He’s got a Daughter He calls Easter

We’ve had a fast week since we last touched base. Matt continues to work with Cathy on financing mortgage loans. He said the recent interest hikes are hurting their business a little bit but things are still steady. It was good to see him and Taylor this weekend. Abby had a busy week of school and social life, spending time with Will and their friends. It was good to see them again this week as well. Luke continued winding down his high school career. He had a short week of classes but had two track meets, worked out at the YMCA nearly every day and even took a trip with his buddies. Ann & I both had long weeks at work that were very busy. I managed to log eleven miles, but still fell short of my weekly goal. Between the weather and sports, I did not get out to play any frisbee golf this week. I hope to reverse that trend next week. I did, however, get out into the yard this week and mow for the first time in 2022. It was good to get the Bettys (White & Black) back up and running, along with all our yard tools. Now if we can just get a handle on this weather. Like a typical Indiana April, the temps and precip have been all over the place this week. We went from having the house open and fans blowing to closing up the house and flipping the heat back on. It was good to get together with the family this weekend, celebrating Easter and making some memories. Although we didn’t see them, it was good to at least talk on the phone with Dad B & Lynn and Rob & Sharon. For the first time in a while, I really missed Mom this weekend. I planned to call Dad S & Barb but ran out of time this morning and then by the time I remembered again, it was too late to call. I’ll have to add that to the list of stuff to get done this coming week… Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school on Monday morning. Luke had a typical day – school, practice, lifting at the Y. Abs & Matt returned to their normal routines as well. Ann had a busy day at work. My week started off less than cool – Man, was it a Monday for me… It started when we went out to get in the van and noticed that a flock of birds had used it for target practice that morning. On our way into work, two birds swooped down and bounced off our windshield. Thankfully, they didn’t come through it! When I got to work, I realized I had forgotten my damn computer. I had just turned off the ignition and opened my door when it dawned on me…so I shook my head, notified my team and headed back home. By the time I got back to work, I was way behind. And that’s the way it stayed the entire day. I was late Jim’s flash report meeting, I was late to lunch, I was late to my two afternoon meetings and I was late getting out of work that afternoon. I only managed to get in a little over a mile and a half of exercise in between the raindrops. It stormed on and off all day but only sprinkled a little on me on an otherwise lovely afternoon. When we got home, I worked on culling pictures and videos for this week’s blog entry while we had a find-your-own dinner evening and watched both episodes of American Idol from last night and tonight. We were bummed to learn that Kenedi Anderson dropped out of the competition. I thought she would be the eventual winner… Here are pictures of Luke’s track meet vs. Batesville last week.

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It was still raining on Tuesday morning. The dogs were a mess when they came back inside before we left for the day. Luke went to school then came home to eat and let the dogs out before he went to his track meet that evening. Ann & I had fast days at work. I was able to focus on doing reports and made progress on my monthly reports. I’ve got less time this month due to my corporate guy coming to inspect the building and my program next week. I got out on time for once and enjoyed walking a 5K while mapping out the new frisbee golf course around the airport property and I know the layout now. Hopefully, Abs will come home early enough this weekend that we can go over and play a quick round! I left work early, picked up Annie and headed down to North Vernon where we Luke and the Pirates were facing Jennings County and East Central in a 3-way meet. Luke did only throwing events (shotput and discus), but they had 26 boys in the competition and so we were there until it was too dark to see – over three hours. In fact, they wound up having to stop the discus event due to darkness. That night, it was a fight for second place because Leo from EC was at the competition. He was amazing that evening, winning both events easily. He threw the shotput over 70’ and the discuss over 175’. In fact, he nearly threw a couple into the creek! I think all of his discus throws went past the end of the field and all his shotput throws rolled out the back of the pit – the only person to do either of those things. He has been dominating this conference since he was in junior high. First up was the shotput. Luke threw in the 2nd flight and scratched the first three times. He would’ve had a PB in his 2nd and 3rd throws. On his final throw, he had to take a little off to make sure he got at least one of them in. He wound up in third place with a throw of 44’. He would’ve had about 48’ on his 2nd throw, but he stepped out. Next, it was off to the discus field. He again threw in the 2nd flight. By the time he finished, it was so dark out that we could barely see the discs land! In the end, Luke got 4th place with a distance of about 125’ – a big improvement and a definite PR. After raining most of the morning, it turned out to be a pretty nice afternoon and evening. It got a little chilly at the end of the night and Ann watched / took pictures from the van, which we pulled around back, by the fields. We stopped by Wendy’s and ate in the van on the way home. The dogs were glad to see us, but Lola had an accident in her cage, so we washed her blanket real quick and let them go out and get a little muddy in the backyard for a while. We watched a couple DVR’d shows and talked to Luke briefly when he got home before calling it a night and heading on to bed. Here are some random pictures from our recent adventures.

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Wednesday brought us more of the wet stuff. In fact, I rained pretty much the entire day. Our yard is a soupy mess right now! We made it into work safely and I was able to work on my Safety Committee report and get it done that day. I also did a few IT things but was disappointed when I spent about an hour on a PC and it didn’t work. I was further disappointed when I found out that my sprinkler project is going to be more expensive than I was planning. I went out for a working lunch with Justin and Steph at the China Buffet. I was so full the rest of the day that I was miserable. Although I didn’t want to, I forced myself to go outside and walk. It has just stopped raining so it was really wet. I only got sprinkled on a few times but managed to get in about two and a half miles and got Ann picked up just as it began raining again. When we got home, it was much too wet to play frisbee golf, but the temps were nice. When we went to bring the dogs in, we found that Delilah was missing out of the backyard. Turns out, she had wiggled through the fence on the front side. I thought we were done with this Houdini crap. Thankfully, she didn’t get far and our neighbor brought her back for us. It was odd timing as the Dances had their dog get loose just that morning. We saw it running loose with another dog as we left for work that morning. We got DD in the house and I went out to secure the fence on the northeast and southeast sides. They were both compromised but should hold until I can do something more permanent. That evening we had some severe weather roll through town. We had severe thunderstorm warnings then a tornado warning – with the sirens blaring and everything. Thankfully, we were safe and the storm passed with no casualties. We watched a few DVR’d shows and talked with Luke after her returned from working out at the YMCA. I worked on editing pictures and videos that evening until we both woke up and went on to bed.

We actually saw the sunrise on Thursday morning. It was a beautiful site…especially after it had gone missing this week. Ann and I had fast days at work. With Justin working from home that day, I was able to get my quarterly report started and eventually finished before I left for the day. I also did my weekly rounds, worked on my boss’ computer and worked on the industrial hole punch in the nursing station, as well as a couple other chores that popped up that morning. I broke up my day by going out to lunch with Victor and the other Justin at Riviera Maya. I stayed focused on doing my report but it came at a cost. I spent my final hour finishing the work instead of making time to go outside and exercise. Instead, I packed up my computer and a few other things and left for the weekend. I picked up Ann and we headed down to Madison. Meanwhile, Luke went to school but left early for an appointment and came home briefly to eat and let the dogs out before heading back to school to head to his next track meet vs. the Cubs. We got down there a little early but found good places to set up our seats because of it. They started with discus and Luke continued to improve…although one of his warm-up throws was so bad that it hit the pole around the pit and came over near us! However, during the actual competition, he got off much better throws and wound up in 2nd with a PB of 127’! In fact, we swept the top three spots with Tyler in 1st, Luke in 2nd & Eli in 3rd. It was chilly that evening and the wind got stronger and stronger. By the time shotput rolled around, it was getting downright cold. Luke got in two good throws but went for the gusto on his 3rd and final throw but couldn’t land it properly and wound up scratching when he put his hands on the ground in front of the circle. As it turned out, we swept that event as well with the boys finishing in the same order! Ann & I said good-bye to Lukey and headed back home. We stopped at Wendy’s to use the john and grab some to-go dinner. The dogs were glad to see us that evening. Ann & I were tired, but we still managed to watch a few DVR’d shows before we fell asleep in the living room that evening. Luke was only home a couple minutes before he was headed right back out to go workout at the YMCA. When he got home, he woke us up and while he was eating again, we made our way on to the bedroom… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp22.04.135 smp22.04.136 smp22.04.137 smp22.04.138 smp22.04.139 smp22.04.140 smp22.04.141 smp22.04.142 smp22.04.143 smp22.04.144 smp22.04.145 smp22.04.146 smp22.04.147 smp22.04.148 smp22.04.149 smp22.04.150 smp22.04.151 smp22.04.152 smp22.04.153 smp22.04.154 smp22.04.155 smp22.04.156 smp22.04.157 smp22.04.158 smp22.04.159 smp22.04.160 smp22.04.161 smp22.04.162 smp22.04.163 smp22.04.164 smp22.04.165 smp22.04.166 smp22.04.167 smp22.04.168 smp22.04.169 smp22.04.170 smp22.04.171 smp22.04.172 smp22.04.173 smp22.04.174 smp22.04.175 smp22.04.176 smp22.04.177 smp22.04.178 smp22.04.179 smp22.04.180 smp22.04.181 smp22.04.182 smp22.04.183 smp22.04.184 smp22.04.185 smp22.04.186

We slept in a few minutes on Friday morning. Luke had the day off for Good Friday, but Ann & I still had to work. We did our normal Friday routine of going through Dunkin, dropping Annie off at her downtown office and then running a few errands before heading back to the house to work from home that morning. I picked up Ann, ran an errand for After Prom then I worked from home all afternoon. I finally completed my emergency drill reports from the last couple months. By the time I finished, the beautiful day that I had enjoyed from outside my window had left and it was cool and overcast with a strong breeze blowing in another storm on the horizon. I decided to go out and at least see if I could start all the yard tools. I also charged up Black Betty and Betty White, which had both sat idle through the winter months. I was pleasantly surprised that both mowers, the trimmer and blower all started on the first attempt! Although tired and unmotivated, I opted to go mow the front yard. I forgot how much I hated that old Sears mower. It sets so low that it kills my back. And I really pissed it off that evening. Once I finished, I really thought about going in and resting my back but decided to push on and mowed the backyard but I switched over to the Husqvarna mower and it went much easier. It began to sprinkle on me a little, but when I finished, the edges looked so bad that I had to trim along the fences and house. By the time I finished, I was pooped and ready to go sit down. Ann made dinner while I was outside and was ready when I came in. We ate dinner and watched a couple DVR’d shows. Ann did some light reading on her new phone while I edited pictures and video before I fell fast asleep. I took some ibuprofen with my evening meds and went on to bed. Meanwhile, Luke spent his day slacking off then worked out at the YMCA. Later, he helped his buddy Blayne coach a little league baseball team and then they decided to go to Tennessee for the night. I guess there were several of their friends down there so he and Blayne decided to join them. Although we didn’t understand why they would want to drive all that way to be there for just one day and then drive back, we didn’t stop Luke from going. As Ann pointed out, that’s a long way from when Matt was his age…we would’ve never allowed Matt drive that far! 😊

I was up early on Saturday morning. I think with all the stuff blooming, I had trouble breathing in my c-pap because of being stopped up. Being unable to breathe due to my sinus issues, I tossed and turned for an hour until I finally got up and started my day. I filed all the bills I paid yesterday, did the dishes and folded towels before I started watching some DVR’d shows while editing the rest of this week’s pictures. When Ann got up that morning, we drove over to St. Paul to get pastries from Wild Flour Bakery – including a couple delicious Easter sugar cookies! It was a rainy morning, so after running a couple errands (including shipping Luke’s phone that she sold on Mercari), we returned home to eat breakfast and watch a couple shows we recorded yesterday. We both took naps that afternoon and when I woke up, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the rain had subsided, the sun was shining brightly and everything was beginning to dry out. I slowly got myself motivated to load up Betty White and head over to Mom & Sandy’s house to mow and trim their yard for the first time this year. Turns out, it didn’t need trimmed so I spent that extra time by going in for a drink, a snack and talk for a little while. I was happy that Betty White ran well and started on the first try! When I got home and put everything away, I got ahold of Abby to see if she was still planning to come down that evening. I was going to surprise her with a fire on the back patio. But she went to IU yesterday and spent the night in Bloomington with her good friend Mary. She and Will were studying for an exam that evening and decided to stay on campus that night and just come home in the morning. It was just as well. I was sore and tired from two days of mowing and besides – it was pretty windy out back. Ann made us dinner with a new loaf of bread from Wild Flour and some fresh deli meat and cheese. She made them like a grilled cheese in a pan on the stove. OMG – it was so good! 😊 That sour dough had some sort of herb in it, according to Ann. I don’t know what it was, but it was delicious… That evening, it cooled-off to the point that we had to close the windows. It was nice being able to open up the house for a couple days. That evening, we took it easy. As Annie read on her phone, I flipped between the inaugural USFL game between the New Jersey Generals and the Birmingham Stallions and the NASCAR races on the dirt track in Bristol. I wrote out this week’s html code and uploaded this week’s video and all the pictures. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.04.31 hwc22.04.32 hwc22.04.33 hwc22.04.34 hwc22.04.35 hwc22.04.36 hwc22.04.37 hwc22.04.38 hwc22.04.39 hwc22.04.40 hwc22.04.41 hwc22.04.42 hwc22.04.43 hwc22.04.44 hwc22.04.45 hwc22.04.46 hwc22.04.47

On Easter Sunday, Lola was barking to be let out when the sun came up. Annie got up with her and allowed me to stay in bed. I couldn’t fall back to sleep, unfortunately; so, I got up too and got to doing our weekly household chores like laundry, dishes and putting things away in the family room. Luke missed his alarm that morning and was late leaving Tennessee that day. He rode back with Oakley and Drew, getting to lunch about 90 minutes late. Abby & Will came home early and had time to visit with us for a couple hours. Ann had prepared food last night when I was out mowing, so her overnight salad was already good to go and all she had to do was pop her cheesy potatoes into the oven for awhile and we were ready to go. Abs picked out a couple bottles of wine for us to take with us and then we loaded up the Barneymobile and went over to Mom & Sandy’s house for lunch. Matt & Taylor were already there when we got in. Also, there were Dee & Jamie. Grace and her new boyfriend Josh came a little later. Mom & Sandy had invited Cindy (Jamie’s mom) to join us in also celebrating Jamie’s 44th birthday. Ann’s cousin Julie and her husband came to lunch, too. I guess Joe was there earlier but left before lunch. Amy came later as well but didn’t eat lunch with us. It as another nice dinner with ham & turkey sandwiches, pasta salad, Ann’s overnight salad, deviled eggs, veggies & dip, Ann’s cheesy potatoes, Jamie’s onions & peppers potatoes, Mom’s homemade mac & cheese, baked beans, chips and tons of cookies – including Mom’s sugar cookies (yum!). After lunch, we celebrated Jamie’s birthday with a rousing rendition of the Bday Song (boy, you should’ve seen the look on Josh’s face when we started singing in the death-march phrasing – lol!) and enjoyed cake & ice cream. Then the kids went outside and had an Easter egg hunt for a while. It was a little chilly but it was sunny, dry and pretty. We played a few games of BINGO before we said our good-byes and headed back home. Matt & Taylor went back up north while the other kids came home. Abby & Will played cards with Ann & I. The old folks won, two games to one in a tightly contested competition. We had fun catching up with those two then sent them back to campus with a picnic basket full of food and supplies. That evening, we watched a couple USFL games as well as the dirt Cup race at Bristol. After Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner, we had to put on the latest episode of Outlander on Starz. We were bummed to find out that they had NOT released the next episode that day so we’ll have to wait until next weekend. ☹ The USFL game was delayed apparently because it wasn’t on and the Bristol dirt race was red-flagged for a rain delay so we watched a couple DVR’d shows instead – The Equalizer and American Idol. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and a great way to put the wraps on a great week, here at the old Scheu abode.

Next up is our Waybac segment, which continues to feature the great batch from Aunt Sue that spans eight decades of the Scheu family. We lead off this week in the 1920s with a picture of Granny Scheu’s best friend, “Aunt” Mary Koerner; then we move to the 1940s, we see a couple more pics of Mary K; Granny & Pug’s marriage certificate (backside) from December of ’41; pictures of Aunt Sue: in about ’42, April 4, 1944, “Susie at Uncle Pete’s house on his 55th birthday party on October 22 of ’44,” out front of 9th St. in April of ’45; in the 1950s, we have a great pic of Sue & Sally out front of the Highland Ave home in May of ’57 and Aunt Sally in May of ’59; in the 1960s: Billy playing piano in January of ’65 and Cathy & David – circa ’68; in the 1970s: Mary holding me with Mom, Dad Scheu, Vicki & Granny at McCormick’s Creek State Park on June 20, 1970 and a picture of Dave in 1970; and finally in the 1990s we have a great pic of the Funkhouser grandchildren (Seth, Daniel, Jazmin and Zack) – circa late ‘90s.

Waybac.1920.amk01 Waybac.1940s.gdmk01 Waybac.1940s.gdmk02 Waybac.1941.12.ggsmc01 Waybac.1942.as01 Waybac.1944.04.asons03 Waybac.1944.04.asons04 Waybac.1944.10.sauph01 Waybac.1945.04.asons01 Waybac.1957.05.sasoh01 Waybac.1959.05.asoh02 Waybac.1965.01.bpp01 Waybac.1968.cads01 BuEaWaybac.1970.06.mvtstg.mcsp01ster Waybac.1970.ds01 Waybac.1999.sdjz01 lp22.04.03

Next up is our video segment, featuring one new home movie as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We really miss ya, Momma…
Later, Scheu

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