Gonna Make this Holiday as Perfect as can Be…Just Wait and See this Christmas Vacation

We enjoyed a slower pace this week as we made our way through our annual Christmas vacation to end the year. It was a sneak peek as to what I think retirement might be like in our future…and I have to admit, I am starting to see the draw. I never thought retirement would be for me, as I like to keep busy and have a purpose in life – something my job more than does for me. Although it was slower, it was not without its chores and challenges. I stayed busy around the house each day, which made the week absolutely fly by. We said farewell to 2021 and welcomed the hope that 2022 brings. We got to see Matt one last time before the end of the year. He worked from home and had a couple of wrestling practices this week. But the best news was that the shots he received this week have given him some relief in that leg of his and he received a clean bill of health from his groin doctor! Abby had the week off from school but worked in Greenwood all week, driving back and forth. Stayed in Franklin a couple nights, visiting her friends. Luke enjoyed the week off from school and worked a few days as well but spent most of his time out with his friends and lifting. Ann continued to take it easy and heal up after her surgery. She is doing great and should be on-track to return to work at the end of her leave. She got to spend a little time with friends and family this week. I enjoyed the week off from work – mostly. I did a few things throughout the week as I’m never truly not on-call. I also enjoyed spending a little time with friends and watching a ton of football this week. We had a chance to go south with our friends for the holiday season but decided against it…and as it turned out, it was a good thing we did! We had an emergency in the house that could’ve been a lot worse than what it was if we weren’t here. The weather was unseasonably warm for most of the week. Eventually, we had a cold front move through, bringing a couple inches of rain. Behind it, the temperatures dropped like 40 degrees to below the freezing mark to end the week. It was a relaxing way to wind down the week and give us a nice rest before starting the new year. Hello folks and welcome to the newest rendition of the Scheu Family Blog.

We enjoyed the day off on Monday morning as our Christmas vacation continued. I was up early that morning due to my clogged sinuses again. I got up and worked around the house, doing dishes, laundry and picking up stuff. I got on my laptop and did some work for a couple hours. Afterward, I paid all the weekly bills and went to Walmart for a household supply run. By the time I got back, it was nearly 70 degrees and crazy humid. We just had the heat on in the house last week, but that afternoon I had to break out the fan just to keep from flipping the air on! We grabbed some leftovers and watched a few movies, including the new James Bond movie called No Time to Die (which was really good), Old (so bad we couldn’t stop watching it!) and Old Henry (a real sleeper of a good movie) and Shan-Chi (surprisingly better than I had hoped). I checked in the remainder of the big batch of loose Hot Wheels I got back in the summer from the junk store downtown. Abby got up and went to work that morning in Greenwood. Afterward, she picked up Ann and they went shopping in Columbus and Edinburgh, picking up some precious Walmart iced tea (unsweetened) for me – something that I haven’t found in Greensburg in nearly a month. We were hoping to do a fire that night, but when the sun went down, the wind kicked up, blowing in a cold front. And as the wind increased, the temps took a nosedive. It was just too breezy to do anything, so we watched a movie and then flipped over to watch the 2nd half of the MNF game. Matt needed just a few points to surpass me and go to the finals in fantasy football. His player needed 23 points and by the time the 4th quarter rolled around, he had 21.5. It was looking like a sure thing that Matt would win…but the Dolphins had built a large enough lead that his guy didn’t score another point – a heartbreaking loss for Matt. But at least now he gets to face off with Abby for sibling bragging rights for the year. And as for me? I will face Justin in the finals for bragging rights to the Penthouse for the year! LOL! Luke came back from Oak’s house and did some laundry and worked out at the Y with Oakley. He and Oak went to Franklin to sell his coins and money from Dad Scheu and then they went shopping for a while. They eventually went back out to Oak’s house, where he spent the night again. Here are pictures from Christmas Eve last weekend.

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I was up early again on Tuesday morning. My body just can’t seem to sleep past 6 or 7 am anymore – damn, I’m old. Annie slept in until about 10 again. I got up and worked on the blog while catching up on some FTWD episodes. They’re not as much fun when they’re not live. It was raining and much cooler in the house – just the way I like it! 😊 I did a few things around the house that morning then created our 2022 bill paying cheat sheet and started to pull out all the 2021 bills from the file cabinet. However, Sandy called and asked if I could help her with some computer stuff. Initially, Luke joined me as we grabbed some tools and made our way over to Gma & Gigi’s house. Sandy wanted to get rid of the small monitor she was using on her home PC and move the TV from her room in there and use it as the monitor. Meanwhile, Luke moved the TV from the sewing room into Sandy’s bedroom and got it all hooked up and working. I didn’t have as much luck as we are using an old computer to hook up a new monitor, so we needed an adaptor. Luke & I went home real quick and thought we’d found a solution, but it didn’t work. Luke went to workout with Oakley at the Y while I went back over to continued doing the IT stuff for Sandy. We wound up going to Walmart to get the proper adaptor. We grabbed lunch from Subway on our way back and then sat down with mom to grab a quick bite to eat. I finished setting up the monitor and then show Sandy how to use her new external hard drive to move her pictures off the computer so that it could run updates again. Meanwhile, Abby got up and went to work before even I was out of bed that morning. She was officially offered a job by this company once she graduates in the spring. I’m not sure if she’s planning on commuting to Greenwood every day; but if so, she’s gonna need a new car… Ann went to lunch with Shawna, where they sat at Wings & Rings and talked for hours. I finished up at Mom & Sandy’s house and came home to find Luke & Ann already back. I edited pictures and videos for the blog as Ann watched some TV shows when we received a call from the water company. They said we have a pretty steady increase in water usage and asked if we had any leaks. The only thing we can think of is the faucet in the bathroom. It has had a steady drip for a few years now and does seem to have worsened in the last couple weeks. We talked about replacing it, but I’m not plumber so it’ll be up to Ann to find something she likes and then we’ll have to have someone install it. That evening, we watched Yellowstone & 1883 as I enjoyed another cold turkey sandwich and tried to watch another episode of You on Netflix. We’re actually about through it all. However, I struggled to stay awake during it and went on to bed pretty early that night. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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Going to bed that early was a mistake, as I was up at 2, 330, 530 and finally got out of bed around 6. My sinus congestion is the bane of my existence right now. I got up and did the dishes and played with Delilah for a little bit before filing all the 2021 bills and getting the file cabinet ready for 2022. Ann & I had some more of the cheesecake that Dad & Lynn got us and made it our breakfast that day. I enjoyed a couple bowls of Chex Mix as I began scanning in a big batch of pictures that Aunt Sue brought for me. She actually brought them last year and we had plans to go see her and Kimmy up in Indy, but due to the riots the roads were closed and unsafe to travel up to see them. I was thrilled that Kimmy grabbed them from her other house (The Grandma House) for me and brought them to her & Chuck’s house for the big Scheu Fam Xmas party a couple weeks ago. They were well worth the wait! Some I had seen previously but there were other gems that I had never seen before – it was great going through them all. Mom & Sandy came over to visit with Pixie for a bit. We put Lola out back and let DJ come out and play with Pickles. They did really good together. Delilah is so gentle and gets right down low to Pixie’s level to play. As for the day, it was overcast, gray and yucky. The dogs jumped and barked for hours outside in the mud bog. They both had to have baths when they finally came back inside about noon. Ann read and watched TV in the living room while I scanned pictures at the desk in the family room for several hours that day. I paused a couple times to help Luke pull out the old dresser from the garage so that he has somewhere to put his clothes. He got it all cleaned up and it looked like-new! This was an old chest of drawers that I think was Matt’s old changing table that Mom & Dad got for us. I flipped on the TV out in the family room and watched the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium while scanning all of the new photographs. Delilah & Lola went in and out a couple times to chase squirrels, rabbits and neighbor dogs. When they came back in, they were both muddy and had to have their paws rinsed off. Lola is easy – she just goes in the kitchen sink, but Delilah has to go in the tub! She is tolerant, which is nice. When I went to get a towel for her that second time, I could smell and hear something wonky. I took the patch panel out of the closet to look behind the tub and heard, felt and saw it – a big ol’ leak. ☹ So, we called around to kind of get our bearings. Mom & Sandy recommended a guy and so we called him up. He walked us through turning off the water heater both in the electrical panel and the water valves. I was so relieved when I finally stopped hearing that hissing noise for the first time in over a week. Although I’m not looking forward to a plumbing bill, it is nice to at least know what’s going on and that we can now go about getting it fixed. Danny will be here tomorrow morning to get diagnose and the issue and give us an estimate. I wrapped up my scanning project, backed up all the new digital pix and sat down to watch the #3 Boilers play basketball at Mackey vs. Nicholls. It was their final non-conference game of the regular season. I was excited to see Gillis get the start, even if it came at the expense of Furst going through the COVID protocol. Purdue won the game easily and looked good doing it. They are now 11-1 and finish their non-conference schedule undefeated for only the fourth time in school history. Ann made dinner that night that was really good; I think she called it sausage and creamy Cajun orzo skillet. I had to make myself stop after two helpings! We watched a couple movies that night that were both really long – first we watched a Ben Affleck flick called The Town and then followed it up with a John Travolta classic – Saturday Night Fever.

We enjoyed sleeping in on Thursday morning. I was up at 6 but managed to prop myself up in bed and eventually, the congestion dissipated enough for me to fall back to sleep for a while. I did a few things around the house and when Ann got up, Danny came over shortly afterward and got under the house. There is no way I would fit under there, so I was really thankful for him. He found the leak and ran out to grab some parts and tools before returning later that morning and got us all squared away. Luke & Brayden got in really late that morning and slept in until after noon. I didn’t even see Brayden leave, but Luke pretty much stayed in his room all day and played video games. It was another gray, damp, overcast and yucky day. Abby stopped by my work to meet up with Justin and bring home two of our air movers for us to use over the long weekend. It will ensure we get that crawl space dried out before winter sets in. The guys and I were talking on our group text and put together a poker game for the night. Abby texted me earlier in the day and said she wanted to go with me that night. In lieu of making the card-night sammich, I dug out the deer sausage that Vic & Michelle gave me last week and cut it up with a couple blocks of cheese and some crackers and called it a day. I showered for the first time in a couple days and then put on the Purdue bowl game. They were facing the Vols from UT in the Music City Bowl. It was pretty much a home game since Knoxville is only a couple hours away from Nashville. The Boilers were down several players, including three of their best players – receivers Bell (best receiver in the nation and probable 1st round NFL pick) Wright as well as their defensive captain and stud George Karlaftis – their outstanding DE that will cause havoc at the next level in 2022, now that he has declared for the draft. Despite being down seven starters, they held their own in the first half. After a rough first quarter, they scored 16 straight points in the 2nd quarter and went to the half up 2 (23-21). It was a real barn burner in the last 10 minutes of the game, as the lead when back and forth with Tennessee missing the kick at the end of regulation that would’ve won the game. The Boilers won the flip and when the Vols didn’t score on 4th down (on a very questionable call), that meant Purdue just needed a FG to win the game – and did! 😊 Yay!! That evening, Luke got cleaned-up, put on something nice and went out on a date with Ms. Lanie. He took her to the Ale Emporium in Greenwood for a nice dinner but they had an hour wait so they wound up next door at Cheddar’s. That left Ann alone with the dogs for a nice, quiet evening. Well, I say quiet – except for the constant hum of the two air movers drying the underside of the house. Abs & I met up with the guys at the Wolterin’ Hole for a night of football, cards, food and spirits. We watched the Peach Bowl while playing cards. It was a decent crowd with Abs & I along with Mark & Scott and Rick & Ryan (Lynn’s son). Abs went up early but not only lost it all but had to go to the well and buy back in and then lost it too…but, she had a good time doing it! 😊 We wound up calling it an early night. I was happy to learn that I had actually won the NFL pick ‘em card from last week’s games! I had actually picked the Dolphins to win and didn’t realize it, winning by only a couple points. So, the Dolphins lopsided win not only put me in the fantasy football championship but also won me $ with my buddies! We had fun, telling stories and laughing. Despite Abby having to buy in twice, I still managed to win a few $ while we watched the Peach Bowl. We got home early and Abs went straight to bed. I wasn’t too far behind her. Luke, on the other hand, came back and went right back out to lift weights at the YMCA. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp22.01.01 smp22.01.02 smp22.01.03 smp22.01.04 smp22.01.05 smp22.01.06 smp22.01.07 smp22.01.08 smp22.01.09 smp22.01.10 smp22.01.11 smp22.01.12 smp22.01.13 smp22.01.14 smp22.01.15 smp22.01.16 smp22.01.17 smp22.01.18 smp22.01.19 smp22.01.20 smp22.01.21 smp22.01.22 smp22.01.23 smp22.01.24 smp22.01.25 smp22.01.26 smp22.01.27 smp22.01.28 smp22.01.29 smp22.01.30 smp22.01.31 smp22.01.32 smp22.01.33 smp22.01.34 smp22.01.35 smp22.01.36 smp22.01.37 smp22.01.38 smp22.01.39 smp22.01.40 smp22.01.41 smp22.01.42 smp22.01.43 smp22.01.44 smp22.01.45 smp22.01.46 smp22.01.47 smp22.01.48 smp22.01.49 smp22.01.50 smp22.01.51 smp22.01.52 smp22.01.53 smp22.01.54 smp22.01.55 smp22.01.56 smp22.01.57 smp22.01.58 smp22.01.59 smp22.01.60 smp22.01.61 smp22.01.62 smp22.01.63 smp22.01.64 smp22.01.65 smp22.01.66 smp22.01.67 smp22.01.68 smp22.01.69 smp22.01.70 smp22.01.71

We enjoyed sleeping in again on Friday morning. It was a nice way to start New Year’s Eve – the last day of a pretty shitty year. Lola got me up as daylight hit. I would say sunrise, but we never saw the sun again that day. It was another blah, gray, damp, chilly morning. I did a load of laundry and dishes, balanced the checkbook and took out the trash. I ran the Roomba and picked up stuff around the house. I sat down and watched the first episode of the Book of Boba Fett series on Disney +. Then we flipped on Netflix and watched the season 4 finale of You. Afterward, the girls got up and went to the store to get supplies for cooking snacks and I watched bowl games, including the Gator Bowl, Cotton Bowl and Orange Bowl. Matt came by for a little while to see us before he went out to the Chases for the night. Abs left us to return to campus to meet up with friends and go to the bar to ring in the new year. Luke completed the trifecta – spending the night at Ethan’s house. We invited Gma & Gigi over that night, so after a short nap I helped Ann in the kitchen as we prepped snacky foods for dinner, including Polish mistakes (though the bread got a little done and so it was more of a beef/sausage/cheese dip), corn dip, veggies & Shallo’s dip, chocolate chip dip (yum!) and cheesy spinach bread. Gigi brought sausage balls, chocolate covered pretzels and popcorn balls. We snacked and played euchre for a few hours. Ann & I got our asses handed to us by Mom & Sandy. We played three games and I believe we only scored two points in each game. I tried everything – switched cards a couple times, switched drinks, even tried distractions – but nothing worked. Mom was on fire! She called it probably 90% of the game…it was uncanny how good her cards were that evening. She eventually got bored and they left around 9 or so. We cleaned up and put everything away before flopping on the couch/recliner and watched some football. Both semi-final games were blowouts, so that wasn’t any fun. The Rockin New Years Eve wasn’t very rocking. The highlight of the evening didn’t come until about 10 minutes before the ball dropped when Journey played a couple songs. Times Square was scaled-back due to COVID. I slept again but woke-up with like a half hour to go, watched the ball drop with Annie then lasted maybe another half hour or so and headed on to bed. Ann, on the other hand, got her second wind and didn’t come to bed until after 3. I don’t know about Matt, but his siblings didn’t get to bed until about the time I was getting up the next morning…

I’m glad I pulled in the fan we had set in the crawl space out back, because it started raining before I went to bed last night and was still raining when I got up on New Year’s Day. The dogs had mixed reviews of the backyard. Lola was not interested in going outside at all and had to be forced all day. Delilah, on the other hand, was on cloud nine. She ran and drank from all the mud puddles. She was so muddy every single time she came back in. She was whimpering and begging to go out all day – LOL. We took it pretty easy that day. I slept in a little later than normal, so I was OK with that. But I woke up with my stomach growling. I wound up making a big breakfast, spending most of the morning alone with the dogs. I watched a couple episodes of the Simpsons on the DVR until the Tournament of Roses parade came on. That was about the time Annie got up and joined me. We watched all the bowl games, flipping between the early ones until the Rose Bowl came on. It was quite the game with OSU winning at the end of the game with a field goal with on a few ticks left on the scoreboard. Notre Dame blew a big lead earlier in the day. The night game was the Sugar Bowl and was completely different. Whereas the Rose Bowl had 93 points scored but the Sugar Bowl had no score through the first quarter. Luke worked at Hibbett’s that day, coming home afterwards within two minutes of Abby’s return. Ann made us Rebel Dogs (Bryan family recipe), tater tots and coleslaw. It was really good! We napped on and off all day while it rained outside our window. That evening, Luke with to the Y to work-out while Abby napped in her room all day. I worked on my music collection, finding lots of new stuff online. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.01.01 hwc22.01.02 hwc22.01.03 hwc22.01.04 hwc22.01.05 hwc22.01.06 hwc22.01.07 hwc22.01.08 hwc22.01.09 hwc22.01.10 hwc22.01.11 hwc22.01.12

We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday. It was my final day of Christmas vacation and yet another overcast and gloomy day. The main difference that morning was the absence of the weirdly warm weather. Instead, we were welcomed with more seasonable weather, below the freezing mark. I did a few things around the house like trash, dishes and once Annie got up, I did the laundry as well. Apparently, Luke had come home at some point last night because he came out to eat then went to the YMCA to lift. He came back for only a short while to nap then went out to ElRep with his buddies. Helped Oak move some furniture then came back fairly early. I saw Abs briefly that morning but she pretty much stayed in bed all day, resting up before she has to work all next week. I watched the Dr. Who New Year’s special that I taped yesterday, along with two more Simpsons episodes (including the new Tree House of Horror – that’s how far behind I am on watching my favorite show). Ann & I watched the Fantasy Football Now show on ESPN to shore up our lineups before the day’s games began. I faced Justin in the championship game of our Blue Suede Scheus league. It was about that time that I got a call from our alarm monitoring company, saying they had received a fire alarm signal from work. Thankfully, it was a false alarm, but the CFD still responded. Vic went in and repaired the damage that the kids caused that morning. I enjoyed some leftover Rebel Dogs for lunch as I worked on this week’s blog. The Colts were in a dogfight with the Raiders in the early games. Although Taylor set the single season record for rushing yards (breaking Edgerrin James’ record), they were defeated by a field goal as time expired. But I sure did like watching Darius “The Maniac” Leonard play on the defense – back from COVID last week. He had a bunch of tackles, as well as a punch-out and an INT. I think the Colts need a win next week to make the play-offs, but they may be able to back-in with some key losses by other teams. Sandy stopped over to see us after she got done some things around radio station. She stayed for a while to talk and picked up a few things before heading out. We talked about playing a game of euchre, but she didn’t have enough time and I was focused on watching the big game – the Cowboys played in the group of the late games, playing one of the best teams in the NFC – the Cardinals. It was another nailbiter of a game. I loved seeing all the promotional clips of the late John Madden and Dan Reeves – both of which we lost this week, sadly. Again, I loved watching Micah “The Lion” Parsons play on defense. He had a hell of a game, playing three different positions (DE, LB & DT). Unfortunately, like Indy, the Big D lost by three. They already have a spot in the playoffs, but have likely lost the #2 seed, which will affect where they play games in the postseason. After the game, I was up by 15 points on Justin but he still had his kicker left to go that night. It all came down to the Packers / Vikings game that night. Afterward, I watched another Simpsons episode and then switched over to Paramount and watched the season 4 finale of Yellowstone. Luke went to the Y to work out again that evening then we wrapped up the night by watching the next episode of SEAL Team on Paramount + before I went on to bed. It was a great way to wrap up the weekend and relaxing way to wind down a week where we took things a little bit slower…

Next up is our Waybac section that continues to feature pictures off Deanna’s camera in 2006. We lead off in March with another pic of the girls in Chicago; in May we have Memorial Day fun at our house; in July we head out to the Decatur County fair and then over to Deanna’s home by the high school for Grace’s birthday; August has two good pics of Dee & Grace at the Indy Zoo; September starts at our house for Abby’s birthday party and then heads out to New York for Keith’s birthday; we celebrate Thanxmas in November at Mom & Sandy’s house and then in December, we have Christmas Eve at their house as well as the girls enjoying a spa day.

Waybac.2006.03.ct31 Waybac.2006.05.md42 Waybac.2006.05.md43 Waybac.2006.07.dcf38 Waybac.2006.07.dcf39 Waybac.2006.07.dcf40 Waybac.2006.07.gbd22 Waybac.2006.07.gbd23 Waybac.2006.08.iz03 Waybac.2006.08.iz04 Waybac.2006.09.abd24 Waybac.2006.09.kbd14 Waybac.2006.11.td36 Waybac.2006.11.td37 Waybac.2006.12.ce36 Waybac.2006.12.ce37 Waybac.2006.12.ce38 Waybac.2006.12.sd52 Waybac.2006.12.sd53 Waybac.2006.12.sd54 Waybac.2006.12.sd55 lp22.01.01

Next up is our video segment which features one new home movie as well as several classics from around the internet this week.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. From our fam to yours – may you have a healthy and prosperous 2022! We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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