All I Know is that You’re Taking Me for Some Kind of Ride

Wow, what a ride we’ve been on the last couple weeks. It really felt like summer this week as temps soared back in to the 90s and the humidity was more seasonal as well, making us really start to miss the pool this year. Monday night brought about the year-end tourney for Luke’s Rookie league baseball team, the Clearsound Rangers. Although it was their first tourney game, it would prove to also be their last. The little Rangers had their chances but had too many defensive blunders against the #1 seed (yes, although we finished 3rd in the league, we somehow drew the top seed of an 8 team division….hmm…). Lukey had his fair share. Although he made 5 assists, he still had 3 more throwing errors to go with them – along with 2 more errors by the 1st baseman on tough throws from the Duke. But he is young and will have plenty of time to work on that arm in the off season. However, Luke went out with a bang offensively. He was 3-3 from the plate, stroking another homerun, and triple and showing his speed during an infield hit. He also scored all three times and had 5 RBIs. He had an MVP-type of season in my opinion. Although the coach didn’t do season-ending stats, I’ll probably go back over these past weeks’ blogs and see if I can’t tally everything up myself. It was very hot and humid that night as the boys seemed to wilt on the field. They were all hot and sweaty that night as Coach Derrick took them all next door to the ice cream stand for goodies after the game. Abby kept the book for the team again, as she continues to grow in her understanding of the fundamentals of the game as well. She kept it until about the 4th inning when Ann ran her out to North Park for a fast pitch softball practice where she finally got in some bp! After the game, Luke and the Rangers received their league trophies for finishing 3rd. They should have a heck of a team next year! And although Matt’s wrestling team done practicing for the time being, his football workouts continued…as did his woes with his knees.

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Abby stayed home with Matt on Tuesday morning but ended up over at Memaw’s house by mid-morning. Matt’s knee was hurting and full of fluid again, so he skipped the morning workout. Abby and her Realty Executives team had a fast pitch league game that evening. The batting practice last night seemed to help as she finally began swinging at balls again. I’m sure that playing in two leagues concurrently is messing not only with her timing but with her swing and confidence as well – which is why we didn’t want to do both this year. Although she hit the ball, she grounded out twice to the right side and went 0-2. She started in left centerfield but was again bumped back to first after her replacement made another two errors. I guess the coach is trying to work her in, just in case Bu misses a game. Abby had no errors and recorded 4 putouts. Their team continues to improve, but still lost by 6 (11-5) that night. Abby followed that game up with a make up slow pitch game. As I feared, her swing, timing and confidence were lacking during this game as she went 0-2 with a walk. She played catcher as always and made a great play by catching a foul ball to end a rally in the last inning. However, her team could not muster any offense and lost again, 10-1 with Abby scoring their only run. Matt came home from football practice and all the kids played basketball out front for over an hour until it pretty dark outside – about 10 pm!

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Abby’s Infinite Seed slow pitch softball team battled her old team (Eaton Day Law) that didn’t draft her this year, so it was sweet payback time! Just kidding; we still like all the kids, coaches and parents on that team, so it was actually a fun game. Although the team played better as a whole, Bu continued her downward spiral at the plate. She went 0-2 (strikeout and groundout) with a walk. She did slide in to third base while running the bases, but this time she managed to slide correctly and did not injure herself this time. The gals somehow managed to win the game and moved on in the tourney to the next round.

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Can you guess where we spent our Thursday evening? Bu had a fast pitch game, meaning we were back at the ball diamonds. She went 0-0 with a walk in her only at-bat of the game (she batted last). The game was really never close as they lost by 9, 15-6. She played first base, moved to right field for an inning (where her replacement made two errors) and was promptly moved back to first base. She made several routine plays, including 5 or 6 putouts and one that got away on a wild throw that sailed high. She did get a glove on it, but couldn’t pull it down. Luke spent the night at Christy’s house with Alex. Apparently they stayed up way too late that night and Luke was a bear the next morning. Matt’s knees were hurting him pretty bad when he got home. They are still filling with fluid. I wonder if they still drain those things like they did when I was in school…

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Friday was a very long day. Ann took Matt back to the orthopedic doctor to check out his knees. He is on doctor’s orders to rest his knees for two weeks, ice every day and steady dose of ibuprofen. I went in early and stayed late. I had always bragged about how I had not missed a ball game the kids were in…well that all changed when Abby won her game last night and progressed to the third round. They apparently did not play well and lost 13-5…scoring all 5 runs in the final inning but falling well short. Abby continued her funk, going 0-2 (another ground out and strikeout) with a walk. She can keep her head high however, as she made an outstanding defensive play at the plate. A well-known, hard-nosed player came barreling in to her, attempting to score a run but Abby had the plate blocked and caught/held the ball as she tumbled backwards twice, popped right up (despite the nasty, pepperoni-sized abrasion she sustained from the encounter) and jogged off the field as it was their third and final out. Meanwhile, over on diamond 5, Luke was in the midst of a double header all-star game. He played the outfield but didn’t see much action. At the plate, he continued his torrid ways as he went 3-3 with a double and a pair of singles, scoring all three times as well as knocking in a pair of runs in a 20-3 route of the Rushville all-stars. In the nightcap of the twin bill, Luke continued to help the team with a single and ground out in two plate appearances and good play from the pitcher position. I have to thank Matt for what video he managed to get on that little Sony camera…

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Meanwhile I was securing the grounds at work and prepping for the thousands of people in and around the area. After the games, Ann and the kids joined me at CBC. She brought with her Abby’s good friend, Baili. A local radio station, Q-Mix 107, again hosted the celebration, complete with food vendors, children’s play area, a local live band (4 Years of College) and of course the annual Musical Fireworks where they have a display of about 30 or 45 minutes set to music they broadcast live. It’s all pretty cool. The kids sat on top of the Grand Caravan and had a spectacular view…what a memory we created that night for them… With the addition of the band this year, it compounded my job as I had to chase off about a dozen folks this year. Because the kids had organized games that evening, we weren’t able to play our games in the front yard at work this year nor have the picnic like we’ve had in previous years. I was actually a little bummed by it all. We got home late and crashed hard.

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On Saturday we finally got a chance to sleep in a little. We stayed cool by hanging out inside while the sun broiled everything outside. Later in the afternoon, we headed down the road to the next town over, Batesville. We were there to visit our good friends Paul & Dayla Drake. It was the first time we had been to their house, despite them living so close. It was a beautiful house in a nice subdivision. What made it even better was the new pool he just had installed a few weeks earlier! We all got a lot of sun that day. Poor Lukey already had two bloodshot eyes (not sure if he has some sort of seasonal allergy or what the deal was – he had them all last week), but after several hours in the pool, they were even worse. It was great to see Paul & Dayla (and their kiddos Conner and Cayden). Also in attendance that day were our good friends Pat and Wes. Paul was the grill master, serving up dozens of burgers and dogs. Inside, Dayla had everything you could imagine and then some! We enjoyed water volleyball and a cornhole tourney during the day and then city fireworks from their front yard that evening. We stayed later than we planned but not as late as some of the others who finally pulled out of harbor at four in the morning (oh my)!

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Sunday was our annual 4th of July party. This year we hadn’t really planned to do anything due to the current state of the house and back yard. That was still the plan a couple weeks ago but that all changed when we confirmed that Keith & Rosie were coming to town over the weekend. Ann & I were up early to get our work done and the kids got to sleep in. Ann went grocery shopping for a couple hours and cooked all day. I finally had time to mow at Mom & Sandy’s house (first time in 2 weeks) – it needed it bad, needless to say. I also finally cut the grass behind our temporary fence in the back – which was about a foot high. The kids and I then ran to USA Fireworks to get some last minute items (parachutes, smoke bombs and “out-front” goodies for the kids to play out in the street – like race cars, helicopters, tanks and fire engines). We came home and began setting up the backyard for the party. We bolstered our rig this year by securing it to the fence to prevent it from tipping while shooting the 3” shells. We had another big dinner. I grilled dozens of burgers and dogs while Ann made her cheesy potatoes, home made macaroni & cheese, pasta salad, deviled eggs, chips & salsa, Shallo’s dip & veggies, brownies, dirt pudding, fruit and much more… Instead of swimming, we had the sprinkler hooked up for the kids to run through, like we did when I was young. We had a buttload of fireworks that we set off for close to 6 hours or so (and still had a whole box leftover). We again went with Great Grizzly brand and just as last year, had no duds!! We have been very impressed with the quality of this brand of fireworks. As with last year, Matt helped me put on the display again this year. We also had a front row seat for the Greensburg city fireworks in our backyard. We had plenty of firecrackers and other explosives. We had several types of rockets and bottle rockets. We had plenty of big fountains and several cakes with multiple reports. One of my early favorites was the big roll of Black Cat crackers (2000!) and the 100-shot Saturn Missile Battery. We had three finales this time out. We started with the one we should’ve ended with – Three Wishes. Three Wishes was a 16-shot cake of 2” shells. Next up we had King’s Ransom, which was a cake of 9 3” shells with double and triple breaks. We concluded with the 500-shot cake called Wave the Flag. Mine, Keith and Matt’s favorite (and the crowd of 20 friends and family as well, judging by their reactions) was 3 Wishes. Oh well, it’s all good… We ended just as a storm began to roll in. In fact, during one of the last few, we accidentally peppered the crowd with fallout when the wind changed and blew directly back towards the house. The kids loved the 3’ sparklers and Roman Candles. We got most everything cleaned up that night and everyone relaxed on the dilapidated back porch and enjoyed one more round of Ann’s fabulous Snickers Martinis – which were the hit of the night. The only downer of the evening was when Cayden suffered a small burn on his hand while handling an over-sized sparkler…that and all the damn mosquitoes. They were really bad this year. I thought they were bad last year, but much like last year – we had an especially wet spring and they were out in full force that night and feasted on all of us. It was a great party, as always; and it was so much fun to spend it with our friends and family – despite the state of the house and backyard.

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We were right back up on Monday morning, which was officially Independence Day. Luke decided to drive his go-kart in the parade this year, so we decorated it all up with an abundance of flags. Abby again walked Lola and believe it or not, Megan actually walked Molly (she has been so afraid of dogs in the past), but Molly is pretty mellow, so it was a good fit. Matt again walked down to the funeral home to help Sandy broadcast the event on WTRE. This year it was very warm, muggy and this year had a new twist – rain. We were soaked and I was chafed pretty badly afterwards. Luke & I met up with the girls at the ending point and had complimentary bomb pops (the red, white and blue ones the ice cream man used to carry). We then made our way back to Ann, Keith, Rosie, Dee & Jamie where we always set up – right on the corner of the square, in front of the old church by the bank. Next it was off to Mom & Sandy’s for lunch. Luke’s go-kart died just a few hundred feet from the house and I ended up pushing him the rest of the way back. As always, they went all out again for lunch. We had ham, noodles ‘n tadies, pasta salad, potato salad, mac ‘n cheese, baked beans, corn, etc, etc. Man, we were so full! We were all joined by Linda & Dave and Joe (who brought us some leftover fireworks). We came back home and took a nap. Keith and Megan came back over after dinner and we shot off some more fireworks as the kids ran through the sprinkler. However, the mosquitoes were out again and we didn’t last too long out there before we gave up and came back in to cool down in the air conditioning. God bless the man who invented the A/C!! 😛 We noticed that the trees had begun to finally re-sprout leaves, so things are beginning to return to their natural state.

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It was back to work on Tuesday, grudgingly. We saw that the first fair vehicles were pulled in to the fairgrounds. Keith & Rosie went home. Abby, Megan, Lola & Molly made the newspaper for their entry in the 4th of July parade uptown over the weekend. Matt took the day and week off to rest his knee, per doctor’s orders. The kids stayed with Matt as Brandy went on vacation this week. As it turned out, they were really good for Matt. We actually took it easy on Tuesday night and enjoyed leftovers from the night before. It was really hot and humid, so the kids ran through the sprinkler to cool down. We fell asleep early and actually got a good night’s sleep for once!

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On Wednesday night, Luke was supposed to have a doubleheader baseball game but then it got changed to a practice and then it got changed again to a scrimmage vs. the 8 year old all-star team. Luke dressed in his league uniform and went 2-3. He had a single and a double and lined out to the shortstop in his third at-bat. He scored a run and played right centerfield. He didn’t have any fly balls his way, but did have three ground balls – one of which got by him. He did get it in quickly, but he can do better. It was so HOT that night. The sun was absolutely baking us to the point where we grabbed our lawn chairs and sat in the outfield – under cover of pine trees. Although there wasn’t much of a breeze, it was at least shady. The boys are finally starting to play more as a team and not just a group of individuals. They actually hung with the older boys but ended up coming up short again. Abby spent the night at Megan’s house, up in Greenwood and enjoyed going swimming in the salt water pool…as this time it didn’t make her face swell up like a fish.

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Work never seemed to end on Thursday. That was probably due to the anticipation of my final Father’s Day gift that evening. Ann was taking me up to Indy for a concert. Grace Potter & the Nocturnals were playing an intimate show in the Egyptian Room of the Murat Centre in downtown Indianapolis. That is one thing we simply don’t do enough of anymore – go to concerts. I don’t know what it is, but I have always felt at home and very comfortable whenever in attendance of a concert. It just feels like I’m with “my own kind.” I don’t know; it’s hard to describe. I just sometimes feel like I’m missing out on my calling somehow…I would love to be a sound engineer for a touring band. How cool would that be? Anyhow, we were up there pretty early for general admission seating. We went to the bar in the basement and had a beer to help pass the time. Once we got up to the theatre, we were surprised at which room we were in – we assumed there would be chairs. Although there were a few tables in the back, it was standing room only in the front. So we stood up in front of the stage about 3 or 4 rows from the front. We stood for a good hour and a half before the show even started. The band was about 45 minutes late getting started. The crowd was pretty good and not nearly as rowdy as many of the GA shows I’ve attended in the past. There were a couple of dicks that wormed their way in front of us, but we were too tired to fight about it. It was well worth the wait, as the band was tight and they were hot. I mean they were cooking! The crowd was great, singing along and clapping and dancing. There was a strange mix of folks in the crowd. There were young and old, partiers and preppies, gays and straights, guys and gals – a very equal mix actually. I recognized many of her songs, unlike Ann who was lost. The show was a mix of roots rock, heavy blues, tender/heartfelt ballads and soaring, extended, improvisational jam-band thrills. They got things really intense a couple times! There were four or five very special moments – magical even – when the band had the crowd and themselves whipped in to a frenzy…one of those amazing moments that might be equaled – but never quite duplicated. It was that good. They had some wonderful bluesy numbers that included a very cool call & response routine between Potter’s amazing voice and the lead guitarist Scott Tournet. Grace isn’t just another pretty face either, she is a good artist and Scott is very gifted guitarist that had some crazy tones coming from the three guitars he switched between. What really sets this band apart though, honestly, are the funky beats being laid out by their drummer, Matt Burr and the steady rhythm section of guitar parts by Benny Yurco and Cat Popper (who nearly fell twice!) on bass. Some of the evening’s highlights included the opener (Some Kind of Ride) followed by two crowd favorite/sing-alongs (That Phone and Goodbye Kiss – neither really my cup of tea), the jamming interludes of Joey (I think?) followed by the debut of a new song they just completed and haven’t recorded yet, “Man.” Other special moments included Ah Mary, White Rabbit, Paris, and of course their encores of Bus & Medicine. Grace is no shallow diva; she is a country gal from Vermont that can be tender one moment, sexy the next and absolutely rock the house at the same time. Their overall sound is a throwback to the late sixties / early seventies that gives it a very rich tone. We stood just off center, three rows back and directly in front of Scott (lead guitarist)’s amplifier rig. We got some decent photos and videos – nothing special, but some were OK. The sound on the video is dominated by Scott, obviously, due to our location – which was just fine by me. He wailed on that guitar. I hope I can find a good audio recording of the show eventually, because like I said – it was a truly magical night…thanks again Annie, it was a great present…and will be tough to top next year! LOL

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Ann was the smart one and took Friday off, unlike me who was up early and headed in to work. I was draggin’ ass – all that time on my feet told me that I was too old to be standing that long! Ann went scrapbooking and got a great deal done on a new book for Lukey on his baseball career. In fact, she has been diligently accomplishing several books simultaneously and will be awesome keepsakes for the kids one day. The fair opened that night and as you might imagine, the kids were all over me the SECOND I pulled in to the driveway. However, we discussed it and decided we would spend more during vacation than spend it on overpriced fair rides and food. We will make it out there at least once or twice but likely not as frequently as in past years. In fact, we will probably not even be here to see the demolition derby this year, unfortunately. As Matt put it, though – it’s just as well since that last couple years haven’t been as good as they were…but we will need to get a Lett’s Fire Dept fish sandwich and a Smyrna pork burger at some point! We went out to eat at El Chile Poblano and came back and played for an hour. We went for a walk, bike ride, and go-karting before an epic basketball game. Because of Matt’s knees, we can only play HORSE for now…or MOOSE as we play over here for some reason! I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up couldn’t fall back asleep for anything. We slept in Saturday morning for the first time in as long as I can remember. It felt so good. We did a few things around the house, but mostly took naps and chilled for once – man, I could get used to this! We watched the inaugural race at the new Sparta, KY track – just an hour or so from here. On Sunday, we took the truck over to the radio station, set up our gazebo and chairs and again had a prime seat for the annual fair parade. Man it was hot and humid again. We did our best to stay cool with the shade of the gazebo and cold beverages. Mom joined us as we collected candy, received compliments on our set up and cheered on Gigi, Baili and other friends in the fair parade which had a circus theme this year. By far, the WTRE float was the best entry for the theme. We again enjoyed taking a slow down for once and did our weekly chores around the house and watched the Indiana Jones marathon on TV.

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Here are this week’s videos, including several new family ones and a bunch of other ones from around the net.

Next up, we head in to the Waybac machine. Leading off, we start with several from my Riley Rockets yearbook, taken in September of 1980; Ann’s Dixon Dance picture in the spring of 1981; and Christmas Day with Grandpaw in 1989, up in LaPorte.

Waybac.1980.09.rrysg1 Waybac.1980.09.rrysg2 Waybac.1980.09.rrysg3 Waybac.1980.09.rrysg4 Waybac.1980.09.rrysg5 Waybac.1980.09.rrysg6 Waybac.1981ish.adpddc Waybac.1989.12.25.cdwgirslr1 Waybac.1989.12.25.cdwgirslr2 Waybac.1989.12.25.cdwgirslr3 Waybac.1989.12.25.cdwgirslr4 Waybac.1989.12.25.cdwgirslr5

Then we have a few from the Bryan Family Christmas from Vird & Belinda’s house in 1990; Ann & I in Mom & Dad’s first house in Rossville on Christmas morning in ’94; then Thanksgiving at our first Greensburg house in ’97; then up to Mom & Dad’s 2nd house in Rossville a couple days later; and finally Christmas morning on Main St. in Greensburg, 1999.

Waybac.1990.12.bcavabhi1 Waybac.1990.12.bcavabhi2 Waybac.1990.12.bcavabhi3 Waybac.1990.12.bcavabhi4 Waybac.1994.12.25.cdimadrdhlr1 Waybac.1997.11.26.tdig1 Waybac.1997.11.26.tdig2 Waybac.1997.11.26.tdig3 Waybac.1997.11.28.bcinhir Waybac.1999.12.25b.cdig1 Waybac.1999.12.25b.cdig2 Waybac.1999.12.25b.cdig3 Waybac.1999.12.25b.cdig4

And finally, we have last Christmas morning on Main St., in 2000; then Abby on Thanksgiving in our 2nd house in Greensburg, 2001; and finally Mom & Dad with Rob’s friend’s parents in May of 2002.

Waybac.2000.12.25a.cdig1 Waybac.2000.12.25a.cdig2 Waybac.2000.12.25a.cdig3 Waybac.2000.12.25a.cdig4 Waybac.2001.11.24.tdig1 Waybac.2001.11.24.tdig2 Waybac.2002.05.12.wnasp1 Waybac.2002.05.12.wnasp2

Well that does it for this double week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us as always and we’ll catch up with ya next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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    Hey guys….nice video and pics. Loved the parade and the games, although they lost, were good too. Thanks Luke for wishing Grandpa and I a Happy 4th before you got going on your car. Loved Giggy’s costume!!!!! What a nice parade and the kids seemed to really enjoy it along with you too. Sounds like you guys sure could use your pool!! It has really been hot huh? Well, we love you all and we will see you guys soon. XXXOOO’s

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