Now we’re gonna have a Party – Let’s Celebrate! Happy Birthday to You…

Well, it’s been another fast week, here in southern Indiana. Matt worked from home in Carmel and coached two sets of kids in wrestling – his Z-West team had dual meets and then he also had a tournament with a couple kids this weekend. We missed not seeing him this week, but at least we got to see Ms. Taylor briefly. Abby had a full week of working in Greenwood while enjoying her final week at home during J-Term. She returned to school this weekend and welcomed Will back to the States. She now begins her final semester of college at Franklin next week. Luke had a full week of school as he continued his final semester of high school. He applied to two more colleges this week as we updated her FAFSA and we were excited to hear that he had been accepted into Franklin College and has a chance to play football at the next level if that’s the route he selects! He visited another school this week and plans to visit another one next week as well. He worked his final shift at Hibbett’s and will shift focus to his newest venture – being a personal trainer. He spent time running around with his buddies, going to track practice and working out at the YMCA. I had a fast week at work but felt it was productive – even though I didn’t get everything done that I had hoped. The weather was frigid all week, forcing me to walk in the mall. I only logged seven and a half miles of exercise but was pleased to see my BG levels come down each day this week. Unfortunately, my weight did not follow suit and is something that I will be focusing on in February and March, trying to get back down to pre-Christmas vacation weight. I enjoyed doing some stuff that I love (HW hunting) and spending a little time with my friends. But let’s be honest – this week was all about our Annie. It was her birthday this week. We enjoyed celebrating her surviving another trip around the sun. She enjoyed doing stuff she loves (scrapbooking) and seeing her friends and family. We finally saw significant snow fall. Although it wasn’t enough for me to breakout the snow shovel from the shed, I did use some salt one day. It definitely felt like winter this week as temps dropped down so low at one point, we were afraid the pipes might freeze. The dogs enjoyed a spa day this week, as did the Barneymobile. It was a busy week, but that makes the time go fast… Hello again and welcome to the latest edition of the Scheu Family Blog.

Monday started off on the wrong food. Not only was the blog still down that morning, but when I got to work that morning, I realized I had left my computer setting on the desk and walked out of the house without it! So, two hours later, I finally arrived at work and began my day. We had more positive cases of Covid – but it was all employee-related. The virus seems to have settled down, back on the units with the kids. I didn’t get to my annual report but kept very busy the whole day. Justin & I made a deposit (once we found the right back – no thanks to Ann, who sent us to the wrong one!) for the After-Prom Committee and then grabbed a quick lunch at Kroger. After work, I walked at the mall, logging a little over two and a half miles. Ann & I ran to Wally-World when we got back to town and she baked a cake for a co-worker’s birthday the next day that evening. We had a find-your-own night and I was happy to finish up those chicken enchiladas from the weekend – yum! I got Black Betty running and figured out why the battery was dead – I had left the tailgate open when I got groceries out the last time we drove it. I tried to bump up the water heater but couldn’t figure out how to gain access to the controls. I think I may need to remove the rectangular cover that sets on top of the actual device. That will take more time to figure out than I had that evening. We watched some DVR’d shows and fell asleep on the couch, like normal. I have no idea what time in the morning Ann finally came to bed… Meanwhile, Matt and Abby returned to work and had good days. Matt had wrestling practice in Zionsville that evening. Abby did some covert work for me up in Southport, in preparation for Ann’s birthday this week. When she got home, Abs made us a couple whiskey sours with the new bourbon we bought over the weekend. It was REALLY good and had to force ourselves to stop after two cocktails and a little buzz. Meanwhile, Luke was up early and out the door before us all as he commuted up to Manchester College with Ethan. Big thanks to Gigi for swapping cars with him that day! He had a good time but didn’t care for the college. There were several things he didn’t like, so I doubt that will go anywhere. I’m still glad he got out there and had the experience just the same. He went back up north with a friend to go to a supplement store in the Indy area. He came home only for a moment and was right back out the door to the Y to workout. I don’t remember him even getting home that night because I was passed out on the couch… Here are pictures of Matt at his wrestling tourney last weekend.

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Tuesday was much colder, as temps never got out of the upper 20s. It was another busy day at work. Justin & I had new hire orientation. I attended a couple virtual meetings and got started on my monthly EOC rounds and generator test. Working outdoors for about an hour that afternoon not only made my fingers numb, but even my legs got cold – and that never happens. It made my decision to walk at the mall that afternoon pretty easy. The Justins and I went to lunch at Five Guys because a burger just sounded good that day! After work, the mall was pretty busy – but not with customers, but rather fellow mall-walkers. I’d say there were about 20-25 walkers that afternoon…and only about 8 or 9 customers. But, with only 6 stores open in the actual mall (plus the sporting goods store and Mexican restaurant, which have outside entrances, it’s no wonder. They still have half of it blocked off for construction, though they did have the door propped open so I probably could’ve snuck over there if I really wanted to. 😊 I walked a skosh under two and a half miles before picking up Annie and heading home. Abby returned to Greenwood to work at Excel then ran to the store for me again afterward. While there, she also picked up supplies to make her yummy jalapeno dip. That night, the house smelled of its yumminess for hours! Luke returned to school and then worked out at the Y that night. He is embracing his new job of trainer / influencer. I think he may have found his niche! He filled out an application for Manchester that evening and I think he may apply to Trine University as well. He talked to the Franklin football coaching staff that evening on the phone, which is exciting. Matt worked at home in Carmel then coached his Zionsville West wrestling team at meet. They won convincingly that night over Creekside, 74 – 19. We had another find-your-own dinner. Bu was nice enough to pick up Taco Bell for me on her way home (thanks, Abs!). It got really cold that night, so we ran the hot water in all the faucets overnight. We tried to keep warm with the dogs that evening, watching DVR’d shows – until, of course, we fell asleep in the living room. It dropped down into the single digits overnight with windchills below zero, so we turned on all four faucets and let the hot water fast-drip until morning, just to keep it from freezing in the crawl space.

The water-trickle trick that Dad taught me years ago worked like a charm. In fact, I seemed to have more hot water than normal that morning. Ann jumped in after me and wasn’t as lucky – LOL (sorry honey). I was so lucky that morning; both kids had me to start their cars in the icy, 4° weather. It as quite nipply that morning. Ann & worked for a couple hours then went to see Jami and get our haircuts. We grabbed Chick-Fil-A drive thru for lunch on our way back to the office. I knocked out two more chapters of my annual report that afternoon then went to walk in the mall again. It barely got out of the teens that day and was still far too cold for even my hairy ass to walk outdoors. I logged another two and a half miles before picking up Annie and heading back to the ‘Burg. We picked up the battery charger and went over to see Gma & Gigi (and Ms. Olive!). Sandy is getting some work done on both cars this week, so she needed me to get the Crossfire battery charged back up. I set it on trickle charge so she’d be ready for her in the morning. We played with Olive, who is awfully sweet and full of energy. 😊 We brought up Luke’s newest senior pictures – Farren posted the rest of his football pictures. They are pretty cool and I’ll share them on here next week. Meanwhile, Luke went to school and then came home and took a fat nap. We woke him up when we got home, thinking he might want to go to the bball game that night. Instead, he got up and went to the Y to workout. He also asked me to add Manchester and Trine to his FAFSA, so who knows how things might play out… Abs drove up to Greenwood for work that morning then afterward went to Franklin. She helped a couple young Sigs to move Will’s stuff into his new bedroom. I used the air fryer for the first time that night, trying a new thing that intrigued me – veggie tots. They have far fewer carbs than regular tater tots, which is better for me. As for the taste? Meh…I dipped them in Hellman’s mayo and Tabasco sauce…so they fine – LOL. We sat down and watched some Oak Island and then flipped over to Paramount + to watch the season 5 finale of SEAL Team (wow, we really hope there’s a season 6) and the next couple episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, trying to stay warm on another cold, Indiana night – hanging out under the blankets with the dogs and taking it easy that night while editing pictures for this week’s blog entry. Here are some random pictures from our recent adventures.

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We were awakened early on Thursday morning with a phone call on the home phone. With Abby being out late last night in Franklin, I thought for sure it was her and that something was wrong. Thankfully, it was just Maryann, calling to sing the Birthday Song to Ms. Ann. It was the twenty-second anniversary of Ann’s 30th birthday. Ann & I had a cold commute into work. I worked on putting together my paperwork for the 2022 PM program and finished up my 2021 books and before I knew it, it was lunch time. I called Ann to see what she was doing and wound up taking her out to Riviera Maya for a quick bite to eat. That afternoon, we did our monthly marathon meetings virtually. It worked out really well if I’m being honest. After we finished early, I worked on my annual report and got done with everything except the last chapter (which is also the most extensive as well). I got so far into it that I forgot to watch the time and the next time I looked up; it was a quarter after five. So, I didn’t have time to walk that day and instead Ann & I came home and met up with the kids. Abby had a good day of working in Greenwood. They really seem to like her up there as she was given a promotion and a fulltime job, so she’s no longer an intern now! Luke had a fast day at school, went to track practice afterward, then came home to wrap Ann’s presents before working out at the YMCA. Once he got home, we dropped off Barney at Jerry’s garage and took Tonya out to Millhousen to eat at Stone’s. Matt wasn’t able to join us that night, as he had a wrestling 3-way tourney. Despite having to use several JV wrestlers that evening for various reasons, he and the Z-West team won both meets. In the opener, they defeated Northview, 84-24. Then, in the second meet they beat Carmel 66-36. At Stone’s, we were happy to see that they had their chicken buffet, which we all enjoyed – along with a pitcher of Six-Foot Strawberry Blonde. 😊 I also had an order of chicken livers – yum! We came home and Annie opened her presents. She always says the house smells like dogs when we come home, so we got her a Wood Wick candle. She is always disappointed by her stuff not charging or forgetting her watch, so we got her a charging station where everything is altogether and doesn’t charge lying down. That poor woman is always cold, so we got her a super-fluffy, electric blanket with a really long cord. And finally, a couple month ago, I was looking into a unique piece of art for her and came across an artist out of Australia. She does electronic line art – interpreting your favorite photos. Abby helped me find a good family photo of ourselves from Farren’s photo shoot a couple years ago. Aliesha was easy to work with and allowed us to alter the artwork three times and was cool about it. We were going to do a big, canvas print and buy an expensive frame…but then we thought she might not like it or it might not be the right color or something… So, we just did a quick 12 x 18 print and stuck it in a cheap frame. Thankfully, she liked it so now she can print off what she wants and pick out the frame she wants. Although we didn’t have cake for her that night, we did have peanut butter pie from Stone’s! 😊

The only thing we didn’t get Ms. Ann for her birthday was snow…but when we got up that morning, she got her wish! After having gone to bed early last night, I was up a couple hours early that morning and snapped off a couple pictures of the snow. That way, the first thing she would see that morning when she checked her phone would be her final bday gift! Although I didn’t break out the snow shovel from the shed, I did grab the salt form the garage and cleared her a path so she didn’t wipe out going to the car. We took Black Betty to Dunkin and then dropped Annie off at work. I ran a couple errands then worked from home for a few hours. I picked her up, grabbed the dogs and we drove out to Westport to take the dogs to get groomed by Maci. The roads were a little slick, but Betty did great for us. We stopped at Pizzalicious for lunch on our way home. I worked another few hours before heading back out to pick up our fur babies. They looked great, but when we got them home; they weren’t so excited to be playing out in the snow with their fur cut! They were in and out the rest of the day. I’d say, all told, we got about an inch and a half or so. I returned to work and continued working until well into the night. I finished that damn annual report, which came in at 35 pages this year. Luke got off school and ran me out to J&A Auto pickup the minivan. It got an oil change and a new set of front brakes. It still needs some more brake work, but that’ll have to wait a couple weeks on part. Luke went to the Y for a while then went out with Brayden that night. Abby had her first “big girl” meeting – LOL. She had a busy day then came home to pack up all her stuff and head back to school. It sure was nice having her home this month, but we’re proud that she is about to earn her degree in just a couple months, so that made it easier to watch her leave that night. She got her stuff moved back in and then she and a fried drove up to Indy to pick up Will that night, who was returning from Norway for his second semester. She was sad to leave but excited to see her boyfriend. Ann made spicy Fireworks popcorn for dinner that night and we watched a cool movie called Last Night in Soho that had nice twist at the end. I worked on the blog afterward and watched a few episodes of Rick & Morty. It was the first night that Ann went to bed before me since I don’t remember when… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp22.01.239 smp22.01.240 smp22.01.241 smp22.01.242 smp22.01.243 smp22.01.244 smp22.01.245 smp22.01.246 smp22.01.247 smp22.01.248 smp22.01.249 smp22.01.250 smp22.01.251 smp22.01.252 smp22.01.253 smp22.01.254 smp22.01.255 smp22.01.256 smp22.01.257 smp22.01.258 smp22.01.259 smp22.01.260 smp22.01.261 smp22.01.262 smp22.01.263 smp22.01.264 smp22.01.265 smp22.01.266 smp22.01.267 smp22.01.268 smp22.01.269 smp22.01.270 smp22.01.271 smp22.01.272 smp22.01.273 smp22.01.274 smp22.01.275 smp22.01.276 smp22.01.277 smp22.01.278 smp22.01.279 smp22.01.280 smp22.01.281 smp22.01.282 smp22.01.283 smp22.01.284 smp22.01.285 smp22.01.286

Delilah had us up just as Ann’s alarm was going off on Saturday morning. We saw where Abby eventually got back to school after picking up Will at the airport. His flight had been delayed and so they didn’t get to campus until sometime after 2. That was a long day for both of them. Ann & I picked up drinks at Dunkin then went out to St. Paul to pick up goodies at Wild Flour Bakery. Next, we drove to Burney, where she met up with her friends to spend the day scrapbooking. She said she got three layouts done, so she felt pretty good about it. I swung by Mom & Sandy’s house to drop off their treasures from Wild Flour and wound up sitting down to talk for a while with Gma while Gigi worked out at the station. I brought a ladder over so I could change lightbulbs in her laundry room then headed back home. Her little puppy, Olive, is awfully cute but Mom is furious that she takes it out constantly but still pees on her carpet. ☹ I got into my comfy clothes, ate breakfast and finally watched the Purdue game from a couple nights ago. I made it to halftime when Luke called and said he didn’t feel well. He was at work and asked me to bring him some ibuprofen. So, I got re-dressed and drove out to take care of my boy. While I was out there, I did a little Hot Wheels hunting and came out with about dozen new cars. I finished the game and installed our new cable modem from Comcast. They gave us a free upgrade…but they’ve already raised our rates this year, so is it really “free?” It went in really easy and afterward I watched the new Ancient Aliens from last night. I checked fluids in the vehicles and aired up Black Betty’s tire before heading out to Burney to pick up Ann that evening. Luke came back from work feeling much better and was gone when Ann & I got home. He had gone out to the Y to workout. We got all Ann’s stuff moved back into the closet and then I sat down to watch a couple episodes of Rock Legends on AXIS TV while I finished editing pictures and videos for this week’s blog. That evening, I wrote out this week’s HTML code while Ann read and played games on her phone while enjoying her electric blanket with DJ on her lap. I was stuck with stinky Lola, who kept farting. Ann said we deserved each other – LOL. Ann got a call from Angie that evening, inviting us over for cards and cocktails. After some debate, we decided to head over to the Sunken Boat Bar to hang out with Bryan & and An-Jay. It was boys vs. girls in euchre with the boys winning 2 out of 3. Later, Alan & Kristy joined us and we played a game of Rummy with Alan coming from worst to first and capture the late-night title. It was good to spend some time with our friends – good for the soul…

The dogs had us up waaay too early on Sunday morning. Ann wasn’t far behind me, getting up that morning. Luke came back from spending the night at Oakley’s house. We all got cleaned-up and went over to Mom & Sandy’s house shortly before noon to celebrate Ann’s birthday one final time. Gigi’s Gourmet was open that day with a special guest chef – Jamie! 😊 We were going to do this on Thursday night. But since Matt had a wrestling meet, we pushed it back to today. Unfortunately, he had previously agreed to coach a few players at a wrestling tournament today. But at least Taylor came down to see us. Turns out, it was a good thing she did because Abby lost her keys last night. Taylor was kind enough to stop in Franklin to grab Abs on her way south, which was really cool. We had a baked potato bar, hot dogs & chili, corn casserole, baked mac & cheese, two types of sausage balls, meatballs, deviled eggs and chips & salsa. There were two kids of cakes, including Mom’s amazing homemade butter pecan cake with caramel icing (!) along with some pistachio pudding and a couple flavors of ice cream. I was miserable when we left – so stuffed that I muttered that I wouldn’t have to eat again the rest of the weekend! We sang a rousing version of the Birthday Song to Ms. Ann and then she opened her presents. We watched the first half of the Purdue game afterward. The #6 Boilers were hosting the #14 Buckeyes that afternoon. Purdue jumped out to a 20-point lead and just like the previous half dozen games, gave it all back. It came down to a last second shot. Jayden Ivey took it and swished a fade-away 3-pointer to win the game! We came back home at halftime, after taking a cat nap. Abs grabbed a few things – including my key for her car – before the girls headed back up north. Big thanks to Ms. Taylor for taking care of our girl that day. Luke met up with his buddies and they drove down to Lawrenceburg to go tubing that afternoon at Perfect North. Ann & I both napped for a bit and I had to rewind the Purdue game to watch that exciting ending. We watched the NFL playoffs on the big screen the rest of the day. It was Championship Weekend, featuring the Bengals at the Chiefs in the early game. KC jumped out to a 3 TD lead in the first half but got a huge stop on the final play before halftime and used that momentum to fight back. By the end of the 3rd quarter, the game was tied – setting up an exciting end to the game. It did not disappoint and just like last week, the game was decided on the final play. It was in OT when Cincy kicked a FG to move on to the Super Bowl. And with it, Bryan will be headed to Los Angeles in two weeks to see the Bengals in person in the big game! Next up we watched the NFC game which had LA hosting San Fran. It was close the whole way, but in the end the Rams defended their home field and will now play one final game in their home stadium in two weeks. Ann made Fireworks popcorn for dinner that night and I took a good nap. After football, we watched last night’s SNL and flipped on Paramount + to watch the new 1883. I finished up this week’s blog entry and called it a night. It was a relaxing way to wrap up the weekend and a great way to wind down another good week, here at the old Scheu abode. Here are pictures of some newer additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.01.61 hwc22.01.62 hwc22.01.63 hwc22.01.64 hwc22.01.65 hwc22.01.66 hwc22.01.67 hwc22.01.68 hwc22.01.69 hwc22.01.70 hwc22.01.71 hwc22.01.72 hwc22.01.73 hwc22.01.74 hwc22.01.75

Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature pictures off of Deanna’s digital camera in 2006. We lead off this week with the girls up in Chicago for the day in March; then we have a Memorial Day party at our house in May; July shows the kids at the county fair, Grace’s birthday party and the Tree City Car Show; August has a pic of Gene McCoy at the Power of the Past; September has a great pair of pics of Gma, Gigi & Luke at Keith’s bday party in NY; in November we see pix from Thanxmas and December has pictures of Christmas Eve, the girls enjoying a spa day and Santa in the elementary school.

Waybac.2006.03.ct40 Waybac.2006.03.ct41 Waybac.2006.05.md52 Waybac.2006.05.md53 Waybac.2006.07.dcf53 Waybac.2006.07.dcf54 Waybac.2006.07.dcf55 Waybac.2006.07.gbd27 Waybac.2006.07.gbd28 Waybac.2006.07.gcs14 Waybac.2006.07.gcs15 Waybac.2006.08.potp01 Waybac.2006.09.kbd17 Waybac.2006.09.kbd18 Waybac.2006.11.td51 Waybac.2006.11.td52 Waybac.2006.11.td53 Waybac.2006.12.ce49 Waybac.2006.12.ce50 Waybac.2006.12.sd69 Waybac.2006.12.sd70 Waybac.2006.12.sd71 Waybac.2006.12.sd72 Waybac.2006.12.sis17 lp22.01.05

And we wrap up with our video segment, which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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