…Knew at a Glance (He) was Takin’ a Chance…by Coming along for The Ride

We’ve had a good week since we last touched base. Luke took a couple steps closer to realizing his dream, including a day called the Ride Along – which was really cool for him. He enjoyed spending as much time with his friends as possible before they all go their separate ways. Abby spent her days working at Sly Fox, spending time with her friends and talking with Will as much as possible. She now has her passport and is counting down the days until she heads over to Europe to see him. Matt continues working in Zionsville and it sounds like he spent the vast majority of his down time sleeping. That’s something he gets honest from his mother! Speaking of Ms. Ann, she did not enjoy the first full week of work since mid-June. She enjoyed spending a little time with her friends and did some spring cleaning…or is that summer cleaning – LOL? As for me, I continued on my diet, doing better (well…for the most part, anyhow) and got in some exercise. Unfortunately, I fell a couple miles short of my goal, logging a little over 12 miles. However, I did manage to get in 11 rounds (99 holes) this week. Despite the hot, arid weather for most of the week, we did finally get some much-needed rain this weekend. Let’s hope it brings with it some much needed relief from the heat and humidity next week… Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work on Monday morning for the girls and I. After Luke and I were up until after 1 am watching the movie last night, that alarm came way too early that morning. I began my 48° fast with a growling stomach on our way into work. Thankfully, it was a very busy day at work and before I knew it, it was already the afternoon. I had Comcast in that morning to install a new cable modem and then Vic had a couple contractors come in to bid on our scope of work for the parking lot project. That afternoon, I got started on reports and pretty soon Ann was calling me to remind me about our haircuts. She thought we were going a half hour earlier than I had on my calendar. So, I dropped everything and left to pick her up. But I only got about halfway there when she started calling me and said that it was actually later. I turned around and went out to the frisbee golf course to throw my two new discs on hole 5 (the long one), just to get in some practice with them. To be honest, I struggled at first but I got better as I threw. After about 10 or 15 minutes, I picked up Ann and went over to see Jami for our monthly rendezvous. After she finished with me, I went back out to the course and played a round of disc golf, throwing an even par of 27. The wind was pretty stiff on 1, 2 and 8 with a sustained strong breeze out of the west. I stopped at Wendy’s on the way back to get Annie and got us a couple drinks. We stopped by Needlers for pies. It’s Judy’s birthday, so Ann picked them up for tomorrow. I dropped her off at the house and went out to the park. It was cram packed out there with fair traffic – people everywhere! In fact, I nearly hit three fair attendees walking on the field. Well, one was fishing, but the other two were walking. Because of the way cars were parked, I had to change my approach on both hole 1 and 2. I nearly picked off a lady and her adult kid on 10 and then had to shout, “fore!” on hole 12 as my disc didn’t hook in the wind like I thought it might. Thankfully, I missed the two guys walking by the road, but only because they ducked! I felt bad and shouted my apologies a couple times. They were cool about, thankfully. When I was on hole 6, I had to look for my yellow Leopard that I lost last week. So, I looked back at the angle I remembered the disc take and looked in that area for a couple minutes and voila! I found it hiding in the heavy brush right where, I swear, I looked last week. It was just setting there, waiting on me to come get it. I was so relieved. It’s weird that two discs can have the same stats but fly so differently. I wound up throwing an 8-under (48) for the 18 holes. I came back the long way to avoid the stupid people. I can’t wait until next week when things will return to normal… Abby had a fast day at work then went out to the fairgrounds with her buddy, Molie. She came home with two bags of donuts that smelled heavenly! Luke came home that evening after working out at the YMCA, got cleaned up and went out to the county fair with Braden and Blane. They came home later to just pester Ann & I – I think – LOL. They went out to Taco Bell and I went on to bed after watching the NASCAR cup race, taped from yesterday as well as the USFL championship game from a couple weekends ago. We wrapped up the night by watching the next episode of Evil on Paramount +. It is such a creepy, strange little show – we love it… Here are pictures from the 4th of July parade in downtown Greensburg last week.

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Tuesday brought with it another morning that came too soon. I pushed snooze 4 or 5 times before dragging myself out of bed. It was another warm day but the humidity was low, so even though it was in the 80s, it felt pretty good. I had a long, hungry day on the 2nd day of my 48 hour fast. I thought about food all day. In fact, Ann & I made dinner plans about mid-morning and Vic & I made plans for lunch tomorrow (for National French Fry Day!). I focused on reports that day and stayed in the office for the most part. You could tell that there was a full moon brewing (do they call that waxing?) because the natives were restless that day. We could hear them yelling and banging at times downstairs. After work, Justin joined me for some disc golf on the airport property. We braved a very strong wind out of the northwest that really played havoc with our discs, making it quite the challenge out there. Still, I managed a two-over-par, edging Justin by one stroke. He had to leave to get Gracie to her softball tourney that evening while I played a second round. I ended the night with a 59. I picked up Annie and we caught up on each other’s days as we commuted back to the ‘Burg. We ran a couple errands when we got to town, including a trip to the grocery store for supplies that evening. We picked up some eggs for Mom and stopped over to see her for a moment before heading on home. Ann prepped a wonderful dinner of salmon and shrimp that were perfectly seasoned and tasted great on the grill – mmm… She added some rice and corn to perfectly round out the meal. Granted, it was the first thing I had eaten in two days, but it was amazing! While we cooked on the grill, we enjoyed a little porch time with a 6-pack of beer and some good music. Luke came home from working out, got cleaned up and ate a piece of salmon before heading out to the fair that night. Abby went to work in Greenwood that morning and then stayed in Franklin with her friends that evening. Later, Ann & I settled down with the dogs and began binge-watching a series on HBO Max called John Adams. Here are pictures from the Fair Parade down Park Rd last weekend.

fp22.01 fp22.02 fp22.03 fp22.04 fp22.05 fp22.06 fp22.07 fp22.08 fp22.09 fp22.10 fp22.11 fp22.12 fp22.13 fp22.14 fp22.15 fp22.16 fp22.17 fp22.18 fp22.19 fp22.20 fp22.21 fp22.22 fp22.23 fp22.24 fp22.25 fp22.26 fp22.27 fp22.28 fp22.29 fp22.30 fp22.31 fp22.32 fp22.33 fp22.34 fp22.35 fp22.36 fp22.37 fp22.38 fp22.39 fp22.40 fp22.41 fp22.42 fp22.43 fp22.44 fp22.45 fp22.46 fp22.47 fp22.48 fp22.49 fp22.50 fp22.51 fp22.52 fp22.53 fp22.54 fp22.55 fp22.56 fp22.57 fp22.58 fp22.59 fp22.60 fp22.61 fp22.62 fp22.63 fp22.64 fp22.65 fp22.66 fp22.67 fp22.68 fp22.69 fp22.70 fp22.71 fp22.72 fp22.73 fp22.74 fp22.75 fp22.76 fp22.77 fp22.78 fp22.79 fp22.80 fp22.81 fp22.82 fp22.83 fp22.84 fp22.85 fp22.86 fp22.87 fp22.88 fp22.89 fp22.90 fp22.91 fp22.92 fp22.93 fp22.94 fp22.95 fp22.96 fp22.97 fp22.98 fp22.99 fp22.100 fp22.101 fp22.102 fp22.103 fp22.104 fp22.105 fp22.106 fp22.107 fp22.108 fp22.109

Wednesday was a little slower day. We headed back to work where we both had good days. My poor boss is still sick, but he wanted to touch base with the management team. So, I set up a Zoom conference call for the team and Jim sounded horrible. We are experiencing a staffing shortage again – something we haven’t had an issue with for several months. Justin announced that he has accepted a new position with the corporate office. We will need to replace several positions that he holds. I plan on volunteering to take over the Emergency Management and PI for the facility. We had a piece of equipment go down in the kitchen. Vic did a great job of replacing it for us. I took him out for lunch on National French Fry Day to our favorite fry place – Five Guys. 😊 I tried to get Annie to come with us, but she was busy with a meeting. Instead, I brought her lunch on our way back to work. I also brought Justin a small sack of fries. He’s on a strict diet, but he loves fries so I brought him just a little bag of cheating goodness and told him not to argue with me and just enjoy it – LOL. I did some IT stuff and continued working on monthly reports. After work, I played 18 holes of disc golf. I had a par on the front 9 and an outstanding back 9 with 4 birdies and 5 pars to finish the day at 4-under with a 50! It was by far my best round of golf. The wind finally subsided and allowed me to control my discs much better. I finally began to get the hang of my new disc, called the Archangel. But my Leopard and Aviar were flying especially well that afternoon as well. I picked up Ann and headed home, deciding to not play at the park again that night due to the fair being in full swing again that evening. Thankfully, it was the final night for the fair so I look forward to returning to the course tomorrow night. Luke was there when we got home. He made some progress (finally) on his thank you cards that day. We watched a couple episodes of the newest season of Stranger Things before he went out to the fair for the final time as a teenager with his buddies. Abby came home from work and caught up with us for a while before retreating to her room for her daily “date” with Will. We had a find-your-own night. As Ann worked on her Norwegian language skills on her phone, I watched the final episode of Skinwalker Ranch. Afterward, we watched the next episode of the miniseries about John Adams on HBO Max. Then, once Ann fell asleep in her chair, I watched the next episode of Stranger Things on Netflix while editing pictures. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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Luke was up with us on Thursday morning. He was so excited – and rightly so; it was his big day at the fire station. He had many stories to tell of his, “ride along day.” The only thing he was down about was that they didn’t have any runs. Still, he got to do some cool stuff like use the jaws of life, climb a high ladder and control the ladder truck. Abby returned to Greenwood to work at Sly Fox. She was excited to hear that she had received a raise (that a girl, Bu!). Matt worked at Z-West again. He was supposed to call me that evening but wound up falling asleep shortly after getting home from work. Those kids sure wear him out! Ann & I had good days at work. Justin, Vic & I went out for lunch with Steph to China Buffet. It was better than the last time we ate there. It was another hot day, up near 90 degrees but the humidity was under control. I finished up my last monthly report that afternoon and did some IT work as well. Justin had softball that evening, so I played disc golf solo that afternoon. The wind was pretty strong at the start but died down nicely as I played through 18 holes, throwing a 53. I picked up Annie and we caught up on each other’s day. I dropped her off at home when we got back to town and I went out to the park It was so nice – the crowd was gone. The midway was already town down and most of the booths were gone. That allowed me to really focus on the game and I came out on fire. I was on par for my personal best, however, I wound up with a poor tee shot on 5 and another on 6. I parred those two holes but had 7 other birdies on the front 9, which tied for my best round at 20. I wound up with a 46 for the 18 holes that evening, happy with my 4 ½ miles of exercise. That evening, we had a find-your-own dinner and watched some more of the John Adams miniseries on HBO Max before we both fell asleep in the living room. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp22.07.130 smp22.07.131 smp22.07.132 smp22.07.133 smp22.07.134 smp22.07.135 smp22.07.136 smp22.07.137 smp22.07.138 smp22.07.139 smp22.07.140 smp22.07.141 smp22.07.142 smp22.07.143 smp22.07.144 smp22.07.145 smp22.07.146 smp22.07.147 smp22.07.148 smp22.07.149 smp22.07.150 smp22.07.151 smp22.07.152 smp22.07.153 smp22.07.154 smp22.07.155 smp22.07.156 smp22.07.157 smp22.07.158 smp22.07.159 smp22.07.160 smp22.07.161 smp22.07.162 smp22.07.163 smp22.07.164 smp22.07.165 smp22.07.166 smp22.07.167 smp22.07.168 smp22.07.169 smp22.07.170 smp22.07.171 smp22.07.172 smp22.07.173 smp22.07.174 smp22.07.175 smp22.07.176 smp22.07.177 smp22.07.178 smp22.07.179 smp22.07.180 smp22.07.181 smp22.07.182 smp22.07.183

We were all up early and at it again on Friday morning. This time, Luke was the one who commuted over to Columbus, where he attended a CPR / 1st Aid class. Abs headed back up to Sly Fox for the day. When she returned, she brought with her Daisy, who spent a good deal of the evening with us. Ann and I went through the Dunkin drive through for the first time in a couple weeks then I dropped her off at the downtown office for work. I ran a few errands that morning before returning to the house to work from home. I completed our submission for the bi-annual nutrition program as we prepare for our Health & Sanitation inspection next month. I finished up and joined Ann in the living room where we napped briefly. Later, Mom & Sandy came over with the dogs to visit for a few hours. We sat out on the back porch and grilled burgers and hot dogs. Ann made some roasted potato wedges and corn on the cob that really hit the spot. The dogs ran and ran while we visited and enjoyed our dinner. After the gals went home, Ann retired to her recliner and fell fast asleep. Meanwhile, Abby, Daisy & I played some Yahtzee in the kitchen. Daisy’s fiancée joined shortly afterward and we played games, took shots and enjoyed several cocktails from our bartender-in-residence – Ms. Abigail. Speaking of which, she dominated the game for the most part until Brady won the winner-take-all finale. After they left, Abs & I continued with another shot and cocktail as she taught me how to play a card game that she picked up at school called golf. We finally forced ourselves to go to bed sometime after 3, though I think we could’ve seen the sunrise that morning…

We enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday morning, as you might imagine. We were awakened by Mom calling us on the home phone. I’m glad she did because it was nearly 10 am! Oops!! I couldn’t tell you the last time I slept in that late. Heck, I laid in bed for another hour, I think, just playing on my phone. I slowly got up and did a couple things around the house. Ann was very busy as she cleaned-out the closet in our bedroom. There were 4 bags for the trash can and seven for donation. Luke went to the YMCA to work out then came by and picked me up. We loaded up the Hot Rod Lincoln, grabbed a toolbox and went over to Gma & Gigi’s house. We tightened up her table and chairs. Their house looks great! They had the flooring re-done by Levensteins, who took out the carpet and put vinyl plank down. It should be a lot easier for them to keep it clean now. We talked for a bit then Mom decided that Sandy should go through the bags of clothing. We wound up unloading it into the garage then went on our way. Luke & Brayden went to two or three graduation parties as well as a going away party for Luke’s friend, Brody. He will be heading off to the armed services next week, I think I heard Luke say to Ann. Abby didn’t do a whole lot that day, sleeping in then supposedly “working on her room,” which I think was code for laying in bed all day. I was supposed to hear from Matt either yesterday or today, but I didn’t hear anything from him that day. Ann did some laundry and I did a load of dishes. We ate leftovers and watched the weekly SVU marathon. I spoke to Dad B that day, needing some of his good advice. He helped me with some yard stuff. I watered the bushes with Delilah while Ann showered that evening. Later, we finished binge-watching the John Adams miniseries on HBO Max. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.07.39 hwc22.07.40 hwc22.07.41 hwc22.07.42 hwc22.07.43 hwc22.07.44 hwc22.07.45 hwc22.07.46 hwc22.07.47 hwc22.07.48 hwc22.07.49 hwc22.07.50 hwc22.07.51 hwc22.07.52 hwc22.07.53 hwc22.07.54 hwc22.07.55 hwc22.07.56

We were awakened by thunder and lightning, early on Sunday morning as a big storm rolled through. I tried to go back to sleep, but had no luck so I just got up and started my day. I had a lot of catching up to do on the blog, so I spent a couple hours editing pictures and videos as well as writing out all of the html code for this week’s entry. When Ann got up, I got to our weekly household chores and made some breakfast. About that time, the kids all got up at the same time and wanted to use the kitchen as well. It was a little busy there for a minute, but we all were thinking the same thing – Ann should’ve made biscuits and gravy! 😊 While Ann read on her phone, I binge-watched the rest of season 4 of Stranger Things. Luke went to the YMCA for a couple hours to work out then went out to Oakley’s house later that afternoon. Abby skipped the cleaning of her room goal and instead she got ready and went to Britney’s gender reveal party with Megan. When she got back, later that evening she delivered the big news…it’s a boy! We send our love and congratulations to the happy couple!! It continued raining all day. In fact, I don’t believe the sun ever came out from behind the clouds as precip fell off and on from the time we got up until the time of this writing. That night, Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn then she continued reading while I finished up the blog and watched the NASCAR cup race from New Hampshire. We were horrified to hear that there was a shooting at the Greenwood Park Mall. What the hell is wrong with people… Luke & Oakley came over after eating at ElRep and then went out to Oak’s house, where Lukey spent the night. That night, we put a movie called Through the Glass Darkly on the big screen and kicked back with the dogs. It was OK, not the worst but not the best either. I’d give it about a 6 ½ out of 10. It was a relaxing way to wind down a slower weekend and a great way to wrap up another quick week, here at the Scheu abode.

Next up if our Waybac section which continues to feature pictures from Deanna’s digital camera in 2007 (and the tail-end of 2006). We lead off this week in Dec 2006 for a few pictures of the gals and their dogs in the Main St home. Next, we move on to 2007, beginning in Mar – Matt’s drum performance titled “A Night to Remember” where he and the band performed a rousing version of Copperhead Road (I still have that burned to CD and DVD somewhere around here), as well as pictures of Sandy on the mayoral campaign trail; May – Memorial Day weekend and Sandy covering the midterm elections at the courthouse; Jun – summer vacation fun; Jul – Eiteljorg museum, 4th of July activities, Grace’s birthday, the Tree City car show, and Sandy’s birthday; Sep – Abby’s birthday; Oct – the Van Halen concert at Deer Creek; Nov – Maryann’s birthday; Dec – Christmas time on Main St. and Matt’s elementary basketball game with Ms. Apple as his coach.

Waybac.2006.12.gad17 Waybac.2006.12.gad18 Waybac.2006.12.gad19 Waybac.2006.12.gad20 Waybac.2007.03.mdp01 Waybac.2007.03.sfm14 Waybac.2007.03.sfm15 Waybac.2007.05.mdw10 Waybac.2007.05.spv03 Waybac.2007.06.sv07 Waybac.2007.07.em06 Waybac.2007.07.em07 Waybac.2007.07.foj46 Waybac.2007.07.foj47 Waybac.2007.07.foj48 Waybac.2007.07.foj49 Waybac.2007.07.foj50 Waybac.2007.07.foj51 Waybac.2007.07.foj52 Waybac.2007.07.foj53 Waybac.2007.07.foj54 Waybac.2007.07.foj55 Waybac.2007.07.gbd14 Waybac.2007.07.gbd15 Waybac.2007.07.gcs02 Waybac.2007.07.sbd08 Waybac.2007.07.sbd09 Waybac.2007.09.abd02 Waybac.2007.10.vhc12 Waybac.2007.10.vhc13 Waybac.2007.11.mab06 Waybac.2007.12.ct01 Waybac.2007.12.ct02 Waybac.2007.12.ct03 Waybac.2007.12.meb01

Next up is our video segment which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry into the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Momma.
Later, Scheu

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