It Took a Long Time to find Her…It Took Me 22 Years

We’ve had another fast week, here in southcentral Indiana. The weather was great this week. It is still summer, so it was still warm, but the humidity was much lower. The cicadas are still loud at night, but that night is coming sooner and sooner. I’ve noticed that it’s completely dark when I let the dogs out in the morning, but we get to see some lovely sunrises in our rearview mirror on our way to work. Matt worked from his apartment in Carmel this week as he continues to study for his licensing test. Abby had a full week of school at Franklin. Her health has been up and down this week. We enjoyed seeing her a few times this week and she was excited to tailgate at the season-opening game on campus. She was active in the sorority and said she had homework every night…but still made time for friends at the bar! Luke did e-learning again this week. He and the seniors got the kids together for workouts this week, just to keep the team sharp. Luke may very likely be forced to sit out another game this coming week. We have appealed the decision and hope to hear something next week, but it doesn’t look good at this point. He worked at Hibbett’s a little and lifted weights at the YMCA every day. He enjoyed spending a ton of time with his friends this week and endured some high school drama as well. Ann and I had short work weeks, following the long Labor Day weekend. I achieved my workout goal by logging nearly 17 miles of walking this week, including 36 holes of frisbee golf at the Greensburg course. These four-day work weeks can sure spoil ya; I’m kind of dreading next week, TBH. But the highlight of the week was Bu’s 22nd birthday party and watching RedZone while following along with our family fantasy football league. Who knew football could get any better?? On a more somber note, the 20th anniversary of 9/11 was this week. We watched several specials on that day that brought back all that disbelief, anguish and anger that I felt that day back in 2001. We will never forget… Hello again and welcome to the latest edition of the Scheu Family Blog.

I was hoping to sleep in on Labor Day, but Lola made sure that didn’t happen. Instead, I got up with the dogs while Ann & Luke slept in for a few hours. I cleaned-up the house a little in preparation of the live fantasy football draft that day. Matt was the first to come home that morning. He met with Jami, early that morning at BK to have a commissioner’s meeting. He brought us a couple bottles of mezcal – one with a real freaking scorpion! He also brought us an entire box of cigars – all from his Mexican vacation. It was very, very cool!! Abby came home from spending the night in Franklin. Then Jami, Dee & Grace came over as well. Justin was able to make the trip over as well. And Matt dialed in Robby via Zoom to complete our group. Ann ordered pizzas and we enjoyed some beers and Abby even made us a round of cocktails. We enjoyed making our picks and talking to everyone. I’m excited for the first Scheu family fantasy football league. One by one, everyone left. Matt stuck around for a while afterwards and had a good talk with us…well, with Ann…unfortunately, I wound up nodding off and napping for a while. After we said good-bye to him, we cleaned-up and then watched a couple DVR’d shows. Luke was supposed to work, but he got called-off. Instead, he went over to Gma & Gigi’s house to do some work then was supposed to go out to Oakley’s house to help them bail hay. Unfortunately, it was too wet, so he came home to change and then went out to the YMCA to lift for a couple hours. Meanwhile, Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner (which only made it feel even more like a Sunday!) and we watched the new Disney movie called Jungle Cruise. It was better than I expected. By the time it ended a couple hours later, we were ready for bed… Here are pictures from Ann’s Florida trip last week.

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It was back to work and school on Tuesday morning. Luke left shortly after Ann & I left for work. He also came to Columbus, but he went to CRH where he received his second COVID shot. He worked on some e-learning and later went to the Y where he met up with some teammates and they ran through some drills. He worked on his car for a while that evening before falling asleep after dinner. He didn’t feel very well but pushed through it while lifting weights. He came back, took some medicine, did a little bit of homework and went on to bed. Meanwhile, Ann & I both had fast days at work. I was tired all day. Lunch helped; I thought we were going to have some Mexican food, but Justin wound up driving and the truck auto-drove itself to Snappy Tomato. After work, I walked about three and a half miles on a warm afternoon. When we got back to town, I dropped off Annie and went to the park for a quick game of frisbee golf. It was my first in nearly a week and it showed, as I threw a 3-over, 30 – ugh… Ann had dinner ready when I got back. She made one of my favorites – breakfast for dinner…yum! I edited pictures for the blog while Ann read and we binge-watched all the current episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers…and we want more! Here are some pictures from Matt’s Mexico trip a couple weeks ago.

mmv21.01 mmv21.02 mmv21.03 mmv21.04 mmv21.05 mmv21.06 mmv21.07 mmv21.08 mmv21.09 mmv21.10 mmv21.11 mmv21.12

Wednesday morning came early. I pushed snooze a couple times too many before dragging my butt out of bed. It had obviously rained overnight. There was some thunder when we went to bed last night, but I never heard it again once I hit the bed. It was cooler that morning, which is supposed to be the trend this week. Ann and I both had long, busy days at work. After work, I walked a 5K on a lovely afternoon before picking up Ann. Instead of going home, we went to North high school to meet up with the Mannings and watch Gabe play in a 7th grade football game vs. Bloomington. I forgot how much fun it is to watch the kids at this age level. Bloomington jumped out to a big lead, but Columbus fought back and made it a game but still lost again to lower their record to 0-4 on the year. It is Gabe’s first year. He got a lot of playing time on the O- and D-line. He spent most of his time hiking up pants that would very likely have fit Matt when he was a senior! We met up with Gabe after the game and said our goodbyes before heading home. I was hoping to get home in time to play a round of frisbee golf, but it was just too dark when we got back. Instead, we grabbed a find-your-own dinner and watched a few shows on the DVR (Hard Knocks season finale, Fantasy Island and then History’s Greatest Mysteries) while working on the blog. Meanwhile, Luke wasn’t feeling the best. Last night, he had some aches and chills. That morning, he was better but still not at 100%. He did his e-learning from home then went golfing with Brayden at the country club with my clubs (well, Dad B’s old clubs – that’s how old this set is!) and later he worked on his car for a while. He said the clubs did good but that he sucked – LOL! That evening, he went to the Y to workout for a couple hours. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis21.09.61 sis21.09.62 sis21.09.63 sis21.09.64 sis21.09.65 sis21.09.66 sis21.09.67 sis21.09.68 sis21.09.69 sis21.09.70 sis21.09.71 sis21.09.72 sis21.09.73 sis21.09.74 sis21.09.75 sis21.09.76 sis21.09.77 sis21.09.78 sis21.09.79 sis21.09.80 sis21.09.81 sis21.09.82 sis21.09.83 sis21.09.84 sis21.09.85 sis21.09.86 sis21.09.87 sis21.09.88 sis21.09.89 sis21.09.90 sis21.09.91 sis21.09.92 sis21.09.93 sis21.09.94 sis21.09.95 sis21.09.96 sis21.09.97 sis21.09.98 sis21.09.99 sis21.09.100 sis21.09.101 sis21.09.102 sis21.09.103 sis21.09.104 sis21.09.105 sis21.09.106 sis21.09.107 sis2.109.108 sis21.09.109 sis21.09.110 sis21.09.111 sis21.09.112 sis21.09.113 sis21.09.114 sis21.09.115 sis21.09.116 sis21.09.117 sis21.09.118 sis21.09.119 sis21.09.120

Thursday was gorgeous! It started off in the 50s with not a cloud in the sky. It warmed up to the 70s later, but it was still really nice that day. There was a high school girl that was hit and killed last week by a hit and run driver as she tried to board her school bus. It was very tragic… That day, Culver’s was holding a fundraiser by donating 10% of the day’s proceeds to her family. So, the boys and I went there for lunch. They were packed, which was great! The day flew by as I worked on my monthly reports that afternoon. Vic, the Justins and a few other staff volunteered to take a pie in the face from the kids. They asked me to do it as well, but I wasn’t too keen on the idea, so I passed for this month. If they ask next month, I might say yes. As it is, I have some fun pictures of the guys that turned out great. I walked about three and a half miles after work then played a round of frisbee golf when we got back to town. Ann & I talked to Matt during the commute home from work. It was good to talk with him for a while. I did pretty good on the disc golf course, throwing a 2-under, 25. I picked up a few things at the store afterwards then whipped up some jalapeno cheddar smoked sausage and paired it with a hunk of horseradish cheese via a toothpick, along with some Grippo’s pork rinds. I took that over to the Sunken Boat Bar for opening night of Poker Night, the NFL season and our fantasy football league. It was a big night! ???? Meanwhile, Luke did e-learning then he and the seniors put together another football practice out at the YMCA. Later, he went back out to the Y to go lift weights. That left Ann alone with the dogs to enjoy a quiet night of reading. We had a good turnout, with seven of our eight players attending opening night. Bryan, Shawn, Alan, Bob, Rick, Mark and I enjoyed a ton of food, a really good football game (with a shitty ending – stupid Tom Brady…isn’t he retired yet – I’m so tired of my teams getting beat by him!), plenty of spirits and of course – hours of cards and comradery. I wound up breaking even. Like always, Rick and Mark did good that evening. The Cowboy hung with the champs and even took the lead with under two minutes to play. But that damn Tom Brady drove down the field and they kicked a field goal to win by 2 points…

I slept in a little on Friday morning before Ann & I got up for work. We ran through Dunkin before I dropped Annie off at her downtown office and I returned to the house to work from home that day. Luke got up and had breakfast with me as he did his final e-learning day from home. He ran around with his friends, worked out at the Y and later, he hooked up with a group of buddies and they road-tripped over to Batesville to watch the football game. It was a real shame that they didn’t allow the kids to play that night. I still don’t fully understand why they didn’t allow sports to continue since the vast majority of the illnesses were at the elementary school. I don’t know if it was political or what, exactly, the logic was used in making that decision. I brought Ann home after she finished up and we went to the Wests, where Leah had finished up making Luke’s senior sheet and also Abby’s FC game-day hat. We picked up both and then I went back to work, putting in about nine hours before calling it quits. While Ann took a nap, I went out to the park and played a quick round of frisbee golf, shooting a 1-under, 26. When I got back home, Ann & I loaded up Barney and headed to Shelbyville. We met Abby at Cholula Mexican restaurant for dinner and a Patron margarita – yum! We delivered Ab’s hat (so she could wear it to the Grizzly’s home opener the next day). We enjoyed catching up with our little Bu then said our goodbyes and headed on home. When we got back, I decided to go back out to the park for a quick round of twilight frisbee golf. That evening, we took it easy and watched the next episode of Nine Perfect Strangers. We tried to watch a 9/11 special, but I kept falling asleep so I gave it up and went to bed early… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp21.09.58 smp21.09.59 smp21.09.60 smp21.09.61 smp21.09.62 smp21.09.63 smp21.09.64 smp21.09.65 smp21.09.66 smp21.09.67 smp21.09.68 smp21.09.69 smp21.09.70 smp21.09.71 smp21.09.72 smp21.09.73 smp21.09.74 smp21.09.75 smp21.09.76 smp21.09.77 smp21.09.78 smp21.09.79 smp21.09.80 smp21.09.81 smp21.09.82 smp21.09.83 smp21.09.84

I was hoping to sleep in fairly late on Saturday morning, but Lola decided she needed to bark at the front door for some reason and wouldn’t stop. I put her outside and came back to bed but it was too late – I was awake. I got up and did a few things around the house on Patriot Day. Once Ms. Ann got up, we went to St. Paul to see Lori at Wild Flour for another batch of goodies. When we got back to town, we swapped vehicles and I loaded up Betty White with lawn tools as went over to see Mom & Sandy. While Ann delivered pastries, I mowed their lawn then installed a new hose. I’m not sure how many years their old hose had been on there or if Maryann had secured it with welder’s glue or what, but it took a pipe wrench and my full body leverage to eventually get it off without breaking off the spigot like I did at our house a few years ago. We went to CVS to pick up Rx’s then went to Walmart to get our weekly supplies as well as a bunch of stuff for tomorrow’s party. After we got everything inside and put away, I went out and mowed the lawn with Delilah as my helper. ???? I showered and flopped on the couch that afternoon. Ann & I watched a couple 9/11 specials called Rise & Fall: The World Trade Center and 102 Minutes that Changed America. I still well up when watching that stuff. It brings all the raw emotions right back. I still remember where I was on that fateful day. It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years ago. I was at work with my friend Kathy Murphy. We gathered all the kids together in the dayroom and watched the day’s events unfold… Afterward, I watched the Purdue football game. They faced U Conn in their first away game of the young season. Unfortunately, Zander Horvath went down with an ankle injury, but Plummer, Bell & Durham all looked good for the offense. But my favorite player is on the defense, of course – junior defensive end George Karlaftis was a man among boys. The Boilers destroyed the Huskies in the 1st half, going to the locker room up 35 to zip! Coach Brohm sat many of his starters in the 2nd half as they coasted to a second victory and keeping the dream of an undefeated season alive one more week. That Karlaftis reminds me so much of Ryan Kerrigan. He is someone you’ll see on Sunday afternoons in the coming years… Even with the 2nd and 3rd string players, the defense got the shutout as Purdue spanked UC, 49-0. That evening, Luke went to the Y to workout while Ann made Fireworks popcorn for dinner. She read while I watched a new scary movie on HBO Max called Malignant. There was some high school drama that Luke had to deal with that evening. I picked up the new Metallica Black Album box set, which is freaking awesome, along with the Blacklist tribute set which is…interesting. I’ll have to give it a few listens before I pass judgement on that set. ???? Later, we watched another 9/11 special called 9/11: Four Flights. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen – just enthralled with the stories of the fates of the different planes. Here are pictures of some recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.09.13 hwc21.09.14 hwc21.09.15 hwc21.09.16 hwc21.09.17 hwc21.09.18 hwc21.09.19 hwc21.09.20 hwc21.09.21 hwc21.09.22 hwc21.092.3 hwc21.09.24

We enjoyed sleeping in until well after sunrise on Sunday morning. We slowly got up and got to the weekly household chores. It was a lazy morning as Ann read and I watched the Xfinity race from Richmond while working on the blog. Afterwards, Ann started prepping lunch. Luke ran to the store for her while I fired up the grill for the burgers and dogs while waiting for the kids and fam to arrive. It was uncanny as everyone arrived all at the same time: Matt & Taylor, Abby (without anyone else – she was supposed to bring a friend or two), Luke & Brayden, Mom & Sandy (with Pixie) and Grace – but without Jamie & Dee, as Jameson was sick. Mom made her homemade mac & cheese that paired well with the burgers & dogs, veggies and Ann’s homemade Shallo’s dip as well as a large selection of potato chips. ???? Mary came over during lunch, bringing Abby’s beautiful cake…it was almost too nice to eat – almost! It was really good, as always. We sang a rousing version of the Birthday Song to Ms. AppleGale, enjoyed cake & ice cream then she opened her presents. Her favorite present this year? Her do-it-yourself amaretto sours kit! ???? We watched some football but then everyone split at the same time as well that afternoon. Ann, Luke & the dogs all took naps while I watched the afternoon football games on RedZone for a while. Once it looked like I had secured my first fantasy football victory (over my #1 son), I flipped over to the Richmond cup race. Luke got up and went to the YMCA with Brayden to lift for a couple hours. He came back after being gone about 15 minutes because he forgot his key fob to get into the gym after hours – D’oh! Once Annie woke up, she made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we watched one final Sept. 11 special called 9/11: I Was There. Afterward, I watched a little Sunday Night Football. The three of us wound down the evening, farting around with our fantasy football teams, fretting about going back to work and school in the morning. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and put the kibosh on another fast week at the Scheu abode.

Next up is our Waybac section, which contains the penultimate selection of 2005 photos from Deanna’s first digital camera. We lead off in March where we have Matt’s birthday; in June, we have Luke’s birthday; In July, we have the county fair, 4th of July, Grace’s birthday and Sandy’s birthday; and in December we see Christmas Eve.

Waybac.2005.03.mbd10 Waybac.2005.03.mbd11 Waybac.2005.06.lbd28 Waybac.2005.06.lbd28a Waybac.2005.06.lbd29 Waybac.2005.07.dcf01 Waybac.2005.07.dcf02 Waybac.2005.07.foj94 Waybac.2005.07.foj95 Waybac.2005.07.foj96 Waybac.2005.07.foj97 Waybac.2005.07.gbd43 Waybac.2005.07.gbd44 Waybac.2005.07.gbd45 Waybac.2005.07.gbd46 Waybac.2005.07.sbd47 Waybac.2005.07.sbd48 Waybac.2005.07.sbd49 Waybac.2005.07.sbd50 Waybac.2005.12.ce36 lp21.09.02

Next up is our video segment, which features one new family movie this week as well as several from around the internet this week.

Well, that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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