We Like our Fun and we Never Fight…You can’t Dance and Stay Uptight

Mom and Dad finally had a quiet week, which was a blessing. Abby had a busy week, filled with track practice and meets, softball practice and dance competition. Luke had baseball practice for both teams and Matt was active with lifting, wrestling practice and participated in a city event that was really cool. With all the attention given to the passing of Dick Clark last week, I totally missed paying tribute to another music legend, Levon Helm, the drummer/singer from the band, The Band (also featuring Robbie Robertson on guitar and best known for songs such as “The Weight,” “Ophelia,” “Up on Cripple Creek” & “The Night they Drove old Dixie Down”). They garnered notoriety for playing the Woodstock Festival back in mid-August of ’69. Slowly, all the names from my childhood are leaving this Earth. We’re all getting older, aren’t we?
On Monday, the van was still in the shop so I squeezed all the kids and I in to the Chevy truck. It was tight, but we managed. Luke was the first on in the truck and he hopped in, bounced on the seat and looked at me and says, “I love this truck, Daddy!” I do too buddy, I do too. Matt had weightlifting and wrestling practice. Abby had track practice and tap dance practice afterwards. Luke had league baseball and Abby broke up with her boyfriend. This was the first boy that actually wanted to go places with her, which was eye-opening for her parents and probably what drove them apart – she has no time for anything due to being so busy!
Tuesday was a long, long day. Ann & I both interviewed for open positions at work. Matt went to the dentist to have a small cavity filled and then had lifting / wrestling later. Abby did not make the travel team this week so she went on to softball and then to jazz dance practice. I helped her team out again with coaching. Luke had all-star baseball practice over at North Park, so I spent a lot of time running back and forth. We finally got the van back that evening with a new alternator. It runs much better now!
It was chilly Wednesday morning but warmed nicely before raining in the late afternoon. Matt had the night off. Abby had track and then went with Luke & I to league baseball. We went early for extra batting practice but had to end early due to lightning. We had popcorn for American Idol night. The contestants did Queen songs and Elise also did a Hendrix song! First a Zeppelin song and now a Jimi song! What’s next, Child in Time by Deep Purple?? Luke got a haircut with Grandma O after school that night and he finally got it styled the way he likes it. He gave Ann and I twin pictures of the pick up truck when he is going to drive it when he’s 16. Ann’s is on the fridge but mine is featured here…

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Abby had a track meet on Thursday afternoon. She continues to impress as a 6th grader competing with 8th graders. She still didn’t place, but she upped her personal best again. This time, she jumped 12 feet! Next she completed in the 100 meter hurdles where she finished 3rd in her heat. Ann would point out that there were only three in her heat, but I would point out that her knee was also very sore and you can see that by her style of going over the hurdles. It just looks painful. She was supposed to do the 4 x 200 but was scratched an hour before the event. Matt had wrestling practice. Abby had her softball practice cancelled due to half of the team being at track. We had fast food for dinner and Matt ate with Joel at the Chinese buffet place. I was sad to see Elise cut from Idol and to top it off, the Colts took down the Peyton Manning banner from the Lucas Oil Stadium after the team drafted Andrew Luck today…very sad day indeed…but way to go, Bu! Keep kicking butt in that long jump!

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Abby’s track practice was cancelled Friday evening due to a main water break and since there was no water, there was no practice. In fact, all the schools lost water this afternoon. Luke went to the dentist and had a cavity.  Luke and I went through a new lot of Hot Wheels we won on eBay for cheap and found a $100 car in the mix! Ann made cheeseburgers for dinner and everyone was happy!
On Saturday, Matt was involved in the GO GREENburg festival by competing in the Big Wheel race. It was a rainy morning, and although it eventually cleared up, it remained really cold. There was a parade in the rain and lightning. Gigi was actually tell people over the air to stay away due to the inherent danger of the environment. Despite that, they still had a decent turnout. Matt was on a team that was comprised of the wrestling team, including Matt and his buddies Joel, Joe, Drew, Dylan and others. They raced around the courthouse against mostly adults in over-sized big wheel bikes. He said it was a lot harder than it looked. They raced for 20 laps and the boys thought they had won after they lapped North Decatur but ND’s score keeper had them down as being a lap up and were awarded the victory. The boys pled their case but to no avail. All in all, everyone had fun and hoped it would be even better next year.

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Meanwhile the rest of us headed to Bloomington South High School early in the morning for Abby’s final dance competition of the year called, “Encore Regional Dance Competition.” This was the first time for Abby and her teammates to compete at this particular regional event. It was originally scheduled to be in Franklin, which is a huge, lovely auditorium) but as moved to South just a week or two ago. There were several issues, including the fact that they did not have a videographer until a day ago. The teacher / owner at Dixon asked me to tape all of the acts from her studio. I was thrilled that she thought of me to do a semi-professional job for her business. As it was, I was able to take pictures and Luke tried his hand at capturing videos for me. I set him up on a tripod to help make it a little easier. Thanks to my little buddy Lukey for trying his best. The results weren’t as bad as I had envisioned! Abby’s first entry was moved around a couple times and eventually went on at 1215 in the recreational junior division with her and Baili doing their jazz performance to “That Chick.” They did great again and earned a high-gold! That is the highest recreational award given in this competition for the recreational entries. Way to go, Bu!! But her second performance at 245 and was even better. It was the recreational tap entry for the junior division and the girls scored a first place high-gold for “Manic Monday!” It wasn’t a flawless performance, but it sure was a good one. Awards weren’t until after 5 and included the whole day’s worth of performances – back to 730. Needless to say, it was a full stage. Luke and his new found friend, Derek (you will hear those two conversing like to two squawking hens on the video) were inseparable (he is the dad of another tapper on Abby’s team). Abby’s studio also won the Spirit Award! Although the girls did great, there were several small issues today. It was a small auditorium that was full and had no place to spread out (which is especially hard on an 8 year old). The staff was rude to the contestants and dance moms and the competition wasn’t broken down in to segments, but was one big, long one that lasted all day. The dressing room was small, hot and the day was a bit disorganized. We were all tired of being on the go so much. Luke & Abby were both challenging to Ann & I and the parents were at their wits end. Both Ann & I had a ‘come to Jesus’ talk with our respective child and I missed Matthew not being with us. It was a long day that saw us up at 6 and out the door by 7 and we finally got home around 9, I think it was. Abby chose Pizza Hut to go out to afterwards. They were very busy, short-staffed and I don’t think the phone stopped ringing for more than 30 seconds the entire time we were in there. We tried the cheesy-bites pizza but no one liked them but me. We got home and everyone was asleep within 45 minutes…
We finally had a chance to sleep in on Sunday (yeah!). We did our weekly chores around the house, but generally took it easy and I believe everyone had a nap at some point in the day. It was a nice, relaxing way to end another busy week.

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Here is our video section for this week, which includes one new family video of this week’s events and a few from around the net:

Next is our Waybac section and we start off with several crops of two more pictures from Mom & Dad Scheu’s wedding back in ’68. OK Mom, who is sitting at the table in the last one? One of the ladies resembles Aunt Judy, but I don’t recall her ever wearing glasses and the older lady is a total puzzle to me. Any help? And what was there function at the wedding – were they there simply as guests or were they helping in some fashion (that’s what it looks like to me anyhow…)?

Waybac.1968.04.madsw111 Waybac.1968.04.madsw112 Waybac.1968.04.madsw113 Waybac.1968.04.madsw114 Waybac.1968.04.madsw115 Waybac.1968.04.madsw116

We are running short on pictures and only have enough for today and next week, so we only have a few more to share this week. We have the last batch of Mom & Dad B’s wedding in Lafayette in ’78, downtown in the courthouse and includes Mom & Dad B, the Judge (Mom, do you remember his name?), Uncle Dan, Vicki Crum and Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown. I see their 1971 Olds Ninety-Eight parked behind them. We ended up getting that car out in California. I also recognize a couple of icons in the background – the emblem of First Federal Bank and the city’s clock with was an abstract art piece that rotated and told the time. That is still around, though not in that same spot. It has been moved to the west side of town, near the Wabash. We saw it when we were in town last time for Haley & Ryan’s wedding. And the final picture is the pocket size photo which was the same as the larger picture last week of Rob’s 4th grade picture when he was at Riley Elementary in LaPorte during the fall of 1989 when he was 10 years old.

Waybac.1978.06.madbw69 Waybac.1978.06.madbw70 Waybac.1978.06.madbw71 Waybac.1978.06.madbw72 Waybac.1978.06.madbw73 Waybac.1978.06.madbw74 Waybac.1989.09.rb4gsp.10yo1

Our final section is the Shit that Luke Says. He had a few this week…the first one really caught us off-guard and we laughed and laughed when we were sitting in the living room one evening and out of nowhere he says, “I want a step-dad and step-mom so that when one of you dies, I still have one!” A couple nights later, he was being ornery and trying to be funny when he looks at me on the couch and says, “Dad, you need suspenders and ear muffs…you look like a hillbilly!” And one more that I remembered to write down was one evening after talking to Mom and Dad on the phone, Luke was sitting next to me and after I hung up the phone he says, “Your cheeks need a tattoo that says Hello Mommy. I love you. Don’t die. Bye-bye.” Although this child drives me bonkers sometimes, he is the funniest little guy that I know…what a ham and what an imagination – I love his mind!
And that puts the wraps on yet another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Forgot to mention in the body of the blog entry – thanks to Gigi for all the great pictures of the GO GREENsburg race! Great job, Gigi!! Yet another example that we couldn’t do half the things we do now without Sandy & Maryann…you guys are great – we love you both!! …and to Mom & Dad B, I hope you are both feeling better this week. We love you guys so much and miss you and wish you would just give it up and move up to G’burg!!
    Lots of Love Always,
    – Tom & Ann and the little Scheus…

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