By the Time We got to Sigstock…We were half a Dozen Strong

We’ve had another week fly by us as we continue to speed towards graduation. I didn’t hear much from Matt, so I assume he was busy working and spending time with Ms. Taylor. Abby had a busy week of classes, sorority events and work. We enjoyed seeing her four times this week. We laughed that it would’ve been cheaper to have rented a room at a hotel in town! Luke was busy as well, as he had school, did some work on the side, spent time with his friends, worked-out at the YMCA and even found time to go to Tennessee. Ann, much like Luke and myself, dealt with peeling skin from last weekend’s sunburn at Luke’s track meet. She had a full week of work and enjoyed spending time with family as well as doing stuff for After-Prom. I had another busy week at work – it’s been such a busy year so far! I was hoping to get together with friends this week for some cards, but that fell through. I finally exceeded my workout goals, logging over 17 miles of walking. But even better was the fact that I played 81 holes of frisbee golf and by week’s end, I was throwing only golf discs…and looking for more. I not only added to my frisbee collection, but also added new entries in my Hot Wheels and music collection as well. I talked with Rob, who made his way back down to FLA for Week 18. As lovely as it was here this week, I really wish we were heading down to Week 19 as I write this on Sunday afternoon… That being said, we had a blast with Abby & Will at Sigstock this weekend – something we couldn’t have done if we were headed to the Sand Pebble… Hello again and welcome to the latest edition of the Scheu Family Blog.

We did not sleep well overnight and woke up tired on Monday morning. Luke had a dentist appointment that morning that I assume went well, since we didn’t hear anymore about it. We were a little late getting in to work that morning because I had to run back into the house when natured called as we were pulling out of the driveway! I spent the morning working on paperwork, getting everything caught up. I did a little purchasing during lunch then spent the afternoon doing video surveillance rounds. It wasn’t too stressful, thankfully, just constant. I felt like crud because of my sunburned face. Not only was my face hurting, but it gave me a nasty headache as well. I did get out on time and walked three miles outside on a chilly afternoon. It was prefect shorts and sweatshirt weather. It rained on and off all day, including during my walk – which was fine with me…it just helped keep me cool. I picked up Ann and we headed up to Franklin. We dropped off a few things for Abby & Will to use during this week. It’s Sig-Stock week; a fraternity function where the kids sleep outdoors on the front lawn in tents. It will culminate this weekend with a concert that Ann & I are planning to attend. Ann said they had another busy Monday at work as well. She was also sunburned, but it was more in her shoulders than face. We stopped in-town at the Willard for dinner. She finally found a caterer for Luke’s grad party. She’s going with Koch’s. She would later order party invitations that evening. While we were eating dinner, she had the bright idea to see about having Abby’s graduation lunch there. So, we talked to the bartender and reserved the TV room for a few hours following Abby’s college graduation for the family to go and enjoy time celebrating her. By the time we got home, it was much colder outside. We opened up the stuffy house and it instantly cooled down in there. I don’t think we’ll have any trouble sleeping tonight! We watched SWAT and then voted while watching American Idol, as they narrowed their filed down to the top ten. Afterward, I culled pictures and videos for this week’s blog and once I had everything backed-up on the external hard drives, I went on to bed. Here are pictures from Luke’s track meet vs. Connersville & New Castle from last week.

lp22.05.01 ltcnc22.00a ltcnc22.00b ltcnc22.00c ltcnc22.00d ltcnc22.01 ltcnc22.02 ltcnc22.03 ltcnc22.04 ltcnc22.05 ltcnc22.06 ltcnc22.07 ltcnc22.08 ltcnc22.09 ltcnc22.10 ltcnc22.11 ltcnc22.12 ltcnc22.13 ltcnc22.14 ltcnc22.15 ltcnc22.16 ltcnc22.17 ltcnc22.18 ltcnc22.19 ltcnc22.20 ltcnc22.21 ltcnc22.22 ltcnc22.23 ltcnc22.24 ltcnc22.25 ltcnc22.26 ltcnc22.27 ltcnc22.28 ltcnc22.29 ltcnc22.30 ltcnc22.31 ltcnc22.32 ltcnc22.33 ltcnc22.34 ltcnc22.35 ltcnc22.36 ltcnc22.37 ltcnc22.38 ltcnc22.39 ltcnc22.40 ltcnc22.41 ltcnc22.42 ltcnc22.43 ltcnc22.44 ltcnc22.45 ltcnc22.46 ltcnc22.47 ltcnc22.48 ltcnc22.50 ltcnc22.51 ltcnc22.52 ltcnc22.53 ltcnc22.54 ltcnc22.55

Man: what a difference a day makes! As anticipated, we slept MUCH better overnight and woke up to a house that felt more like a walk-in cooler at the liquor store than an old barn on a summer day. My sunburn was feeling much better and it allowed me to take a warmer shower. Hell, the bathroom mirror even got partially steamed up – something that hasn’t happened since last week. It was another busy day for us. Luke had school then caught the bus over to Franklin, where he and the Pirates had their next track meet – where Luke was again scheduled to throw shotput and discus. My morning went by quickly, thanks to the next new hire orientation class that Justin & I facilitated in the Penthouse followed by the monthly generator test. I began my EOC rounds that afternoon and then went out to get my exercise on. In lieu of walking, I decided to play the new frisbee golf course out on Ray Boll Blvd. The course is laid out right amongst the route that I walk each day, so I was happy to get out and have some fun on a sunny but very breezy day. While playing, a car pulled up and stopped me…turns out, it was the guy who designed the course. We talked for about 5 minutes. He is putting together a tourney at the end of May. I gave him my number and told him I’d be interested in playing and to give me a call. I threw a 1-over, 28 which I thought was pretty good considering it was my first time and the wind was so tough. I did play a scramble-style of game, throwing 3 or 4 discs on many tees and 1 or 2 midrange and putt shots. I am starting to get the hang of my yellow Leopard disc. I think I could probably play the Greensburg, Batesville or Columbus courses with just those two discs. I did try to use a new disc that I’ve been dying to try out. It is a red Destroyer distance driver. But it is like trying to control a 1-iron – only God can hit one straight! This course is the perfect venue for me to try and get it figured out because it’s wide open. So, when I throw it and it goes 200 feet…in the wrong direction…I can just go pick it up and try again on another hole. I picked up Annie and we headed back to Franklin. This time, we went out to the high school. Their campus is amazing – much more like a college campus…and much larger that the FC campus! It was busy out there with the track meet, baseball games (both JV & varsity), softball games (again, JV & varsity), and a lacrosse game as well! How cool is that? And there was plenty of parking – lots of room for everything. Abby and Will wound up coming out to watch Luke and the Pirate throwers compete against the Franklin Community Cubs. The boys started on the discus course. Although it was less than his PR, Luke still won that competition with Tyler finishing in second place, a mere inch separated them! Next, it was on the shotput pit. Unfortunately, Luke scratched on his first three attempts. His second won was likely a PR – somewhere in the neighborhood of 48 or 49’! On his final attempt, he went with what is called a “power throw” which is just standing up there and heaving it. Even without any momentum, he managed to get 3rd place with Tyler winning. What a fun competition they have going! We said goodbye to Luke and took the college students out to dinner. We decided (with my urging) to stop right next door to the school – McCallister’s. We enjoyed catching up with the kids for a little while before we had to head on our way. The dogs were so happy to see us and didn’t even stay out very long, choosing to come hang out with us. DJ slept on Ann’s lap and Lola curled up against me on my blanket. We watched a DVR’d show and tried a 2nd, but fell asleep, worn-out from our long day. Here are pictures of Luke’s track meet at the South Dearborn Invitational last week.

ltsdi22.01 ltsdi22.02 ltsdi22.03 ltsdi22.04 ltsdi22.05 ltsdi22.06 ltsdi22.07 ltsdi22.08 ltsdi22.09 ltsdi22.10 ltsdi22.11 ltsdi22.12 ltsdi22.13 ltsdi22.14 ltsdi22.15 ltsdi22.16 ltsdi22.17 ltsdi22.18

Wednesday was another chilly morning. I heard there was a frost warning overnight. I don’t think it ever got quite that cold, but it was definitely in the 30s. It made for excellent sleeping weather with the windows open, through it made the morning shower a little nipply. My face was really starting to peel that morning. It actually started last night, but that morning after my shower I saw something scary in the mirror. It was a cross between Freddy Kruger and the Walking Dead – gross. Ann & I headed back to Columbus for another long day. I had a cardiologist appointment that morning that went very well. Outside of still carrying around my Covid weight, the old ticker is doing pretty good. I don’t have to see her again until next year. It was day two of my EOC rounds and I also facilitated a fire drill that afternoon. After going to lunch with Vic yesterday at Five Guys, we went out again that day to Riviera Maya which really hit the spot! After work that day, Justin & I played a round of frisbee golf. He struggled a little on the first few holes then found his groove. Turns out, he’s pretty good at throwing the disc. We tied the final 5 holes and wound up with me throwing a 29 while Justin recorded a 32 – not bad for not having played before – ever! I could’ve had a much better score, but on hole 2, I got my disc stuck in a tree and had to run to the van and get my extending hook. It pulled it right out, but it also cost me a stroke and left me with a challenging lie as well. Outside of that hole, I did about the same as yesterday. We had a good time, forgetting about work for about an hour and got in some good exercise as well. He left after the first game, but I had time to quickly play another 9 before I had to call it a day. I did much better the second time around, throwing a 1-under-par, 26 – my best score yet! I picked up Ms. Ann and we went out to the outlet mall to pick up a few new pairs of shorts because I ripped-out a pair of my work shorts and just as we were getting back into the van…yep…I ripped-out the seat in the shorts I had on as well! You can’t make this stuff up… Next, we drove back up to the FC campus to see Abby again. We went into her dorm, where I changed my shorts and then we met Will outside and walked over to the Student Center. Abby & her roommate Carly were both up for awards that evening, specifically Top Ten Senior award, at the Student Involvement Awards. Although Carly didn’t win, Abby did! Way to go, Bu!! Afterwards, the girls took a bunch of pictures and then we took the kids out to dinner at Mike’s Bar & Grill (now called the Grill Bar). We had a couple drinks and dinner (including their mini tacos, which brought back memories – especially when we sat at the back, round table like we did back in the late 80s and early 90s. 😊 We had fun hearing stories from the kids for an hour or so, including some college drama. Setting the mood of course was the background music. That was the main difference from when Ann & I would come there in our college days. It was clearly a country music bar back then but it was clearly a rock bar now. We enjoyed tunes from AC/DC, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Rush, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Foghat, etc.…awesome! Eventually, we had to say our goodbyes and head back home. It was pitch-black by the time we got home, late that evening. Luke had a good day at school and an even better afternoon at track practice. Afterward, he worked-out at the YMCA then came home to let the dogs out. We got all our stuff put away and settled in to snuggle with the dogs for a little while before falling asleep after a couple DVR’d shows. The house looked great as Julie had come to clean that day. Here are pictures from Luke’s track meet at the Brown County Talon Relays last weekend.

lttr22.01 lttr22.02 lttr22.03 lttr22.04 lttr22.05 lttr22.06 lttr22.07 lttr22.08 lttr22.09 lttr22.10 lttr22.11 lttr22.12 lttr22.13 lttr22.14 lttr22.15 lttr22.16 lttr22.17 lttr22.18 lttr22.19 lttr22.20 lttr22.21 lttr22.22 lttr22.23 lttr22.24 lttr22.25 lttr22.26 lttr22.27 lttr22.28 lttr22.29 lttr22.30 lttr22.31 lttr22.32 lttr22.33 lttr22.34 lttr22.35 lttr22.36 lttr22.37 lttr22.38 lttr22.39 lttr22.40 lttr22.41 lttr22.42 lttr22.43 lttr22.44 lttr22.45 lttr22.46 lttr22.47 lttr22.48 lttr22.49 lttr22.50 lttr22.51 lttr22.52 lttr22.53 lttr22.54 lttr22.55 lttr22.56 lttr22.57 lttr22.58 lttr22.59 lttr22.60 lttr22.61 lttr22.62 lttr22.63 lttr22.64 lttr22.65 lttr22.66 lttr11.67

Thursday was another early morning for Ann & I as we headed back to work on another cool morning. There was another frost warning overnight which means I slept like a baby with the window open and the fan blowing…ahhh…. It was another fast day for Ann and I. She had a bunch of meetings and a full schedule at her office. I finished up purchasing for the month and caught up with Jim, who just got back from Key West. He was just like Ann and I – peeling from a sunburn! 😊 After finishing up my monthly EOC rounds and writing up work orders, I went out and played 18 holes of frisbee golf on the airport property course, throwing a par 27 and then a 28 on the second round. Ann & I got caught up on our days as we drove home that evening. I dropped her off and went out to the park to play another 18 holes of frisbee golf. On the first 9, I threw a 5-under (22) from the front tees then on the second 9, I threw a 1-over (28) from the back tees. After 36 holes, I was sore and tired, having logged nearly 4 ½ miles for the day. It was a monumental day for me. It was the first day since I started playing frisbee golf that I didn’t use a 200 g Heavyweight disc. For those 36 holes, I used only golf discs a finally seem to be getting the handle on how to throw these little buggers. I grabbed some Advil and flopped on the couch, watching some DVR’d shows and grabbing some leftovers from our recent outings. It was nice to relax and do nothing at the house that night. I finally got a chance to begin editing pictures. We had nearly 600 this week to sort through. We tried to get the band of merry men together for card night, out at the Sunken Boat Bar, but everyone was too busy and so we decided to postpone it a few weeks until things calm down a little after graduation. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis22.05.01 sis22.05.02 sis22.05.03 sis22.05.04 sis22.05.05 sis22.05.06 sis22.05.07 sis22.05.08 sis22.05.09 sis22.05.10 sis22.05.11 sis22.05.12 sis22.05.13 sis22.05.14 sis22.05.15 sis22.05.16 sis22.05.17 sis22.05.18 sis22.05.19 sis22.05.20 sis22.05.21 sis22.05.22 sis22.05.23 sis22.05.24 sis22.05.25 sis22.05.26 sis22.05.27 sis22.05.28 sis22.05.29 sis22.05.30 sis22.05.31 sis22.05.32 sis22.05.33 sis22.05.34 sis22.05.35 sis22.05.36 sis22.05.37 sis22.05.38 sis22.05.39 sis22.05.40 sis22.05.41 sis22.05.42 sis22.05.43 sis22.05.44 sis22.05.45 sis22.05.46 sis22.05.47 sis22.05.48 sis22.05.49 sis22.05.50 sis22.05.51 sis22.05.53 sis22.05.54 sis22.05.55 sis22.05.56 sis22.05.57 sis22.05.58 sis22.05.59 sis22.05.60 sis22.05.61 sis22.05.62 sis22.05.63 sis22.05.64

Luke was up early and out the door for school before we even woke up. He met up with his classmates and piled on buses to head down to Nashville, TN for the annual Senior Trip. I was trying to remember what we did and as I recall, we went to Great America, up by Chicago, the Sunday after our Senior Prom. I can’t wait to hear the stories and hope that he takes a few pictures for us. Our Friday routine was just that – routine. We went to Dunkin, dropped off Ann downtown, I ran errands and then returned to the house. I worked from home that morning, catching up a few things that had been pushed back due to last week’s corporate visit and this week’s EOC rounds. I was able to finish by noon. I picked up Annie and we went to Wings & Rings for lunch. Kristen was working the bar and made a couple experimental cocktails (I simply asked the waitress to have Kristen, “Make something for Tom”). She knew instantly and looked our way, smiling broadly. We enjoyed catching up with her while we ate. Afterward, we went to the post office for Ann to pickup checks for After Prom. Come to find out, they weren’t checks from donors but rather checks she had ordered to help pay for goods & services. She had already gotten them, so we laughed, picked up a bunch of stamps for graduation party invites and headed back home. While Ann napped, I went out and mowed the yard. It was also a trim week, so by the time I finished, I was pooped and ready for a nap. I got In 4 new discs (a heavier Leopard and 3 heavier Aviars). I also got in a new Hot Wheels from the Red Line Club. 😊 I framed up 1968 Hot Wheels color ad and put it in the family room. I got cooled down and took it easy for a bit, napping on the couch while watching some DVR’d shows. I was hoping to go out and play a round of disc golf, but ankle was killing me. Instead, I opted to rest it and just take it easy. That gave me several hours to edit pictures for this week’s blog. I did enjoy the mail call that day, receiving four new golf discs as well as a Red Line Club Hot Wheels that I had ordered nearly a year ago. I fell asleep on the couch and went to bed while Ann stayed up to wait on Luke to get home from Nashville. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp22.05.01 smp22.05.02 smp22.05.03 smp22.05.04 smp22.05.05 smp22.05.06 smp22.05.07 smp22.05.08 smp22.05.09 smp22.05.10 smp22.05.11 smp22.05.12 smp22.05.13 smp22.05.14 smp22.05.15 smp22.05.16 smp22.05.17 smp22.05.18 smp22.05.19 smp22.05.20 smp22.05.21 smp22.05.22 smp22.05.23 smp22.05.24 smp22.05.25 smp22.05.26 smp22.05.27 smp22.05.28 smp22.05.29 smp22.05.30 smp22.05.31 smp22.05.32 smp22.05.33 smp22.05.34 smp22.05.35 smp22.05.36 smp22.05.37 smp22.05.38 smp22.05.39 smp22.05.40 smp22.05.41 smp22.05.42 smp22.05.43 smp22.05.44 smp22.05.45 smp22.05.46 smp22.05.47 smp22.05.48 smp22.05.49 smp22.05.50 smp22.05.51 smp22.05.52 smp22.05.53 smp22.05.54 smp22.05.55 smp22.05.56 smp22.05.57 smp22.05.58 smp22.05.59 smp22.05.60 smp22.05.61 smp22.05.62 smp22.05.63 smp22.05.64 smp22.05.65 smp22.05.66 smp22.05.67 smp22.05.68 smp22.05.69 smp22.05.70 smp22.05.71 smp22.05.72 smp22.05.73 smp22.05.74 smp22.05.75 smp22.05.76 smp22.05.77 smp22.05.78

I was up early on Saturday morning with the dogs while Ann & Luke slept in. I did a load of dishes and laundry and paid the bills…man, do I hate paying those darned bills… Eventually, I got dressed and checked fluids in the vehicles. I loaded up Betty White and we went over to mow at Mom & Sandy’s house. I went inside and talked to Mom & Jamie, who was there to watch the dogs while Maryann and Ann went with Sandy to the K of C for WTRE’s annual Mother’s Day event. Afterward, I stopped by the park and played 18 holes of frisbee golf. I had another 22 on the front 9 and then a 24 on the back 9, leaving me with a PR of 46. Again, I only used golf discs. That day, it was just a Jaguar & an Aviar. I’m starting to get the release point for the Jaguar, which has taken me several weeks to get this far. I tried to get more ice cream from Carriage on the Square, but they were slammed and it was gonna be like a half hour, so I just went on home. I showered and finished editing pictures before falling asleep on the couch with the dogs. Luke got up and went to a photo shoot with Farren (graduation theme) before working for Coach Harris that afternoon. When Ann got back home, I began packing the coolers and loading up the van and that evening Ann & I drove back to Franklin for the fourth time this week. We met up with Abby & Will at “Sig-Stock,” their annual fundraising event for their national charity. Luke stayed behind to watch the dogs and wound up looking up an application for the fire department – something I think would be an excellent career for him. We met up with Abby & Will on campus, at the Sig house. Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate and there was a chance of nasty weather all night. They talked about scrubbing the whole thing, but instead they moved it inside and had a big party in the basement. We hung out in Will’s room until the band began playing. It was just the six of us for about an hour – Ann & I, Abs & Will as well as her roommate Carly and her date. Ann kept calling him the wrong name – LOL! 😊 We met lots of kids and parents and shared some Crown Apple shots with several folks. We had lots of different drinks and snacks that we shared with Abby, Will and their friends. We enjoyed the band, which was just a duo but sounded like a full, 4- or 5-piece group. It was sure warm down in the basement – just as I remember all the basement parties back in the 80s and 90s were, there at FC. It was a fundraiser, which we think kept their numbers down (vs. if it was just an open party) but still had somewhere in the neighborhood of about hundred people. As the band finished, we began saying our goodbyes and made our way back upstairs and loaded the van back up. We wound up leaving all the drinks and food in Will’s room for the kids and went ahead and left before we overstayed our welcome. I can remember it being cool whenever we had parents come to the house to party with us, but after so long we were ready for them to leave as well – LOL. Ann & I made the Wall of Fame in Will’s room and then we headed back home. We stopped at McDonald’s for the restroom, drink and a quick meal. I was excited for the mail call again when we got home as I got another couple golf discs as well as the Kirk Hammett solo LP from Record Store Day last weekend. It has really cool blue vinyl that I can’t wait to hear! Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.05.01 hwc22.05.02 hwc22.05.03 hwc22.05.04 hwc22.05.05 hwc22.05.06 hwc22.05.07 hwc22.05.08 hwc22.05.09 hwc22.05.10 hwc22.05.11 hwc22.05.12

I was up early again on Sunday morning. I couldn’t blame it on the dogs that morning. Instead, I had sinus congestion and had trouble breathing in my c-pap. So, I got up and began the weekly household chores. Ann got up a little later and made us breakfast. Even Luke made a guest appearance for her bacon, egg & cheese biscuits – yum! I watched some USFL football and NASCAR races that morning while renaming all the pictures, uploading the pix and vids and then writing out all of the html code for this week’s blog entry. Luke left around noon or so and went to his buddy’s house. Shack’s family is moving to Florida, so he helped Drayden pack stuff up and move it into storage since they’re moving out in a week. He was pretty tired by the time he got home around 8. Ann & I napped on and off all day and tried to catch up on our rest. We opened up the house on a gorgeous day. A strong, cool breeze permeated the house and made napping that much easier. When the football game was a blowout and the race was on rain delay, we decided to begin the final run of Ozark episodes, which were recently released on Netflix. After binge-watching a couple episodes, Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn and we watched the next episode of Outlander and then put on American Idol. It was a great way to wrap up the weekend and a relaxing way to wrap up another fast week, here at the Scheu abode.

Next up is our Waybac segment, which continues to feature classic photos of the Scheu family. This week’s selection spans five decades, including a couple good ones of my momma. We lead off this week in the 1940s with Aunt Sue in ’43 and ’44; then in the 1950s: Dad & Aunt Mary as well as Dad, Mary, John and Granny – both at the Highland home in ’59; 1960s: Aunt Sue with 2-week-old Billy & Grandpa Pug on September 16, 1962; Billy in October ’64, Mary, Billy & Vicki in a small pool at the Funkhouser’s home in November ’64, and a couple more pix of Vicki’s First Communion Day with Aunt Mary & Aunt Sally in April 1969. In the 1970s: Mom, Granny & Sue at McCormick’s Creek State Park on June 20, 1970, a picture of me in April 1971 (I was 2 ½), Billy’s school picture, circa ’72, a cool picture of Billy & Vicki out back of the Highland Ave home, standing with Dad’s “racecar” – which is what I used to call it – on Easter Day, 1973; Granny’s birthday in Jan ’77; Kimmy’s birthday in March ’77; and Billy & Steven in ’78; and then the 1980s: Jackie’s school picture, circa ’82, Chris & Jason in 1985, and a couple more pictures of Vicki’s wedding to Fadi in 1989.

Waybac.1943.sisons01 Waybac.1944.sons04 Waybac.1959.tamons04 Waybac.1959.tmjgons01 Waybac.1962.09.psb01 Waybac.1964.10.bf01 Waybac.1964.10.bf02 Waybac.1964.11.mbvip01 Waybac.1969.04.vfcd10 Waybac.1969.04.vfcd11 Waybac.1970.06.ssgmcsp01 Waybac.1970.06.ssgmcsp02 Waybac.1971.04.ttaah01 Waybac.1972.09.bsp01 Waybac.1973.04.edvbdc01 Waybac.1977.01.gbd02 Waybac.1977.03.kbd07 Waybac.1978.bas01 Waybac.1978.bas02 Waybac.1982.jsp01 Waybac.1985.caj01 Waybac.1989.vafw05 Waybac.1989.vafw06 lp22.05.01

We wrap up this episode with our video segment which features one new home movie this week as sell as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry into the ongoing saga that is the Scheu Family Blog. We thank you for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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