And the Wind is Crying, from a Love that won’t Grow Cold

Well, it was indeed the first full week of autumn – the temps were MUCH colder, the leaves began falling from the trees and we started winterizing around the house. We started out cold, damp and in the 50s on Monday, meaning it was long pants weather again. Abby continued with volleyball practice as well as tap dance at the Dixon Dance Studio. Luke missed soccer practice due to us attending Matt’s JV football game against Franklin County. Thankfully, it stopped raining in the late morning but was still chilly at the game that evening, causing us to break out the blankets again. Both Matt and his team did well that night. Matt was noticeably less aggressive, compared with last week’s effort (we’ve got to find a way to tick him off before next game!), but was still successful. He had one tackle, a couple assists and one forced fumble. He almost got the fumble, but missed it by just a foot or so. He was double-teamed on defense most of the day, which helped his team but obviously hurt his stats. Thankfully, he is a team player and cares only about the win. He did a great job blocking on offense, though did have a holding penalty. He drew their biggest guy for most of the game. He stuck with one position on each team this week – guard on offense and tackle on defense and again played every down, including special teams, except at the end of the game when the B-team got a chance to play. He did have at least one pancake as well! The Pirates dominated both sides of the line of scrimmage and therefore had the game well in hand as well. They won easily, 27-6. Afterwards, Matt chose Chili’s to celebrate the victory.

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We were up and in early on Tuesday, as Abby had Academic Team practice before school. We drove the truck in to work as I loaded up and gave part of our old fence to my friend at work, Philip. It was the first time Ann & I had shared a ride in the truck over to Columbus in well over a decade. We brought back a bunch of mums that Ann had bought for a fundraiser, delivered half to Mom & Sandy and brought the others home for Luke and I to plant this weekend. Matt had football practice that evening, Abby had volleyball practice but her soccer practice was cancelled due to the excessive rain that fell all day (again). As Luke and I exercised outside, Abby went to her musical practice at school. Due to volleyball for both Baili and Bu, jazz dance practice remained suspended. Abby dressed up cutely in a country & western theme for Spirit Day on Wednesday morning but ran late when she had Ann do her hair. She freaked out a little due to the stress of being late to school, coupled with all the other things she is doing in her life now. Obviously, Ann & I are concerned about her being overwhelmed with her hectic schedule this fall and we will be watching her very closely. She refused to stop and let me take a picture so we chased her down around the circle at school to get another view, but that only made her madder. 😉 I mowed Mom & Sandy’s lawn that evening, where Luke was awfully proud of his new shoes (his old ones that Gma got him were starting to tear, so they exchanged them). Ann made dinner and helped the kids with their homework while I took Matt out to the high school to practice driving the truck! After everyone had gone to bed, I watched the exciting finish to baseball’s regular season as first the Bosox lost to the O’s and then merely 3 minutes later, the Devil Rays defeated the Yanks to earn a wild card berth in to the post season. They came from nearly 10 games down a month ago, then 7 runs down tonight, staved off a late inning rally by NY and then Longoria hit his dramatic homerun in the bottom of the 14th inning to begin the MLB post season. So with the Reds out of it, I say, “Go Devil Rays!” Matt had a dental appointment on Thursday morning before school and of course football afterwards. It looks like he may have to have his wisdom teeth pulled and will likely need braces…oh boy. Abby had volleyball and soccer practice after school. Soccer was cut short when the skies opened up and dumped about a half inch of rain on us in about 20 minutes. She was soaked and dripping wet when I got her in the van. It was taco night for all of us, except Matt who ate at school with the team, as they do each night before a game. Although it was sunny and 80 when we left work, it was down in the 50s by the time Abby got home after practicing for her Beauty and the Beast musical. Ann sent me a good picture from Natalie of her youngest son, Brody, who is really growing up fast. She also sent me a picture she took of the girls last weekend in their face paint. Luke brought home some good pictures that he drew for us. Abby picked out a new Halloween costume – a monkey – which is very cute on her. While she was there, though, they sent me this picture of her looking in the mirror…LOL!

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So first it was Matt with his teeth and on Friday morning, it was Abby with her eyes. She had been complaining for a couple weeks that she was having trouble seeing the board in school. Although Ann got her teachers to move her to the front, we were obviously concerned with the status of her eyesight. Ann ran her in to see our old neighbor and friend, Tom, who is an optometrist. Sure enough, although it wasn’t bad, her inspection did indicate the need for glasses. She took a little while to find what she wanted, but Ann sent me this picture of her and I think she made a good choice. Kelly came back for the first time since her maternity leave at work and dropped a bombshell on us – she is quitting. I’m still not sure what exactly that will mean for us, but it will be interesting to see how things play out this 4th quarter of 2011. She sent a few pictures of her boys, Tyler and Blake – which will be her focus now for a few years. After work, Luke had a cold soccer practice and Bu went to volleyball practice with her friend, Kenzi. Afterwards, they helped set up for their homecoming dance. The dance itself only lasted an hour or two, but as part of Student Council, she stayed afterwards to clean up as well. She and Kenzi came home with Ann, where Luke and I met up with them and headed out to Shriver Field, here in G’burg, where the school was celebrating their homecoming festivities. OMG, it was so frigid out that night! The Pirates hosted the Batesville Bulldogs, current home to my best friend, Paul and his family. We had been texting back and forth all week and had planned to meet up at the game. However, due to the foul weather, he had to back out at the last moment. I don’t blame him; if it weren’t for Matt being on the field, I wouldn’t have been there either. Although the Drakes missed the game, Mom & Gigi came out for the 1st half, but left at halftime due to the poor weather. It was cold, windy and then it started to rain. At one point, I’m pretty sure it was snowing! It dropped all the way down in to the 30s. We had the blankets out there, but it really didn’t help. Ann was a trooper, hanging tough even though it was raining really hard, it was really cold and the wind was howling. The girls all went to the car, shortly after halftime when the rain began to pick up and although Bu and Kenzi came back out, Luke joined Mom in the car throughout the 3rd and most of the 4th quarter. It was truly football weather that night…welcome to October football in Indiana!! Abby met up with the boy she saw at the dance (Kellen) earlier in the evening as she and Kenzi ran off to be with their friends immediately upon arrival and Luke ran off with Alex for most of the night. Ann nabbed a picture of the two of them off Bu’s phone. We joked that Abby looked like a Conehead from SNL that evening! It was a good game for the Pirates who controlled the game pretty much the whole night. I don’t know if they ran more than 2 pass plays the whole night, but the ‘Dogs couldn’t stop the run. Greensburg won 34-12, but not before Matt had a chance to play a few downs! He got in with about 6 minutes to play. I texted Ann real quick to come back to watch him, but she was already on her way (I guess a woman’s intuition?). He started on offense at guard and had a couple really sweet blocks, including a pancake on a linebacker! After running four or five plays behind Matt, the QB fumbled but Matt stayed out to play defensive tackle for a few plays before the end of the game. Matt had planned to attend the homecoming dance afterwards, but at the last minute decided he was too cold and hungry and so he came with us. Kenzi stayed the night and came with us to Buffalo Wings and Rings where Matt got warmed up and his belly full. 😉

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We slept in a little on Saturday morning, but Matt still had football practice in the 39 degree weather and Bu had a soccer game. Luke’s soccer game, however, was cancelled. Abby’s last home game was a dud. It was so damn cold; the girls looked like popsicles and played like it too. Abby played forward, but had to constantly fall back and help on defense. She took her team’s only shot on goal but it missed and her team lost 3-0. We came home and did some cleaning of the house and Ann made a family favorite for lunch – “noonles and tadies” – as Matt used to call them. It was a great way to warm us all up on such a cold day. We actually turned the heat on in a couple rooms! It has been nice to open up the house lately and not have any heat or air turned on…but that time is over. Where oh where is that Indian summer? After lunch, while Ann & Matt took naps, I took the other kids up to the Washington soccer fields for the DCYSC’s end-of-year picnic and awards ceremony where Luke and Abby got their trophies. Luke’s coach and team were both MIA and Abby’s team only had 1 coach and 3 other players there. Granted, it was cool, but it was still a pretty crappy turnout – which pretty much sums up the season our soccer club has endured this fall. The wind was pretty cold out there, but the sun was out and the kids still had fun playing various soccer games for a couple hours. To warm up, I took the kids out to Dairy Point for ice cream. LOL I was a good boy and also brought home goodies for Ann and Matt as well. Ann took the girls shopping and dropped off Kenzi at home, came home and made us all Fireworks popcorn for dinner. We slept in on Sunday morning and woke up to a slight chill in the air in the house. To help warm up the inside, Ann made a seasonal favorite – a big pot of chili! After lunch, we did chores and took naps and basically tried to slow down and catch our collective breath. It finally warmed a little bit and the kids ended up played basketball and kickball, late in the afternoon. We have been enjoying the return of our favorite TV shows like the Simpsons, Family Guy, Star Wars Clone Wars, NCIS, Haven, Tosh.0, Ultimate Fighter, Hawaii Five O, Fringe, Blue Bloods and have enjoyed some new ones as well such as A Gifted Man, Person of Interest, Charlie’s Angels, Dance Moms, Unforgettable, Terra Nova and Prime Suspect. The Cowboys had a monumental collapse in the 2nd half of today’s game, but at least the Bears and Ravens won – I enjoy watching their defenses play. The Colts don’t play until Monday night; the Devil Rays are tied 1-1 in their series with the Rangers and NASCAR was in Dover where Smoke finally didn’t win a Chase race and Gordon finished just outside the top 10. Luke wanted to listen to a radio in his room, so we upgraded him to a real system. I am second-guessing that choice of letting him borrow my old Sony tuner / amp, as I type this up during Sunday night football with Ann sitting next to me, shaking our heads to the thumping rhythms of Jukebox Hero (or Juice Box Hero, as Lukey calls it!). Guess we’ll have to set up some rules for the stereo next week…

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Next up, we head to our video portion of today’s entry. It features new videos, of which there are five. Clips include Dee & Jamie’s wedding reception, Matt’s JV and varsity football games, Abby’s soccer game and Luke & Abby’s awards ceremony at the end-of-the-year soccer picnic. Also included are several vids from around the net I wanted to share this week. Please note, if you are viewing this blog feed on Facebook, you will only see jumbles of letters and numbers. To view the videos as well as see the blog in its native format, please join us at our homepage and follow the link out to our blog page.

Next, let’s flip on the Waybac machine. Leading off, we have Ann in her school picture in Greensburg from about 1980, which would put her in about 4th grade – isn’t she a cutie?!; then move forward to a few different crops of a great picture of Thanksgiving Day in our dining room for lunch – up in our Rockwood St home in LaPorte in what I am guessing is 1990…though it might be ’91. I think this is Thanksgiving, but it could be Christmas, I suppose. It features Mom, Rob & I of course, but also Grandpaw Brown and Aunt Lou Atha. The significance of this picture and identifying the appropriate timeline is that this could possibly be the last picture taken of Grandpaw Brown before his sudden death in his home late in 1991 and likely the last one of Mom and he together. Mom, care to weigh in on the time frame of these pictures? And then we also have a few pictures from my college graduation, at the same home in June of 1991. Included, are pictures of Cousin Nathan, our family, our old friends and next door neighbors in Lafayette – Doc and Bev Linville and then Bev and Doc with Rob & I, out in our front yard. What a great day and party that was! Sadly, it would turn out to be the last time I would see several of the people (family and friends) who were instrumental in my childhood life and the reason I had been so successful to that point. What a great day…

Waybac.1980.aspge1 Waybac.1990.11.tgdilp0 Waybac.1990.11.tgdilp1 Waybac.1990.11.tgdilp2 Waybac.1990.11.tgdilp3 Waybac.1991.06.tcgilp1 Waybac.1991.06.tcgilp2 Waybac.1991.06.tcgilp3 Waybac.1991.06.tcgilp4 Waybac.1991.06.tcgilp5 Waybac.1991.06.tcgilp6

Next, we stay up in LaPorte for a Halloween party with Dad and Evelyn watching Charlie go wild in his party wig; and then we have several pictures of another special day in my life – the birth of our beautiful daughter, Abby, over in Columbus:

Waybac.1993.10.hpilp1 Waybac.1993.10.hpilp2 Waybac.1993.10.hpilp3 Waybac.1999.09.16.abicrh1b Waybac.1999.09.16.abicrh2b Waybac.1999.09.16.abicrh3b Waybac.1999.09.16.abicrh4a Waybac.1999.09.16.abicrh5 Waybac.1999.09.16.abicrh6

Then we move forward to 2000 – first in May for some pool fun at the Sand Pebble down in Treasure Island, FL and then several a month later in June out at the YMCA, here in G’burg for Matt’s first t-ball game of the year (and his second and final season out at the Y).

Waybac.2000.05.11.ptasp1 Waybac.2000.05.11.ptasp2 Waybac.2000.05.11.ptasp3 Waybac.2000.05.11.ptasp4 Waybac.2000.06.mftbg1 Waybac.2000.06.mftbg2 Waybac.2000.06.mftbg3 Waybac.2000.06.mftbg4 Waybac.2000.06.mftbg5 Waybac.2000.06.mftbg6 Waybac.2000.06.mftbg7

…And that wraps up another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. I want to thank you for keeping up with our family this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time out. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Uncle Robby

    It’s really me…Mom….I read the blog and enjoyed the videos and pics. Way to go Matt!! Good going also Abby and hope you enjoy all that you are involved in. If you don’t….let it go as you will be happier in the long run. Luke, you go too!!! Looks like you are playing and doing well. We love you all and will see you sometime Wed. evening. Our love and XXXOOO’s Also Tom, I believe that is Thanksgiving dinner but I am not sure if it was the last year of his life or not. Many, many memories and yes…good friends and family.

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