She’s so European, She’s One of a Kind, One of a Kind…

Well, it’s officially football season again. Normally, I would’ve been all over it and enjoyed hours of game time. Unfortunately, this year the boys and I missed the first Thursday night game and then this weekend, we also missed the Blue/White game. The only way we even found out about it was a sad picture from Momma West, sitting alone in the stands with a big frowny face and, “missing the Scheus.” I’m so far out of the loop that I didn’t even hear anything about any of it. That’s why I made the tough decision to remove Luke’s Pirate football yard sign that has resided in front of the house for several years. Granted, we’ve changed it from 63 to 36 to 32 to 21 to 43…but the one thing consistent through it all was that sign. It started life as Matt’s…back in like 2008…so it is truly the end of an ear. We’ll save it for now and if we are lucky enough to get a grandchild that plays ball, we’ll revive it. I so look forward to that day! Matt enjoyed a slower week, prepping to begin his new career next week. Abby worked a half week then travelled to Europe to visit Will in his home country of Norway. I hate to say it, but she looked so European in the pictures she sent home… Luke continues to wait patiently to hear something from the fire department, picking up odd jobs to have an income while spending as much time with his buddies before they split…which is very soon. He also carved out a little time for his family as well as Ms. Samantha also. Ann and I both had busy weeks at work. She spent a little time with her friends and continued cleaning up our bedroom while I tried to up my frisbee golf game. For the first time, I began carrying my bag for the first time this week – more out of necessity of keeping things dry than because of carrying a large amount. The courses I play don’t require many discs, but I can probably use a 2nd one – one for storage and one to carry around when playing. I again fell short on both my diet goals and exercise goals, keeping even on my weight and logging a little over 11 miles of walking. I only managed to get in seven rounds of golf due to the weather and life happening. I had to break-in a new Aviar due to not finding my old one I lost last week at the park. It continued to hot, humid and very rainy this week. I’m hopeful that next week will be calmer and cooler so I can play more golf! Hello and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work for the girls and I on Monday morning. It was a foggy start that brought a couple lines of thunderstorms that day – but also brought moments of bright sunshine. One thing’s for certain…it was freakin’ hot and super humid all day long. I had a crazy morning and before I even realized it, Justin was texting me, wanting me to join him with other members of our management team at lunch for a going-away-style party. I suspect it was just an excuse to go to pizza buffet. I grabbed Vic and we joined Justin, Brent (the new guy taking his place), Vic, Jim and Justin & Julie from the marketing team. We told stories and laughed for a while, which was nice. I began the monthly purchasing for the facility that afternoon and then went out to play a round of frisbee golf. My new Aviar is obviously not broken in yet – and it performed like it, as I missed a couple approach shots pretty badly. I got out a little late from work and only got in 9 holes. I picked up Ann a little early from work so we could go to Lowe’s to find a replacement A/C for the family room, which has been on the fritz for several days and finally went out over the weekend. Thankfully, they had what we wanted in stock and so we took it home with us. Luke helped me to unpack the new device, uninstall the old one and get the new one in place. The poor dogs will be so thankful since it is supposed to get hotter and hotter as the week progresses. By the time we finished and got everything cleaned-up, I was not only out of the mood to go play golf at the park, but the next round of storms was getting ready to move through the area. So, I put on my comfy clothes and started working on backing up pictures from last week and began culling new ones for this week’s entry. Although I cheated on my 48-hour fast, I jumped right back on it and may try to go until lunch on Wednesday…we’ll see how that goes… Luke lifted at the Y, showered then went and played basketball, showered again and then went out with his buddies that evening. Abby came home from work and began packing and working on her room. Ann & I watched a couple episodes of Evil on Paramount + and then watched John Oliver on HBO, who did a really good piece on mental health services.

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It was noticeably cooler on Tuesday morning. In fact, we just cracked the windows on our way into work and didn’t even turn on the A/C for once. I spent the day working on finance stuff and only left the office twice, I think. I continued fasting through the day and existed on cherry diet Dr. Pepper – thanks to Victor. We got some good news – that sink hole that showed up over the weekend was nothing. We had a contractor excavate under the blacktop and there was no signs of anything nefarious, so he threw some concrete in the hole and called it a day, thankfully. Ann said she had a good day at work that wen by quickly for her. We were surprised to find a couple of random women on the staff picnic table, out back of her work. I know they’ve had a homeless problem in that area of the town and will be ripping out a line of trees and shrubs that run the length of the property and surrounding office park to try and remedy the situation. But, I’m not sure if they were just really early for appointments or just hanging out because they had nowhere better to be that morning…it was all sort of weird. Abby enjoyed her final full day at work for a couple weeks then went to see Hilary at Franklin that evening and didn’t get home until late. She still had a lot of packing and I’m not for sure if she pulled an all-nighter or not. If she didn’t then she didn’t get much sleep at all. She was so excited and a little on-edge, TBH. Luke had a good day, working out at the Y and then had Ms. Samantha over that evening. Later, he ran to the store for ice cream and supplies for Ann. After work, I played 18 holes of frisbee golf at the Airpark. I just missed tying my all-time best score by one stroke – a stroke that I screwed up on the final hole, missing an easy putt and ending with a 50. It was a calm afternoon and the sun stayed behind the clouds for the most part, finally popping out towards the end. Ann & I went to see Mom & Sandy that evening to swap vehicles ahead of the big day tomorrow. We stayed and visited for a couple hours. When we did finally get back home, I ran out to the park to play some more golf. I had a great round going, birdying 4 of the first 5 holes from the front tees. On 6, I made the mistake of stopping to search for my lost disc again. I wound up spending close to 15 minutes digging through the high weeds…and in the process got hotter, sweatier, dirtier, bloodier (there’s a ton of thorn bushes in that mess) and more PO’ed as I went. By the time I finished, I was so frustrated. Still, I finished with 3 birdies to end with a 20. However, when I teed off from the back tee on what is essentially 10, I wound up throwing it horribly wrong and although it had a fantastic flight, it went completely off-course and wound up in the parking lot across the street, only about 50 feet from the visitor’s dugout on diamond 5. ☹ I took that as my cue and picked up the disc and went straight to the car. The last thing I wanted to do was lose another disc. This new Aviar is just not the same as my old trusty one. I think it’s actually a little heavier and obviously not broken in yet. That won’t come until sometime next year…if I can keep from losing it, that is. I was so frustrated that I wound up breaking my fast and ate a big dinner of leftovers biscuits & gravy and a few pieces of pizza. We started a new show called Invasion that has a cool premise but has started out really slow. We both fell asleep watching it and I’m not sure if we’ll even finish the series at this point… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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The girls and I were up early and out the door for work again on Wednesday morning. But this time we were all together as Ann & I dropped Abby off at Sly Fox, up in Greenwood, before driving back down to Columbus for work. We both had fast mornings. I put away stock and then held an orientation class. Afterward, I caught up my paperwork and then it was time to go. Meanwhile, Luke was up fairly early himself as he worked with Farren’s husband again, trimming about 15 yards. He said he was pretty sore that evening and that he knew that he definitely did NOT want to do that for a living! After a long nap, he lifted at the Y, showered and then went out to Oak’s house for a while. Ann & I drove back to Sly Fox, where we not only picked up Abby but came inside and met all her coworkers. It seems like a nice little place to work, so I can see the attraction for her. Her boss is great and is from and still lives in Decatur County. We drove around the block to the Ale Emporium, which Ann said was my Uncle Chuck’s favorite restaurant. I can see why – there is great music memorabilia on the walls, the bar has like three dozen TVs – all tuned to sports. It has a full bar and the menu is packed with lots of different stuff. Abs & I had a cocktail with our lunch, which was very good (an amaretto sour). The gals both had big salads that they couldn’t finish while I had a stromboli and tater tots that I barely finished myself. Next, it was up to the airport where we saw Abby off as she headed back to The Big Apple to get on her connecting flight over to Europe. She had a little trouble figuring everything out (I know I would’ve been totally overwhelmed; I could feel her anxiety through the phone…but she figured it out and even met a couple new friends along the way! 😊 We fought rush hour traffic on 465 that was just nasty. It took us over an hour just to get out of the city. Thankfully, Sandy’s car get awesome gas mileage because we took it all the way down to 15 miles until empty. We rolled into the Amoco station on fumes but even had enough to go through the Sonic drive thru before we went stopped at the pumps to fill the Escape back up. We were happy to see that gas prices are continuing to slowly go back down, but we’re still not that far under $4 a gallon. In fact, even with discounts, the mid-grade fuel for the Pacifica was still over the $4 mark. We bought slushes for ourselves and Mom & Sandy then went over to swap cars. We came in and talked with Mom for a while…until Matt called. Then her face lit up and we knew our place – it was time to go. LOL! It was so hot, humid & windy that I didn’t even want to think about playing disc golf that night. Instead, we came into a house that felt wonderful. That new A/C – with it’s higher BTUs did a great job of keeping the front of the house very mild. In fact, Abby was griping about it being TOO cold just yesterday. I told her to go sit on the porch for 5 minutes and come back in and say that. She declined… That evening, we ate up our leftovers and tried to find something new to watch to get our minds off Abby. Abs and Gma both called multiple times that evening…and by bedtime, Abs was all set and waiting to board her flight. I put on a show called Keep Breathing on Netflix. It had some interesting moments, but was very heady and for us, a snooze fest. Still, we binge-watched the entire season (it was a short one). Next, we turned to a true crime show to switch things up and found a show on Paramount + called Never Seen Again. We liked the first episode but then went on to bed… We have a ton of social media pictures to share this week.

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Thursday was much cooler. It was overcast for most of the day and that helped keep temps in the 70s. It was humid, that’s for sure. It rained on and off that day as well and there were even a couple rounds of thunderstorms. I had a good day at work, keeping busy with putting away stock, doing video surveillance rounds and some IT stuff. We took Justin out for lunch, being it was the last day we would all be together. So, Jim, Justin C, Vic, Brent and I took him to Arni’s. I told him that the next we do this, that he’d have to buy since corporate visitors always buy for the local facility folks – LOL. I was hoping that he would come out and play some disc golf with me, but he said he was busy and didn’t want to play in the rain. It wasn’t too bad out there. But between the constant drizzle and the fact that I got out later than I wanted, I only managed to get in 9 holes before I had to call it quits. I was pretty wet, TBH. My game didn’t suffer too badly as I carried my backpack again (that’s the 3rd time I’ve used it this week) and I had a couple towels to wipe my hands and discs. I only had it slip away from me twice and ended with a 25. I picked up Ann and drove her out to a friend’s house off Millhousen Rd. It was girls’ night, but instead of their usual outing to a local eatery, they decided to stay in and order Pizza King (yum!). I took Black Betty up to Drew’s new Tree City Lube to get the oil changed. I got to meet Dipstick – no not Drew, but his new shop puppy. She is so cute and very loving…but all puppy. 😊 Abby would love her! It finally stopped raining, which allowed me to go golfing at the park that night. I put my wet stuff back on and played 18 holes. I had the place pretty much to myself. There was one family fishing off the old, wooden bridge, but that was it the whole time. I only lost control of a disc one time…and yep; it landed in the damn pond. Thankfully, I had my extending pole with me, so I was able to retrieve it fairly quickly and continue on my way. I did pause to look for my old Aviar on 6 and 15 (the same hole, just different tee boxes) briefly, but I’m trying to give up hope and just move on…which isn’t easy for me to do. I had a pretty good round, taking my time and enjoying the serenity. The sun actually broke through the clouds for the first time as I crossed the big blue bridge off the island. I wound up with a 45 for the 2-round total, which I was happy with, given the soaked grounds. I came home and showered and then ate dinner while watching Ancient Aliens. Afterward, I fell asleep watching the newest Westworld from this weekend on HBO. Ann came home from her night and we chatted briefly before I went on to bed to watch the first Thursday Night Football game of the season. I gave the guys a hard time about not getting together to play poker since there was football back on Thursday nights… Just as we were leaving for work that morning, we heard from Abby. She has landed safely in Oslo and was officially in Europe! She’s the first from our little family to visit another continent. Will was there, waiting at the gate for her and she was happy to see him, of course. She said it was rainy and 70 degrees. I told her she could’ve just stayed here to enjoy that type of weather! LOL! We chatted a few times through the day, as did Ann and her. We will miss her this week and next but hope she enjoys her time abroad…but just doesn’t like it TOO much!! I didn’t even see Luke that day. I have no idea what he did, but if I had to guess, he may have picked up an odd job to make a little cash, probably lifted at the Y and then spent time with his buddies or his girl. To my knowledge, he still hasn’t heard anything from the fire department, which is sort of keeping him in limbo – as he doesn’t want to get into a fulltime job, only to have to quit if he does get on the force…so until then, he can do nothing but wait patiently.

I was up early on Friday morning and at my desk before 7 am to start work from home. It rained on and off pretty much all day, which was great since I didn’t have to water the shrubs out back all week! I did a load of towels while I waited for my computer to boot up and connect to VPN while playing a little with the dogs out back. The house feels so good, thanks to that new A/C in the family room. You really feel the difference when you step outside and then come back in! We heard from Abby a few times that day. She and Will travelled to Oslo to see some of his friends. They both looked like they were having a great time. Abby enjoyed trying new food and drinks and even went to a grocery store. It is interesting to see how different things are…and then in the middle of everything, Abby found – of all things – a box of Old El Paso taco shells…something she recognized and made her feel not so far away from home. Silly how little things like that can make a difference. I keep asking her to get me some Norwegian Hot Wheels but she keeps saying no. Meany! ☹ Luke got up a little later that morning and hung out with us for several hours. He eventually worked out at the YMCA then went with his buddies to see off Ethan (his going-away party) and spent the night with them. I got up early that morning and began working from home. I worked for about 5 hours before Ann (who took the day off since there weren’t any patients in Greensburg that morning), Luke & I loaded up the dogs and headed to Westport to see Macy, our dog groomer. They were so excited to see her and absolutely love her. We stopped in town and ate lunch at Pizzalicious. We ate like kings with a huge chicken/bacon/ranch pizza, breadsticks, toasted ravioli and some boneless wings (more for Luke, but I tried them and they were pretty good). We came home and took naps before heading back out to pick them up in the early evening. When we got home, I tried to fix the Roomba, which broke down with a malfunctioning wheel. After a failed attempt to rig it back in place, Ann ordered a replacement for us. Add it to the list of devices that have failed in the first week of August… Later, Mom & Sandy came over to play a few games of euchre. The young guns beat the old timers, 2 games to 1 to regain our title after having our butts handed to us previously. Luke even sat in for a few hands for me and did just fine. We can’t have a child of ours that doesn’t know how to play euchre! LOL. I grabbed a quick dinner and binge-watched several more episodes of Never Seen Again on Paramount + before falling asleep in the living room. I don’t even remember going to bed… Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.08.01 hwc22.08.02 hwc22.08.03 hwc22.08.04 hwc22.08.05 hwc22.08.06 hwc22.08.07 hwc22.08.08 hwc22.08.09 hwc22.08.10 hwc22.08.11 hwc22.08.12 hwc22.08.13 hwc22.08.14 hwc22.08.15 hwc22.08.16 hwc22.08.17 hwc22.08.18

It was raining when I let the dogs out, first thing on Saturday morning. We slowly got moving and eventually hopped in Black Betty and rode over to St. Paul to see Lori at Wild Flour Bakery and pickup a batch of goodies. We haven’t had enjoyed that treat in a couple months, I believe. It was foggy and damp on our trip over and we had a few sprinkles here and there. Ann bought some produce from a farmer’s veggie stand that morning and he said it was the last weekend for them this year. The wound up with about a dozen peppers (not spicy ones, unfortunately!). We came home and switched vehicles, hopping out of Black Betty and getting into Betty White. I loaded up the yard tools and we headed on our way, over to see Mom & Sandy for an hour or so. Ann went inside to deliver goodies and visit while I mowed & trimmed the yard. It was sooo humid that when I went inside, the gals swore that it was raining, but it hadn’t precipitated at all. I got cooled down and grabbed a drink and talked about the grandkids for a while. Eventually, we had to say our goodbyes and head back home. Ann continued working on the bedroom. A couple weekends ago, she cleaned out the closet. That day she began cleaning off her dresser. Meanwhile, I continued working outside by mowing and trimming on an increasingly hot and humid afternoon. By the time I finished, I was so sweaty that I came in the back door, stripped down naked and threw all my clothes into the washer and hopped in the shower. It was one of the best showers of the year, man. 😊 I finished up the pizza from yesterday, grabbed some Advil and flopped down on the couch and put on the new Ancient Aliens from last night. I contemplated going into work because they were not only hard up for help but also offering a generous bonus to entice folks to sign-on. I thought I could do it, but quickly realized that I was likely going to nap instead, I told Steph I just couldn’t do it. I felt bad because I know she is desperate and she’s helped me recently…but I just couldn’t physically do it. ☹ That afternoon, we both took naps while we watched the 2nd season of Never Seen Again. Once Ann fell asleep, I watched the NASCAR Xfinity race from Michigan. We heard from Abby a few times throughout the day. I talked to Robby for a while that day as well, which was good to hear from him. I spoke to Dad B a couple days ago and Luke called Dad S & Barb yesterday, so it was good to touch base with the fam we don’t see very often anymore. I need to call them more often than I do…that’s one thing about myself I would change, if I could… Luke went to Cincy with Oak and their girlfriends that day then returned to his house and spent the night again with his family. The funny thing about that is that I believe he actually has his own bed out there – LMAO! I wrapped up the night by staying up way too late, binge-watching Invasion on Apple TV+.

We tried to sleep in on Sunday morning but didn’t a very good job of it. Once the sun came up, our room was simply too bright for me to stay asleep. Even Ann got up earlier than she normally does on Sundays. I had begun transferring data off my micro-SD card onto one of the external hard drives, but it took forever. I started it yesterday afternoon and let it run all night. When I got up, it was still only at 40%. At this point, I doubt it will even be ready by the time the replacement one that I ordered yesterday arrives next week. When Ann got up, I got to my weekly household chores. Sandy came over with Olive to play in the backyard with Ann & Delilah. The girls enjoyed some porch time while the pooches enjoyed some yard time, running and playing in the sun. I continued watching Invasion on Apple+ while files continued to transfer from my damaged SD card to my backup hard drive. Ann had me start the grill around noon and then we grilled burgers out on the porch. We grabbed a little porch time and enjoyed a beer on a warm, sunny day. She made some corn on the cob and Luke came home to join us for a nice sit-down meal. We don’t get many of those any longer. We got everything cleaned-up and Luke invited Samantha over. I sat down and watched the rest of Invasion and ended up falling asleep and got in a good little nap. I think it rained while I dozed, which might explain why I slept so well. Afterward, I put on the cup race from MIS and worked on the blog, writing out this week’s html code and uploading this week’s pictures and videos. Work called and woke me up; they received an odd call that I’m not sure what to think of…but they do get odd phone calls from time to time, so it’s hard to gauge how serious people are at times… The race had a rain delay so Ann & I watched the next episode of Surface on Apple TV+ then when we flipped back over, the race was just coming on, so we settled in and watched a little NASCAR. Ann made cheesy popcorn for dinner and then we wrapped up the evening by chilling with the dogs and watching a couple of our favorite shows on Paramount + called Evil and another called Blood & Treasure. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and great way to put the kibosh on another fast week, here at the Scheu abode…

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature pictures form the end of 2006 through 2007 from Dee’s digital camera. We lead off with pictures of Gigi and her dogs in Dec 2006; next we move on to March 2007: Sandy on the mayoral campaign trail; April 2007: fun at the Reds game; May 2007: Memorial Day weekend and Sandy and the Gigster Group on primary voting day; June 2007: Grace at Gma’s house, summer vacation fun; July 2007: 4th of July weekend activities, Sandy’s birthday, and Grace’s birthday; August 2007: Minnie’s new home ; October 2007: the Van Halen concert at Deer Creek; November 2007: Maryann’s birthday; and December 2007: the annual Owens family Christmas Eve festivities.

Waybac.2006.12.gad25 Waybac.2006.12.gad26 Waybac.2007.03.sfm19 Waybac.2007.03.sfm20 Waybac.2007.04.rg04 Waybac.2007.05.mdw15 Waybac.2007.05.spv06 Waybac.2007.06.gag02 Waybac.2007.06.sv11 Waybac.2007.07.foj69 Waybac.2007.07.foj70 Waybac.2007.07.foj71 Waybac.2007.07.foj72 Waybac.2007.07.foj73 Waybac.2007.07.foj74 Waybac.2007.07.foj75 Waybac.2007.07.sbd13 Waybac.2007.07.gbd20 Waybac.2007.07.gbd21 Waybac.2007.08.mb06 Waybac.2007.10.vhc18 Waybac.2007.10.vhc19 Waybac.2007.11.mab09 Waybac.2007.12.ce14

And finally, our video segment features one new home movie from this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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