We Gonna Raise a Family

We have had some wicked weather this week. It was also a week that had unbelievable highs and dark, ugly lows. The entire family has some sort of bug right now and we did our best to keep the fine people at Kleenex employed. Oh and I have one correction from last week’s entry – Matt is the head coach, not just a coach with the elementary wrestling program. This is different than the other kids from his wrestling team that are also volunteering their time. We are proud of him for stepping up when the need arose. We lost Davy Jones & Ronnie Montrose this week.
Monday was a long day for Ann & I and even the kids struggled too. It was a warm day that saw the Daytona 500 delayed again due to rain. It was moved from noon to seven when it finally was run. It was the most crazy-ass race that I’ve ever seen. Jeff & Danica both wrecked and Earnhardt Jr almost won (he took home 2nd). Even Smoke wrecked with only 4 laps left. There was even a fire when JPM hit a jet dryer on a caution lap! It took them over an hour to put the damn fire out. Abby had track and tap that evening and came home with a hurt knee from hurdles earlier. Matt & Luke had wrestling practices and Luke was very whiney. In fact, he has been whiney all week.
Tuesday was a lovely day in the mid-sixties and was another long day for Ann & I. We really struggled to even get out of bed But and track and jazz practices. She had more injury complaints and high drama all day long which we figure is a combo of not feeling well, typical sports injuries, being really tired and being a teenage girl. The boys had wrestling again. Luke had more complaints of getting hurt in practice. He is typically paired up with older, heavier, more experienced boys. Luke is so big and naturally gifted in athletics that it is easy to forget that he is only an eight year old in his first year of wrestling. Matt stayed late and coached a 2nd team in the late practice. We had our favorite take out for dinner – Koch’s! I dug up lots of great new pictures off of Facebook that evening, including several of Abby, Haley’s Bachelorette party with Kimmy, Lindsay, Cathy, Steph, Vicki, et al. Also included are cool pictures of Lindsay & Jack at Disney World, Tom & Cathy, Kimmy & Chuck, Jackie & Aunt Sue, Jason & Erica, David, Aunt June & Chuck, Seth, Karsen, Conner and my friends Mark & Jason at the Daytona 500.

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Wednesday was one of the warmest Leap Days in recent history – certainly the warmest I can remember in Indiana. It was about 70 degrees and yeah, it is February in Indiana…right?! What a gorgeous day man and we had the night off. Abby & Matt went to the opening round of Sectionals where the Pirates varsity basketball team won their 22nd game of the year and remained undefeated as they quickly put Franklin County out of their misery, jumping out to an instant 5 point lead and never looked back, winning in a yawner. They ended up winning by 20 points. It was Senior Night at Mackey Arena in W Lafayette as the Boilers hosted Penn St and won their 20th game of year and become Bowl eligible. Abby is still not feeling well – in fact we are all still sneezing, hacking & blowing constantly with sore throats and headaches. Ann may need to Bu to the doctor. It was American Idol night where the Top 24 were mowed town to 13, so lots of kids got cut. Although there are very good voices, I am a little bummed that there is not true rocker in the crowd. My early faves are Elise Testone & Philip Phillips. We were saddened to hear that Davy Jones died suddenly of a hear attack today. Thursday started off near freezing this morning but ended in the mid 50s in the afternoon. Ann ran Abby to the doctor’s office before school/work and I ran her back over to Greensburg. She has a sinus infection that is causing her sore throats, runny nose, headaches, etc. Bu went to track practice after school and Matt & Luke went to wrestling practice. Bu made spaghetti dinner and Ann made some hockey pucks. Only Aunt June can make proper hockey pucks though!! We wish our dear friend Phyllis a speedy recovery from her broken rib injury after she fell down her stairs at home. Jamie took 2nd place in a euchre tourney sponsored by Sandy.
Friday had severe weather in the area. The weather radio went off well over 30 times today at work. Thankfully, it went both north and especially south of us. We were all scared we would see a repeat of last year, but it was not to be. We still had some intense rain storms, thunder and of course some winds. However, to the south several small towns were completely ravaged. One of my co-workers lives in a town that decimated. Our prayers are for all the families who have lost everything, including several that lost family members. It is all very, very sad. I headed home early to stay ahead of the second wave of storms. On my way, I saw a huge rainbow. The elementary wrestling meet was postponed due to the big basketball game that evening. Greensburg hosted the 2nd round of sectional play. The games were delayed as one team (Lawrenceburg) was from down near the Ohio River where all the storms were. The games finally got started and the house was full! I had never seen that many people in that gym before. It was impressive. We met up with the Drakes but had to sit on the Batesville side where we caught a little hell from our friends). Paul & Dayla had their boys and Luke sat with us. The boys did fairly well, considering they sat there for about 6 hours. Abby and Matt both ran off with their friends, obviously. Rushville won the opener (Paul’s daughter Brooke is a cheerleader for them). Greensburg took on Batesville in the main event. It was another dog fight right down to the very end. It really looked like Batesville would win (and probably deserved to win), but thanks to the play of super soph Bryant McIntosh who single-handedly won the game with two steals, one rebound and 5 points in the closing seconds of the game. It was an incredible win and the place was in an frenzy after the big win. Remember these boys are ranked first in the state in 3A and they start 3 sophomores and a freshman! They would go on to win Saturday night’s Sectional finale over Rushville to run their record to 23-0. Go Pirates!! Afterwards, we took both families out to Buffalo Wings & Rings for dinner, drinks and good conversation. We didn’t get home till after midnight.

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We were slow to rise on Saturday morning as we gradually got ready to head to Lafayette for the day. In the morning I received a disturbing phone call from Dad B. He told me that Mom had gone in to the hospital on Friday for pain, discomfort and issues with her breathing. They are looking at her lungs, liver and pancreas. We really don’t know a lot yet, but she will be in the hospital and we will know more at the start of next week. She was in a good mood and upbeat, which was a brave face for me but it didn’t keep me from welling up every time I went to talk for about an hour before I finally had to stop obsessing over it. It obviously doesn’t sound good and we are all very concerned with her health. So with a heavy heart, we headed north a couple hours and tried to have a good time even though we were all preoccupied with Mom. Barney made all of us feel old as he hosted his oldest daughter’s wedding. Barney is my age, so with Mom’s health and this wedding I am really feeling old. Haley married Ryan Campbell also of Lafayette. They make a very cute couple and like John & June have been sweethearts since junior high school. They got married in a beautiful old church in downtown Lafayette with narrow, bricked streets and a huge stretch limo parked out front. We met up with Jackie first and what I assumed was a girlfriend that had made the trip with her from Texas. As it turned out, it was her youngest, Jasmine. The last time I saw her, she was still in diapers and now she a lovely young woman. Speaking of lovely young women, Haley, Lindsay and the bridesmaids were all very pretty and the ceremony was very nice. There were only about a hundred or so folks at the wedding and reception – dominantly family. Dad & Barb made it there late, but they made it. Bill & Blancha didn’t make the wedding but were there for the reception. We threw flower petals instead of rice as they dashed to the limo afterwards. Luke rode with Grandma and Grandpa to the reception across the Wabash River in West Lafayette. Barney had rented out John’s golf course clubhouse at one of his courses – Coyote Crossing that is adjacent to Harrison High School. Only a few of the Scheu family was missing as they had a great turnout of the family, including: Sue, Vicki, Jackie, Billy, Daniel and his GF, Seth, Jasmine and Blancha; Chuck, Cindy, Cathy and Tom; Dad & Barb, (and of course Ann, the kids and I); John, June, Barney, Kimmy, Lindsay, Steph, Haley, Nick, Ryan, Parker, Chuck, Braden, Gavin and a couple of Chuck’s boys; Sally, Scott, Chris, Conner, Karsen and Jack; so we were only missing a handful of Scheu’s…perhaps one day we can get everyone all in the same place again… The reception was equally neat. The food was just OK but the atmosphere was obviously the best. It was great to talk to have a couple drinks and talk to everyone for a little while, including Aunt Sue and Barbie. Wait until you see the grand entrance the wedding party made! How fun!! Everybody had fun in another neat idea – they had a photo booth with silly props. I have included a few here. They will all be available online in the coming days. Haley had her friend take all the pictures and a few have already started to pop up on Facebook and they are really, really cool. I wish we had done something like this… We had to leave early, like always and headed home on our long drive back to down to G’burg. It snowed on & off all day, which added to the specialness of the day – although it was very, very cold up there.
We slept in on Sunday. We did very little but did get our weekly chores done. The dishwasher died so Abby & I had to do them by hand, which brought back memories of Mom & I doing them in LaPorte each night. Ann wants a stainless steel one so I am going to call my buddy at Lowe’s and see if they will install a new one for us quickly. It was very cool again today and it snowed overnight. We are supposed to have about a half inch when we wake up tomorrow. NASCAR was on TV, IU blew out Purdue but at least the women’s team won the Big Ten tourney. I took Abby out to Dairy Queen for her help today. I spoke to Mom again and she still sounded good. I called Rob afterwards and we’ve both very concerned and are both having trouble even talking about it without choking up. Hopefully her maker isn’t ready to recall her quite yet. We are supposed to see her and Dad this summer during our vacation…we love you Mom, please hang in there.

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Next up, let’s take a look at this week’s videos including two new family videos – plus a St. Patty’s Day Jib Jab vid and several from around the net:

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Next, let’s start up the Waybac machine. We start off in the ‘40s for a couple of Grandmaw Brown – the first with Great Grandpa Morgan and Grandmaw up on the tractor in about 1940 and the second one is with Grandpaw Brown, Uncle Keith Morgan and several other Morgans in about 1946. Next up are several pictures of Mom & I in March of ’69 (love the hair, Mom!!) and then in July of ’69 in that old rocking chair…I wonder what ever happened to that; I think she said that was her grandma’s…and finally a picture of me in November of ’69 with my little yellow chair. All of these were taken in our little yellow house on Shortridge St in Lafayette.

Waybac.1940.cjmwfot Waybac.1946.mfp Image21a Image21b Image21c Image21d Image21e Image21f Image21g Image23 Waybac.1969.03.tmsssrc1 Waybac.1969.03.tmsssrc2 Waybac.1969.03.tmsssrc3 Waybac.1969.03.tmsssrc4 Waybac.1969.07.tmsssrc1 Waybac.1969.07.tmsssrc2 Waybac.1969.07.tmsssrc3 Waybac.1969.11.tmsssdyc

Next up is a classic photo taken, I believe, from Great Grandma Brown’s house out in Rossville and includes Aunt Marilou and Grandmaw Brown for sure and I would guess that the others are Kathy, Debbie and maybe even Great Grandma Brown, circa 1970 and is followed by another one of me on Shortridge St. in about 1970 – this time on my rocking chair that was my Mom’s and that all my kids used. I think it was Luke that broke one of the legs on the chair. I have it repaired but it needs replaced or fixed by a professional to restore it. Next we have a few from December of ’72 at the Scheumann family Christmas at the Highland Ave home in Lafayette with Grandmaw Brown, Aunt Judy and David also in the pictures.

Waybac.1970.bthir Waybac.1970.bthir1 Waybac.1970.ticossil Waybac.1972.12.scoh1 Waybac.1972.12.scoh2 Waybac.1972.12.scoh3 Waybac.1972.12.scoh4

And finally we have an article from the Journal & Courier in Lafayette with Mom & Dad B’s marriage license in ’78; our first official family picture with all 4 of us in the frame at once in early 1980 on Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown’s davenport in their Elmwood Ave home in Lafayette (I see Schapps too); and finally we have Robby’s seven-year-old picture, taken in February of 1987 in LaPorte.

Waybac.1978.06.madbml Waybac.1980.ffp1 Waybac.1980.ffp2 Waybac.1987.02.reb7yo

And finally, we have the first installment of a new segment that I hope to feature here weekly entitled “The Shit that Luke Says.” For our first installment, we start with Ann lying on the bed after we had gotten home from work with Luke & Abby. She asked me to crack her back. So I sat on top of her and proceeded to crack her back and when finished, I started tickling her. Luke walks in and says, “OK you guys; no sex with me in the room!” …Now where in the hell did he hear that??!! :0)

Anyhow, that wraps up another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Our hearts go out to the storm victims in the southern part of the state and Mom will be in our prayers this week. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one…
Later, Scheu

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