Abby ran a few pastries to Mom & Sandy while Ann made whipped coffee. When Abby got back, I checked fluids in the vehicles and then we ran to Walmart before she headed up to Newcastle to spend the night at Garrett’s house. She enjoyed driving Betty White to the store. We were going to play a round of frisbee golf once we got all our supplies put away, but it started raining. It continued raining on and off the rest of the day and into the night. Luke worked at Arby’s that night until late. That meant a quite night for Ann & I. She made some bacon-wrapped baked chicken with cheese inside and some roasted veggies. It was really good. That evening we began binge-watching the first several episodes of Yellowstone on Peacock. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp20.08.01 smp20.08.02 smp20.08.03 smp20.08.04 smp20.08.05 smp20.08.06 smp20.08.07 smp20.08.08 smp20.08.09 smp20.08.10 smp20.08.11 smp20.08.12 smp20.08.13 smp20.08.14 smp20.08.15 smp20.08.16 smp20.08.17 smp20.08.18 smp20.08.19 smp20.08.20 smp20.08.21 smp20.08.22 smp20.08.23 smp20.08.24 smp20.08.25 smp20.08.26 smp20.08.27 smp20.08.28 smp20.08.29 smp20.08.30 smp20.08.31

We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday. It was a peaceful, lazy day. We slowly got around to doing our weekly household chores. I enjoyed a sci-fi morning while Ann read and napped. Luke eventually got up sometime after one that afternoon – now that’s the way to spend your last day of summer vacation! However, he quickly left to get his hair cut. He would return a little while later saying that two dozen other kids had waited until the last day to get their school haircut. His right rear tire was flat again. Unfortunately, he did not take my advice and get the tire patched while he was off school. Now, he will attempt to navigate a time to get it done while going to school, playing football and working – good luck, bud! Later, he worked 2nd shift at Arby’s. We weren’t very happy that he was working later on a school night. We told him that it needs to end today and that we would prefer he only work on Saturdays and Sunday mornings/afternoons. Mom & Sandy stopped by to visit for a little while that afternoon as I watched the NASCAR race. Molly got out the back fence again that afternoon but was standing on the other side, yipping to come back in. I will need to mend that fence this week when I can get one of the kids out there to help me. That evening we watched the new Tom Hanks movie on Apple + called Greyhound while enjoying our takeout from Wings & Rings. I was really craving fish that night and theirs was just what I was hoping for… Afterward, we closed-out the night binge-watching a few more episodes of Yellowstone on Peacock. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and wrap up another week before we do it all again tomorrow.

Next up is our Waybac section which includes a big batch of Uncle Goon pix as well as another batch from Dee. We lead off with Uncle Chuck pix: 1940s – two with Sue; 1950s – with the fam and playing bball for Jeff; at Mom & Dad’s wedding in 1968; 1970s – a good one with Sally, David & Kimmy; 1980s – with Cindy; 1990s – several with various members of the family; 2000s – a couple good ones before we head into 2003: June – Gma & Gigi watching the kids while Ann & I are at the hospital for Luke’s birth; July – 4th of July festivities and Gigi’s birthday; October – Trick or Treating at Mom & Sandy’s house; November – Thanksmas at our house; December – Christmas Eve at our house; and finally onto the 2010s for more Uncle Chuck pix – Daniel & Kels’ wedding and a good one of Chuck, John & fam.

Waybac.1940s.ucp75 Waybac.1940s.ucp92 Waybac.1950s.ucp76 Waybac.1950s.ucp79 Waybac.1950s.ucp80 Waybac.1960s.ucp77 Waybac.1960s.ucp78 Waybac.1968.ucp83 Waybac.1968.ucp85 Waybac.1968.ucp86 Waybac.1970s.ucp82 Waybac.1980s.ucp88 Waybac.1990s.ucp73 Waybac.1990s.ucp81 Waybac.1990s.ucp87 Waybac.1990s.ucp91 Waybac.2000s.ucp74 Waybac.2000s.ucp84 Waybac.2003.06.lbd21 Waybac.2003.06.lbd22 Waybac.2003.07.foj91 Waybac.2003.07.foj92 Waybac.2003.07.foj93 Waybac.2003.07.foj94 Waybac.2003.07.foj95 Waybac.2003.07.foj96 Waybac.2003.07.foj97 Waybac.2003.07.foj98 Waybac.2003.07.gbd22 Waybac.2003.07.gbd23 Waybac.2003.10.tot10 Waybac.2003.10.tot11 Waybac.2003.11.txm47 Waybac.2003.11.txm48 Waybac.2003.11.txm49 Waybac.2003.11.txm50 Waybac.2003.12.oce27 Waybac.2003.12.oce28 Waybac.2010s.ucp89 Waybac.2010s.ucp90 lp20.08.01

And we wrap up as always with our video segment, which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up again next time. Until then have a good one and be safe out there. We miss ya, Momma.
Later, Scheu

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