…And we Started Out to Conquer Doubt and Frisbee

Another fast week has sped by us. As the full moon waned this week, things got a little easier at work for both Ann and I. Matt had his second surgery in about as many weeks. He was good for a couple days, but as things progressed through the weekend, he got sorer and sorer – which is to be expected. What we didn’t expect was his leg to be numb and aching. Ann thinks it might be a nerve issue linked to some sort of weird position they had him during his surgery, but I’m not convinced it isn’t related to a nerve being agitated because Matt is sitting in a funny position due to the discomfort in his groin. He needs to mend quickly as he learned that his Mexico trip has been rescheduled and it is coming up quite soon! Abby continued working at WTRE with Sandy, Dee and the gang. She had friends over and went to visit friends as well this week. Luke worked at Hibbett’s, Harris’ and Grandma’s this week. We got an appointment for his Hot Rod Lincoln, which has a failed air shock compressor – causing his car to lurch to one side and sag in the left rear. But Jerry’s first opening isn’t until mid-August…which gives him a few weeks to work and save up some cash for the pricey repair. He enjoyed going to football practices, lifting at the YMCA and spending time with his friends this week. Ann and I had good weeks that were long each day but combined to create a fast week. Ann spent a little time with friends while I worked on my diet and exercise. I finally met my exercise goal, blowing it out of the water with over nineteen miles, averaging about 13K steps a day and including six rounds of frisbee golf! I also managed to drop a couple more pounds this week, brining my total for the year to twenty. I’ve had the Tokyo Olympics playing most of the weekend. Although Team USA got off to a slow start, it’s still fun to watch. Along with Matt, Phyllis and Ann’s Aunt Linda both had medical issues this week. Both of them are doing better as I write this on Sunday night, which makes us thankful. Hello; welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work for Ann & I on Monday. Thankfully, it was dry and cooler that morning. It still warmed up into the mid-eighties by the afternoon. Ann and I both had fast days. Before I knew it, I was out walking around the airport property and got in three miles. Meanwhile, Luke enjoyed sleeping in. He had football practice that evening for over three hours. Abby enjoyed the day off and spent some quality time with Gma. She picked up some new meds for me at the doctor’s office and was supposed to go up to Franklin to see her buddies but she wound up falling asleep and took a long nap instead. I dropped off Annie and went out to the park to play a quick round of frisbee golf. I did OK, throwing a par 27 but hurt my elbow on hole three and had to back down a little afterward. I took some ibuprofen that night, which helped. When I got home, Bu was up and Ann was making dinner. She used the rest of the pork loin to whip up some yummy cheesy rice concoction that was really good. We chilled out that evening, watching some DVR’d shows and relaxing with the dogs. Ann called Matt that evening and we talked to him on speaker phone. He is excited to get his next surgery knocked out this week and said his new job is going great. Ms. Taylor is also enjoying her new job as well. After the call, Matt finished making dinner and played Fortnight online with Abby. Luke came home saying he had broken his car again. We told him to save his money because the Hot Rod Lincoln is older and will need small repairs to keep it running properly. But, like a true teenager, he blew all the money he had saved from his birthday and from working and now is singing the blues. He went out to lift at the Y with Brayden and didn’t return until after I had gone to bed. I tried to watch a few shows that evening but my body had a different idea of how it was going to go and I quickly began snoring and head-bobbing on the couch. Here are pictures from Luke’s scrimmage vs. Brown County last week.

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Tuesday was nearly identical as Monday, weather-wise. It started off cool and warmed into the upper eighties by the late afternoon. Ann and I both had fast days again. It was broken up with a trip to see Ms. Jami to get our haircuts. I spent my day in meetings, doing my safety report and doing security rounds. Afterward, I walked a little short of three miles at a pretty good clip. That’s two days in a row with some of my fastest paces this year – both in the sub-17-minute range. Today’s pace was even faster than yesterday at 16:32 per mile. We stopped at Needler’s on our way back through town to get jalapenos…and a hundred dollars later, we walked out with a cart-full of food! Ann walked next door when we got home. She wanted to see Ginny before she moves out tomorrow. It is sad, but we knew it was coming. After Ed passed a couple years ago, she got out less and less each month. She is moving into an assisted living house, here in town. She is one of the last of the original owners, out here in Ryle. Dave still lives across the street, but who knows how long he’ll stay out here… We have been very lucky to have great neighbors by us. We hope the new folks will be half as good as the Dodd’s were to us. Abby worked at WTRE for a few hours but didn’t make any sales. Luke didn’t do much again today but did have another long football practice. Abby caught Lola out digging in the freaking yard again – damn dogs! I beat Abs with one of my best rounds of the year, throwing a 25 – compared to Abs’ 29. She started off hot, getting a birdie on the first tee after sinking a long putt to start off hot. However, her arm got tired on the back part of the course whereas I took full advantage of there being no wind and throwing some of my longest tee drives of the year. We were hoping for some ElRep for dinner that evening, but Ms. Ann wasn’t going for it. So, we had a make your own dinner night and then enjoyed a few cocktails to help us relax while watching American Ninja Warrior. We started off with a round of Cadillac Margaritas and then enjoyed a round of strong Whiskey Sours with Knob Creek Rye and then finished with a tasty round of French 75s. Abs went back to her room that night and played Fortnight with Matt until late.

Wednesday was another gorgeous, summer day. Again, it started off cool – in the 60s – but would warm to the mid-eighties by the afternoon. It was another fast day for Ann & I at work – man, this week has flown! We could both tell it was nearing another full moon – just based on the behavior of our clients. We had the cops there last night, apparently and there was an officer waiting in our parking lot when I pulled in that morning. We spent much of the day discussing and reviewing the happenings from last night. The boys and I went out to Snappy Tomato for lunch before heading into our monthly marathon meetings that afternoon. Meanwhile, Luke was actually the first one up and out the door that morning. He had a busy day – starting with working for Coach Harris that morning. Afterward, he did some work over at Gma’s house. Later, he went to his old football field where Bryan & I used to coach him in the youth leagues. It was camp week for the younger kiddos and the varsity boys and coaches were helping to run a special practice that evening. IT was Luke’s turn to give back. I can still vividly remember Luke loving the fact that his big brother and his buddies came out to run it when he was little. …Funny how things go in circles, isn’t it? 😊 He came home briefly afterward to clean-up a little then went out to the Y to lift. Afterward, he sat down and was pretty upset about the state of his car. It is basically undriveable at this point. He asked to borrow the truck and van for a while. The bad part is that the van is in the shop still, waiting for Jerry to get it fixed up. I told him I would talk with Jerry tomorrow and see what his options were and a rough estimate of the work and get it in to get fixed up. Abs worked at WTRE that day but didn’t have any sales. She’s kind of hit a slump here lately with her sales, unfortunately – but that’s the world of sales and advertising…it’s a never-ending struggle. After work, I walked about three miles out in the warm sunshine. I worked up quite the sweat. My pace was about the same – except that I stopped to video tape a cool Apache helicopter for a couple minutes. Still, that only slowed my pace to right at 17-minutes, so I think it would’ve been a little quicker than even yesterday! I dropped another couple pounds and am down to the weight I was before COVID started. The new med I started seems to be really working. I haven’t really changed my intake all that much and my BG levels are also as low as pre-COVID. When we got home, Abs and I again went out to the park for a hot round of frisbee golf. We both started off good, parring the first third of the course. However, as we began to sweat, Bu had a little trouble gripping her disc. I would eventually have the same issue on the final third of the course, but still beat her soundly, 27 – 31. Ann was prepping dinner when we got home. Well, to be fair, Abs had seasoned the steaks before we got home that evening. So, when we got home and got cleaned-up, we grabbed a little porch time and grilled three nice steaks out back. It paired nicely with the seasoned potatoes she roasted and the cheesy broccoli. Even Luke warmed up his plate when he got back from the Y that night instead of going out to eat…and he was glad he did… it was really good! We watched the new American Horror Stories series on Hulu’s FX channel. We actually watched the first two episodes, which revisited the first season’s Murder House. It was pretty good. I hope all the stories are as well made as this two-parter was… Abs went over to console her friend Molie that evening, who had suffered a loss in her family that day. I watched a few episodes of America’s Book of Secrets on the History channel and we both fell asleep with the dogs. Actually, Delilah must’ve gotten tired while we were asleep, as we found her already in her pin, ready for bed- LOL. We put Lola in Abby’s bed and went on to bed before Abs got home that night… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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Thursday was a really busy day. Luke drove the Hot Rod Lincoln, but it is tilting so badly that when he turns the wheel, he isn’t sure if it is scraping the wheel well… so this may be the last day until it goes to see Dr. Jerry. I hope they get the van back to us soon so that he can have a vehicle to drive. Otherwise, he’ll be stuck in Betty White or catching a ride from Brayden… I did talk to J&A Auto and they’re working up a quote and a time to get that old thing scheduled for service. Luke had senior pictures for the yearbook that day. Thanks to Abby for helping him get things ironed as he wore a nice shirt and a tie. The only bad part? He has put on so much muscle that the shirt no longer buttons around his tree trunk of a neck! Luke picked up a shift at Hibbett’s to help pay for his car repair that afternoon. He had another long football practice and lifted at the Y afterward. I think he would practice all day if he could – he’s really loving football right now. Matt had a big day, having his second surgery performed in as many weeks. He was under for about two hours or so and Taylor reported that the doc told her it went really well but that there was a lot to clean up in there. We talked to Matthew that evening and he sounded really good. The poor kid said that this was something he has dealt with since he was little, thinking it was just something normal. I do have to say that I experience an occasional twinge, but nothing like he describes. Ms. Phyllis also had surgery that day and she did very well also, texting with Ann before we even got home that night! Maryann called Ann upset that morning. Aunt Linda had to be rushed to the hospital, where she is in the ICU. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but think it has something to do with her cardiac system, unfortunately…and the current outlook is quite uncertain. I do know that they were told to call any out-of-town family to head this way now… ☹ Abby worked at WTRE and then went with Dee & Grace to North Vernon to get tattoos. She wound up not getting one, still nursing her ear from where it was pierced the last time she went with them. I heard the other two got matching tats and then Gracie got a second one as well. Ann & I both had another fast day at work. Her patients needed a lot of attention, which kept her busy all day. Ours seemed to FINALLY be settling down after a challenging week or so. JC took Vic & I out to eat while Justin was stuck at the shop with a corporate visitor (it’s good for him). I walked a 5K after work on a lovely afternoon in the low eighties. My pace was again sub-seventeen minutes. 😊 When we got home, I played a round of frisbee golf and threw a 2-under-par 25. It could’ve been a 23 if I had hit all my tee shots. On both 5 and 9, there was a small crowd of people watching me and I totally choked on both throws. Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner. She made mine in that new spicy oil she bought a couple weeks ago that made my lips and tongue tingle and go somewhat numb…I love it! Abs and I watched the next episode of American Horror Stories on FX on Hulu, which was pretty cool (and gory). It made me want to go out and get The Exorcist to watch again. I wound up getting a 2nd movie as well called Antrum that looked interesting… While Ann read and I was in a horror-genre mood, I looked up a new series (to me) on Netflix called Slasher. I got through one and fell asleep in the middle of the second one. I couldn’t believe I was so tired, but I was tired all day today. I will say that I’ve already got in 50K steps for the week and already exceeded my weekly exercise goal, which may play a part in it. That new med seems to be working really well for me as well, as my BG number continues to fall with each passing day… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp21.07.240 smp21.07.241 smp21.07.242 smp21.07.243 smp21.07.244 smp21.07.245 smp21.07.246 smp21.07.247 smp21.07.248 smp21.07.249 smp21.07.250 smp21.07.251 smp21.07.252 smp21.07.253 smp21.07.254 smp21.07.255 smp21.07.256 smp21.07.257 smp21.07.258 smp21.07.259 smp21.07.260 smp21.07.261 smp21.07.262 smp21.07.263 smp21.07.264 smp21.07.265 smp21.07.266 smp21.07.267 smp21.07.268 smp21.07.269 smp21.07.270 smp21.07.271 smp21.07.272 smp21.07.273 smp21.07.274 smp21.07.275 smp21.07.276 smp21.07.277 smp21.07.278 smp21.07.279 smp21.07.288 smp21.07.289 smp21.07.290 smp21.07.291 smp21.07.292 smp21.07.293 smp21.07.294 smp21.07.295 smp21.07.296 smp21.07.297 smp21.07.298 smp21.07.299 smp21.07.301 smp21.07.302 smp21.07.303

Friday was another gorgeous morning as Ann and went through the Dunkin drive through with the windows down before I dropped her off downtown at the office in the ‘Burg. They are doing great with full schedules nearly every week now! I know the consensus was that folks did not want to bring babies into the world in the middle of a pandemic, but you could’ve fooled Ann’s docs. They are busier now than they’ve ever been, despite having added three more providers! I called Abby and met her over at Brown’s to get Tonya in for an alignment job. We normally would’ve taken it to Five Points, but they don’t offer that service any longer, apparently. They were really busy that day, as Abby had to park on the street. I called Jerry & Alexis about Luke’s car. Lexie said that they could Luke’s car into the shop, but it would be about mid-August. She said that she doesn’t know where all the work is coming from – perhaps a mix of Greensburg itself growing as well as more folks holding onto their used cars, which means more needing repairs. Luke picked up another shift that morning to help pay for his car. I came home with Bu and while she went to bed and napped all morning, I went to the family room and worked at my desk. I’ve said it before, but it’s amazing how efficient I can be when I don’t have all the interruptions that I have at work! I completed my purchasing, my quarterly report as well as a patient spreadsheet and responded to a bunch of emails. Before I knew it, the morning was gone and Annie was ready to be picked up. I took Betty White so that Black Betty could rest this weekend. We ran through CVS drive through for meds and later I ran Abs back out to Browns to get her car in the early afternoon. After work, I paid the bills and then Abs and I hopped in Betty White and went out to the park for a quick round of frisbee golf. We were neck and neck until after the island, when I won two straight holes and ended the round up by those two, 27-29. Afterward, we ran to the store to get our weekly supplies as well as restock a little of the liquor cabinet. When we got home and put everything away, we drove out to ElRep for dinner and drinks. Abs and I split a pitcher of margaritas while Ann had a frozen raspberry marg. We had a good time and enjoyed our food and drink. We brought home food for Lukey. Our waiter surprised us by asking if the to-go order was for Lucas. He knew exactly who he was and was impressed at how big he had gotten. When we got home, we turned on the opening ceremonies for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics…a year late. It was just ok. It was pretty long and drawn-out, to be honest. Meanwhile, Luke got done with work and went to the YMCA to workout for a couple hours. He ran around with his buddies afterward and didn’t get home until pretty late. Meanwhile, Abby’s longtime friend, Brittany came over to spend the evening with us. We wound up having a couple cocktails like jalapeno margaritas, amaretto sours, Scheu Specials, Snakebites (does that count as a cocktail?) and Blue Chair Bay coconut rum with black cherry Ice – all of which were really good. Abs has really honed her skills and is officially ready to begin her senior year at college – LOL! We went out back and enjoyed some porch time while smoking a couple stogies and playing some mean games of Sorry. Britt wound up going home with her boyfriend, late that night. Abs and I debated whether we should get snacks and watch Rick & Morty till dawn but opted to just brush our teeth and call it a night… Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.07.34 hwc21.07.35 hwc21.07.36 hwc21.07.37 hwc21.07.38 hwc21.07.39 hwc21.07.40 hwc21.07.41 hwc21.07.42 hwc21.07.43 hwc21.07.44

We were up much too early on Saturday morning. Ann & I returned to St. Paul to see Lori and her husband at WildFlour bakery for our dose of weekly goodness. We stopped at Mom & Sandy’s as we came back through town to visit and drop off goodies to them. Sandy is really struggling with her knee and finally made an appointment to see a doctor about it. By the time we got home, Luke had already headed into work for a double shift. Meanwhile, Abs slept in all morning – nursing her headache. She eventually got up that afternoon – but just far enough to make it to her game system in her room to play online games with Matthew. Matt said he was doing pretty well – a little sore, but OK. He was taking it easy and trying to focus on feeling better. Phyllis is home now, recovering from her surgery. Linda remains in the hospital but her prognosis wasn’t very good at that point. I was going to mow her and Dave’s lawn that day, but he had apparently already cut it, because it looked great. We came home and ate our breakfast before we went our separate ways. Amy picked up Ann and they went junking all day. Meanwhile, I loaded up Betty White and went over to work in Maryann & Sandy’s yard. It was a quick mow & blow this week, so it didn’t take long at all. Mom surprised me by sitting in the backyard. I turned off the mower and talked with her for several minutes before resuming my work. I finished up there and came back home to work in our yard. I was pissed to find a mole had torn up our front yard as well as our neighbor’s. I didn’t see any movement but may need to look up some stuff on the internet to see some different ways to get rid of that little bugger. I was as sweaty mess when I finished, so I took a cool shower and grabbed something to eat. I had been craving bean soup or ham and beans lately and finally said something to Mom. When we went over to see them this morning, she had been cooking all morning and sent a huge container full of soup home with us. I had a big bowl of it for lunch (and had a smaller one earlier with my breakfast) and it tasted as good as it looked! I worked on the blog while watching the weekly SVU marathon on Ion TV. I wound up falling asleep and only woke up when Abs left. She drove up to Franklin to stay the night with Sarah and visit with their friends. That left me alone with the dogs for a couple hours. I wrote out my html code and then Ann came home and we got caught up on each other’s day. A little later, Mom & Sandy came over to spend the evening with us. We played three games of euchre, winning only the 2nd one and thereby losing the best-of-three competition. Pixie and Delilah got along pretty well, with a little barking and yipping, but we kept Lola outside. Luke got home from work and took a long nap. Later, he went to lift at the Y and then spent the night at Oakley’s house. That meant Ann & I had a quiet night with the dogs.

We were hoping to sleep in on Sunday morning, but Lola had other plans as she was up and barking in the hallway before sunrise. By the time I let the dogs out and used the bathroom, I was wide awake and ready to start my day. So, I flipped on the Olympics that I taped last night and worked on the blog. It had obviously rained overnight, as the grass was still soaked and when I went out to check fluids in the vehicles after the sunrise, they were still pretty wet as well. Once Annie got up, I did my weekly household chores. Luke came back from Oak’s house and enjoyed the day off from work and sports. Abs was next, coming home around noon from Franklin. Ann made homemade pizzas for lunch before we went over to Mom & Sandy’s house to celebrate Gigi’s birthday a day early. Since we never had an official party for Grace, Dee brought over a second cake and we sang to both of them in our usual rousing death-march version of the Birthday Song. Ann Facetimed Matthew into the party so he could join in with the choir- LOL. He was pretty sore and has been sleeping a lot the last couple days as things are really tender for him right now. Gigi had an ice cream cake from DQ that was really good. Ann & I came home a little later and the kids ran to the store. When they got back, Luke took a much-needed nap (he was up way too late last night with his buddies) while Abs and I watched the women’s soccer team take on New Zealand. After losing 0-3 less than two days ago, they came back with a vengeance, winning going away – 6-1! Afterward, Luke & Abby returned to Gma & Gigi’s house to assemble a new computer chair for Sandy. That evening, Ann made Fireworks popcorn and cheese for dinner. Abs came home and retreated to her room to focus on sorority recruitment stuff. We continued watching all the different Olympic games via both live stuff on NBC as well as on-demand recap content that Comcast had available. Abs was having trouble with her laptop late that night, so I worked on it until late as I published this edition of the blog. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and bring the week to a close before we start it all over again in the morning…

Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature 2005 pictures from Dee’s first digital camera. We have a good batch this week: In March we see Abby & Grace at Easter lunch and Luke at Matt’s birthday party; in May we see pictures of the Campsendelles: Minnie Mabel and Charlie; June has Luke at his birthday party; July sees Gma & Grace after a long night at the fair, swimming, cookout and fireworks at our house then parade prep at Gma & Gigi’s house on the 4th, Grace’s bday and Sandy’s bday – both at the Main St home; October has Mom & Sandy with Grace at a Halloween party; November has Abby & Grace opening presents at Thanxmas; and December shows the same.

Waybac.2005.03.ed10 Waybac.2005.03.ed11 Waybac.2005.03.mbd08 Waybac.2005.05.mac07 Waybac.2005.05.mac08 Waybac.2005.06.lbd15 Waybac.2005.06.lbd16 Waybac.2005.07.cdnh05 Waybac.2005.07.foj48 Waybac.2005.07.foj49 Waybac.2005.07.foj50 Waybac.2005.07.foj51 Waybac.2005.07.foj52 Waybac.2005.07.foj53 Waybac.2005.07.gbd29 Waybac.2005.07.gbd30 Waybac.2005.07.sbd18 Waybac.2005.07.sbd19 Waybac.2005.07.sbd20 Waybac.2005.10.tbd05 Waybac.2005.11.td05 Waybac.2005.12.ce22 Waybac.2005.12.ce23 lp21.07.05

We wrap up with our video segment which features two new home movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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