Hey Now, You’re an All-Star…Get your Game on, Go Play

This week, we enjoyed a welcomed cool-down in the weather department. In fact, it was downright chilly in the early mornings – starting in the upper ‘50s and peaking in the lower 80’s. Monday was a long-ass day. It started at 5:30, running Matt to the high school for football / wrestling practice, followed by evening practice later that day. It was also a long day at work for Ann & I – which is typical for a Monday…but you know how that goes… Abby began basketball camp. She wasn’t sure she really wanted to do it, but by the end of the first day; it was all she could talk about when we picked her up. We picked up the kids and headed to the ball diamonds where Luke & Bu had simultaneous games. I hate it when this happens. Luke and his Rangers played the Red Sox, who barely had enough players to even field a team. We ended up destroying them, 20-4! Luke went 3-3 with a pair of doubles and a triple that he just rocked. All told, he had 4 RBI’s, scored two runs, had six assists from the pitcher position, caught 2 fly balls, made a double play and had only 1 throwing error with all that action. Meanwhile, Abby’s team had a battle on their hands against the Lincoln Street Grill team, but they pulled through for another victory! Abby was 0-0 officially but reached base all three at-bats with walks. She scored a couple runs and slid again! She is still the only one on the team to slide. She played catcher but did not have any plays at the plate. She had no sooner completed the game then she was off to fast-pitch practice over at North Park. While the girls were off still softball-ing, Luke & I went home to load up the truck but it wouldn’t start (JT says he’ll get it ready for Matt to drive full time next year), so we moved the middle bench seat in the van and shoved the equipment in there (it still smells like gas in there to this day!). Afterwards, we hit Wal-Mart to get sodas and oil for the cars – Luke later thought it was cool that I showed him how to add oil to the Pacifica and the Grand Caravan, which were both nearly a quart low from all the heat lately. After shopping, we stopped by Dairy Point and got ice cream for everyone and brought it home.

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Tuesday was another long day. Matt was back at football practice in the morning but did not have wrestling, which is apparently on hiatus. Abby was back at basketball camp. We left work early and picked up the kids due to Brandy having an early ball game. We brought the kids home where I pitched to Abby for about an hour (Luke was my catcher), in preparation of her first fast-pitch game that evening. In fact, she had a double-header that night. In her first game she went 0-2 with a pair of strikeouts. Defensively though, she was the bomb. She played first base for the first time in her life and did phenomenally. She had about 10 putouts with no errors and even made a double play! The team ended up losing their opener in a heartbreaking loss by two runs. In the nightcap, they faced the Vinyl Solutions team, which was pretty tough. Although they hung close until the end, they trailed the whole game and never did catch up. She again played 1st base and had several great plays and really looked like a pro. That being my old position, I was very proud of her and loved seeing her out there. I couldn’t resist hanging out a few times at the fence by her and shouting out some helpful hints to her. She did make her first error when a ball went right through her legs! I had to give her a hard time about that one… She was 0-1 and got hit by a pitch. After stealing a base, she was sent home on a single and was tagged out at home (more like smashed, but she tried hard). She again slid a few times and experienced her first strawberry! She was pretty sore that night and whimpered a little. All in all, she was really pretty tough. We were awfully proud of her with her war wounds. It was a full moon that evening and we couldn’t resist having a little fun with it as we walked back to the car after her last game. She was a little down about not getting any hits and how hard it was to hit the ball coming that fast. We encouraged her to give it a few more games and she’ll get the hang of it.

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Hump day was the longest day yet. I was up at 4:30 to go in and do a fire drill on 3rd shift at work. Ann met with an electrician who inspected our heating in the attic and found it was undamaged, thankfully. Abby was back at basketball camp. Matt backed out of a wrestling camp in Lawrenceburg…which we were cool with, because as it turns out – he would’ve been the only one from Greensburg attending, it was not an officially sanctioned Purdue camp (just someone who was from their program) and it was a commuter camp, meaning we would’ve had to travel over an hour each way to get him there and then to go pick him up and bring him home…Ann was even able to get a refund (nice job, babe!). Matthew took the day off from workouts as his knee began swelling again. We no sooner got home that evening and we had to turn around and head out to the ball diamonds. Matt joined us, which was cool (I often wish I had attended more of Rob’s games when I had the chance, but I was too cool and busy for that at the time, apparently). …speaking of cool, it was been really nice here this week, but the damn humidity has kept the a/c running. Both kids had ball games that evening. Lukey went first, facing the Cardinals, who were short-handed. We clobbered them as well, 15-3. Luke tried really hard to show-off for Matthew and ended up trying too hard. He did go 2-3 with a double, 4 more RBI and 2 runs scored. He again played pitcher all game, recording 6 assists but had a pair of throwing errors again. He did catch another fly ball and had another double play!! Abby’s softball game moved a little slower (I have to admit that the fast-pitch games keep my interest much better than the slow-pitch ones). Abby reached base all three times, going 1-1 with a ringing line drive between the shortstop and 3rd baseman and also had a pair of walks. She had 1 RBI and scored once. Despite having the strawberry on her knee, she slid a couple times again…and I love that hard-nosed style of playing, Bu! Way to go, babe. She played catcher again but had no plays at the plate. Abby’s team won again (12-5) to stretch their win streak to 3 games! We got done late, grabbed some drive through, showered and went to bed or fell asleep on the couch – all of us worn out from the long day.

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Matt had trouble getting up that morning, so he skipped workouts. Abby went to basketball camp. Matt did attend the evening football workout. Bu had a fast-pitch softball game, facing the Tom Sibbett team. She played 1st base again for most of the game but also played an inning in right field at the end of the game. She was 0-0 with a pair of walks, 3 stolen bases, a run scored and slid on her sore knee (that a girl, Bu!). Defensively, she had a handful of putouts but did miss one easy ball. Although they looked better overall as a team, they lost by 3 runs. Ann’s friend Shawna came over for a snickers martini and brought her three girls for Abby to play with. The gals all hung out in the back yard for a couple hours and had a good time…although a pair of Abby’s friends toilet-papered our house! She ended up cleaning it up the next morning…

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Friday was a nice change of pace, as we actually had no ball games! Abby earned an award at basketball camp for being the runner up in the free throw competition. I found a couple pictures on Facebook that evening of Bu and Mom. I found a couple pictures of Abby & Megan from last weekend. Luke lost another tooth and thankfully the Tooth Fairy remembered to come visit him! As for the progress this week with regard to repairing our poor house, I finally got a hold of the 3rd contractor who will hopefully have a quote to us by Wednesday of next week and Ann got an account set up with the bank for us to begin paying the contractors. So although it wasn’t much, we did take a few steps this week.

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On Saturday morning, we were back at the ball diamonds, this time for Luke’s all-star team. It had rained during the overnight hours, so it was humid and the diamonds were a little damp. I had to miss our company picnic at Ceraland where I was supposed to be the grill master. It ended up getting rained out / cancelled and moved to Chucky Cheese, so I didn’t feel quite as bad for cancelling at the last minute. We played a pair of play-in games to determine seeding for the tourney on Sunday. Due to all the water, we were delayed an hour. Luke got his new jersey while we waited. We were a little disappointed to find his name was spelled wrong on the back of his uniform. We had fun with him, giving him shit about the pronunciation of it, calling him “Shway-Man.” He was good natured about it and I think Ann was more upset about that than he was. We were the only 7-year-old team out there, competing in the 8-year-old tourney. It was their first game and we played a team called the Indiana Express that destroyed us, 11-0. Luke played right center the whole game, the first time he’s played in the outfield. It was a definite learning opportunity, as he had a chance to catch a couple balls, but was nowhere near them. He did stop a couple ground balls, but we need to work on catching fly balls. He needed prompting to go after balls not hit directly at him. At the plate, we only mustered two hits. Luke grounded out in his only plate appearance. We went out to McDonald’s between games for lunch. We had a short practice before our 2nd game but it didn’t help as we got squashed again – this time 14-0 as we faced the Indiana Bulls. Only 3 batters reached base this game – one of them Luke. He went 1-1 with a single. Defensively, he had a chance at a couple more balls but again missed them. He had trouble judging the depth of the balls due to simple inexperience. It was funny to see how seriously some of these parents took this game. You could tell this is how they spent their weekends on a regular basis and they took it quite seriously. It was quite an eye opener. Here we were, a bunch of wide-eyed little first graders seeing all these travel teams that resembled semi-pro teams, complete with matching equipment, etc. Afterwards, the girls went shopping in Columbus and the boys chilled out on the couch – ordered pizza and watched the Star Wards movie marathon on Spike TV. We did manage to make it out to Dairy Point for cones…

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Sunday was Father’s Day and Luke’s all-star tourney. We were up and out early…only to have rain delay it initially and eventually cancel the whole tourney. Luke was bummed and we were all soaked and cold. Wouldn’t you know it…by the time we got home and settled in, it stopped raining? We relaxed and did our weekly chores around the house. I spoke to both Dad S & Dad B, wishing them a happy FD. Ann and the kids made it a great day, making lasagna for lunch, chibatta bread sandwiches for dinner and waffle brownies for dessert…yum! I ate way too much. They got me new shirts and boxers and Luke got me Hot Wheel cars and book. It was a great day that allowed us to all take a nap simultaneously during the NASCAR race in Michigan (I wonder if our friend Pat made it up there this year as he has in years past?). It was a perfect end to a long week. I will have video and pictures next week. In the meantime, here is this week’s video section. The first two are from the DVD’s we received from the high school that features Abby’s 4 routines from the Dixon Dance Revue. It is a nice 3- cam pro shot mix. The only bad part is the poor audio soundtrack, but it’s not their fault – it was bad in the auditorium period. Anyhow, after that are three more from all of this week’s activities, including all the ball games. Also included are several flix of interest that I’ve been checking out from the net this week:

Next up is the Waybac feature; leading off, we start in the summer of ’88 in Lafayette for Grandmaw Brown’s funeral, including out in front of her house for a picture with Aunt Norma & Uncle Ralph and Steve & Brenda Page as well as her grave site. Next up are several pictures of the 1990 White Birch Village vacation in Wisconsin – including pictures with Mom & Dad (love the outfits, guys!), Dad heading out on a three hour tour and then Mom showing the spoils of that journey; Aunt Marilou with a kitty knick-knack (go figure); and Rob who described this fish as being 2 feet long! Ha! Ha!

Waybac.1988.09.gmabf1 Waybac.1988.09.gmabf2 Waybac.1990.wbvviw1 Waybac.1990.wbvviw2 Waybac.1990.wbvviw3 Waybac.1990.wbvviw4 Waybac.1990.wbvviw5

Next we have Deena Marie, napping in June of ’91; the last Christmas in LaPorte with Tuffy and the Bryan Family Christmas in ‘92; then the station wagon at the Dream House in Rossville, 1993, shortly after moving in; and then Mom & Dad’s visit to Alabama to see Robby, while he briefly lived down there in February in 1997.

Waybac.1991.06.dmtan Waybac.1992.12.lcilp1 Waybac.1992.12.lcilp2 Waybac.1992.12.lcilp3 Waybac.1993.nhir1 Waybac.1993.nhir2 Waybac.1997.02.16.rlia1 Waybac.1997.02.16.rlia2 Waybac.1997.02.16.rlia3 Waybac.1997.02.16.rlia4 Waybac.1997.02.16.rlia5

The final section starts with Matthew’s first birthday party in Columbus in March of ’97 (I remember how much he hated those blow-outs); Matt’s second birthday in March of ’98 in our new house in Greensburg; then our Breakfast with Pooh at Walt Disney World in May of ’99; Fourth of July weekend in ’99 on Pine Lake in LaPorte; Abby’s first Christmas with Papaw Bryan in ’99; Mom & Gigi at their annual Christmas Eve celebration at their new home in Ryle Addition; and finally Abby’s first Easter at Papaw’s new house on the hill in 2000.

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And that wraps up this edition of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch you up next time. Until then, have a good one. Later, Scheu

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  • Mom

    Great videos of my “kids” again Tom. Good going Lukie and also Bu!!! I loved the pics also from years ago. It’s great to see just how much my Kids have changed thru the years. Also, that is Kim and I in the picture when she came to FL. We went to eat at PJ’s that evening and had a great visit. Can’t wait to see my many friends and family in October. I will let you know as it gets closer so maybe you and Ann could take a couple of days off to be with us. Either way….we will see you all!!!! Maybe the kids will have some games or something going on that we can attend. We miss seeing them in their sports and dance. But, you doing the videos sure does help. I love you all and will talk with you sometime this weekend. OH…..THIS DAY 8 YRS AGO…..LUCAS ALEXANDER SCHEUMANN WAS BORN!!! XXXOOO’s

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