Upon us All a Little Bit of Rain must Fall

My oh my, it is definitely the wet season. You’d think that we would be talking about our first significant snow fall of the season, which we received early in the week. However, this fact was lost and forgotten due to the large amount of rain this week. All told, I’d guess we have received upwards of 4 inches this week, creating a flood warning as I type this blog entry on Monday night. We had another very busy week. We had our first flood warning on Monday evening due to all the rain from LAST week! Luke had basketball practice, Matt had wrestling practice and Abby had tap dance practice. Matt had a sore neck after practice, but thankfully it was better by mid-week. Abby had her long day again on Tuesday. She started with academic team practice at 7 am, went to school all day, went to Gma’s house and did her homework then went to jazz dance practice at 8 pm – only to figure out she had more homework and was up till nearly 11 pm when she finally fell asleep. Matt had pictures taken by the newspaper at wrestling practice, for use in the paper…let’s hope he gives them a reason to use it now! It was still raining that morning and it turned to snow that afternoon. It ended up snowing all night, accumulating about 3 or 4 inches and causing me to have to shovel for the first time at work and home. The roads were a mess and it took me about an hour to get home. Ann made baked spaghetti for us and a tray for our friends, the Logsdon’s. Mandy had surgery and we wish her a speedy recovery. I have such a good wife… I also got a few great pictures off Facebook of Smith family reunion. Happy Birthday, Katie! Luke also did some artwork for us!

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Abby was in early before school again for Student Council. She and her colleagues collected money for hat day. It was bitter cold that morning and we had frost on the car windows to before work. Matt is doing really well on his weight, having lost 20 pounds since football ended. He actually got to eat a normal dinner tonight! Bu was in before school again for academic team. At practice that evening, Matt was offered a chance to wrestle this weekend at the reserve tourney in order to gain some experience. Ann made burgers on the grill, out in the cold…until the gas ran out. Thankfully, she was kind enough to throw them in a skillet and finish them inside. By Friday, Matt was 4 lbs under! We went back to Columbus that night for Ann’s Christmas party for work. They had dinner at Tre Bicchieri, downtown. It was a very nice restaurant and Ann and the docs rented out the upstairs room for their staff and spouses. We had a delicious, 7-course meal that included salmon and cuscus, chicken Alfredo and some of the best spaghetti I’ve ever tasted. What a wonderful way to celebrate the season. Ann and I will have to go back some time soon for dinner and a night out. Mom & Sandy were kind enough to watch the kids for us. Ann was up early the next day and back in Columbus for her office’s annual Cookies with Santa program (although now it is Donuts with Santa). She took Bu with her. Luke was upset that he would miss seeing Santa again this year. He had a basketball game at the YMCA against the Crafts & Occasions team. His Celtics are looking better each game. Little #5 was 4 of 16 from the field with 3 assists (well they would’ve been assists…but let’s just say that he did a good job of sharing the ball with his younger teammates). He did turn the ball over twice but forced two from the other team. Defensively, he had another banner game with 11 rebounds, 4 steals and 6 blocked shots. He did have one foul – the only one called the whole game (that’s my boy!).

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Afterward, we rushed back to the Fieldhouse at the high school for the annual Greensburg Reserve Wrestling Invitational, where Matt (who is now wrestling on the varsity team) was hoping for a successful day at the JV meet. He was named a captain for the tourney, which was very cool. He desperately needs experience and this was a great opportunity to gain both mat time and confidence. Matt & I talked last night about using this time as an opportunity to work on some technique skills on moves that he hadn’t tried in actual matches yet. Luke & I hurried across town and walked in the door just in time to catch Matt’s match, only 1 minute in to the 1st period. He was wrestling against Lawrence North. He ended up pinning his opponent during the 2nd round with a nice side headlock. In the 2nd matchup, he went against Carmel, where he worked on his cradle and ended up getting a 1st period pin during a scramble for position! I believe his victory was the only one for the team during this matchup and Carmel would go 5-0 as a team on the day to capture bragging rights. Next up was a very tough opponent from Connersville. Both boys were evenly matched and it really could’ve gone either way. Matt tired to work a front headlock from the standing position during this match. He again worked on his cradle. The match saw a large amount of tie-ups and head butts where Matt got his nose bloodied. They had to stop the match for a couple minutes to get the bleeding stopped. He held on to win 6-4, easily the hardest opponent of the day. Matt ended up becoming pretty good friends with the kid. Luke and Alex got in the action in between meets with a couple of exhibition matches. Alex started wrestling last year and his dad, Terry, is the assistant head coach. Luke wants to wrestle but it was funny to see the contrast as he was wrestling while still dressed in his basketball uniform. He ended up spending the night at Alex’s house that evening. Matt received a forfeit in the 4th matchup, versus East Central. In his final match, he faced off against Mooresville which featured another worthy opponent. Admittedly, Matt was very tired for his final match against a very strong opponent. Matt tried a couple moves but couldn’t complete them and was actually losing 8-2 at one point in the 2nd period. He hurt himself in the 1st period. He worked on his “Fat man roll” as he called it. He actually did it a few times, finally wearing down the stronger opponent and rolling him on his back. Once Matt gets you on your back, you rarely get out of it. This was no different, he did his roll, got him on his back and then it was just a matter of time. Matt pinned him in the 3rd period. We are so proud of Matt for his hard work and it really paid off with a very successful tournament…he may get his name and picture in the paper for going undefeated and brining home all 5 blue ribbons from the 220 lb weight class! We came home and took naps before ordering Papa John’s pizzas and chilling out on the couch.

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We slept in a little on this rainy day. It rained all day and night again. We did a few chores around the house in the morning and then headed to Abby’s Christmas choir concert out at the high school. They sang their three songs really well, but our favorite was Feliz Navidad. She wasn’t feeling real well and w weren’t sure she was going to be able to go as her throat was sore – not good for a singer. But she toughed it out, though she coughed quite a bit during the performance. We left there and came home for a short time before heading back out to the high school for Matthew’s football banquet. We’ll have a couple pictures and a short video of that next week…

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Next, let’s check out some cool videos. Again, wide array of different videos – 4 family ones from this week as well as several from around the ‘net. Remember, if you are reading this blog entry via a feed like Facebook, you will not see this section. Please go to our home page at www.scheumann.us and click on the blog link.

Next up, let’s check out this week’s huge Waybac section. Again, I’ve got a great selection of pictures – some really great ones this time out. We lead off with a very old one of a Morgan family picture that may be from the turn of the century. It includes my Great, Great Grandpa Morgan; the caption on the back reads Nellie, John, Harry (Mom’s Great Grandfather) and Ed. Mom, are the others his brothers and sister? Next is a great one of my Grandmother, Connie Morgan as in infant in approximately 1925. That is followed by a couple of old papers from 1939 of Grandma’s elementary school graduation and an attendance award.

Waybac.1900s.mfp..njhe Waybac.1925.cjmsmo Waybac.1939.04.26.cjmeg Waybac.1939.04.26.jcmcoa

Next up are another batch from the negatives that Dad and Barb gave us last weekend, up at Harrison High School – from Mom and Dad S’s wedding in April of ’68, including: Mom w/ Grandpaw & Grandmaw beforehand; the congratulatory line afterwards, including classic photos of Vicky Albrights, Aunt Brenda, Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown, Mom and Dad S, Granny, David & Aunt Judy among others (love all those hats!!); Mom afterwards; Mom & Dad back at the K of C’s (I think?); Mom with Aunt June, Uncle John, Uncle Chuck and Dad’s best man (I forget his name now); and then Mom in all her glory – what a beautiful bride…these pictures are such high quality – I love all the colors and look how young and thin you all look!! 😉

Waybac.1968.04.20.madsw8 Waybac.1968.04.20.madsw9 Waybac.1968.04.20.madsw10 Waybac.1968.04.20.madsw11 Waybac.1968.04.20.madsw12 Waybac.1968.04.20.madsw13 Waybac.1968.04.20.madsw14

Next we move on to the 70s: Grandpaw Brown in his police uniform in ’72; Vicki Crum in about ’76; more of Dad B with Uncle Virden and Aunt Belinda at their wedding in August of ’77 (thanks, Aunt Sharon!); me opening birthday presents in our Shortridge living room in ’77 – on the couch with Grandmaw Brown; then 2 months later for Christmas at our house with Bev & Doc Linville; Aunt Lou Atha; Doc w/ Mike Linville (he was in a recent fire fight and had lost his eye brows!); and finally several more of Mom and Dad B on their honeymoon cruise – I especially love the one of them getting on the airplane, coming on to the boat and then my fave is of Mom in the life jacket – look how happy you look, Mom!

Waybac.1972.rlbipu Waybac.1976.vcstp Waybac.1977.08.vabw1 Waybac.1977.08.vabw2 Waybac.1977.08.vabw3 Waybac.1977.10.tnbdp5 Waybac.1977.10.tnbdp6 Waybac.1977.12.coss1 Waybac.1977.12.coss2 Waybac.1977.12.coss3 Waybac.1978.madbh10a Waybac.1978.madbh11a Waybac.1978.madbh12a Waybac.1978.madbh13 Waybac.1978.madbh14 Waybac.1978.madbh15 Waybac.1978.madbh16 Waybac.1978.madbh17 Waybac.1978.madbh18 Waybac.1978.madbh19 Waybac.1978.madbh20 Waybac.1978.madbh21

Then we have from August 1980: Mom, Rob and Nathan at the Pine Lake beach in LP; Rob after I had taken him on his “ride” in his stroller where he crashed going down the stairs on Kenwood and banged his head (still not sure what I was thinking); and then Rob at Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s house in Lafayette; thena couple months later at our birthday party in Kokomo: Rob, Nathan, Katie and myself; Rob in December of ’82; Rob in the fall of ’85; Rob playing soccer in ’86; Brett and Tamie’s wedding picture in June of ’88; Nathan in Kokomo football garb in about ’90 and then with Aunt Sharon in about ’91 (Sharon, what is this from?).

Waybac.1980.08.mranaplbilp1 Waybac.1980.08.rcf1 Waybac.1980.08.rigagh1 Waybac.1980.10.bdpk1 Waybac.1980.10.bdpk2 Waybac.1980.10.bdpk3 Waybac.1982.12.rcptyo Waybac.1985.rebsp Waybac.1986.rebsp Waybac.1988.06.18.batw Waybac.1990.naskfp Waybac.1991.naskf

Hope you enjoyed those pictures. I have gone back and looked and laughed at these a few times now. It brings back so many memories for me and hope it does for my family as well. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch you up again next time out. Until then have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • sharon

    The pic of Nathan and I is from the Mother-Son event at the high school. ( dance)Nathan’s freshman year. Enjoyed this weeks blog. <3

  • Mom

    Loved the blog and WayBac was outstanding!! I had forgotten about some of these pictures. The one of you, Nate, Katie and Rob is a Christmas time at Aunt Sharons. I remember buying that outfit for Rob for Christmas is why. Tom, I’ll have to check with Brenda or Karen as to who those people are in the picture that you are asking me if they are brothers and a sister. I am not sure. Your dads best man for our wedding was Mike Gray. He is dead now from kidney disease. It also took his mother at a young age and he inherited this disease. He was a nice guy. These pictures were taken at the K of C where our reception was held. And lastly Tom….I was very happy in that picture…what an experience that was as I had never really been away from Lafayette, IN all my life. Matt congrats you looked GOOD!!! Also the choir sounded very good Abby and Luke….your “meet” looked very impressive!! Love you all…..XXXOOO’s Love you bunches…

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