That I Meet in the Summer…Indian Summer

Well we asked for an Indian summer last week when we saw our first frost and boy howdy – we got it! What an awesome week it was – weather and otherwise… We stayed dry all week and although we started out in the 30s early on, we ended the week in the 80s and even near 90 one day! It was a very busy week that was also a special one for us. On Monday we were indeed cold – in the upper 30s with a frost warning. It warmed up nicely to the 60s by the time we made it over to Batesville for Matt’s JV football game. Abby had volleyball practice after school and then Gma took her to tap dance at Dixon DS (thanks, Mom!). Luke missed soccer practice again, in order for us to make it to the game on time. Matt had another killer game. He set a personal best on tackles with 6! He also caused one fumble and broke a guy’s arm. Afterwards, he said he felt bad about it. He played tackle again on the defensive side of the ball. He played guard again on the offense. He was equally impressive on that side as well – as evidenced by the QB regularly running plays behind him and the center (who also had a great game). He jacked up a couple kids and put them on their cans! Special teams, though, was another story. Matt came out for a few plays for some ibuprofen due to his heal flaring up again. The Pirates dominated the first 3 ½ quarters and the coach finally put in some of the B-teamers to get some PT. However, the Bulldogs kept their starters in. With 1:15 to play, we were up 26-8. That is when things took an odd turn. The ‘Dogs had a long run play and then got 2 on the PAT. We all knew what was next and sure enough, they had the onside kick called. The ball was hit directly to Matt – no bounce; just a line drive right at him. He said it was like he was in slow motion. Despite all his years of training to simply fall on the ball and the game is over, he saw daylight and only one guy to beat if he picked it up and ran. He would say later that he really wanted to score a touchdown just one time and he thought this was his moment! Instead, it went through his hands and careened off his shin. You can hear it hit on the video below! The ricochet wasn’t nice and although he dove after it, it was just outside his reach and Batesville got it back. Sure enough, two plays later they scored. They missed the PAT this time and sure enough, here comes another onside kick. This time, the return team was strangely missing little 63 in the middle, replaced with the “hands team.” This time, Greensburg recovered and ran the clock out. What an exciting ending to an otherwise one-sided game. There were lots of good hits and both teams played a pretty clean game for once. The final score: 28-24, good guys. I picked up Matt and the two of us picked up Abby at her musical practice. The Colts were on MNF with Purdue alum Curtis Painter at the helm of the offense. He started off rusty again but settled in nicely. He earned at least one more start next week. They really need to address the offensive line issues before he is able to truly show off his skills for them and the Colts lost, dropping to 0-4 for the young season.

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Tuesday stared off cool but again warmed nicely – this time up in to the 70s. Abby had academic team practice early, before school – and then volleyball and soccer practices afterwards. She still is not practicing jazz due to her and Baili both having volleyball practice. We got school pictures from Luke and Matt finally. I will feature those next week though, due to this week’s sheer amount of pictures already. We had to reorder popcorn as we were near crisis level! LOL The Devil Rays were the last ones in to the playoffs and that night they were also the first ones out, losing to the Rangers (bummer). It was also our last day of work for the week!! On Wednesday, we ran the kids to school, the car in to Acra’s and Ann & I took the day off to clean the house in prep of Mom & Dad B’s arrival. They came home from Florida for the first time in about 4 years. We worked hard to keep it quiet with the kids, so when they showed up at Sandy & Maryann’s house to pick up Luke, he flipped out! Dad ran me out to get the Pacifica (tires balanced and rotated, tires inspected for air loss, and a fuel line repaired which finally made the check engine light go off). When I brought Bu home from volleyball practice, she too was caught off guard at the sight of Grandma & Grandpa sitting on the couch! By the time I brought Matt home from football practice, I had my story down that Ann had Shawna (a scrapbooking friend) over for drinks – only to have him shout and beam ear to ear that his Mamaw and Papaw had come to visit. It was priceless. Ann made fiesta pork for dinner that was excellent. We all chilled out and got caught up on each others’ lives. Abby got her new glasses today. She looks good! On Thursday, Abby was again in early for academic team practice and then volleyball and soccer after school. It was her last soccer practice of the year. Matt had dinner with his team as they do each evening after the last practice before a varsity game. Mom & Dad took Ann & I out for breakfast at Frisch’s Big Boy for breakfast bar! We played a couple games of euchre (where Mom made an amazingly, lucky move at the end of the game to pull off a come-from-behind victory in the 2nd game. Dad helped me breakdown our old, rusted swing set for scrapping. We went to Lukey’s Family Fun Night that evening. Luke and his class sang 3 or 4 songs and we had snacks. Then we switched and went to the gym where the kids had drawn pictures of an animal and did research on it, typing a small report with interesting facts. We took those facts and had to match them up with a sheet of facts and blanks. Luke had to fill in the animals. We worked as a team and were the first ones done and we high-tailed it out of there! 😉 Ann made meatball sub sandwiches for dinner and we again ended up going to bed early.

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We took the kids to school and headed over to WTRE for Sandy’s one year anniversary celebration of WTRE being locally owned and operated by her, Mark and Kathy. There was a great turnout for an address given by the mayor, a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Chamber and lots of food and drinks. It was a gorgeous day. We snapped off some pics for Sandy, who was broadcasting the events live over the radio, grabbed a piece of cake and headed out to Buffalo Wings & Rings where we took Mom & Dad for lunch. Mom had been curious since we mention them so often in our blog as being a favorite of the kids. Mom and the waiter hit it off right away as she gave him a pretty rough way to go. We came home and played more euchre. The girls had two lucky hands that lifted them to victory and the lead in overall match play to 1-3, bad guys. Ann and Bu went pants shopping for her choir performance this weekend and then took her to volleyball practice. We picked her up and went to Matt’s football game. We stopped off in Batesville for dinner at LaRosa’s where we had a great antipasto salad and a yummy ranch-based pizza with chicken and bacon. We took off from there and hit I-74 towards East Central, just outside Sunman and Lawrenceburg. However, before we got to even the Sunman exit, I noticed the handling of the Pacifica was a little off and even said something to Dad that it was steering “weird” and then it developed a bad vibration. So I backed it down and got over in to the slow lane. Even at a slower speed, it was obvious there was something wrong and Dad was the first to say that we had a flat. So I limped it on to the shoulder and attempted to go another mile to the Sunman exit to get it off the interstate. However, the tire began to smoke badly and Dad said it looked like it was on the rim, so I found a good spot to stop and got out to inspect it. It was still smoking badly when got to the back tire. It smelled awful and it was too hot to even touch and was missing pieces. I had changed tires in town before, but never on an interstate. We have roadside assistance, but at this point it was obvious we were already going to be late to Matt’s game, so I decided to give it a go to expedite the process a little; found the tire and jack but the tire had 7 years of road grime (kept under the back of car, exposed) – that it was actually stuck and had to be knocked free once I had lowered it down. I got the tire changed (it was still smoking and very hot, leaving a couple blisters on my hands) while everyone got out and on the other side of the guard rail (we were afraid we were going to get clipped by someone not paying attention). Thankfully, it was the rear tire (that way I didn’t lose total control when it went down) and on the passenger side (so I wasn’t exposed to the road) – but it was tight working conditions and the jack was more conducive to being stored in a small area more so that being an easy jack to use for a flat. But I eventually got it and about a half hour after stopping, we were back on our way. It was hard to do on a full stomach, but if it were going to happen in this type of situation, I am glad it was the rear and that it was on the passenger side – and glad it was still light outside and that it was warm and not raining…all in all, it really could’ve been a lot worse. The thing that pisses us off more than anything is that the tire in question had been inspected by two different professionals and no one noticed any issues. We had just rotated and balanced the tires two days ago, so it would’ve been on the front if this had happened earlier!! …weird how some things happen for a reason… We missed nearly all of the 1st quarter and the Pirates were already down by 14 when we walked in to the stadium. The rest of the game was a bust also – they were a very dirty team who has had our number for well near two decades. Although the refs did a decent job of trying to stay on top of it (there were at least 5 personal fouls in the 2nd half alone), the coaching staff and Greensburg fans were very unhappy with the play of the Trojans. The Pirates at least made it a game, scoring a couple late TD’s but lost handily 34-14. After the game, the homecoming crowd was boisterous and unforgiving as we tried to leave the parking lot…especially one asshole yokel who was standing in the middle of the road and refused to move (Ann called them a bunch of damn hillbillies!). There were people everywhere and it took about 20 minutes to exit the school grounds and we thankfully had a slow, uneventful (and slow) ride home. Despite the lopsided victory, Matt again saw no playing time. Even Mom was questioning the coaching decisions and direction of the program. She saw the same things I did – instead of developing all the players, only about 15 to 20 are playing regularly with 7 or 8 of them playing both ways for the majority of the game. Sure, I can see 1 or 2 top players doing it, but far too many do it now – which really continues to hurt us in the 4th quarter when they are all dog tired – something that has plagued us all season. We got home very late and everyone went to bed.

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We were up very early on Saturday morning to see Mom & Dad off, who were continuing their adventure by heading up to Kokomo and Lafayette. Matt had football practice (thanks for taking him, Mom O!). Ann stayed in town with Abby at the Greensburg fields for her U-12 soccer tourney while I went with Luke over to Sunman for his U-10 soccer tourney. They did it differently this year. Instead of years past where they had a single-elimination tournament, they did what is termed as “pool play” or a round robin of games. They then take the results of that play (record, goals made and goals given up) to determine the seeding for a tourney of the top teams on Sunday. Abby had a bad draw and they got smoked in the first game, 6-1. Abby did not score and although she was on offense, spent much of her time on the defensive side of the field. Meanwhile, in Sunman, Luke wasn’t having much better luck. His team drew the green Sunman team for the 3rd time this season. Although they played hard, they also lost – 5-2. Luke played goalie for 3 quarters and forward for one (though he primarily helped on defense). He had several nice stops, but gave up 4 goals, coming out flat to start the game. He had one brilliant stop where he jumped high and batted the ball up in to the air and then caught it! It drew a roar from the crowd and the admiration from his teammates and his opponents. It was pretty cool! Even I got congratulated! We came back to grab lunch and watch Bu’s second game. It was more of the same. They lost 7-2 to the orange Sunman team who played very dirty. There was almost a fight in the crowd as well, due to the shoving and elbows. Abby even rooted her team on – saying that if the ref doesn’t call it, do it back to them! Luke and I had to leave at halftime to head back to Sunman for Luke’s 2nd game. Unfortunately, it was more of the same, losing 5-1. Luke sat out the first quarter – the first time all year (I think) that he sat for an entire quarter. Luke played goalie for the 2nd and 3rd quarters and then offense for the final period. He had a few shots on goal but nothing went in. We ended the day at 0-4 for the Scheu kiddos and were glad it was finally over. I hate to say it, but I think both teams actually got worse as the season went on…a first for both kids. I am to the point where I doubt the kids will even play again next year. Abby may end up playing volleyball and Luke may play football…so we may have actually seen the final soccer game for the Scheu family after 13 straight years. I turned in the kids’ uniforms and we all took naps in the early evening. The kids played outside a little and cleaned up their rooms. Ann and I caught up a little on our DVR. On Sunday, we finally got to sleep in for the first time during our mini vacation. We did our weekly chores around the house and attended Abby’s first choir performance out at the high school. Although 6 choirs were slated to perform, we left as soon as the 6th grade was complete. We’ll have pictures and videos next week. I didn’t have the time to process them this week. It was good though; and Bu looked good up there. Grandma O was also in attendance. We came home and took naps. The kiddos played outside a little more and continued with clean-up around the house. Later, Ann’s friend Shawna and her daughter came over to have girl time on the back patio with Abby and Ann. The Colts and Jeff Gordon both looked good for a while but ended up blowing up in the final quarter of their respective sports – Jeff had engine issue and dropped from 2nd to mid-30s and the Colts blew a 17 point lead to lose by 4. Curtis Painter had several good passing plays! I hope that he impressed enough to keep him in the starting role. I guess we’ll see. The Boilers won their Big Ten opener vs. Minnesota to start the season 4-0. It would’ve been John Lennon’s 71st birthday. To celebrate it, Paul McCarthy got married for a 3rd time. There was a moment of silence at all the NFL games for death of Raiders owner Al Davis. Oh, and I see that I turned 200K miles on the Grand Caravan this weekend…

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Here are this week’s videos. Remember that if you are reading this blog via Facebook, the videos will look like stings of letters and numbers. To view the videos as well as the blog in its native environment, visit our home page at and click on the blog link. We have seven new videos this week and a few others from around the net:

Next up, let’s flip on the Waybac machine. We start out in the mid seventies for one of the first Dix Dance Studios pictures of Ann in approximately 1975; then we check out the groovy clothing at the Bryan family Christmas in LaPorte in December of 1989. Lots of classic shots of us all, including: Rob, Nathan, Mom, Sharon, Katie and me.

Waybac.1975.adpdds1 Waybac.1989.12.bfcilp15 Waybac.1989.12.bfcilp16 Waybac.1989.12.bfcilp17 Waybac.1989.12.bfcilp18 Waybac.1989.12.bfcilp19

Next we have the Bryan family Christmas in Indy in December of 1990 in Indy w/ pics of Nathan, Deena Marie, Katie and Belinda; Abby trying to crawl around the house on Main St on Christmas Eve of 1999 – and check out the Backstreet Boys pose by Matthew.

Waybac.1990.12.bfcav15 Waybac.1990.12.bfcav16 Waybac.1990.12.bfcav17 Waybac.1990.12.bfcav18 Waybac.1990.12.bfcav19 Waybac.1999.12.24.ceoms15 Waybac.1999.12.24.ceoms16 Waybac.1999.12.24.ceoms17 Waybac.1999.12.24.ceoms18

Our final block of pictures begins on Christmas Eve, this time in Y2K in Greensburg; then Christmas Eve again in 2001 (I am noticing a trend here…); and then we wind up in Rossville for Easter in 2002 – look at those cuties!!!

Waybac.2000.12.24.ceoms15 Waybac.2000.12.24.ceoms16 Waybac.2000.12.24.ceoms17 Waybac.2000.12.24.ceoms18 Waybac.2001.11.24.tosrd1 Waybac.2001.11.24.tosrd2 Waybac.2002.03.30.eagmagpbh1 Waybac.2002.03.30.eagmagpbh2

Well that wraps up another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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