…Givin’ you the Blues…You want to Graduate…

We’ve enjoyed another fast week, here at the Scheu abode. Everything Mom said is coming true – the days are long but the weeks and months just fly by. We didn’t get a chance to see Matt this week but look forward to seeing him next week. He had a quiet week with the kitties as Taylor enjoyed a trip to Hawaii. I believe his second job wrapped up so I’m not sure if he’s looking for a second job now for some extra income or what his plans are for the summer. Abby enjoyed her first week of post-school life by going on a trip to New York City with Will! They stayed out in Brooklyn with one of his sisters and enjoyed seeing the sites and taking in the culture. Wait till you see some of the pictures next week – she very much looks the part. From her hair and sunglasses to her outfits, she fit right in. I can’t wait to hear all the stories, though she did share a few with us on her way home when we brought her home from Indianapolis. She got to see Times Square in Manhattan, a skyline view of the city with a rooftop dinner after sunset in Brooklyn and even got into a speakeasy! Luke finished up his high school career and enjoyed a little down time, catching up on his sleep for most of the week. He did a few odd jobs here and there, but mostly stayed focused on re-designing his bedroom. We currently have his bookshelves setting in the family room and Abby’s dorm room in our living room. We’re hoping that the kids will get all their stuff out of there before Dad & Lynn return, here in a few days. Ann had a busy week at work and took another tumble (we may have to get her a helmet!). Thankfully, she’s fine. I only managed eight miles of exercise this week and a meager four rounds of frisbee golf (actually it was only two, but I threw two games at once both times I went out) due to the weather and busy schedule. My work week was pretty much a blur, as it has been all year. The weather has been all over the place. We had the house opened at one point but closed it up for a long, four-day weekend when the temperature and humidity rose and it finally stopped raining (I think it rained five or six straight days). It’s been a crazy stretch of about 7 or 8 weeks now and we have one another busy week coming this week. Hopefully things will slow down for us soon. We have a ton of pictures to share this week, so let’s get to it. Hello and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

On Monday morning, we enjoyed sleeping in a little, after just a few hours of sleep. Luke got up a little late for his last meaningful day of high school. He had four finals that day. Dad & Lynn got up, packed their stuff and headed up to Kokomo to see Aunt Sharon. They got in the shower just before Danny came over and shut off the water so he could install two new outdoor spigots. I broke the one out front two years ago and then the back one stripped-out a couple weeks ago. He worked on it for a few hours and then took off. Ann & I flopped in our chairs and watched TV all day, napping and trying to feel normal. While Ann read, I finished up this week’s blog. After school, Luke went out to help Sandy then went to the hardware store. He came back and decided to take the Lincoln, even though Jerry told him not to drive it. Instead, he ran an experiment and it died on him several times. He limped it out to Jerry’s place and parked it. I will have to apologize to Jerry for brining in his car a week early… Sandy stopped by to visit. We tried to air drop a group of pictures from Gigi, but Ann never did get it to work. Instead, we watched more DVR’d shows that afternoon and evening. We had the windows open and it was almost too cold to keep them open – which I loved. Ann made cheesy popcorn for dinner that evening and we continued to nap on and off the rest of the night. Here are pictures from Abby’s college graduation last weekend.

lp22.05.05 afg22.01 afg22.02 afg22.03 afg22.04 afg22.05 afg22.06 afg22.07 afg22.08 afg22.09 afg22.10 afg22.11 afg22.12 afg22.13 afg22.14 afg22.15 afg22.16 afg22.17 afg22.18 afg22.19 afg22.20 afg22.21 afg22.22 afg22.23 afg22.24 afg22.25 afg22.26 afg22.27 afg22.28 afg22.29 afg22.30 afg22.31 afg22.32 afg22.33 afg22.34 afg22.35 afg22.36 afg22.37 afg22.38 afg22.39 afg22.40 afg22.41 afg22.42 afg22.43 afg22.44 afg22.45 afg22.46 afg22.47 afg22.48 afg22.49 afg22.50 afg22.51 afg22.52 afg22.53 afg22.54’ afg22.55 afg22.56 afg22.57 afg22.58 afg22.59 afg22.60 afg22.61 afg22.62 afg22.63 afg22.64 afg22.65 afg22.66 afg22.67 afg22.68 afg22.69 afg22.70 afg22.71 afg22.72 afg22.73 afg22.74 afg22.75

We were up early and out the door on Tuesday morning. I had a to man a booth at the annual competency fair at work. It is an antiquated but still somewhat effective way of ensuring the staff receive all the trainings that are required by the state. Ann had a long day as well and we were both ready to leave by the time five o’clock rolled around. It was Luke’s final day of school and our final day at GCHS. We’ve been involved with that school for the last twelve years in various capacities, so this was a big day for us all. Luke sent us a great video of him achieving a new squat max of 540 pounds, which also brought him up to the coveted 1100 Club! He is only the third to achieve that status!! He left early from school once his last final was completed and began working on re-doing stuff in his bedroom. I wound up getting out of work a little early. Unfortunately, the frisbee golf course hadn’t been re-staked yet – following the inaugural tourney from this past weekend. They were able to get the event in – just barley – before the big storm rolled through the area, so when they pulled out the temporary goals, they didn’t have time to put the stakes back in. I’m hopeful that Jonathon will have them back in tomorrow and that the weather allows me to play it. In lieu of playing disc golf, I walked a mile and a half in the limited time I had available. Afterward, Ann & I drove up to Franklin to swap cars with Abby. She had borrowed Sandy’s car and needed to get it back to her. To save time and gas, we dropped off the van and brought home the Escape. But before we could leave town, the kids wanted one more meal at the Grill Bar (aka, Mike’s). So, we headed downtown for Taco Night and a couple drinks. We enjoyed a plate of tacos and talked about their last-minute details of their trip to New York. We said goodbye and drove home afterward. I dropped off Ann and hopped into the Pacifica. Luke drove the Escape back to Mom & Sandy’s house, stopping at the BP to quickly refill the gas tank before heading on, Next, Luke and went to CVS to pick a package that needed a signature to be delivered – a fifth of Metallica’s newest Blackened venue – a rye they dubbed Rye the Lightning. I can’t wait to try some of it! We got changed into our comfy clothes and sat down with the dogs to watch a few DVR’d shows. Ann made it through one but not the second. I started nodding off myself so I finally gave it up and went on to bed myself. Luke wound up going out to Drew’s house. He said he was coming back that night, but he was still out by the time we came to bed… Here are pictures of Luke’s After-Prom a couple weeks ago…

ap22.01 ap22.02 ap22.03 ap22.04 ap22.05 ap22.06 ap22.07 ap22.08 ap22.09 ap22.10 ap22.11 ap22.12 ap22.13 ap22.14 ap22.15 ap22.16 ap22.17 ap22.18 ap22.19 ap22.20 ap22.21 ap22.22 ap22.23 ap22.24 ap22.25 ap22.26 ap22.27 ap22.28 ap22.29 ap22.30 ap22.31 ap22.32 ap22.33 ap22.34 ap22.35 ap22.36 ap22.37 ap22.38 ap22.39 ap22.40 ap22.41 ap22.42 ap22.43 ap22.44 ap22.45 ap22.46 ap22.47 ap22.48 ap22.49 ap22.50 ap22.51

It was a wet Wednesday, as it was already raining pretty steady when we woke up and drove into work that day. Luke enjoyed sleeping in out at Oakley’s house. He came home and did a couple things then fell asleep. He did go out to the school to walk through the hallways in his cap and gown with the other seniors, which was pretty cool. I’m thankful someone got it on film. I had a fast morning then Vic & I went out to pick up one of our vans from the shop and stopped at Marco’s pizza for a quick lunch. Although it has been there for some time, we’ve never tried it before. Man, we were missing out because that pizza was great! I began my monthly rounds that afternoon then took off a little early to go play a round of frisbee golf. Unfortunately, Jonathon hadn’t had a chance to put the stakes back in yet, but I had to get out and at least start throwing again. Oh man, was I awful. I didn’t have enough time to play 18 holes, so I did the next best thing and threw two separate games with different discs. I used one of my new discs and had varying results. Both games were very rusty and although I’m glad I got a chance to go out and get some exercise, I wish I could’ve thrown better. Granted, the wind was pretty strong and things were a little wet, but I’m just thankful that I got a window of opportunity to get outside in the heat and humidity and work up a sweat for a while. I thew a 32 and 31 – pretty bad, even by my standards – lol. Ann & I stopped by the house to pick up cameras and met Luke at the high school for the final sports banquet. Although he didn’t receive any special awards, he did receive another varsity letter – his seventh by my count (4 football, 2 wrestling and 1 track & field – is that right, Luke?). The head coach did say a few nice words about him. I thought Jackson might do the same, but he already spoke to us privately, which was even nicer. Afterward, Luke went out to the Y with Blake to lift weights while Ann & I grabbed a quick dinner and watched a few DVR’d shows. She read and played on her phone while I edited pictures and videos. This week’s video is a really good one… Here are pictures of Luke’s final track meet and final sports competition of his high school career – Sectionals at East Central last week.

lts22.01 lts22.02 lts22.03 lts22.04 lts22.05 lts22.06 lts22.07 lts22.08 lts22.09 lts22.10 lts22.11 lts22.12 lts22.13 lts22.14 lts22.15 lts22.16 lts22.17 lts22.18 lts22.19 lts22.20 lts22.21 lts22.22 lts22.23 lts22.24 lts22.25 lts22.26 lts22.27 lts22.28 lts22.29 lts22.30 lts22.31 lts22.32 lts22.33 lts22.34 lts22.35 lts22.36 lts22.37 lts22.38 lts22.39 lts22.40 lts22.41 lts22.42 lts22.43 lts22.44 lts22.45 lts22.46 lts22.47 lts22.48 lts22.49 lts22.50 lts22.51 lts22.52 lts22.53 lts22.54 lts22.55 lts22.56 lts22.57 lts22.58 lts22.59 lts22.60 lts22.61 lts22.62 lts22.63 lts22.64 lts22.65 lts22.66 lts22.67

Thursday morning was another wet one. It rained on and off for most of the day. It was a stupid fast day for me because of splitting time between putting together a computer for our Milieu Manager, who has gone through three PCs already this year with various issues. When I could, I got out of the office and did EOC rounds in the front office areas and kitchen, as well as the vehicles and did a little security stuff as well. I picked up Ann after lunch and took her to her f/u doctor appointment for her trigger finger. While she was inside, I found time to nap during a conference call. After work, I had a brief break in the weather, so I went out to play a little frisbee golf. Even though the stakes weren’t up yet, I was able to play with new goals, like nearby trees, etc. Because I got out late and didn’t have time for 18 holes, I again played dual games, throwing my current faves (Leopard & Aviar) plus two new ones (Fuse & a new Aviar). I threw much better than yesterday, with scores of par (new discs) and 1-over (old guys). We stopped by Sonic for slushies on our way home and then Ann had her cousin Jill stop over to go “shopping” through a couple of Abby’s bins of clothes. Although they took 4 trash bags full of clothing, it barely made a dent. And she has so much more…oh so much more… I again fell asleep as the girls did their thing. That evening, Coach Nobbe had the Band of Merry Men over for a card night. Only four of us showed up (Bryan, Mark, me and of course Bob). We had good food, good spirits and good poker games. We laughed, told stories, and caught up on our busy lives. Bryan was the big wiener that night, taking mostly Bob’s money – LOL. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis22.05.360 sis22.05.361 sis22.05.362 sis22.05.363 sis22.05.364 sis22.05.365 sis22.05.366 sis22.05.367 sis22.05.368 sis22.05.369 sis22.05.370 sis22.05.371 sis22.05.372 sis22.05.373 sis22.05.374 sis22.05.375 sis22.05.376 sis22.05.377 sis22.05.378 sis22.05.379 sis22.05.380 sis22.05.381 sis22.05.382 sis22.05.383 sis22.05.384 sis22.05.385 sis22.05.386 sis22.05.387 sis22.05.388 sis22.05.389 sis22.05.390 sis22.05.391 sis22.05.392 sis22.05.393 sis22.05.394 sis22.05.395 sis22.05.396 sis22.05.397 sis22.05.398 sis22.05.399 sis22.05.400 sis22.05.401 sis22.05.402 sis22.05.403 sis22.05.404 sis22.05.405 sis22.05.406 sis22.05.407 sis22.05.408 sis22.05.409 sis22.05.410 sis22.05.411 sis22.05.412 sis22.05.413 sis22.05.414 sis22.05.415 sis22.05.416 sis22.05.417 sis22.05.418 sis22.05.419 sis22.05.420 sis22.05.421 sis22.05.422sis22.05.423 sis22.05.424 sis22.05.425 sis22.05.426 sis22.05.427 sis22.05.428 sis22.05.429 sis22.05.430 sis22.05.431 sis22.05.432 sis22.05.433 sis22.05.434 sis22.05.435 sis22.05.436 sis22.05.437 sis22.05.438 sis22.05.439 sis22.05.440 sis22.05.441 sis22.05.442 sis22.05.443 sis22.05.444 sis22.05.445sis22.05.446

Ann & I enjoyed sleeping in on Friday morning – another morning that saw more rain and gloom. We both decided to take the day off and make it a four-day weekend. The dogs agreed and kept quiet that morning, allowing us to sleep until after 8 am. Ann had to get up to hop on a couple conference calls while I got back to editing and whittling down the 700 pictures for this week’s blog. In addition, I edited over 100 video clips into this week’s video. We took it easy that morning then around noon, we got cleaned up and the three of us went to Columbus in the rain. Our main destination was Lowe’s, where Luke got materials to build a wall shelf in his room. But Ann also picked up a new door handle and smart lock for the front door. Afterward we went to Chipotle for lunch then picked up a couple things at Walmart. As it continued to rain that afternoon, Luke worked outdoors, on the front porch, painting and staining. Ann read and tried to nap, though I’m not sure she ever did. She was a little sore that evening after falling in Lowe’s. We were at the checkout and she leaned up against what appeared to be a part of the cash register, but was in fact an advertisement, standing loosely, in the aisle. And when she leaved back on it, it tipped over and she went tumbling down with it. Thankfully, the only thing hurt was her pride and we laughed about it afterward. We’re just thankful she wasn’t hurt any worse. We watched several DVR’d shows and she made a quick pasta dish and garlic bread for dinner. Luke finished up his shelves, picked up everything outside and is now trying to sell his old shelving unit that he just picked up a year or so ago, so if you know someone… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp22.05.335 smp22.05.336 smp22.05.337 smp22.05.338 smp22.05.339 smp22.05.340 smp22.05.341 smp22.05.342 smp22.05.343 smp22.05.344 smp22.05.345 smp22.05.346 smp22.05.347 smp22.05.348 smp22.05.349 smp22.05.350 smp22.05.351 smp22.05.352 smp22.05.353 smp22.05.354 smp22.05.355 smp22.05.356 smp22.05.357 smp22.05.358 smp22.05.359 smp22.05.360 smp22.05.361 smp22.05.362 smp22.05.363 smp22.05.364 smp22.05.365 smp22.05.366 smp22.05.367 smp22.05.368 smp22.05.369 smp22.05.370 smp22.05.371 smp22.05.372 smp22.05.373 smp22.05.374 smp22.05.375 smp22.05.376 smp22.05.377 smp22.05.378 smp22.05.379 smp22.05.380 smp22.05.381 smp22.05.382 smp22.05.383 smp22.05.384 smp22.05.385 smp22.05.386 smp22.05.387 smp22.05.388 smp22.05.389 smp22.05.390 smp22.05.391 smp22.05.392 smp22.05.393 smp22.05.394 smp22.05.395 smp22.05.396 smp22.05.397 smp22.05.398 smp22.05.399 smp22.05.400 smp22.05.401 smp22.05.402 smp22.05.403 smp22.05.404 smp22.05.405 smp22.05.406 smp22.05.407 smp22.05.408 smp22.05.409 smp22.05.410 smp22.05.411 smp22.05.412 smp22.05.413 smp22.05.414 smp22.05.415 smp22.05.416 smp22.05.417 smp22.05.418 smp22.05.419 smp22.05.420 smp22.05.421 smp22.05.422 smp22.05.423 smp22.05.424 smp22.05.425 smp22.05.426 smp22.05.427 smp22.05.428 smp22.05.429 smp22.05.430 smp22.05.431 smp22.05.432 smp22.05.433 smp22.05.434 smp22.05.435 smp22.05.436 smp22.05.437 smp22.05.438 smp22.05.439 smp22.05.440 smp22.05.441 smp22.05.442 smp22.05.443 smp22.05.444 smp22.05.445 smp22.05.446 smp22.05.447 smp22.05.448 smp22.05.449 smp22.05.450 smp22.05.451 smp22.05.452 smp22.05.453 smp22.05.454 smp22.05.455 smp22.05.456 smp22.05.457 smp22.05.458 smp22.05.459 smp22.05.460 smp22.05.461 smp22.05.462 smp22.05.463 smp22.05.464 smp22.05.465 smp22.05.466 smp22.05.467 smp22.05.468 smp22.05.469 smp22.05.470 smp22.05.472 smp22.05.473 smp22.05.474

We enjoyed really sleeping in on Saturday morning. Ann got up before me again. That’s twice this week; can’t remember the last time that happened. I really didn’t want to sleep as late as I did, but it sure felt good! I got up and did a couple chores with Ann then loaded up Betty White and went over to mow at Mom & Sandy’s house. I got gas in both tanks for the yard tools then went to Topps and bought a new air filter for the old Craftsman mower. I spoke to Mom briefly but tried to stay on task. Once I finished mowing and trimming over there, I came home and did the same. Luke was just getting moving and came out to help me with a few things like taking down a couple limbs off the tulip tree out back that were on the house. We really need to clean the gutters because I can see sticks poking out the top in a few places. I didn’t even unload the truck so that Luke could go mow a couple yards and also did some work for Gma. He was pretty pooped when he got back. I accidentally work Ann from her nap by watching frisbee golf videos after I got out of the shower. I watched part of the weekly SVU marathon on ION TV while writing out this week’s html code for the 450+ pictures, featured in this week’s blog entry. For dinner, Ann made us steak, potatoes and the year’s first fresh corn – it was really good! Afterward, Luke went out to Oakley’s to go fishing and wound up staying the night out there. Mom & Sandy came over that evening with Pixie to play some euchre and catch up. We laughed and exchanged stories as we proceeded to school our elders in three straight games! Actually, they were much closer than that as all the games ended 10-9! Afterward, we watched a few shows then I put on an old movie that I had never seen – the 1996 Dr. Who movie. I checked in some Hot Wheels and forced myself to go to bed at 3 am. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.05.73 hwc22.05.76 hwc22.05.74 hwc22.05.75 hwc22.05.77 hwc22.05.78 hwc22.05.79 hwc22.05.80 hwc22.05.81 hwc22.05.82 hwc22.05.83 hwc22.05.84 hwc22.05.85 hwc22.05.86 hwc22.05.87 hwc22.05.88 hwc22.05.89 hwc22.05.90 hwc22.05.91

We enjoyed sleeping in again on Sunday morning. Man, this has been a great weekend so far, sleep-wise. 😊 It was a weird day. Normally, we would have folks over and we’d spend time on the porch and out in the sunshine of the backyard. But this year, Abby was in New York, Matt welcomed back Taylor from Hawaii and Luke couldn’t wait to get out of the house to go be with his buddies. Instead, we rested and watched the Indy 500 on Peacock with mixed results. It shut off four or five times – the last time was just before the final restart. By the time I got it re-started, we had missed the final two laps. Thankfully, they showed a couple restarts, but it was quite anti-climatic to say the least. I was hoping to see Dixon or maybe Kannan win, but instead it was the young gun from Sweden – Ericson – who wound up winning the 106th running of the Indy 500. Afterward, we got cleaned-up and went to the store and then borrowed Gigi’s car and went out to the Sunken Boat Bar to spend time with Bryan & Angie and celebrate their 25th anniversary. They had also invited about 10 other couples (all our close couple friends) as well and we had a great time. The food was great, the booze was excellent and the comradery was top-notch. We laughed and exchanged stories for several hours but the highlights of the evening was Angie opening the time capsule from 1997, when the couple of the hour were married. That was fun but then An-Jay followed it was something even cooler – her telling of their story. Her story was complimented with visual aids like photos and her diary from that era as well as music. She had Hannah cue up a special playlist (or is it a mix tape – yes, there was a mix tape in the time capsule but had no way to play it, LOL!) and our favorite couple danced to seven or eight special tunes that were the soundtrack to their young lives. It was really special and super cool. The best thing about it? Their kids were there to celebrate with them – how special is that? I hope the kids enjoyed it and appreciated it as much as the rest of us did… We had to cut out early that evening, much to Bryan’s chagrin. He tried a couple ways to get us to stay, but we wound up leaving and drove up to the Indy to pick up Abby from the airport. It was super busy when we got up there but we managed through it, got our girl and headed to Franklin. We enjoyed catching up with her. She was so excited and was happy to share some of her adventures. We stopped at the Sig house to pickup several items from Will’s room and then Abs drove Ann home in Sandy’s car while I drove the Barneymobile home. We got back and unloaded everything. While the girls stayed up, I went on to bed – tired from all the late-night driving. It was a great week that only got better with our baby girl being back home…

Next up is our Waybac section which includes the penultimate batch of pictures from Aunt Sue. This week has more pictures that I’ve never even see before that are just great… We lead off in the 1910s with a sweet picture of my Granny Scheu in 1916; then we skip ahead to the 1940s: I believe these folks are my Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Deerr, possibly outside the 9th St home in April 1941 with a caption on the back that reads, “You know who…”, Granny with Aunt Sue in June 1943; next, I think is Great Grandpa Deerr with Aunt Sue in ’43; then I think that’s Great Grandma Deerr with Aunt Sue, Granny & Sue in ’44 and a great pic of Sue, Tom & Chuck, circa ’49; the 1950s: Uncle John’s (I think?) First Communion Day in May 1956; 1960s: Sue’s graduation on June 7, 1960, I think that’s Dad from his junior high or maybe his freshman year, circa ’61, Pug, Hank, Sue & Bill on Sept 19, 1962, for “Wm. D Funkhouser christening”, although it’s blurry, I think the next picture may be Sue with Vicki – circa ’62, and a wonderful picture of Aunt Mary with my cousins Jackie & Vicki in what I would think could be December of 1968 maybe?; 1970s: me in my giraffe outfit – I remember seeing this one at my Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown’s house, Granny with a little cutie…I don’t think that’s Kimmy, but I’m not sure who else that could be… the back only says Jan 1975; 1980s: another good pic from Vicki & Fadi’s wedding in 1989; and the 1990s: Granny & Sue with “Grandfather Tree,” circa ’95 maybe?, and finally Matt’s birth announcement on March 21, 1996.

Waybac.1916.grd01 Waybac.1941.04.ggd02 Waybac.1943.06.swgr01 Waybac.1943.swggd01 Waybac.1944.swggd01 Waybac.1944.swgr01 Waybac.1949.stc01 Waybac.1956.05.jfcsm01 Waybac.1960.06.sg05 Waybac.1961.tfp01 Waybac.1962.09.phsb.bc01 Waybac.1962.sv01 Waybac.1968.12.mjv01 Waybac.1970.ta2 Waybac.1975.01.gwc01 Waybac.1989.vafw07 Waybac.1995.gasv01 Waybac.1996.03.mnsba lp22.05.05

Next up is our video segment, which includes one big home video this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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