I Think it’s Gonna Rain…Down, Down, Down

Another week has sped past us again. To say that it was a hot, humid and wet one is an understatement. It certainly felt like summer! It was one of the few times that we wished we still had the pool in the backyard… Matt spent his week recovering from his knee surgery and is getting around much better! He is looking forward to studying for the certification test beginning tomorrow. He needs it for his new job with Cathy. Abby worked at WTRE and spent time seeing her friends and Gary. Luke had football practices, lifted weights at the YMCA, worked at Hibbett’s and hung out with his buddies this week. Ann and I had good weeks at work. Ann enjoyed spending time with her friends this week. I had a good week with my diet and exercise regimen. I dropped another two pounds and met my goal by logging fifteen miles of exercise. I had a total of 71K steps this week, averaging about 12K steps each day (sans today, of course, which is my day of rest, LOL). Due to the elements, I wasn’t able to play any rounds of frisbee golf. I look forward to getting back on the course next week. It was great to spend time with friends for a little while this weekend and look forward to doing more of that this summer, for sure! But it was also a week for reflection, as it always is this time of year. I know I’ve said it on here before, but this part of the calendar always reminds of Mom each year. It always starts with Week 19 and Mother’s Day and goes through this week with, which includes annual celebrations of Mom’s wedding and birthday. It was so hot outside, that any time I went outdoors, I soaked my shirt…even if I was just standing still. Man, if it’s gonna be this hot, we need some sand and water!! Hello again and welcome to the next installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work for Ann & I on Monday morning. I got up a little early…well, when I say early – I really mean I got up when my alarm went off the first time – LOL. Ann and I had long days at work, but they were good. My buddy / roommate in the Penthouse was still in Mexico, so it was quiet, but it allowed me to get a ton of work done. I got out at a decent time and walked over three and a half miles that evening on a hot / humid day. It rained on and off all day but only sprinkled on me at the start that night and I stayed dry, thankfully. Abby took the day off and drove up to Franklin in Tonya to see her college friends for the day and then came home that evening. Luke enjoyed the day off from work. He had football practice that evening. Afterward, he went to ElRep with buddies and then worked out at the YMCA that night. Ann & I were out of DVR’d shows and so we started a new series on Netflix called Dirty John. We got through a few episodes and then Ann decided to read and so Abby & I watched a couple episodes of Rick & Morty before calling it a night. Here are a slew of pictures from last weekend’s family photo shoot at Mom & Sandy’s house.

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It was more of the same with hot and humid weather just like yesterday. It rained on and off all day and night again as well. The humidity has just been off the charts. The weather is really making our grass grow. We JUST mowed it like three days ago and it already needs cut. Delilah woke up, went outside and within 10 seconds had caught a bird that morning! She played with it like a toy for a while and was very sweet and delicate with it. However, when I tried to get her in the house, she picked it up and ran away from me like a little brat. In doing so, she accidentally broke its neck and it died. I tried for about 20 minutes to get her in the house but she kept running away and I got so mad at her. She was obviously playing – doing it on purpose and I just didn’t have the time… She eventually came in when she heard a different tone in my voice, I think, because she came in and went straight to her bed. Abby and Luke disposed of the bird later, though there was a little drama involved. Luke slept in late and the dogs wanted to go out, so Abby tried to pick up the bird and throw it over the fence…but it got stuck in the little tree, just over the fence. They eventually got it scooped up and put into the garbage. Later, Delilah was out with Abby on the back porch. Abs moved her succulent onto the patio table to allow it to get more sun today. She no longer set it down when DJ walked up, looked at her, snatched that plant straight out of its pot and ran off! Abby was sooo mad. Thankfully, she had put a shock collar on her because earlier in the afternoon, she had been digging in the yard again and had mud caked on her paws and had to be put in the tub to get it off. She has been such a shit this last week! I’m not sure why her behavior has been so bad, but it needs to change quickly. Abby worked for a few hours at WTRE but did not sell anything today. Gma was feeling a little better after seeing the doctor and getting treatment for a bladder infection. Luke had an easy day at home then worked his butt off at a three-hour football practice that afternoon. He is loving life right now, really enjoying his off-season preparation for his senior football year. Vic & I went to Snappy Tomato and were happy to see that they had fully opened their buffet so they no longer had to serve us and we were free to serve ourselves. The day flew by as we had our time clock take a crap this morning and Vic & I spent the day getting a new one installed and configured. By the time we left, we had the new one up and going so it was a good day. I walked a 5K in the heat, humidity and light rain. Abby ran to the grocery store and bought us supplies for dinner and then helped Ann prepare it. They made that Korean Bulgogi again that was just as good as the first time! Luke came home and showered before going out with Brayden, presumably to work out at the Y, I suppose. Ann & I binge-watched a few more episodes of Dirty John while Abby played Fortnight with Matthew for several hours. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis21.06.84 sis21.06.85 sis21.06.86 sis21.06.87 sis21.06.88 sis21.06.89 sis21.06.90 sis21.06.91 sis21.06.92 sis21.06.93 sis21.06.94 sis21.06.95 sis21.06.96 sis21.06.97 sis21.06.98 sis21.06.99 sis21.06.100 sis21.06.101 sis21.06.102 sis21.06.103 sis21.06.104 sis21.06.105 sis21.06.106 sis21.06.107 sis21.06.108 sis21.06.109 sis21.06.110 sis21.06.111 sis21.06.112 sis21.06.113 sis21.06.114 sis21.06.115 sis21.06.116 sis21.06.117 sis21.06.118 sis21.06.119 sis21.06.120 sis21.06.121 sis21.06.122 sis21.06.123 sis21.06.124 sis21.06.125 sis21.06.126 sis21.06.127 sis21.06.128 sis21.06.129 sis21.06.130 sis21.06.131 sis21.06.132 sis21.06.133 sis21.06.134 sis21.06.135 sis21.06.136 sis21.06.137 sis21.06.138 sis21.06.139 sis21.06.140 sis21.06.141

We endured another wet commute into work as it rained on and off all day again. It was more of the same with the heat and humidity. When it wasn’t raining, the sun felt like it was from the equator! Justin came back to work that morning, baring gifts. He got me a bottle of super-hot Mexican hot sauce as well as a cool bottle of Tequila with a shot glass and a sombrero! 😊 Then he took Vic, the other Justin and I out for lunch at Chicago’s pizza buffet. What a guy! I got caught up on a few projects and purchasing for the week. I wasn’t as sweaty as I was yesterday when we worked on that time clock and put away all the monthly nursing supply stock. After work, I walked a 5K on a steamy afternoon. I worked up the best sweat I’ve had since sometime last summer. When we got home, Luke & I went to the YMCA and worked-out for about an hour. He wanted to keep going, but I was completely spent and ready sit down and grab some dinner. He wound up going back out to the Y (where they are beginning some major renovations) and working out for several more hours. Abs worked at WTRE for a few hours, but I never even saw her come out of her room that evening…except to get a big bowl of Ann’s Fireworks popcorn and quickly retreat back to her den. Luke had planned to trim the bushes out front, but the rain killed that idea. It would’ve been Mom’s 43rd wedding anniversary to Dad B that day. It obviously made me think of her, Dad and Rob. I texted the boys but couldn’t find a number to text her. 😊 That evening, Ann & I binge-watched the rest of season one of Dirty John that night before finally calling it a night around midnight.

I was up a little late the night before and had a little fight with my alarm clock that morning. It was another humid, rainy day but at least it was cooler on Thursday. It rained on the way into work and would continue to rain off and on the rest of the day. It was a fast day for both Ann & I. Ann returned to some normalcy for the first time since the pandemic when she had her first in-person meeting at the hospital. I ran her over there after lunch and then went for a walk that afternoon, after I finished my workday. I logged another three miles, but it felt a lot longer as I walked in showers pretty much the entire time. It started off easy and I thought it would pass right over but then the wind switched directions and came up from the south and it unleashed a heavy shower on me. Actually, it wasn’t bad for 90% of my walk…but that 4 or 5 minutes in two-minute intervals were intense and soaked me to the bone. In fact, my phone still wasn’t working correctly when I went to bed that night! I somehow got water behind my glass screen protector! Luckily, I had an extra pair of dry socks and my work shoes to change into but I had to throw my clothes in the dryer when we got home just so I could put them in the dirty clothes hamper and not have them mildew. Abby worked at WTRE that day, enjoyed lunch with the ladies at Stories before they close for the fair (and then open under new management) and then worked out at the Y with Sandy that evening. She received her grades in the mail that evening and she made the Dean’s List! Way to go, Bu!! She said, “I deserve a margarita, Dad.” I concurred and sent her to the store to get us some silver Patron. She made us a couple of spicy jalapeno margaritas that were perfect to go with dinner and one for a nightcap. Ann made us a yummy dinner of Dijon cream sauce chicken with potatoes and cheesy broccoli. Abs & I watched some Rick & Morty and both Ann & I fell asleep briefly. When we woke up (from my snoring, I might add), we sent Abs out on another run – this time to get ice cream! 😊 We watched the first couple episodes of Dirty John, season two – which was slow to build but finally started to pick up towards the end of the 2nd episode. Luke had a long football practice where he worked his butt off. He said he sweat more than he ever had in his life. He worked at wide receiver for some reason – not that I don’t think he could be good there, but why not put him in at fullback, tight end or somewhere in the middle of the field? Offense just distracts from his primary responsibility – Mike! Bryan, Bob & I always joke that my offensive plan for the youth team was always punt on first down and let’s go play defense! LOL! He showered and then went to the YMCA to lift. One of his friends / teammates / son of our friends committed to Alabama on a baseball scholarship that afternoon (Sam West). We are thrilled for him and his family!! They are all great people. Ann talked to Mom O for a while that night and said she was feeling better. We did not talk to Matt, but I think he was supposed to get his car in the shop that day. I was a little sore that night – probably from the weightlifting last night, so I made sure that Advil was my friend before I went to bed that night… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp21.06.179 smp21.06.180 smp21.06.181 smp21.06.182 smp21.06.183 smp21.06.184 smp21.06.185 smp21.06.186 smp21.06.187 smp21.06.188 smp21.06.189 smp21.06.190 smp21.06.191 smp21.06.192 smp21.06.193 smp21.06.194 smp21.06.195 smp21.06.196 smp21.06.197 smp21.06.198 smp21.06.199 smp21.06.200 smp21.06.201 smp21.06.202 smp21.06.203 smp21.06.204 smp21.06.205 smp21.06.206 smp21.06.207 smp21.06.208 smp21.06.209 smp21.06.210 smp21.06.211 smp21.06.212 smp21.06.213 smp21.06.214 smp21.06.215 smp21.06.216 smp21.06.217 smp21.06.218 smp21.06.219 smp21.06.220 smp21.06.221 smp21.06.222 smp21.06.223 smp21.06.224 smp21.06.225 smp21.06.226 smp21.06.227 smp21.06.228 smp21.06.229 smp21.06.230 smp21.06.231 smp21.06.232 smp21.06.233 smp21.06.234 smp21.06.235 smp21.06.236 smp21.06.237 smp21.06.238 smp21.06.239 smp21.06.240 smp21.06.241 smp21.06.242 smp21.06.243 smp21.06.244 smp21.06.245 smp21.06.246 smp21.06.247 smp21.06.248 smp21.06.249 smp21.06.250 smp21.06.251 smp21.06.252 smp21.06.253 smp21.06.254 smp21.06.255 smp21.06.256 smp21.06.257 smp21.06.258 smp21.06.259 smp21.06.260 smp21.06.261 smp21.06.262 smp21.06.263 smp21.06.264 smp21.06.265 smp21.06.266 smp21.06.267 smp21.06.268 smp21.06.269 smp21.06.270 smp21.06.271 smp21.06.272

Friday was a great day. The kids slept in while Ann & I went to work (and Dunkin, of course). I dropped off Ann downtown and then drove over to Columbus. I haven’t worked in the building on a Friday in about a year – when the COVID shutdown started. My boss’ boss was in town to help support us through the transition in power. I and the other senior management team met with him for quite a while that morning. My friend Justin (the other one) is being groomed to be the successor and was officially named the interim CEO for the next 90 days. If things go well (and we hope they do!), he will take the reigns on a more permanent basis. Justin & I took the other Justin out to lunch at Five Guys and had a good talk. I worked on reports that afternoon. Of course, we couldn’t get through a day without some rain showers, which it did again that afternoon. By the time I got out of work, it was coming down pretty hard. I waited under the awning for a few minutes before heading out to the car once it started to die down. By the time I left town, it had stopped raining. Meanwhile, Abby got up mid-morning and worked at WTRE. She picked up Annie for me and they went to A&W for lunch. Luke worked at Hibbett’s that afternoon and into the evening. It was really steamy by the time I got home but I quickly changed and loaded up Black Betty with the yard equipment so I could go mow at Mom & Sandy’s house. It was so hot, I probably lost five pounds mowing and trimming. Their neighbor came outside and surprised me with a cold bottle of water! Ann texted me and reminded me that we had a graduation party to attend that night, so I didn’t get a chance to go in and visit with Gma & Gigi like I wanted. Instead, I came home and showered then took Ann & Abby out to the Sunken Boat Bar where we celebrated Hannah’s big day. She will head to IU this fall. It was also Irene’s graduation party as well. It was good to see all our friends because everyone has been so busy this spring that we really haven’t seen anyone for a couple months. The Bewley’s made an appearance early but returned to “glamping” in their new RV early on. Shawn got there early and cooked a hundred pork chops that were done perfectly (we wouldn’t have expected anything less from Chef Bainbridge!). They went perfect with the several batches of cheesy potatoes that Bryan whipped up (the jalapeno ones were delicious!). The Lowes were there and we had fun catching up with them and the Sipes (who were in from Ohio) and the Wolters. Bob stayed at home as he is still recovering from knee surgery, but Pam and Josie came for a while. Abby & I played a couple games of cornhole and did OK in the first game but got demolished in the second as the Nate & his older daughter were on fire. Bryan had Nuttin’ Fancy perform with an alternate lineup then he & Rob played a set together as Brothers McGee. The cocktails went down really easy and everyone had a great time. Bryan has built a new pavilion next to the dock, out by the pond. It looks great but he has even bigger plans for it over the next few months. Abby was ready to go home a little before midnight, so we said our goodbyes and headed on home. We tried to stay up for a while to wind down, but we all fell asleep and went on to bed… Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.06.12 hwc21.06.13 hwc21.06.14 hwc21.06.15 hwc21.06.16 hwc21.06.17 hwc21.06.18 hwc21.06.19 hwc21.06.20 hwc21.06.21 hwc21.06.22

Ann and I were up early on Saturday morning. It would’ve been Mom’s 72nd birthday. I texted Dad & Rob, as I took several minutes that morning to reflect on Mom and our small family. Ann & I took Black Betty out to St. Paul to get goodies from Lori at Wild Flour. We were gonna stop by and see Gma & Gigi, but when we called, there was no answer so we went on home. As it turned out, they were out watering flowers and couldn’t get to the phone. Instead, we came home and had a quick breakfast before I went outside and mowed / trimmed on the hottest day of the year (so far) and the hottest day in a couple years. I stopped after about 45 minutes to drink a tall glass of iced tea and then Ann brought me out a big glass of water before she left. Amy came by and picked her up while I was mowing the backyard. They went shopping all over. They had planned to go to Nashville but it was just too hot. They wanted to go somewhere and be inside as much as possible… and who can blame them. That afternoon, it was 105 in the sun! When I finished, I came in to hop in the shower. Abby asked me if I had just rinsed off with the hose. I reminded her that Delilah had eaten the damn hose last month and I haven’t found an appropriate replacement yet. She asked why I was so soaked with sweat and it was easy – heat AND humidity. That combo is killer to us fat / hairy guys. Abs drove me to store in the old truck to get supplies for the coming week and then we grabbed some drive thru from Wendy’s on our way home. We dropped off snacks (Cheese-Its and chocolate milk) for Luke, who worked first shift at Hibbett’s that morning and afternoon. He came home, went to his room, and took a phat nap! Abby drove Tonya up to Gary’s house to go swimming that afternoon and stayed the night at his house. That allowed me time to write-out our bills and then checked fluids in the vehicles. When I finished, there was a hullabaloo outside. There were several emergency vehicles speeding past our house all at once, so I went outside to see what was going on. There were eventually six city vehicles about five or so houses down from us. Turns out, there was an attic fire at a house. Thankfully, no one was hurt and I never did see any smoke. So, I came back inside and watched some tube and worked on the blog. I watched the season finale of Manifest and then some racing. It was a NASCAR doubleheader truck race and Busch race from TMS on All-Star weekend. When Luke finally woke up, he was hungry so he got fast food for us from BK and we put a movie on the big screen called Voyagers. Ann & Amy came got home and carried in all their new treasures. Amy visited for a bit and played with the dogs before heading home. Ann said they had a lot of fun that reminded them of their teens when they would just hop in a car and drive with no particular destination in mind. They wound up in Columbus and stayed there all day. Luke went out with Brayden to workout at the YMCA. Ann & I talked for awhile and watched a couple shows and fell asleep with the dogs, trying to stay cool. As we went to bed that night, a storm rolled through, giving us a pretty lightning show …and yet more rain – yay!

Delilah wanted out, early on Sunday morning. She has resumed digging behind the shed for whatever reason. She had stopped for a few weeks. I don’t know if it’s because the ground is soft again or what her deal is, but I think she’ll have to start wearing the shock collar again. That seemed to help her remember to stay out of her holes. I would love to fill them, but she just digs them back out. I stepped in 3 or 4 yesterday while mowing. It was a sunny morning that quickly became hot and humid again. Ann and Luke slept in a bit, so I made myself breakfast with some fresh eggs from a lady at Ann’s work that were really good. I watched the Detroit Indy car race and when the other two got up, I did the laundry and dishes. We watched the series finale of Queen of the South. I’m gonna miss that show; it was a good one… Ann napped while I worked on the blog and binge-watched the rest of season 4 of Lucifer and then binge-watched the entire season 2 of Who Killed Sara. Luke came home from work just long enough to change and went right back out to workout at the Y with Brayden. Abby got home safely that evening, just as I was shredding a combo of parmesan and asiago cheese. Unfortunately, I broke the grater (it had been breaking for a few weeks now). I think she found a replacement on Amazon before I even finished! Afterward, Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner – yum! Later, we flipped over to watch the NASCAR all-star race, which was a lot of fun (for me) to watch – especially the Sammy Hagar mini-concert during the warm-up laps! Abby retreated back to her room and Ann read that evening. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and put the kibosh on another good week, here at the Scheu abode…

Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature Dee’s digital camera pictures from 2005. We lead off in March, where we see pix of Easter Day and Matt’s birthday; then on to May where we have more pix of Minnie & Charlie; in June we have Luke’s birthday; next we have a big batch from July – 4th of July fun, Grace’s birthday, and Gigi’s birthday; in October we a picture from my birthday; November has Thanxmas and December has the Owens’ family Christmas Eve party at Mom & Sandy’s house. What a good batch of pictures!

Waybac.2005.03.ed02 Waybac.2005.03.mbd03 Waybac.2005.05.mac02 Waybac.2005.06.lbd03 Waybac.2005.06.lbd04 Waybac.2005.06.lbd05 Waybac.2005.07.foj07 Waybac.2005.07.foj08 Waybac.2005.07.foj09 Waybac.2005.07.foj10 Waybac.2005.07.foj11 Waybac.2005.07.foj12 Waybac.2005.07.gbd05 Waybac.2005.07.gbd06 Waybac.2005.07.gbd07 Waybac.2005.07.gbd08 Waybac.2005.07.gbd09 Waybac.2005.07.sbd03 Waybac.2005.07.sbd04 Waybac.2005.07.sbd05 Waybac.2005.10.tbd02 Waybac.2005.11.td01 Waybac.2005.12.cadb01 Waybac.2005.12.ce05 Waybac.2005.12.ce06 lp21.06.02

We wrap up with our video segment, which features one new home movie this week as well as several others from around the internet.

Joe Bonamssa – Slow Train – 2017 Summer Tour from Joe Bonamassa on Vimeo.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Momma…Happy Birthday.
Later, Scheu

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